Poll: Utahns overwhelmingly opposed to elements contained in tax reform

From an insider: it doesn’t matter one bit because the legislature was pushed into this by the speaker because it’s his bill. In order to avoid backlash later, most reps had to agree to the vote way before any of them felt like it had the public support or input needed for such a change.
TLDR: the speaker of the house’s ego is why it’s being rammed thru
Why is he so set on a food tax?
My biggest issue is the increase of sales tax on groceries. Taxing prepared food like from a restaurant or fast food is fine, but there is no reason that the food purchased at the grocery store should be taxed. I think raising gas taxes is fine but they need to start thinking about a better way to raise funding for roads. Especially as highly efficient and electric vehicles become more popular/common leading to less gas purchased. I really wish we would just get rid of sales tax altogether similar to Oregon.
Rep. Dailey-Provost proposed a substitute bill swapping the sales tax increase for a corporate tax increase iirc.
Tax the Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I favor tax exemptions for churches that are doing good work, but not for churches, that, well, you all live here. Fill in the blank.
I would actually be in support of higher taxes in general, but only if I could be certain the money went primarily to programs and initiatives that I support. Unfortunately, that's hard to guarantee, it seems.
And that lost revenue is the handouts to the 1% here in Utah.... Realtors Im looking at you!!
That's too funny. There are a lot of self-described independents that really just want to stay in "the middle" no matter what. No principles. Just centrism in all things. There's nothing they won't compromise on, nobody they won't compromise with.
Duh? The legislature has shown they give zero shits about doing what is best for the state or what the public wants.
Because that same public will say they don't support these things and then still vote in Republican legislators who do the things they claim to dislike.
They proved that when prop 2 was massively supported by the public and they said "mmm nevermind". Anyone who thinks anyone currently in the legislature has their best interest in mind isn't paying attention.
What is best for the state is not what is best for the public. XD
Poll: Utahns upset with Representatives not representing their wishes overwhelmingly insist on voting for those same representatives again.
Tax my luxury goods but FOOD? Don't they realize half of the country is already struggling to pay for rent and basic necessities? It is beginning to feel as if they are completely out of touch with where people are. I feed people. My latest is a single mom with six mouths. I am not going to be able to help as much as I would like. We are all doing the best we can but seriously, people don't have food. I am not a goodie goodie I just was forced to become more aware. This impacts our food bank donations and everyone working minimum wage.
Well they taxed food but also created a dividend for the poor. The issue is if you only tax a luxury people just buy different luxuries.
There's a facebook group that's gathering signatures to block the bill! search for utah tax referendum. If we get enough, we can block this!
Chiming in with a link to a calendar of signing events:
N.B. that just showing your support on FB isn't enough to count - you need to get your signature on a piece of paper which will be given to the clerk of the county you're registered to vote in.
And yet all the dumbasses will continue voting Republican because Jesus.
and m'bortions.
Did you read the article? It explicitly states who does and doesn't support the bill. Hint: It's not partisan
This just shows how much voting matters. Continue to vote locally. Local politics matter too and we can change this by voting out the idiots.
they just vote in more idiots... at what point do we start saying its idiots voting in idiots cause its all starting at local levels...
It's hard when the church runs the state
And yet they keep voting in the same people who don’t represent them. Or don’t vote at all.🙄
In other news, the Pope is Catholic and the sky is blue /s
It's unfortunate that there is so much opposition because it looks like pretty good policy