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They used to fly away if you were anywhere near them. Now the bastards sit in a squad and eye you up looking for a decent bit of food to steal.
I remember when I was in Inverness and a seagull almost managed to get close enough to take my doughnut. Then the bus driver chased it of and said that he legally couldn’t kill them because they ate trash. Good times.
When me, my dad and my sister were in England, we all had some fish and chips because well, we were in England for the first time so we kinda had to. Anyways, one of these gulls actually flew up to my dad and nicked his entire fucking piece op fish dude. Luckily he got a free meal from the restaurant tho.
An idiot who used to live in my flat fed them. She's been gone for a year, but one fucker still comes by every single day and knocks loudly on the window, looking you in the eye. And half the time it shits on the window in retaliation before it leaves.
Same wae pigeons, those fuckers try gee ye a square go. No fear fae those beasts
That's cause cunts will intentionally feed the bastards bread. Like, wtf? Do you think they're gonna starve or something?
As a nature lover and outdoorsy type, I fuckin hate they seagull motherfuckin bawbag bastards and would happily watch them burn
Just in case you're not subbed to NiFL,
Hey fuck you man
When I went to Port Isaac in England I was eating a quiche and one literally snatched it out of my hand.
Seagulls taking poor human DoorDash jobs innit
Killed a wee chihuahua the other day
Same as a new jersian, we have laws against people who feed seagulls. Should be punishable by being buried alive with head poking out and dumping food around your head near seagulls. That's probably our next step if fines don't work.
Yeah culls used to happen in my nearest city but then they became a “protected species” the bastards are everywhere why are they in need of being a “protected species”? They’re literally what would happen if a rat got some confidence and wings!
When I think of Scottish wildlife, I think of the Glaswegians themselves :[
Someone's clearly missing their chihuahua
Specifically at 4am.
It's pigeons for me. Actually, no. I hate geese more.
I dont think of deer when I think of Scotland.
I think of haggises
Ah yes
So the deer and other wildlife have all been turned into haggis?
I think of the druggies tbh
If I had to take a guess at Scottish wildlife, I'd say hedgehogs and foxes. Deer is a North American thing in my mind.
That can’t be good for aerodynamics
Antlers usually aren't.
Hide your chihuahuas!
I was looking for this comment! Poor Gizmo!
Shithawks truly are a majestic bird.
Seattle's NFL team is truly appropriately named.
I don't think Americans think about Scottish wildlife at all
I'm American. I thought the only Scottish wildlife to speak of was Nessie?
Scotland has wildlife? Everything I know about Scotland I learned from Trainspotting.
Am American.
When I saw this post I thought to myself, "I don't think I've ever thought about scottish wildlife."
Scotland wilflife? you mean all the junkies?
I can honestly say I have literally never, not a single time in my entire life considered what animals live in Scotland. My first thought seeing this was "Wait do they even have deer there?"
Can confirm. Never thought about Scottish wildlife at all. We must stop them from assuming what our thoughts are.
Except for Harry Potter fans, I guess. Personally, the only reason I know they have deer is because I'm a writer, and one of stories takes place in that area.
I didn’t even know they had animals in the highlands. didn’t think anything could even live up there
This is correct.
This is what happens when birds use 100% of their brains.
Let’s not forget that incredibly angry deer that looks over the hill like >:|
Currently in Aberdeen on a holiday break with my American girlfriend.... I can absolutely confirm...
Yeah, we have a real bad seagull problem. Sorry about that.
I was staying on my sister house too on Aberdeen. A few days before I go back to Indonesia, I was running out of money and used a little bit of leftover money to bought a sandwich in High st near the University when suddenly a seagull knocked my head and to distract me and another seagull stole my fucking sandwich smh
Why oh why are you in Aberdeen on holiday?
Good luck with the single life, lad.
I saw those seagulls in St Andrews!! Suckers were the size of cats!
You made me google this, but it seems like a tabloid propaganda. It's the
Only rarer species like Little gull or Mediterranean gull are in Annex 1 in the EU list.
One can find the Annex 1 list
I live by the coast too but I think a cull is cruel. Who are we to say what can and can’t live just because people think they’re an inconvenience?
I literally met an American last week (from New Jersey) who told me he just been to the Isle of Skye. I asked if he’d enjoyed it and he genuinely replied “It was a bit disappointing. I thought there’d be more things to do”.
WTF! Were you expecting Euro Disney, an Eiffel Tower or a Las Vegas style casino? People come here for the great outdoors, the scenery, not touristy “things to do”. I waited thinking he was joking or something but he genuinely wasn’t. I was Jaw-droppingly stunned and had to walk away
Not Scotland but I was in Ireland during a heatwave a few years ago and I got some cheesy chips and curry after a drunken night out, and then proceeded to pass out with it next to my bed, on the window sill, with the window open for a little breeze.
Woke up to a seagull having a cheeky snack at 5:30 am.
If that was the NE of Scotland, the seagull would have beaten you up, stolen your TV and shat in your eye just for good measure as well.
Irish seagulls are annoying, but they're the equivelant of skangers throwing empty cans at you by the Liffey compared to the steroid-junkie mafia enforcer gulls that the Aberdeenshire seaside has somehow managed to breed accidentally let loose from a secret testing facility.
Untrue. That deer doesn't have a kilt on.
Truer words have never been spoken.
If arseholes could fly
this reminds me of a picture i took in dundee a few years back of a greedy seagull eating chips out of a thrown down container and we were like 5 people waiting for the bus just.. watching it for good 10 minutes
Dundee, Illinois?
Leaked Pokémon from sword and shield
Tbf i see more deer than seagulls. But that might be because I live in the Highlands
When I think Scottish wildlife, I think midges. Clouds of em.
Only thing on earth more annoying than mosquitos,
Fuck midges.
American living in Scotland here. This is truth. The unique situations I find seagulls and foxes in far outweigh red deer sightings.
The iconic one for me from my time there was road-kill pheasants.
I saw one living pheasant. I saw like a hundred 2d pheasants.
i've never heard of anyone thinking scottish wildlife is anything other than a bunch red faced guys in tartan kilts and big furry sporrans
Flying rats
Nah where i live along Loch Etive the fuckin deer are everywhere. Every morning when i take the dogs out there's at least 2 in the field, and they're seriously becoming a nuisance because the laird won't allow anyone to hunt them anymore so the population is just exploding in recent years.
There's a few seagulls on the fish farms but they're mostly on the opposite side of the loch so they don't bother us much.
I don't Americans even think about Scotland.
We don’t think about Scottish wildlife at all, actually.
about Scottish wildlife
This American laughed
2500 upvotes and 30 comments
There’s legit nout sketchy happnin, most posts in the sub are like that
Not OP, but I've never heard your version
We are in Scotland and by Perth there were some of the worst sounding seagulls (black head white body) I have ever heard. Hell would be made of their screams... Only in Perth tho...
That gave me a nice little chuckle. Cheers
American from a beach community who recently moved to Glasgow - can confirm. There are exponentially more seagulls here than back home.
Just a thought, but I think me too.
No, but it’s South of America.
I'll bet that seagull shat all over that car after the photo was taken too
This post ruined my sneeze because I laughed at the Moment.
Well some would consider junkies neds and young teams wildlife
Work on Sauchiehall st and the Gulls up there dont go and eat the left over food, they wait for the pigeons to go for it then attack the pigeons and eat the fuckers.
In Scotland for the week. Can confirm.
TIL that the UK herring gull populations are actually going down, and it could soon become a threatened species.
I saw something similar when I visited Oban. Needy little fuckers
I’ve been a party or something
Americans don't think about Scottish wildlife
I'm the opposite. I assume the country is a dystopian wasteland and am surprised when scenes of nature are shown.
you guys have seagulls but do you have bagels?
Good bird
Fucking seagulls I hate them ugly seagulls worst birds hate them stole my cheeseburger arg stupid seagulls think they’re so big but they’re not minuscule seagulls small and ugly
this dude looks like he’s hungry for a chihuahua
Is there a sub for Scottish memes?
I went to Scotland, it was like the first picture! I'm not American though
Honestly I just thought it was a bunch of sheep....
Not OP, but I've never heard your version
The same is basically true for the people of Scotland.
We found a terrifically ugly and mangled pigeon while in the U.K. My fiancé decided to name him, “Boiled Chad.”
Ahhh but with we have them in Spain too. 😂
"Aw fuh fawks sake..." - seagull, probably
>what scottish people are like
when i was visiting a while ago, i watched a seagull fight another seagull over who gets to eat a dead seagull and they ended up ripping the dead seagull midair. It was pretty metal.
Ah yes, the majestic Scottish seagull—would fit right into my long-dead subreddit
Scotland has wildlife?
yeah fuck seagulls they shit on everything everywhere ever, no fucks given at all
I'd rather have a tree full of crows cawing at me all day
I’ve seen a seagull fly straight at a woman holding a croissant to trick her into dropping it. Bastards, hate the sky rats.
I just assumed Scotland was a bunch of rolling green hills covered in fog and domestic cattle. I didn't know you had seagulls!
Nah, I have reasonable expectations of Scotland, the bottom is exactly what I would expect.
Americans like me dont think of EU wildlife or anything u have or do.
There evolving that fucker has armour
As an american I’ve literally never thought about scottish wildlife
Not to be disparaging, but I don’t actually have an opinion on Scottish wildlife. Despite being of Scottish descent I actually know almost nothing about it’s culture or geography at all.
Haha We don’t even think about Scottish wildlife... I always figured that there wasn’t much left compared to where I grew up.
As a scot I can confirm, seagulls are sky demons
Wee fuckin ket birds
I saw once in Aberdeen, near St. Andrew's Cathedral, a seagull came down from the sky and pecking on one of those pigeons like trying to ripping the pigeon's head off.
I’m Fucking crying rn, where’s my Fucking inhaler omg
i swear there's some conspiracy happening with birds in this country. in the past month i've seen 3 dead birds when prior to that i hadn't seen a dead bird for several years. has anyone else noticed an increase in dead birds lying around?
Why is the seagull sedated?
As an American I can say this is very wrong lol.
I just can't keep up with fashion, fanny packs are back and now these things???
I honestly never thought about it until now, but in my mind I imagine Scotland has no animals. Like, not even rats. Just completely devoid of wild animals.
Oaft that almost triggered me until a saw the end
I love seagulls, I think they’re cute!
They’re cute... until they shoot a load in your fresh clean bike
Highland coos though. I love them
Why does the Americans always assume about the other countries falsely?
Why do you generalize a country of 350,000,000 people?
Probably because the closest most of us have been to a foreign country is the movies, which are mostly fictitious versions of those countries.
Americans probably dont know where scotland even is located.
Ha ha very funny. You're near Australia, where those agoriginals people used to live.
Yeah we do, it's right above china. You really think we're that stupid?
Seagulls must die the keep steeling our chipped fook em
Bruh have you ever been to Chanonry point near Windermere?? Oh my Word those gulls are aggressive.
Don’t think many Americans think anything of Scottish native animals. It’s not some exotic destination known for its overly awesome natural wonders.
Lol most Americans know we have way more wildlife and wilderness and do not consider Scottish wildlife at all. I am aware you guys have some of the few remaining areas of wilderness in Europe
What fuckin' Americans are these people interacting with that think Scottish wildlife is like that?
If anything, that's what American wildlife is like.
I’m pretty sure Americans don’t think about Scotland much at all.
I’ve literally never thought about Scottish wildlife.
that elk is pretty common in the east side and mid west.
This applies perfectly to Alaska too
Wrong, we think Scottish wildlife Is just 45 year old dudes balls out and bottles of whiskey
As an American... I thought your wildlife was sheep.
Oi, lad you got annu kebbab mate.
You need to settle doon pal. Going aff yer post and comment history you seem to be a wee auld moody git.
American here, never once considered Scottish wildlife in my life. Pretty sure y’all fucked up the wildlife on your island real bad a long time ago.
As an american I just assumed you didnt have wildlife. Maybe some wildlings, rabid wood people or something
they're wild and they are live. yup. wild life.
I don't even know what I imagined scottish wildlife to be like
It's not.
Me: minding my own business on my vacation in Scotland
Scottish Seagull: “Put yer fockin cresps an thas here collaction ben or I’ll fockin shit oll ovar yer caaar!!!!”
Me seeing a seagull squawking on my car with a take out container firmly stuck around it’s head: chuckles in reddit
Actually for some reason I thought nothing of scottish wildlife. Lol I have no idea what animals y'all have over there
I was under the assumption that the British isles are devoid of wildlife. You guys have deer?
Yeah man, we got deer, foxes, rabbits, birds of prey and we used to have wolves(sure there was something about trying to re-introducing some a few years back but haven’t kept up to date with that)
We’ve got no natural predators here though
am American and have never had any thought or opinion on Swedish wildlife
Scotland has wildlife?