Kick kitty overflow

Who’s winning?
Sadly, there is no winner.
Us, watching
The cat
The white one
That cat's kicks are really pumped up.
He could but he can't run It's attached to his bum
All the other kits...
Take your upvote and leave.
“Do you mind? I’m kicking my ass!”
While trying to lick my ass.
I heard this in Fry’s voice.
I think this would be the perfect audio for this clip.
Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself.
Shooby doop dobby dop dobby doop dobby dah dah doo dap
He’s trying so hard to make friends with that leg, but it’s just not interested.
My kitty does it too! But why?
Cats have two brains: one in their head and another in their asshole and they sometimes fight for dominance, as seen in the video.
This is why a cat will sometimes approach you normally, from the front, and then they will turn their body around, so their butthole can also get a look at you.
I feel like kitty gets stuck, like mine always takes his toys and grabs onto it and kicks at it. I think he was trying to grab and lick his kicking leg. Just weird cat-instinct wires crossed.
I think it might be a muscle cramp thingy? Used to happen to my dog occasionally and he’d start yelping so I’d massage his leg and it helped.
When your action of grabbing something and nearly nomming it also kicks in the instinctual, "Disembowel it" steps.
Oh it's me? But but I have to riiiiiip it!
Why I aughta
That leg is really not having it...
It's like Dwight teaching self-defence.
“Oh my God, he is making you look like such an idiot...”
Who ever is controlling that cat spilled soda on their controller.
Don't kick yourself over it
Yeah, I hate it too when I'm in the shower and my body doesn't want me to clean it
There’s only one rule in fight club - there are no rules !
Reminds me of this classic
my cat started doing this shortly after we moved to a new house. would get upset and attack his tail and hind legs. The vet said they can start doing this when they're stressed or having anxiety.
Nothing makes me laugh harder than watching a cat (or dog) fight with itself. There's a great video of a dog growling at and then biting at its own leg. I laughed so hard at it I almost fainted. I'm in literal tears at this. I dunno why I find it so funny but I do. Gunna add this to my library. Thank you!
I feel like you can't play up this dog video like that and not provide a link!
My cat that's still got a tail tries to attack it somewhat often. My fatass used to get scared of his before he fell off a bookshelf, broke it, and had to have it amputated.
my life
Me wrestling with my inner demons.
Not a day goes by where I'm not further convinced that cats are mostly just along for the ride in their highly instinctual bodies that occasionally malfunction
Idle paws are the devil's playground.
This is what my average day feels like
Meme for current US state of affairs.
Trust no one, not even yourself
Seriously why does this happen? Are their back legs not attached to their brain?
I'm just here to find out why this isn't funny and when THIS CAT IS GOING TO DIE.
Because it's neurological disease
*Bites foot* my foot got bitten, it must be fighting back! I'd better kick it
It keeps kicking me, let's kick harder. I won't stop till you stop
It hurt itself in its confusion!
Cocaine is a hell of a drug
Alright, Reddit! Show me the crippling disease it has!
Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
First rule of right club....
Restless leg syndrome
Catto.exe has encountered an unexpected error. Please turn off and on again.
Cats hate everything, including themselves apparently.
Idle Paw
Me_irl just before I go to sleep and the RLS goes into overdrive.
OMG I had a cat with the same spot. I think, like mine, it looks like it's fading away as he gets full grown.
Oh God, I'm experiencing an "Awww-Overflow"
Stop it, stop stop stop.... oh it me STOP IT, STOP IT!! oh its me again
Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!
Why are you kicking yourself? Why are you kicking yourself?
Cats are the strangest creatures
This is extremely cat.
Those times you just wanna slap yourself in the face epitomized
"I don't like to be touched!"
“Stop resisting!”
This goes on in my head several times a day.
Wise guy, aye?
When you want to scratch your leg with your face
I just bit my tongue laughing at this,thanks
Can anyone find a youtube video with this? My dad and I share funny cat vids, but my phone doesn't send GIFs properly so he misses out on a lot of hilarious stuff I find. I can find some on Youtube but this one is escaping me
Put a black glove on it.
it's acutally more of an underflow.
What happened man?
I hate myself too, he’s not special
Why is it kicking itself
Notice the rotating action as the autonomous face destruction ensues
Cat self-loathing. So sad. this cat kicking itself? Lol
When I have depression and people are like “you need to take care of yourself,” and then myself is like...
I think your cat is broken. I suggest sending it in for repairs.