Underrated scene from The Last Jedi

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This exchange and Luke’s “Han was...Han about it.” are brilliant examples of getting a chuckle out of the audience while also letting them project their version of the characters into the story. Works perfectly.
Also the "You changed your hair" in TFA which was continued by TLJ when Leia said to Luke; "I know what you're gonna say... I changed my hair". It wasn't a comedic scene but more like a fun, felt nice moment.
I love that line because it felt so human bit still lets the movie chuckle with the audience
Honestly Chewie has so many great moments in the ST.
"Isn't Han a war hero?"
The look he gives when the guavian death gang are saying how many times Han has let them down and Chewie just looks like, yeah, fair point.
The scene with the nurse in TFA. "You must be so brave."
I like that wookiee.
He’s low key one of the best parts of TFA
People complained about the humour in the sequels but I think it all worked out well and was much less distracting then the humour in the prequels
The humor was great, I particularly love it in TROS, as it rides on absolutely excellent character interaction between the main cast (who are finally united). The interplay between Finn and Poe and Rey is priceless (and 3PO in fact).
The humor is different in the three trilogies but I think it works quite well in all 3 of them. Not sure why people think that Star Wars can only have one type of humor
The part of Episode II where 3P0 speaks in nothing but puns
Just watched TLJ again, loved it. The amount of unnecessary hate this movie gets because of toxic SW youtubers gaslighting fans
It’s really one of my favorites.
Yeah I used to not like it after my first couple of trips to the theatre because of how different it was than my expectations. Though after watching it on digital for the past couple years I LOVE it. It’s just all around great in totality, not perfect! (canto bight scenes) but everything else I really enjoy. Overall I’m glad this film is part of the ST and Star Wars saga.
Great acting imo and also I think it was something like “I got this”
I wonder what Chewie said
"I am Groot."
Alternatively, "Don't have a bad feeling about this."
I doubt we'll get an answer from Rian Johnson on what Chewie said. He only revealed that BB-8 said "I have a bad feeling about this" after people started complaining that the line wasn't in the film.
Edit: apparently I'm immediately getting downvoted. Can't we take light-hearted jokes on here? To elaborate, I only said "I am Groot" because that was the line from Avengers Infinity War that everyone was theorising about.
That he's Force-sensitive
The jokes in the sequel trilogy worked for me. They were refreshing and worked well with the rejuvenated "energy" of the sequels. The movies felt like "real" or normal movies because of it.
I like that bit.
It also reminds me of How I Met Your Mother on Star Wars.
"You didn't like it, did you?"
"Ugh, it's so stupid! There's this bear, and then the bear goes "huurrrhhhh", and then everyone is like, "that's a great idea bear, let's do that!""
Edit: apparently I'm immediately getting downvoted. Can't we take light-hearted jokes on here? I'm not a saltminer, I'll have you know. I guess I have to elaborate on this post as well: That episode was before someone had actually said to Chewie "yeah that's good, let's do that". I love Star Wars, but I also like making fun of it, if the heart is in the right place. In this case, it's about a man being in a relationship with a woman who has never seen Star Wars, and he just can't get beyond that until she's watched it.
I remember that scene and I never thought of it until now. I’m pretty sure it’s Marshall talking to teds gf. I wonder what they would think about the sequels lol
I got downvoted for quoting Quinlan Vos in a thread about Quinlan Vos. Reddit is strong with the dark side.
"You'll see him in the next movie and hope he has something to tell you?"
Very clever way of getting around talking about what exactly Rey and Finn are at this point. I like it.
I imagined Chewie saying “That you loooooove him??”
Hey is there a rubric of who can understand chewie/R2? Han I can see, General Organa sure, but how would Rey know shriiwook or whatever it’s called? Luke can sorta understand r2 esb, Poe definitely can understand bb8. What is the rule?
I remember reading a comment a bit ago that said something along the lines of a LOT of the species/races in Star Wars can't physically speak basic, but they understand it. Therefore, it's actually fairly common place that most people, even backwater junkers like Rey, know quite a few different languages. Since most interactions probably involve something like a Wookie that couldn't even speak basic at all.
I think it's weird to us because despite there being thousands of languages here, there's maybe only like 7-10-ish that are SUPER common and used world wide. Whereas Star Wars takes place across an entire galaxy, millions of different races and cultures that are probably evenly wide spread. It might be kind of silly that most people are actually walking around with 30+ languages in their heads, but it proportionally makes sense in Star Wars.
Space magic.
Oh look! Another subplot that went nowhere. Thank you for ruining my day.
Grow up
This is not a subplot, this is a line.
not seeing chewie telling finn something? i'd tell you not to be ridiculous but i imagine that's too difficult for you.
also ruining your day? i knew star wars fans are overly dramatic in their hatred of things, but come on that's just stupid