Just so everyone is clear

Hey party people! Wow today has been fun right? Time to make some clarifications.

Wow, this sparked some conversation! Too bad I don’t like it, using my mod powers to shut it down!
...just kidding. Just locking it so I can comb through the 100+ comments added today. We’re getting reports and messages so I just want to come through and make sure none of the rules are being broken about civil conversation. It should be open again by 10:00PM EST. It’ll remain open as the megathread for this issue for the time being.
Edit: alright, cleared through it all. Again, this will remain as a megathread for the current Signore drama. Any future posts made about it will be removed, and this basically goes for any non-content related posts. If it’s considered relevant, the initial post will be allowed, following posts will be removed.
Additionally, this will serve as notice that bringing this topic up in unrelated threads is absolutely not allowed. A warning will be issued the first time, and if it continues to happen after that a ban may be issued. Everything else is staying up, that’s just the one rule about it that will be enforced without question.
Everyone is mostly playing nice in the comments, please keep it that way. No one has been banned from this yet and I’d like to keep it that way.
Andy has said in his recent Twitter video he’s not out to start a war with SJ and I respect that and agree. I think it’s totally fair to limit this topic to one thread and quash any posts that get too adversarial, attacking certain people.
But I also think the “out of sight, out of mind” approach now is the wrong play. It’s almost like banning any discussion of Pete Best from a Beatles subreddit because he’s not a Beatle anymore.
Of course this isn’t the place to post updates on all Andy’s content. Those posts can be removed. But this specifically related to the incident and is very much Screen Junkies adjacent.
The SJ of the Andy era, and the SJ of the current era are two different places. Neither side wants a flame war, and it will not do anything for the brand or the past and current relationships for SJ to dredge this up and spend that time in the mud. I doubt they ever will, and I really don't think they should.
However there is certainly a personal level from some of the people who are involved with SJ that SHOULD be addressed, and I think it would be a good look for some of the people who were around or involved during this scandal to speak up on a smaller and more personal level to address what happened. I know Andy was not exactly the most popular guy by the time this scandal ended everything, but the reality is people did take a story from a relatively unknown person with no facts and jumped on board with torpedoing his career and life. Guys I really respect like Dan and Spencer did take opportunities to speak out against him, and lended a hand to the destruction of his life. And while it seems like he was kind of an ass, that doesn't justify what happened. Rather then ignoring it, if some individuals were to make brief statements using social media or what have you and admit to a mistake and wish the best to the future for a person, that small gesture I think would go a long way to relieving some hurt feelings, not only amongst those involved, but with the fans who have picked sides and are angry at one side or the other. Facilitating the ability to move on. Because the longer this remains unaddressed, the more certain types are going to get more and more vocal, and it might snowball into something worse.
But after actual evidence has been shown like it has, continuing any sort of working relationship with JTE and April is a terrible idea. Not acknowledging a mistake that hurt a persons life like that is one thing, but not acknowledging it while actively working with the people who have now been shown to be liars and life destroyers makes you look like shit. And as much as I love the junkies, I at the least will no longer support the brand as long as people like that are protected. Much love to the great people who do make SJ the great channel it has been and the awesome community that makes it fun to stick around. Hopefully I'll be back one day.
This has nothing to do with the content they produce why should they have to air out their personal feelings to a bunch of strangers on the internet? Entitled much?
The Screen Junkies don't 'owe' Andy anything. However it is hard to take anyone seriously when they are fine coming out with statements when it seems they are on the right side of things and when new evidence makes their side more shaky they miraculously have 'no comment'.
That doesn't just apply to Screen Junkies, it applies to every news outlet and Youtube channel and Twitter warrior who had an opinion at the time.
The dude cheated on his wife and hit on fans. You think if that came out back then, and none of the seemingly blatant lies that April said did, that it would have played out the same?
We all know the answer is no. No amount of 'But he's still not a good guy!' nonsense will change that.
There is a marked and serious difference between being quietly fired or paid off or moved into the background etc. and being publically lambasted as a sexual assaulter and listed next to Weinstein on news articles.
I'm embarrassed by the 'We believe April' crowd, including people I had respect for prior to this. I'm embarrassed by the SJ attitude of hoping it all goes away.
Act like adults. Act like decent people. Take responsibility for your own words and actions.
(And yes, if it turns out this video is all lies somehow and April was telling the truth, I will do the same)
I don’t know if I would use the term “owe,” but you can’t forget that Andy created screen junkies and honest trailers. He is the reason they all have jobs.
Honestly I have to respectfully disagree.
If an event that fundamentally changed ScreenJunkies turned out to be based on misinformation that is incredibly on topic.
You have to understand that attempting to silence that dissent will only make it grow louder. And it makes the mods and SJ look as though they are hiding something.
You are better off creating a mega thread any and anything related to that video being limited to there.
I agree. I don’t think we need a buttload of separate posts, but keeping the one as a place to discuss it makes sense to me now that there’s something to discuss.
And of course any rough attack-type posts can still be deleted.
He created screen junkies.
Apply that like any other sub. The creator can't just be forgotten and ignored.
The absolute audacity to say that. This is a big deal and needs to be discussed. He has proof that he was falsely accused and yet they still seem to be shutting him out. What the fuck
They've left this thread open so people can talk about it. I can totally understand that they can't be bothered having a million different posts on it and given how toxic some of the comments in here are I can't blame the mods.
they didn't have this much consideration when he was being accused. now that he's defending himself, the mods are removing videos and posts. pretty one-sided if you ask me
So accusations of sexual assault against him do have a place here, but when he comes back to defend himself with some facts, that is not allowed? Considering the damage that has been done to his name, SJ community owes him that much.
Agreed, posts that continued to push the anti-Andy narrative were not censored this way many months after his removal from SJ.
this is like saying Lucas doesn't own stars wars anymore so dont talk about him b/c its drama and has nothing to do with star wars......btw this whole sub was non stop andy hate for months
Exactly. They had no problems in letting people voice their opinions on how andy was a rapist. But when the man defends himself, they delete every post about it and claim that thia has nothing to do with SL, even though this is very much about SL.
This is absolutely moronic. His video is directly related to SJ, it doesn't blur the line.
To me it seems that mods here or at least the op clearly despises Andy but tries to be civil about it. He can't really hide it that well and it leaks here and there in the way he articulates himself.
Andy is the founding father of SJ and that alone deserves to be respected enough to let there be space for discussion about his situation.
From what I gather there seemed to be a growing tension between him and his co-workers, maybe he was sometimes a pain in the ass, and when the opportunity came with April's allegations they jumped ship to remove him from his position. I don't condone that but I can understand that. What I can't approve of is how they acted all heartbroken in the video, called him a dear friend and how it all caught them by surprise. That's a really sleazeball move and I can't get over it. Now that it turned out it wasn't really true we all should forget about it? They do owe him something, at least some recognition that they made a mistake - that would really be enough.
Mods are moronic
To all the guys who think this video proves his innocence, I'll just say that there is a reason why legal trials aren't just some guy making a video where his point of view is put across unopposed.
Both sides actually get to provide evidence and even get to cross-examine witnesses.
I don't know either people, I wasn't with them when all this happened so I don't know who is lying but saying we shouldn't just believe women but then believing men just because they made a professional video kind of makes it look like you just want to believe the men.
And before anyone says she didn't provide proof, remember she didn't provide proof to you. There were HR investigations in which they believed her, and other women, I'm sure they gave proof there
April didn't provide any evidence. To anyone.
She didn't provide it when she went public with her allegations, and she didn't provide any to counter Andy's video or even state that the correspondence shown in it is a fabrication. Furthermore, as part of Andy's litigation against Defy Media there was pre-trial discovery. Now according to Andy, during this phase Defy Media were asked to produce supporting documents for April's allegations and guess what, she didn't provide Defy Media with any that they were able to pass on either.
Andy's evidence, on the other hand, is absolutely damning when it comes to April's credibility. The fact that she has chosen to simply "move on" rather than address anything Andy said or even contest the authenticity of the correspondence he provided speaks volumes.
A legal trial would presume Andy to be innocent until proven guilty. There was no legal trial that declared him to be guilty of any allegations raised by April and no evidence offered by her but she was believed anyway. So why the double standard now that it comes to Andy presenting his side of the story?
Defy Media also settled Andy's lawsuit. You can take that either of two ways. They either didn't want to be embarrassed in court or didn't want to go through what may have been a more costly exercise in arguing a case. Based on that, why would the fact that HR chose to part ways with him in the midst of the #metoo moral panic be a major determinative factor in deciding Andy's guilt?
The HR investigation apparently did NOT believe her or she wouldn’t have kept complaining how they didn’t do anything. In the end, it became a PR nightmare when the tweet storm started so they had to do something.
Are you serious? Andy said in the video the reason the investigation lasted 2 months was because she didn’t provide evidence, and she still hasn’t publicly. Dismissing this as “just a professional video” is childish. If you want to think about it as a court case, he presented his entire defense in that video. Multiple examples of evidence all laid out to try and prove his innocence. Don’t be so blind.
I’m sorry but your comment is silly. That guys video showed evidence that April was lying about everything, whilst to my knowledge she has never actually showed anything to suggest there relationship wasn’t consensual. After Andy’s video this would be the perfect time to show this so called evidence, but she didn’t instead she post some bullshit about “her truth”
I personally listened to Andy’s story and he has some compelling evidence that should be addressed. And simply by April and JTE blocking people and possibly not just ignoring them and later releasing a statement about this just kind of shows how poor they are treating this and also give Andy more ground to stand on.
I don’t think they should respond yet, but 2 statements from there side is JTE saying “he knew of these messages” which is almost he knew this wasn’t 100% and the other of April “knowing her truth and ready to take the critiszm” and them continuing to block people?
Some how this has made Andy look like a bigger person, by Taking this disappearing and preparing his case
to be fair they probably shouldn't respond until they speak with lawyers.
If people on here are going to keep talking about Andy Signore, fine. No one can stop people saying things.
But to anyone who has listened to his side and thinks that the people at Screen Junkies owe the world statement, think again. Andy's beef is with individuals who accused him and with the now-defunct Defy Media. April has already made her peace with things, and ignoring it is the best for her sake. Defy Media is gone. The heads of the company are nowhere to be found. Goodbye.
But Screen Junkies (Dan, Spencer, Joe, Hal, Lon, Roth, Danielle, Roxy, Billy, Max and many others you've never met) have moved FAR on and have and will never have nothing to do with Andy from here until eternity.
For one second, ignore the accusations. Try to. Think about the other problems people had with Signore. Complaints were RAMPANT from interns, part-time workers, full-time Screen Junkies you know of AND people from other companies AND celebrities too of his unprofessional and asshole-y behaviour.
In fact, I'll throw this out too: I saw it for myself. I was on the FanCam for a July 2016 episode of Movie Fights, in which the crew that day were rather frantically trying to figure out where the hell Andy was. It was literally seconds before the show was meant to start before he waltzes through the door without a huff or worry for the schedule. The look on everyone's faces wasn't of "phew well everything's fine now". It was more of "fucking hell dude". Andy then left the set immediately after filming stopped and not once did he say ONE word to me off-camera. Literally everyone who was working there at least said hi or acknowledged my presence, since I was coming way out of my way and in another country to be there and support my favourite internet people. Andy gave nothing.
Some rather silly people out there may think "ugh Dan is such a grim bastard". Hell no. He was the biggest presence in the room in terms of positivity and professionalism, and talked to me FAR longer after the show AND After the Fight than he needed to.
Look I don't want some personal story to be a complete summation of everything. So many people out there have FAR more to say, positive and negative. And here maybe you can say things but for the love of God keep it civil, and do not for one second think that the good people still working hard with Screen Junkies have any obligation to address this man. They are far beyond it, and I'm with them and Fandom every step of the way.
IMO Andy was always the worst part of ScreenJunkies and I think it has gotten so much better now that he is gone, but I don't see how we can't discuss this on this sub-reddit. Limit it to one thread (which I guess this has turned into that thread) and let it go.
i agree. i agree so much! the andy era is done and im very happy with the way SJ moved on and with the content they are producing. thank you for the way you worded this, it’s very well thought out and said.
It is a different channel now and there is no way for Andy to come back. Obviously. But that is not the point of a statement. The whole thing is far from over and if it is shown that he is innocent he deserves an apology from them. It is the decent thing to do after they have thrown him to the wolves.
Thank you. Im not being very elegant because I hate internet entitlement but that is what I am trying to communicate. They moved on and there is no reason to go back.
Andy said, in clear words in the video, that he apologizes for being an asshole (just the kind of unprofessional behavior you described).
Did you hear that part? I don’t think so.
Have you ever being accused of sexual aggression?
I don’t, but it’s not difficult to understand how fucked up and unfair is for someone who is “just an asshole” to upgrade his faults to “serial rapist”.
But since he was also unprofessional and “assholy” it’s okay to go with it?
It may be the same for you, but actually it’s not for a lot of things... you name it: reputation, career, mental health (it must be funny having the all world thinking you are a rapist when you simply aren’t).
April moved on? I honestly hope she is gonna pay for her lies: they are offensive also for those women who actually have been molested.
We are really losing focus about right and wrong because of personal preferences.
andy at that time had alot on his plate, being the head of something is never easy. I feel for the sj crew because they probably threw away a friendship through false information from both april and defy. They were quick to judge instead of going to him to hear his side. All in all a good thing was ruined and it shouldn't have been if they had faith in andy. Andy is no where near Harvey Weinstein, let us make that clear. Did he do wrong in flirting and cheating. Yes, but that is both public opinion and the type of behavior that deserve reprimand not termination. Andy's life and career was ruined and he should not only clear his name but get his old job back. It is the least we can all do for him.
this has everything to do with SJ. You didn't have this much consideration when he was being attacked, and now you are deleting everything that defends him.
He founded the company, man. I think this is a bad move. It's good to air out our feelings in relation to SJ.
But, no, I don't think the SJ crew needs to address this or anything. This is between Andy, April, JTE, and no one else.
I disagree. They made a video about it making it there business
I kind of wonder now if there will be an internal investigation against JTE, now that he kind of gave in to these apparent lies that led to Andy's firing. I noticed he didn't to seem to be in the booth today, but Billy was.
He's on vacation. Who would investigate him? They aren't owned by Defy anymore?
Right, and Andy isn't a Screen Junkie anymore. You should make a subreddit for his new channel and his fans can talk about him to your heart's content there.
Do we know that the people from the YouTube channel made this decision?
Well don't expect them to interact with people here anymore. All you people want is the drama.
I’m curious how this would all be playing out right now if Defy still owned Screen Junkies.
I’m guessing when Defy sold to Fandom, there was some clause that severed any ties Andy had to any of his creations, so there’s no chance of him rejoining now.
Him being fired is what severed his ties to any SJ properties.
I don't agree with that statement. You did a video about it stating 'FACTS' that now appear to be wrong
I believe fans have a right to have a discussion around it all, personally I have stopped watching Screen Junkies over the last 2 years because I didn't actually like the change in format.
I think a question Screen Junkies have to ask is that if what Andy realised today came out then... would you have done what you did.
Until Screen Junkies talks about it I will not be watching your products. I understand that 2 years ago you were given what seemed like Facts and jumped on them. But those facts were never vetted and you helped in ruining a man's career. Did he make mistakes yes, but they were technically personal facts and not those that deserved to ruin his career.
Everyone keeps saying "you" as if the Screen Junkies run this subreddit. They don't. Occasionally, they're nice enough to drop in and talk, but that's where their involvement ends. This is a fan-run subreddit.
Don't let the door hit ya...
I like the part of the video where he starts screaming about how this hurt his family...
Maybe you should've thought of that when you were hitting on fans and cheating on your spouse.
At worst his cheating on his spouse would have ended in divorce.
Being falsely accused of sexual assault, on the other hand, cost him his job and his ability to financially support his family.
Lol the evidence as analyzed and presented by the sure its objective.
Who makes a Youtube video instead of filling a defamation lawsuit? I find this highly suspect? Seems like he just wants some attention. Etheir way its clear he learned nothing from this whole experience.
I mean, that question is addressed in his video. I'm not sure how I feel about this whole issue, but at least watch the video before you make your mind up. Andy brought evidence that makes the absolute worst allegation against him seem a little shaky.
Edit: That being said, his interactions with fans of the channel were completely inappropriate and definitely grounds for his dismissal from the company and for everyone back at Screen Junkies to have the cold attitude towards him that they do.
Because it is a public event largely centered around YouTube, of course he’s going to make a YouTube video to respond.
Plus, what’s the point of a defamation lawsuit? Andy probably has more money than the two of them combined.
Huh. Because I could have fucking sworn that before this info was released, posts on Andy's case and general whereabouts were released often and in large quantity. And not just 2 years ago, not just when the story first broke and then never again, but actual repeated posts concerning the subject matter, even tangentally. Look for yourself.
But now that the cat's out of the bag you suddenly don't seem interested. Even though a lot of people clearly want the SJ team to address this heinous shit, and increased discussion on the subreddit could be a way to push for it. I understand wanting to have a centralised forum for discussing what's happened, but repeat posts on the same subject matter won't kill the sub any more than it did before.
For the record I don't even think he should come back as an employee. The dynamic is good as is, whether we're talking Movie Fights or other segments. But having to wade through hundreds of comments because you have one place to discuss a massive and developing story is horseshit.
Well, today’s show provides all the proof we need that they will avoid this topic until it goes away.
They put up the regular community tab post on Thursday asking for fan questions. But today, they did no fan Friday questions. They said they were trying something out where they will try to pepper them throughout the week, but they’ve already been doing that for like a month!
why did they skip fan questions today? The number one question on the post was “Will you address the Andy situation?”. 125 likes when last I checked yesterday. But today, it’s gone. There is another question about Andy’s video with 42 likes.
I hate to get conspiratorial, but it sure seemed like as of yesterday they were planning fan friday, and when the most requested question was about Andy, they scrubbed it and acted like doing what they’ve been doing was a change.
That’s fine, but I definitely noticed.
It took them weeks to discuss it when Andy got fired, maybe they’re waiting again. Or maybe they know stuff we don’t know. Either way, I’ve given up on waiting for it.
I noticed that too. If you are going to do a panel on it, it has to be with the main 5 people.
Then why is the top post on this sub about the start of this drama? Are you going to remove those posts?
Seeing this story re-visit events from years ago, and light of recent new video adding to it playing out, makes me consider a series of things; all are valid and worthy to discuss.
Come on homie, there are more than two types of subreddits... smdh
I just want confirmation that April is no longer involved in the company.
She never was
I am not a long time follower of screen junkies, so I don't fully catch up on the Andy's case. Wouldn't his case to court or something and then he would be proven guilty or innocent? I am not an American so I am not familiar with how your system works (and my poor English).
I believe they will address this, but they need time. They just came back from comic con, they must be exhausted. I think they will at least talk about this in sju next week. If they completely ignore this, I will be really disappointed.
Was a civil case not a criminal. He was never charged with a crime.
Why do you guys support false rape accusations?
LOL, what a pathetic attempt to hide the truth and justice for a man who had his career ruined with help from this sub. Your attempt to sell the 'it's not a relevant story for this sub' is horrendously insulting to those of us with functioning thought processes. If you want this censored because you don't like Andy and think it's perfectly acceptable to abuse your modding power to do do, just say it, we'd at least respect the honesty.
This pattern is repeating. It's like with the covington kids "harassing" that native american. The little out of context picture/video was all over reddit but when a full length video came to be (which completely disproved the allegations), it was suddenly off-topic in all of the subs where they initially slandered them.
Is it really too much to ask for for people to hear both sides of the story before coming to a conclusion?
Let the record show that people stood by while a life was destroyed.
Hopefully, we can all get back to the facts and evidence standard now that we've seen how twitter hate mobs work.
This story isn't just a huge blemish on screen junkies, its a human rights disaster and a black mark on our entire culture.
How is it a human rights disaster?
Just a warning for everyone in this thread. The user
How did I threaten you?
Edit: As I suspected, nothing. No wonder you defend April so vehemently. You have the exact same game plan - make false accusations, then block and run when you're called on it.
You guys are ridiculous! He exposed you all
You realize this subreddit is run by fans, right? The mods making these choices weren't exposed of anything. No one really has been, either.
I’m sorry this is just bs. I’ll allow others articulately say why.
I agree, we have been talking about it all day in a civil manner. Andy made his case which has changed things, preferably his innocence and the alligations are probably false. This is something we can talk about the right way, to lock threads would to be putting your heads in the sand. Which is not the right thing to do. We are all adult here, we can vent our opinions on this matter in the right way.
The crew needs to talk about this for they may have been lied to about what really happened and their claims and comments may be false for the information they have been given. Again this is something we cannot ignore and nor should they.
As for andy never working for screen junkies again, never say never. There is a good chance now with his evidence that maybe, and I stress maybe he will get his job back. It has happened before with men like Steve Jobs and James Gunn. Sure some of the situations differ but they were removed abruptly and later on came back to their main base of employment. All I'm saying don't be surprise if you see andy back at screen junkies because of to make up what he had to endure via fandom entertainment and to help the channel get back to what it once was.
Again this is opinion, but valid one for me and everyone else here to express on their own free will
There is zero way he would ever get his job back at SJ. He's still did sick shit even if April is a liar.
A conversation needs to be had about the threat of false allegations and the MeToo movement; and screen junkies is refusing to have it. To watch these guys--who are known for thoughtful discussion about sensitive subjects-- just sweep this important dialogue under the rug is...disappointing.
Except the people at SJ have made it more than clear that they've moved on. Not talking about someone who they clearly don't want to focus on anymore just because there's been recent developments isn't sweeping anything under the rug. Plus, having conversations about false allegations isn't something they usually focus on anyway. They'll talk about it if it has to do with movies news but overall they usually don't focus heavily on that without a connected entertainment story.
This is disappointing, you can't just silence a side of a story you don't agree with
Just so everyone's clear SJ is now happy to silence victims. Screenjunkies smeared a man for being an awkward weirdo, congratulations. Explains why it went so downhill.
Thank you
Seems consistent with your rules and enforcement of those rules. No complaints here.
Off topic about your company that took lies as truth and evidence as lies?
So I take it screen junkies themselves aren't even gonna address this?
That's dumb.
Why would they?
Thank you.
Has anyone else read the email April sent to Andy? It was sent at around 1130 pm, and reads like she was drunk when she wrote it.
To me it appears to be a rather crude attempt to preemptively negate the electronic record. She claims Andy scared her so bad in the first hotel meeting that she has been afraid to step out of line (until now for some reason).
Putting aside how it reads like a bad romance novel (juxtaposed with her texts to Andy, which read organically, without a hint of coercion). I could be convinced of the narrative of the email, if not for the fact that her public statements never mentioned Andy terrifying her to the point that she feared for her life. If that kind of abuse took place, I don't see how she could have neglected to mention it during his metoo moment.
The other messed up thing is the part about Defy Media. In the email she seems much more upset that Andy misused company funds (when he got a hotel room for a women he was trying to bang), than she is about her alleged sexual assault. It just seems so obvious that this email was meant for HR.
It's embarrassing...
Anyway, give it a read if you need any more evidence that Andy is innocent of April's accusations.
P. S. For real, does anyone else think she was drunk when she wrote that email? I'm almost certain... ...had to have been...
"Forward" means cowards?
Hahahahahaah this sub is going nuclear, love it!
Thank you feminism, so many chuckles
I want Andy Back on Screen Junkies, I miss him :(
censorship is the bomb thanks for covering up rape
I was genuinely hoping that the obvious group opinion on this subject would have led to this rule being reverted by now. All hiding all posts about the topic here does is add to the mistrust of the group.
It has genuinely saddened me that agroup of people who I watch and enjoy have reacted 'so' badly to a serious situation like this.
And none of this 'they haven't said anything' nonsense. Firstly, that's half the point, and secondly, their lack of action/words speaks volumes.
For example they mass unfollowed Andy on Twitter when allegations broke. Yet they are all, to a man, still followers of April.
It literally comes across like they are incredibly judgey of a guy who cheats on his wife and was possibly inappropriate in the workplace but are completely supportive of false sexual assault allegations.
The sad thing is, they will likely face no real repercussions from this. But they should feel bad, because it makes them bad people.
This is addressed in the above edit.
At worst, you can blame JTE of believing his girlfriend when she told him something very serious. The rest had nothing to do with Andy's firing besides not supporting him. His firing was a corporate decision. Even if Andy's innocent (which, he isn't. Even if he's innocent with April, he did more than enough to warrant the firing), none of this is the fault of the Screen Junkies.