2019 MPGR #50-41

LOL Drephen
Came here to post this, I laughed hard.
gdi lmao
They did him dirty with that photo too lol damn
Drephen didn't see his blurb before answering, and his blurb writer didn't see his answers before writing, but I saw both ;)
Remaining 40 players in alphabetical order: 2saint, AbsentPage, Albert, aMSa, ARMY, Axe, Bananas, Captain Faceroll, ChuDat, FatGoku, Fiction, Gahtzu, Ginger, Hax, Hungrybox, iBDW, KJH, Leffen, lloD, Lucky, Mango, Medz, Mew2King, MikeHaze, moky, n0ne, PewPewU (thank you
isn’t absentpage banned?
Crazy that someone no one had really heard of before this year is top 40 (albert)
You seem to be missing PewPewU :P
No captain smuckers?
I didn't know Morsecode's last name was Morse, that makes his tag so sick
all this person do is grab
Morsecode best samus?!
PM players are officially better at Melee samus than Melee players
Had to happen. Looking forward to Morse and Swooper this year.
what happened to duck?
Twitter reactions
#41: LFG | Bimbo
#42: Setchi
#43: Magi
#44: Morsecode762
#45: Jakenshaken
#46: DIG | HugS
#47: SS | Stango
#48: GHQ | Zamu
#49: Drephen
#50: UGS | Michael
Crazy how zamu wrote his tweet once he got out of gym class
What is P+?
Basically PM
pm balance patch
PM 2
50/ Michael (Jigglypuff, Illinois)
49/ Drephen (Sheik, Ohio)
48/ Zamu (Fox, Illinois)
47/ Stango (Marth, Delaware)
46/ HugS (Samus, SoCal)
45/ Jakenshaken (Marth, Ohio)
44/ Morsecode762 (Samus, Michigan)
43/ Magi (Falco, Louisiana)
42/ Setchi (Captain Falcon, Wales)
41/ Bimbo (Falco, Baja California)
So does that mean Albert will be the highest ranked newcomer? Fuk ya
Qerb top 40 let's gooo
Sorry to kill the meme but they actually did put him in the honorable mentions
why does drephen look like my dealer
Are you implying Drephen isn’t your dealer?
Trucker chic, who wore it better: Drephen or Ice?
Now that's a PR I'd be interested in
Magi is the first trans and female player ever to be top 50 right ? Sorry if trans isn’t a correct term to use.
this is correct. and trans is the right term here, it’s an adjective
Drephen is 34?! Damn he even played in those 05/06 MLG events
incredible flex from morsecode holy shit
will melee players stop saying "pm players are carried by gimmicks" in 2020?
Friendship ended with KURV, now MORSE is my best friend
Incidentally I'd love to get into PM but not sure where to start to get it set up. What's their subreddit and do they have an FAQ about it on there?
instead they will say "P+ players are carried by gimmicks" in 2020
to be fair samus is pretty much a pm character
Stango placed 3rd at East Coast Throwdown, not 5th
Has Hugs ever been the highest ranked Samus player on a top 100?
Plup was basically a full-time sheik main in 2015 even though it's listed as a secondary on the SSBMRank. He switched to being a sheik main in January of that year, so I'd say 2015 was the last time. He was also the best Samus every year from like 06 thru 2013 or whenever Plup got good.
A good 12 years ago
2018 midyear, so on a top 50 yeah
Rishi and HugS being as high as they are kinda seem like legacy bias but admittedly I haven’t delved that deep into the data beyond SaveAsUntitled videos. Like I don’t see how Drephen is below Hugs in particular
His win over IBDW helped a lot I think.
Rishi had a pretty good year tbf, at least better than all the players ranked so far
I think Bimbo is a bit low, and I am surprised Rishi is top 40. Other than that I like this portion of the list. Glad to see Morse and Magi climb the rankings so much! 99 and 97 —> 44 and 43!
As someone who thought Bimbo would have been top 35 at most, I definitely feel weird about his placement.
Very nice Setchi. Guy is very nice and a grinder, well deserved of this debut.
we HAVE to get Setchi to Summit
Nah setchi is a cunt
Setchi staples his name to things he didn't invent (like the "setchi jump" lmfao) then yells at you on discord if you don't use his aggrandizing terminology
We have one player from each of the three FC3 crews in the top 50:
Hell yeah, let's go Magi! First woman in the top 50, if I'm not mistaken, right?
If you wanna be technical, she was also top 50 for the summer ranking, but first woman in the top 50 for the year end ranking now too!
She's first in the top 100 overall, right?
Fuck yeah Magi
Let’s go Setchi
did they photoshop drephen's face to be smaller?