A screenwriting wallpaper for all to use. (I made this from public domain images on google)

I might be reading this wrong, but the grid is assuming most scripts have 400 pages?
I imagine the page count is for a novel, but the structure looks pretty similar to most screenwriting templates.
My assugmption is that if you included every scene here, you would probably need 400 pages. If you leave your reader to infer some of these events, you could skip as much as you are able to, as Fitzgerald, Hemingway, etc.
Just divide by 4 for screenplay.
Tarantino is rolling in his grave
Tarantino is garbage, so... Hahah
All images are collected from websites that offer the images as a free download. -- I just put them together in a inverted wallpaper for anyone to use. -- Once again, allimages used where from free public domain images. -- BbblheehThankyou.
this is the kind of posts i hoped i would see when joining this sub. genuine thanks.
This is WONDERFUL. Thank you!
Are you a writer?
Reminds me of the opening paragraph on page 28, entitled "Understanding Poetry".
Excrement. That's what I think of Mr. J. Evans Pritchard!
My thought about story structure, as with most rules of thumb, is that we should never be bound by the common patterns if we have a strong, creative reason for going a different route. But if the creativity of our story lies with other elements, there's not much upside in doing things differently than what has worked well before. Understand what makes your story unique, but you don't have to pave new ground with every single story element.
Harmon's story circle is for 24-minute TV episodes, right?
Although, looking at it, I suppose that could work for a movie too.
It can be applied to anything from a 2 line joke to a series. That's the wonderful thing about it. You can fit a story in the larger circle whilst having smaller circle stories continuing and following the same path.
Can conceivably work for anything, but yes it was intended for TV.
Joseph. Campbell.
Yeah, Dan Harmon instead of the Hero’s Journey?!
The chart is a great idea, just executed poorly by a newb.
is there a version of this that is legible?
I only use a 13 inch laptop monitor and can still read it tbf... But would definitely be better on real setups using a tv monitor.
Definitely better for bigger monitors/tvs and those that don't need glasses... I use a 13 inch laptop monitor and can still read the beat sheet without issue.
I’m using my phone and I can read it
Thank you. This is neat.
Am I wrong for not liking any of this? I don’t agree with the way it’s trying to structure.
I would say so, yes. - Structure is not in any way a prison to creativity my friend.
Plus the beat sheet uses the most widely accepted structure in the world... Blake Snyder's.
Wow. I really needed this. Just this wallpaper helps me a lot.
There was an author who did like 6-7 character arcs and gave examplesi. One example was the Sopranos. It was an infographic like this. I've been looking for it for like 2 years. Anybody have it?
I guarantee, if you follow these guides, and don't bother to learn anything else, your screenplays will be trash.
You can say you don't like Tarantino's scripts, but you can't say their bad. They're objectively good because they've connected with some many people.
I understand you're envious, we all are, but just know -- you'll never write a better screenplay than him. Cheers.
Assumptions based on nothing but ideology are inherently useless. - Just as you find my opinions to be wrong, as do I, yours.
Wow this is super helpful (and looks dupa cool) thank you for sharing this! <3
Good job! Super cool
awesome..thank you!
Super cool! Thank you!
From afar it looks like Nolan's story map for Inception.
This is a dope post and would be cool to put this as a poster on your wall.
I’m sure people will find this helpful but it makes me so depressed
I think I get what you are saying... It isn't something that anyone has to stick to entirely, it just helps some people, especially with block... You have to know the structure to break it.
Thank you so much!
My tired eyes at 6 in the morning say what’s up
Cool! Hope it fits my dual monitors
Yeah. Dan Harmon.
thank you, this is going to help tons <3
nice work
After reading this it seems like I'm already using a lot of these, I'm quite proud of myself.
Thanks, this is really helpful!
Ah yes, I love using Freytags Pyramid for a lot of my stories.
idk who needs to read this but these diagrams are not the only way to write a good screenplay
Completely agree. -- But it goes back to, if you know the structure then you will know how to break it. -- All of these comments from people that clearly just think they are too unique for a basic structure are the sort of people who will never write a good script unless they actually to decide to learn the basics. -- You have to play the game to change it.
This is good. Pixar rules of story telling would be a good addition to this.
If it was troll behaviour, I probably wouldn't really believe what I am saying... To me, Tarantino is garbage... That doesn't mean that he is, that means that I personally think he is. -- And 90% of these comments are me just answering the questions after I accidentally opened the flood-gates on it. -- I truly do not believe that he has "influenced countless generations" to do anything noteworthy, for me. So, to me it is an absolutely useless idea. -- Hitler influenced generations too... I just don't appreciate what he inspired them to do.
How the fuc# does this have 1600 likes?
That would be those people that understand structure is important.
this is cool, thanks man.
I had never heard of Harmon's story circle. Thanks!
Can you provide a download link?
right click it and click 'save image as'
Can you post a download link? Thanks
In the wise words of
I utterly hate three act structures. It makes people think they can make a good story by following rules, and write scenes more to follow the structure then because it makes sense in context or of the characters.
Figure out what you want to say, what you want the story to be about, and work out the best structure to make that work. Fit the structure to the story, not the other way around.
"Fit the structure to the story" That is the idea my friend...
I repeat:
Why are you obsessed with rules and methods? Can you imagine Eric Rohmer -one of the best directors in history- obsessed with the three-act structure?
In the eyes of any screenwriting guru, Rohmer would be ignorant of this craft. And you see...
Well, as a Rohmer (and Rivette) fan, I know what you mean and I agree. But, as a person who usually works with others (as a co-writer or script doctor), is good to talk about structure when brainstorming ideas or developing acts - even if we throw the rules away later. It helps to make people understand your ideas better and some writers do feel more comfortable when they know they working from a known template.
On more personal projects I only use the three act structure as some kind of "story compass" when I get lost on the second act/middle part of my scripts. Again, it helps to go through and I usually say "fuck the rules" after that.
Have a good day, fellow nouvelle vague fan!
Deciding that structure is a prison of creativity is like deciding that shoes stop your feet feeling the ground... You are much better at walking with them than without but you can still walk wherever you want...
There is nothing in the OP pointing to the conclusion that the poster is "obsessed with rules and methods".
Rules and methods are valid
It can also be used as a wallpaper for some time...
What is the structure called in the upper right? I’ve never seen that kind of a breakdown before.
It's a mix of Larry books' and Blake Snyder's beat sheets...
I need someone to write my story about Santa Susana Field Laboratory
Maybe I’m a wrong but I think giving dan Harmon the credit to the hero’s journey is total bs. If anyone it should be J Campbell for bring attention to it first. But even then, it’s existed for tens of thousands of years or more so maybe it shouldn’t be named after anyone.
I might be wrong but I have always seen the story circle as different to the heroes journey circle, as the HJ circle is more specific, and the Story circle can applied to anything.
I don't follow structure. I defy it on purpose.
Case and point, I'm writing a dark comedy right now.
Based on harmons story cycle the new version looks like this: Character is in a zone of discomfort. Character can't admit to themselves they want something. Character is thrust into a robot apocalypse. They do not adapt to it and are instead mostly preoccupied with their own sexual frustrations. Pay a heavy price. Get what they previously couldn't admit they wanted (laid) BECAUSE they already lost everything and have nothing else. Never return to their previous situation. Die like everyone else in a blaze of glory the victim of schizophrenic robots dressed like pirates.
If you really want to get technical the story cycle is even more sisyphusian than that.
Shit gets fucked up. Character makes a plan. Plan becomes a disaster. Character is devastated and barely gets out alive. Rinse and repeat until death.
In that sense it is a writing style morbidly reminiscent of real life 😂
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I view writing like I do cooking. There's a millions of recipes and stories. If they all used the same ingredients, then life would be so damn predictable, it would be insanely boring. This reminds of that Jim Carey movie The Truman Show. No offense to you for posting this. It's just one of my thousands of peeves. I think the older I get, the more these peeves add up in my shrinking skull.
I don't think I would call structure the ingredients as much as I would the utensils... Your ideas are the ingredients and if you have a good knife and set of pans (structure) then your ingredients (ideas) will probably turn out better.
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You arent supposed to do shit... No nobody asked for your sympathy.
Fair enough. Each to their own and all.
Great chart! not a huge fan of Harmon’s circle though.
Why not a fan if I may ask?
"not a formula"
It feels like it’s missing a mention of the Ki-Sho-Ten-Ketsu structure somewhere, as a more top-level, general guiding method. I’d love to see that added in!
Why is it suggesting the inciting incident happens within the first few pages? I thought it came at the end of act 1?
Inciting incidents are generally in the middle of act 1, not the end.
Terrorists taking over Nakotomi Plaza is an inciting incident, but act 1 doesn't end until John McClane sees a cop car driving away and realizes he can't just wait and hide.
Inciting Incident = invitation to a party. End of Act 1 = actually going to the party.
The only thing that matters here is that, 1, you did us a service, Thank you. 2, this makes a terrible desktop background, but Thank you
Hahah fair... Looks good on mine.