[DISC] Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru - Ch. 26

Chapter 26 - Like A Samurai

Well there's your high level Hachimaru. No Ann prayers or Hayatarou support. What a beast. He's matured quite a bit too. That last line was nice.
I'm loving Hachi's growth, and seeing what happens to those that fail to become Samurai is really expected. Who wouldn't be bitter when your family turns your back on you for something you have no control over, and even if you ignore them and attempt to become a Samurai you'll die. This system is a bit screwed
That punch was epic. Hachimaru is pissed 10/10
i forgot to write about it before, but i already suspect ryuu is innocent, and actually brought there to be the winner and be killed.
"telomere"? that means samurai will age, or there is a limit to key's regen?
Edit: number of named technique is still 6, all from kongou-yasha school
Yeah, interested to see what the telomere thing means
tel·o·mere /ˈtēləˌmi(ə)r,ˈtelə-/ Learn to pronounce nounGENETICS a compound structure at the end of a chromosome.
Well google didnt help.
Hachimaru is faster than Daruma damn that's again being too much. Btw the panel of humanoid holders coming out of ground was Awesome
Better get used to it! Hachi has better timing and instincts than Daruma and Ryu. We already knew this from the Battle Royale.
Perhaps when a samurai has resolve to protect his princess he becomes faster. Makes sense since Daruma has no princess also we never really saw a speed feat from Daruma.
I think Daruma is limited a lot in his cat form. Tho still powerful. But Hatchimaru speed is fast here due to protecting his princess and Daruma being a bit limited in this form.
Cool chapter so we got a Megazword Holder but Hachimaru just casually cut through that, hachi seems kinda different now
This.....is...waaaaaar!!! FIRE chapter!
Serious Hachi is omg, i love him!
I am growing more in love with samurai 8 with very chapter.. Love the natural progression of hachimaru seen in this chapter..
GG no re Kotsuga.
So, who is a better rival? Kotsuga or Ryu??
Ryuu since Kotsuga is a hurt boy with not much skills
Kotsuga makes a better foil. If it comes to fighting, Id rather see Hachi vs Ryu but when it comes to general interactions Id rather see Hachi interact with Kotsuga.
Badass chapter!
The clash between fully armored Benkei and Daruma has me so pumped! And here I thought that Ben's design couldnt get any cooler. I hope this is the extended fight I was looking for.
Hachi is developing nicely. Hes far more competent and slick than kid Naruto and I am loving it. I got tired of Naruto constantly bumbling so I'm glad Hachi iant being subjected to the same. Immediately countering Kotsuga before he could lay a finger on Ann and instantly bisecting the giant holder while refuting Kotsuga to his face? Very cool. And remember, Hachi trained to cut giant battle Holders back at the river.
Kotsuga will betray Benkei. Did you see that wink?
I could use more fighting but I'm starting to feel hype.
I just hope that the Ben v Daruma fight isn't over in one hit and we actually to see more of what a battle between mature Samurai is like; Next chapter.
So Katstuga being disinherited for his inability to become a Samurai is part of what fuels his resentment towards them.
Hachimaru saying that he's got his own reasons for walking his path regardless of some "Master's" grand design, was a good moment.
I'm still wondering if Katsuga is human, maybe he's part Oni,cause the boy has fangs . The tradition of explaining how the all the powers work contenuins, Kongo-Yasha Style Doggy paddle is based on the principle of Electromagnetic lift/thrust.
Are the Samurai powers Magic or Super-science and is there a meaningful distinction?
Super science and when is there ever a meaningful distinction. Impossible technologies and magic are really one and the same.
Good chapter. Daruma v benkei hype
Man, I feel bad for Ryu. Your only "friend" was planning to sell you for money. Also, can't believe I was right about tragic backstory.
Do Princesses have any powers beside Samurai power boost? Because it looks like they're going to attack Ann all the time, she probably needs some training to protect herself too
We don't even know a princess's power source or how one becomes a princess.
All those who thought Kotsuga was a girl must be feeling kinda disappointed. Oh yeah and and does anyone know what happened to hachi's crimson blade “the vampire" .
I was thinking this too lol they were so sure for no reason
Crimson blade is still in daruma's belly, maybe
Could still be a girl. Japan has gender neutral pronouns so we need confirmation.
About Kotsuga,s clan.
Shingon or Orthodox Esoteric Buddhism maintains that the expounder of the doctrine was originally the Universal Buddha Vairocana, but the first human to receive the doctrine was Nagarjuna in India. The tradition recognizes two groups of eight great patriarchs – one group of lineage holders and one group of great expounders of the doctrine.
The Eight Great Lineage Patriarchs (Fuho-Hasso 付法八祖)
Vairocana (Dainichi-Nyorai 大日如来)
Vajrasattva (Kongō-Satta 金剛薩埵)
Nagarjuna (Ryūju-Bosatsu 龍樹菩薩) – received the Mahavairocana Tantra from Vajrasattva inside an Iron Stupa in Southern India
Nagabodhi (Ryūchi-Bosatsu 龍智菩薩)
Vajrabodhi (Kongōchi-Sanzō 金剛智三蔵)
Amoghavajra (Fukūkongō-Sanzō 不空金剛三蔵)
Huiguo (Keika-Ajari 恵果阿闍梨)
Kūkai (Kōbō-Daishi 弘法大師)
The Eight Great Doctrine-Expounding Patriarchs (Denji-Hasso 伝持八祖)
Nagarjuna (Ryūju-Bosatsu 龍樹菩薩)
Nagabodhi (Ryūchi-Bosatsu 龍智菩薩)
Vajrabodhi (Kongōchi-Sanzō 金剛智三蔵)
Amoghavajra (Fukūkongō-Sanzō 不空金剛三蔵)
Śubhakarasiṃha (Zenmui-Sanzō 善無畏三蔵)
Yi Xing (Ichigyō-Zenji 一行禅師)
Huiguo (Keika-Ajari 恵果阿闍梨)
Kūkai (Kōbō-Daishi 弘法大師)
That's a lot of work! Thanks for this!
Hashimaru just speed blitz that man. At this point he might be stronger than Shippuden Naruto before Sage mode.
No way. He speed blitzed a regular human. Nothing special in my opinion.
For a moment there, I thought Hachi slicing the giant holder was a double spread and the slice was the page gap
Loved it! 10/10
Hachi really impressed me now! Every single panel about him was awesome! Kotsuga's past looks so sad...hope to know more about him.
Zombie Holders army!!! Loved the team-fight between Ryu, Hachi and even the other Samurai. Great fight!
Hype for Daruma vs Benkei...and Armored Benkei is 🔥🔥🔥
1-with every chapter releas these manga hocking me more n more n more like damnt.
2-these chapter is so epic ... i cant descrip it much more. there was a lot of epic sence . it,s make feeling of rally sci-fi is,
3-generaly these manga is doing fucking well.
kishimoto is on he,s promise to gaving magic to the world .
4-i loved s8.
Its Volume 1&2 Sales are low but Online its popular online. Although I still love it, it may get canceled
Interesting chapter, already excited for next one. Also Kotsuga's past explains his jealousy towards Hachimaru. Nice to see paralles between characters.
Wow, a great chapter again, that why i always love your work, Kishimoto-san and Obubo-san. Perfect in every panels. Even Benkei, yes he is bad guy but his design was so cool. Hope we can see all form of KongoYasha-style next chapter, show us Daruma-san yo.
I love seeing the bull samurai armor
Yesssss, so cool! Especially the horned helmet
I just forgot to mention one thing and that is Armored Benkei looks awesome design is lit 🔥
The action in this chapter was strong and impressive. Hachimaru amazed me in every way, he was so badass that woah! Can't wait to see Ben vs Daruma at their full power next week...and if Captain Sen will join the fight. 10/10 chapter
PS: Mangastream version is on
Spoiler alert: the translation is not good.
Thanks, updated.
What an amazing chapter. That last panel was gold, a solid line from Hachi
the art in this chapter is easily the best this manga have been since the begniing, incredible panels one after another.
Great chapter, but naturally, some people are only focusing on Hachimaru winning a fight. I’ll just say this, size does not equal power. I know we’re all used to fights against imposing looking things being a struggle, but remember people. Hachimaru is using a magic sword. If it can cut a tank, why not some big robot thingy? I’ll never understand this obsession with power levels. What’s got me excited is Hachimaru’s line at the end there.
So what was that thing Hachimaru created to protect himself and Ann from the missiles?
A shield just as all the other Samurai constructed.
I was kind of worried that this was close to being an Obito vs Naruto scenario, but I'm glad it wasn't. I think my memories of Naruto is still too fresh that the lines between the two mangas tend to blur. I won't be surprised if people who will read this chapter would feel the same.
My fear is that next chapter is talk-no-jutsu.
Well, you shouldn’t expect Kotsuga to stay bad. At this point, it’s obvious he’s going to join the crew. That’s a good thing though, it’d be a waste to just have his role in the story be a guy who tagged along for awhile, betrayed them, and got dealt with quickly.
It’s not talk no jutsu if the mc already bodied his opponent then persuaded him to change his ways.
What’s wrong with talk-no-jutsu? It was only bad when it was used on Obito. Otherwise, it’s great and perfectly fits within the world of Naruto, where most disputes were settled with war, killing, and hate. Remember? The cycle of hatred.
Great chap! 9/10!
For those still unhappy or stunned on Hachi's power spike, he's a cyborg and not 100% human anymore. If he was the latter and did all this because he has master gamer experience then that's BS! But this samurai cyborg body he's got can take all his video game experience which is all some 'samurai mortal kombat' game of some sort.
Just imagine you were the best MK 11 player in the world and somehow...just somehow you wake up one morning with Jax's body or Johnny Cage's body or Sonya's (for the ladies...well if you're in the force you're half way there ;) and all the move sets you've mastered in the game is completely possible, SURELY you won't need much training, you really wouldn't.
Cyborg Samurais may not necessarily need training, they may just download the skills and moveset they want...they may log on to the internet and download all the Tae Kwon Do they so need, or better still make up theirs.
Neo from The Matrix had all the necessary fighting style downloaded to him as he entered the Matrix.
So let's not expect Naruto-type training here and open our minds to the possibilities of SCI-FI.
Of course they need training. Its clear that skill with a sword matters. Hence why Ryu can stomp Hachi in seconds.
yes hachi go hard
The art is really on another level!! Battle scene against zombie holders (gosh i love zombie holders!) was awesome.
Hachi was so badass!
So where exactly is the story going to ??
ive never followed a manga from its start, how long does it usually take for a studio to pick it up as an anime?
Studios usually adapt mangas when it has like 80 chapters especially for battle shonen
Is it just me, or is Hachimaru’s strength progressing TOO fast? We’re on only 26 chapters in and he’s already one-shotting some big bad guys and showing strength close to master level. It gives me the sense that the manga will be short-lived (doubtful and also hopefully this isn’t the case, because I really enjoy this reading.)
Hopefully what we’re experiencing is only the beginning of true samurai strength and by the end of the manga we will have terrifying, galaxy-destroying attacks.
his early training was practicing cutting or slashing through holder-thing material. the big holder is not a big bad guy and surely not Kotsuga
What big bad guy did he one shot? The robot? Nothing but it’s size implied that it was super powerful.
He sliced a huge robot.... do you remember in the first few chapters where he destroyed the tank with pigs in it? This enemy wasn't a big bad... It was an empty huge humanoid shell. It shouldn't be too hard to slice with a samurai soul. Not just any samurai soul either. A soul that is a key to one of the Box's in this universe. Lets be real, this was not a big deal and not close to master level.
He sliced a huge robot.... do you remember in the first few chapters where he destroyed the tank with pigs in it? This enemy wasn't a big bad... It was an empty huge humanoid shell. It shouldn't be too hard to slice with a samurai soul. Not just any samurai soul either. A soul that is a key to one of the Box's in this universe. Lets be real, this was not a big deal and not close to master level.
I have no problem with hachi being so strong early in the story, but it gotta make sense. This makes no sense.
How did hachimaru cut that huge holder with little to no effort?!
I have always thought people saying hachimaru's growth in strength is too rushed were only saying it to hate, but i gotta say hachi is stronger than he should be. And how the hell was he this fast? What is the reason? He still didn't receive any training on speed. Cutting that duck samurai so fast was fine, but this he just went to that huge holder cut him in half and then went all the way to kotsuga and cut the holder that was protecting him in a second. That's too much man i can't come up with an excuse to that.
Other than that great chapter. I also like how something as simple as daruma asking kotsuga to be his eyes to snipe actually has a bigger reason. This seem to have alot of these small acts that actually means more like ann blushing when hachi got his hair tide up.
How is that surprising? Hachi was able to cut a tank at the very beginning with a model samurai sword.
Hachimaru's dad say there was something special about him from the rest when he was dying, if you actually watch the fights every one except Hachimaru is displaying the skill set you'd expect from them so obviously he's different,from how quickly he regenerates to having fighting experience beyond that of his years and everyone who is considered a master of their craft also see it to. So don't let hachi's power level bother you
He trained for it, remember? In the beginning, he could only place a small notch in Daruma's giant battle Holders but then he kept practicing until his sword was fit enough to slice the arm off one of those same Holders (the chapter where Ata smacks into the moon I believe).
That was back when his blade was half formed and crooked. Is it really surprising that he can slice more cleanly now that his sword is fully developed and straight edged?
Did you read chapter 16?
Exactly My problem with Hachimaru dude is suddenly FTL now. I'm wondering if it's really Hachimaru or a plot twist coming in future that this isn't the real Hachimaru rather is one the brothers I mean even Daruma is surprised to suddenly see Hachimaru being that fast not once but twice. So I wonder what's the case here
So Ryuu actually was innocent and no previous winner but still his hype is not gone, since who actually is he also is very important and everything.
Still Hachimaru suddenly being so powerful seems kinda BS to me. Is he even really Hachimaru.
Interested to see how Master Daruma and Benkei fight goes on hope they throw gigantic different style attacks at each other let it be a real battle
It's like he never cut a massive tank in the beginning of the manga. Stop fucking saying it's bullshit, because we all know he's got the power.
he was an artificial human and now he is a samurai (he has enhanced specs over normal samurai).
And how come cutting a Big holder puppet translate to "when did hachimaru become so powerful that he just achieve some otherworldly feat"
did he just slice that whole thing? whatd he do to it?