Rewatching the series Shane did with Grav3yardgirl

She straight up did nothing with Shane’s advice to revive her channel.

she’s a HORRIBLE collaborator. Did you see her video with Simplynailogical? You’d THINK they’d get along well but Bunny (not letting Cristine, who came all the way from Canada, into her house) was so not into it. She just seemed rude.
She’s a really interesting person to compare to Shane though. She seems scared of getting “I miss the old videos” comments... and look where that gets her. 🤷🏻‍♀️
"I doNt WaNt pEoplE tO knOw IM wEAlthy!"
Wait, where did they film if she didn’t let that other person into her house? I think she (graveyard girl) is just kinda lazy.
I started watching her videos recently and you can see she doesn’t really put much effort in. She doesn’t even bother getting dressed or brushing her hair. I think she’s realized she can either really try and be creative and get those old view numbers or she can coast on by and still get like a couple hundred thousand views and do okay. So that’s what she picked.
What about the video she did with rich lux and Jstar where they went to jeffrees hotel room and he had ordered them junk food 😂 she made an awkward scene that she can’t eat with her hands (french fries) and was hand sanitising everything. I think she ate them wearing gloves or smth. Don’t remember. They felt so awkward around her and I did too. I think she is a nightmare person to be around. I wish she’d get help and off from YouTube
I must have missed that one?? Omg. I like her but why on Earth would you not let someone into your house after inviting them from Canada??
The parts with Bunny are disappointing but the videos leading up to her introduction are my favorite Shane content
Him high on xanax on the plane makes me lose it everytime.
Same! I think we’re not alone from the view counts of that series.
Agreed. And it had me slightly interested in her content. But then the whole Starbucks thing happened with her and I lost interest in her. She came off so entitled.
Her channel is doing sooo badly. Seems like she doesn’t care, though.
i think she probably cares, but she just doesn’t seem to have enough creativity, or courage to try showing creativity. she had all those weird misshapen doll amalgamations hanging around in her house, especially during the “stupid DIY” boom era of youtube she could have just recorded herself making those and gotten some hits.
Also it seems that her boyfriend, Dogman, brings in considerable income from his own job (which I think they’ve never shared what we does, he’s very private). So she cares but at the same time knows she’s set regardless.
I was totally over Bunny after her Starbucks video, the amount of entitlement crammed into that one video blew my mind.
Can you give a TLDW about the Starbucks video?
The Starbucks did me in too. That squashed any hope I had for her.
Starbucks video?
That series didn't make me want to watch her at all. I'm mad they did Garrett that way.
I loved the whole Texas series but when they started to see Bunny i kinda started losing interest. Her emotional stuff was kinda interesting for me,bc i got inside on how all of this pressure etc can hurt you. Shane really tried to help her gave her advise etc and really nothing happend. I really dont think that she has recieved a lot of subs due to the series,maybe thats why she didnt change her content
i know i subscribed for maybe like a month and watched like one video and got so bored nothing seemed authentic but i felt bad but eventually was like “whatever” and unsubbed
She got quite a few new ones but then they left when she didn't change and then more left over the whole starbucks fiasco. She at first glance seems really unique and cool but the more I watched her the more she seems to be very privileged and very entitled. She seems more and more like someone who has never had to work a real job.
I got annoyed how they did Garrett also. Don't go spooky ghost hunting in a supposedly haunted shop when you have some kind of a bad past with things like that. To complain she got scared was so goddamn whiney because of that. People have said her and Shane were talking about spooking the others too (I just don't remember the video well). So... she was kinda being an overdramatic brat.
I don’t think it was haunted so much as spooky and quirky and cool. Bunny didn’t want to do any ghost hunting inside, and even the “poo poo ghost” (seriously?) sounds like something made up on the spot. I don’t doubt it was bc she was spooked or whatever, but I think she really thought they’d just hang out and look around, while Shane’s trying to ghost hunt. It was like breaking out the EVP on a tour- just made the whole atmosphere weird.
Yeah that was the thing about it. She went all crazy about it when he did it to her even though she had already had plans to do the same thing to them.
I loved that series... Before they met her. Garret was hilarious. It was so much squad fun.
Grav3yardgirl acts like a child and refuses to TRY new and uncomfortable things and I think that’s her main fallback.
When I first got into youtube years ago, she was one of the first people I followed. I loved her videos. Then I kind of fell off YouTube and I guess this was around the time she started losing subs. I discovered Shane earlier this year and binged his videos and thats when I first found out about her falling out. I watch her videos rarely but when I do, I have to agree with you, she acts like a child. Shes very loud like thats her stich and as a woman in her 30s, its not appealing to me anymore. She needs to grow up and start acting her age.
I don't think it's about that, I think she's afraid of changing who she is and the way her channel is because she's been doing the same thing as long as Shane basically. Changing drastically your way of doing things out of a sudden is kinda scary. She kinda tried after the Shane series but just fell back into what she always did.
Garrett was a breath of fresh air and actually puleld a funny prank.
that series was mostly them just going around texas. my fave parts were defo the Morgan makeover and them actually packing to go and stuff.
it was a botched attempt to give her more viewers and subs. and it wirked fir the short term but sort of like Bar rescue or Hotel Hell they usially revert to being a bad establishment due to loack of care or passion.
This, this exactly! Especially with the Bar Rescue/Hotel Hell analogy, that's so accurate. I guess it really is true (to use another analogy) "you can lead a horse to water in the desert, but that doesn't mean they'll be smart enough to drink" Bunny is that horse in the desert, desperately searching for viewers. Shane is the one who lead her to the water (aka what viewers want to see, because Shane knows how to adapt and stay relevant). Unfortunately Bunny just wasn't smart enough to follow Shanes advice.
I actually liked her before the series but after how she treated Garrett I think she is insufferable.
I actually really like her personality-wise but I don't watch a lot of her videos recently because she does SO. MANY. unboxing videos and that's just not my thing. But occasionally she'll put out something that grabs my interest.
Idk, she really just isn't evolving anymore the way others like Jenna Marbles have.
It was clear Bunny expected the video to be a fun little creepy tour, not a "ghost hunt". People get defensive when they're scared and I thought she was fine with Garrett after the initial reaction. So that interaction never soured her for me (the Starbucks thing did).
In fact of everyone there, I think Shane was most unreasonable, asking Garrett to scare Bunny and then acting like Garrett was so horrible when he did exactly that.
The beginning episodes of that series with just Shane and the gang are some of my absolute favorite videos on YouTube, but any time I rewatch the ‘Haunted Toy Store’ episode I have to skip past the Garrett-growl-prank-scenes every time. It gives me so much secondhand embarrassment that it physically hurts lol. I’m almost surprised it was even left in. I mean, surely Shane had to have reasoned that it would either make one of his best friends look inconsiderate or make someone who he was trying to paint in a better light look over-dramatic, and that makes it even more uncomfortable for me when I watch it.
Garrett's bull in a China shop behavior makes it so hard to watch anything he's in. Especially when he put untested makeup on his face at J*'s factory, and J is like "Dude I literally just told you not to do that."
The episodes giving Morgan a Texas makeover were so funny
It surprised me how rich she actually is tbh. But I guess it’s from selling makeup and hair products. The “does this thang really work!?” Videos were good but they are getting very old. She won’t be on YouTube much longer mark my words
Unless she goes below 1 million subs she'll still be around.
I’ve watched Bunny for years and before she collabed with Shane I was starting to get bored of her videos and barely watched her anymore. It was almost like she lost herself her videos didn’t have the same vibe they used to. After her collab though it was like the old Bunny was back! Her videos remind me so much of her old content and she seems genuinely more happy and excited about the videos she puts out. She has made some improvements and she is trying. If you’re not a person who has kept up with her it may be hard to see that though.
I agree, especially lately her mood and overall vibe is much more reminiscent of her older videos.
She just hasn't evolved like all her other youtube peers. I feel like she needs to do a rebranding, but she also takes a little too much on. Which stresses her out and then she reverts to old bunny.
Tbh I think people overreacted to her overreaction to Garrett. Lol This is a very unpopular opinion but I think she has severe anxiety and she had an embarrassing over dramatic reaction to what he did, but it’s crazy to me how people act like Garrett is made of glass and isn’t a grown ass man. I’m sure he’s fine and holds no hard feelings.
if she has bad anxiety why is she at an allegedly haunted store with a lot of youtubers in the middle of the night? i woulden't be caught dead doing that shit lmao.
As someone who suffers with anxiety, I totally get how Bunny reacted. I often will come back after interacting with friends or whatever and think why did I do/say that. It takes me a while to feel comfortable around other people. I love Garrett but I feel that he can step over the line sometimes. Yes, he's funny as we watch him but imagine him in the real world scenario. He put makeup on his face at Jeffree's factory after being told not to. I think the editing put her in a bad light, too.
I also want to say that Shane's help wasn't that great. Everyone wants to commend him but what did he actually do? Bunny reached out because they're both early YouTuber. She even said it herself, YouTube's original tagline was "Broadcast Yourself." It was about regular people in their normal lives. That's what she misses.
I totally understand her having anxiety but what annoyed me was that apparently she was planning on playing a prank on Shane and if that’s the case why did she get so bent out of shape about Garrett??? Just seems kind of weird to me.
This was my least favorite, it had potential, and Garrett's was awesome per usual, but Bunny came off as a spoiled brat. I never watched her channel before so I went to check it out thanks to Shane, but I couldn't get into it, and found it very grating.
Shane had some legit good advice and Garette and the rest were fun to watch , but Bunny, she was just a big party pooper.
What did she do to Garrett??
they went into a haunted warehouse and garrett hid a speaker somewhere and played a growl noise over it. she really believes in the paranormal so it really freaked her out but she was very rude about it and they all sided with her over garrett
I will forever remain angry at her for getting everybody to shit on Garrett so much, despite literally scaring them all a few minutes earlier by rearranging the wooden letters into spelling Shane's name.
Basically, she's a huge hypocrite who never does anything to better herself or her channel.
She made people give Garret shit? Reaaaally? He didn't even get that much shit, Shane rolled his eyes and apologized, but please like all of this isn't an act.
I love Garret, but if anyone's a hypocrite it's the stans who call Bunny childish, as you baby a grown ass man. Garret is not a fragile egg, he's a grown man who sometimes acts childish too.
I really wish it would’ve just been the gang staying the night at the haunted artifact place. It could have been so much more fun without Bunny bringing the mood down honestly. The gang stuff was super fun as it usually is but once it actually involved her it just didn’t go anywhere for me. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but that basically sums up my feelings towards that series.
Graveyard Girl Bye, I couldn’t stand her in that series and based on her views, I don’t think anyone can.
Shes kinda a douchecanoe anyway... she literally complained for not getting free starbucks when she can buy 4 whole starbucks stores
Also adding, I hate how she be like "I like spooky shit" but then when something actually spooky happens she is a coward. I'm someone who heavily fucks with the occult and magick and it rubbed me the wrong way. Dont brand yourself one way if you dont like it.
Actually, she straight up did and it lost her more viewers. His advice was shite. Show off your luxury items, show what you worked hard for! Show that money! Don't get me wrong, she has flaws and issues too, and clearly doesn't want to grow up or change with the times, but who gives a fuck? She still makes more money than I'll ever make lol.
It's ironic to me that so many of you shitting on her praise Shane, when they have a lot in common to an extent. Both have anxiety and depression. Both immature, both wear holy clothes, both are old school, both love spooky things, both have money issues, one spends too much the other pretends not to spend any. But let's hate on the woman and cradle the man.
The Garret situation, he's fine, they're all fine. She was terrified for good reason, she takes this shit seriously, they don't. Shane sent her his makeup line clearly because he still likes her. She praised his makeup.
Is she privaleged? Yes. Is Shane privaleged? Yes. Did Shane help her? No. She tried it and the things he recommended to do just wasn't her.
In some ways, I agree with this.
Exactly! Bunny has a very dedicated fan base and a lot of the ideas Shane had for her were things her fans had no interest in. She’s definitely been making small improvements to her videos but at the same time she doesn’t really need to fully revamped her channel because her stans love what she puts out 🤷‍♀️
I used to watch Bunny before her channel started going down hill, and that’s how I started watching Shane. It’s really disappointing that Bunny never took any of Shane advice. Bunny is quirky and I use to like that, but I feel kind of grown out of that now.
I think that series Shane did really well. We got to see the squad, the days/videos leading up to Bunny were my favourite. I wish Shane did more of that, that’s the Shane + friends I miss.
I just want to slap Bunny every time she takes a sip of her tea and does the “Ahhh” thing. Bitch, stop it. Used to watch her all the time when she did the “does this thing really work”, but one more “ahhh” was one too many. And I get that Garrett’s harmless prank was “too much” for her, but come on she was going to pull a prank too. Her assistant (why does she need one?) trying to shame Garrett was bullshit. I get that he can be childish, but I’d say Bunny takes the cake.
So you want physical violence and torture done on Bunny. Huh, this seems about right for certain stans.
Bunny was good when she did horror videos. I met her irl when she was not being graveyard girl. She is a looked like any other girl wearing a plain T and jeans. She didn't do her crazy voice or mannerisms. All her quirkiness is a show for youtube. Except her love for ll things horror. I believe that is genuine.
Guess I’m the only one who gets secondhand embarrassment whenever Garett’s in a video and does something over the top and childish like this. There’s a reason you don’t see him in series as much as you used to and it’s honestly cause he doesn’t know how to tone it down sometimes.
Hes hasn't been around because hes been travelling around the world and a close family member died.