NoWormanNoCry invited to Reddit by BAT me

If you find us we are here Mr. Nowormannocry. Bat me

Worman! Nice to see you here! Love fighting ya, we got a pretty even score ☺️
No worman. Hellllo friend. I have been friendly with you for awhile now. I think I’m the only one that does not want to kill you LOL thanks for the donations
The name makes me laugh every time, the kills do not. Keep up the good work.
Yea it sure is a weird name. Happy hunting!
I get that song stuck in my head every time I see NoWorman! That is, until he makes me mad, then, I'm like, Oh! This worman gonna make you cry...or at least try to...nope, I'm cryin, lol.
Good to finally meet you!
lol. It's nice to meet your acquaintance LooneyLuna. For how I play, sometimes I try to leave you alone. Too good to challenge.
Wow, you're here. I think we've all had our fair share of frustrating NoWORManNoCry stories. What's with the name? I've always wondered about that.
Hey buddy. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy the epic battles between yourself and BAT me. How many times I have screamed your name when you finally luck out and kill me. lol
I also thought you might enjoy being able to communicate with some of your fellow slitherers.
You've made me cuss many times, Noworman! =) Haha The Red Wedding
Hey there! I'm the blue and white striped no-name snake that circled you out in the middle of the boonies tonight. Good to make your acquaintance!
Heyyy!!!!! I just killed you a few minutes ago. You frustrate the hell outta me but the battles are fun lol.
-kamikaze/your trashy ex gf/I got daddy issues etc etc.
haha nice! You're another good one Kamikaze
I'd say my biggest 'BAT' nemesis was always Laggy AF. Always hope to see him pop up to battle.
Careful. He's sneaky and might have other aliases 😉 he’s also my favorite to battle.
Hey! Welcome to reddit haha. I've seen you quite a bit in the 104 server. It's always nice to meet and talk to the person behind the snake, especially since you've killed me a bunch lol. Happy slithering
Nice talking to you as well. You're SN Breadcrumb?
How do you find the 104 server? When I pull down the server list there are 24 options but it looks like 2 of them (#1 and #13) both have the #104 in them? Thanks!
Yo worman what is your gmail address?
I’m not a member of BAT, but I’ve been lurking here for a couple of months. Noworman is a tough battle every time. Nice to find out you’re actually friendly.
— wyrm
Haha. I used to love to hate LK MaikolAnyelow and it was hard on me when I met him and found out he was nice. Lol So then when No WORMan came along to be my new Nemesis I was open to the idea he might be a nice guy.
Oh yes I definitely recognize your name. Thanks and always a challenge too facing you. No hard feelings. Looking forward to many more.
Hello NoWormanNoCry. Nice to see you on the Reddit. I'm not on here as much and I often see you in slither. Good fight. I often run, however occasionally I've been able to (somehow) get ya. You're a great fighter and a worthy adversary, I'd love to work side by side with some time.
See ya in game. < 3 Debio 8 >
Hi < 3 Debio 8> you sure are a tough one to battle. Always a good match and pls excuse my desperate attempts haha. I'll see you in the ring and I'll come by your side to scratch your back or vice versa. ;)
This thread is like old friends meeting at an airport. Want some tissues? Get to fighting.