Markiplier is on our side!

While the estimate of needed funds has been reached, there is no way to know how much this or future legal issues will actually end up costing, so Mark's support helps a lot.
This was great to see, might be a couple of months "late"(not that it matters) but I am super happy that he donated and got the word out to his large fan base.
Who would’ve guessed? What a cool guy.
It's probably good he put a trampoline on the issue a couple months in, so that it didn't becoming a fading thing just yet.
Well he literally turned his girlfriend into an SCP recently. So he wouldn't want her to be owned by some Russian nut job does he?))) of course he would be on community side.
Well the gofundme has almost doubled in the last day so that will help with lengthy legal battles, I guess?
And its #1 trending for gaming!!!
This video is the reason I finally started reading scp stuff
Damn I thought he would donate maybe $500, or $1000 max, but $5000? Love or hate him, Mark is a genuine guy.
I dislike his videos, but this trascends any opinion on his content. This is a genuine charitable gesture and one can't feel anything else than gratitude.
Just in time for the 5000 contest
Man we are at 98.4k in legal donations
Well he is the guy who introduced me to SCP
Actually. Now that I think about it, SAME! I forgot he put me on to scp first
He may not have introduced me directly, but I discovered SCP through people talking about Containment Breach, and they probably heard of it from Mark.
Considering the conversational and content overlap between
The whole reason I know about SCP is because of him. He mentioned SCP-096 and the underwater test in a Hello Neighbor stream. Looked it up and here I am.
Same lol.
Although this is a bit late, this is guaranteed to immensely help. His followers have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars by themselves for charities, so this will definitely make an impact.
well, since the video went up 4 hours ago, Mark made the donation to be 65k. At the time of this, it's 91k. 26k in 4 hours. I think we will get there.
I can't believe my collab has made it this far wtf.
Congrats man! Considering the latter half of the video, I think you'll get more views than ever on it.
I feel like I recognize your name. You do pixelart stuff right?
Your collab?
I wish I could donate but I sadly can't. But for those who can, you guys are awesome
I like when he discovers Taboo and as he looks through with confusion, SCP-096 can be heard screaming in the background.
Does anyone know who is winning right now?
The wiki has begun legal action, but this is always a very slow process. Currently, we're submitting Affidavits to a Russian agency.
When news happens, it will be put up on this subreddit and as updates on the GoFundMe campaign page:
I haven't watched Mark in a while, and the first thing I see him do in the decade is him just donating 10% of the goal like that! So happy :)
This whole situation is just stupid. SCP should be for everyone. Take my silver and go donate at least half a dollar, that is what this silver cost me.
Just started watching, thank god he's getting this around a crap load.
Of course he is. He's had such intimate moments with the SCP universe.
*Being chased in circles by 049 in a closed elevator* "BAD TOUCH! BAD TOUCH!"
It was really nice to see someone that’s famous actually notice this. I think it also means a lot coming from mark since he’s played so many scp games and such.
Found out about the SCP wiki through Mark. I'd wager a lot of us did.
Mark has always had a great heart. I'm glad he uses his platform for good.
It's thanks to Mark that I became aware of this, I'll donate what I can to help, otherwise I'll see if their is anything else I can do to get the word out. Best of luck fighting the good fight!
King moments
Honestly I'm surprised it took him this long to make a video about it
This picture of him actually makes him look a bit like Dr. Bright
No shit. This platform is amazing and markiplier showed me this SCP stuff long ago. He was one of the few who brought it up. And now some Russian asshole is trying to take it for himself?
I watched it and I appreciate mark standing up for us.
I dont even know what SCP is but I hate sleezeball Russians.
For clarity; Russians who are sleazeballs, not all Russians.
Welcome to the subreddit and thanks for the support! And, you should totally check out SCP.
It is a writing community. The stories are published on
If this sounds interesting, here are short quotes and links to some fun example SCP articles:
If not, take care. Enjoy the rest of Reddit.
Oh fuck yeah
His CB series was what got me into SCP
The guy literally has over 50+ videos of the game and has done nothing but praise both the versions that are out. He even mentioned in one of his SCP livestreams that next to Amnesia, SCP Containment Breach was his absolute favorite horror game out there and loves the lore.
If anyone was to be in our corner I prefer it to be him tbh and I'm glad he is showing the support, the guy has like what 26 million subscribers now? That kind of exposure to what's going on is sure to rally a whole shit ton of new supporters who probably weren't aware that this situation is going down.
I've been following this story for a while. It's absolutely demoralizing. So much of the fun of the wiki was people riffing off of one another. It's a give-and-take of writers creating fun stories together... But then this Duskin guy wants to claim that as his own.
The SCP Foundation has left a very important impact on me. So for as long as I live, I will never let it fall. Who's with me?!
Markiplier joined the game
I apologize for not being able to donate, but I am here with the foundation for the long run!
Thanks for being here with us. Don't worry about not being able to donate. Just hang out, enjoy the community, read
I am so, so proud of Mark, I know he loves the SCP games and the stories, so it is amazing that he said that! I watched the video and then told a friend who I've talked about SCPS to. This makes me want to make a tiny Mark statue to go with my SCP 049 cosplay.
I appreciate his commitment but he is pretty late.
While the estimate of needed funds has been reached, there is no way to know how much this or future legal issues will end up costing, so this helps greatly.
Details from the fundraising page:
In his defense, he isn't really the most invested person in the SCP fanbase
What's the situation now? Last I heard in Nov '19, scp-wiki owners were making a statement and fundrising to fight in court?
Better late than never
Ok, well--having been aware of SCP for several years--this video on
Oh yes, epic
Other videos in this thread:
Play All
It’s good to see SCP fans are getting together to stop this Few things make me happier Thank you mark for the support Stand strong SCP
Can someone explain to me how someone can claim something that has nothing to do with them as their own, and get away with it?
If Mark can convince YouTube to fix its shit, he can stop this prick
he uploaded this vidieo 7 hours and the Legal funds have gone up $40,000
Wasnt scp originally a 4chan thing? That would be like copywriting any other creepypasta or meme.
While I'm not a huge fan of his content, I love markiplier, he's such a good guy.
So... what happens if we win? Is the claim just denied? Is there a fine? Will andre become a d boi?
That is an extremely complicated question, and at this juncture I can't fully answer it without speculating due to some variables involved. All i can say for 100% certain is that a successful suit means he won't have the trademark and won't be able to continue his extortion attempts.
Mark: The pixel version probably isn't that bad, we'll probably be fine
Retrieval Incident #096-1-A: entire squad wiped out because someone saw a single pixel of it's face
Video interview log 096-1-C:
happy noises
Imagine having $5,000 to just randomly donate... fuck I’m poor
Bloke makes a mint, regardless it's bloody generous. Cheers Markimoo!
25 million subscribers make a lot of dosh.
Are you talking about mark?
Is and always was on our side
I'm glad he is. I was wondering when he was going to do this.
Wow, the video is currently number 1 on trending for games. This is incredible!
O damn mark helpin us take down duskin?
We weren't expecting special forces.
He always was. I'm just happy that he's actually spreading the word
Object: SCP - M
Class: Thaumiel
Special Containment Procedures: It is advised to watch the content submitted by SCP-M to the video platform whenever available.
Description: SCP-M appears to be a man of mixed race, particularly Korean and German, aged 31 and residing currently in the United States of America.
More stuff im too lazy and uninformed to put here.
Tldr markimoo thaumiel
F*** that Russian guy that’s trying to take over the scp foundation
It's gamer time
Didn't know about this stuff until today. Saw Marks video and donated $20.
The idea an individual could claim the entirety of SCP is outrageous.
Thank you for the support!
It's that assbag again ain't he?
You aren’t talking about mark, right?
Better late than never!
Of course he is
If we win I’ll be telling this story to my future grandkids
ok, i'm relatively new to this, so could I get an explanation as to what is happening please?
There should be a pinned comment at the top of the thread with a link to more info
lookin like harry potter
Andre bitchson
We get kianu reeves and it's an automatic win
Isnt he really late on this
Oh well more money to fuck duksin with
So happy to see Mark getting in on this.
Let's take down copyright asshole together!
The reason I found the SCP universe was cause of Mark. Thank you for the support
Is this about the copyright issue with the Russian dude or the scp writer with cancer?
I’m at work and can’t watch
This is about the continuing legal issues with the Russian dude.
Progress on that front has been slow. Such is the nature of legal stuff, especially stuff that needs coordinating across continents. Updates are posted here:
The video is Markiplier talking about his history with SCP games, explaining that there is a whole wiki, looking at some of the newer articles, explaining the basics of the legal situation, asking people to support the wiki, and then he shows the SCP Pixel Collab art project -
If I could do it justice I'd write a Markiplier SCP in his honor. Lol
as of right now (7:30pm Pacific) he has almost doubled the funds. It's sitting at $112,487.
It is really amazing what a single celebrity endorsement can do for a cause.
what happened?
Some russian is trying to take down the SCP-wiki with copyright of the logo I think and turn it into a website for selling his products
It sucks I cant donate :(
No worries. Just being part of the community, talking about it, spreading the word is enough.
He protects
He attacks
But most importantly....
He got SCPs back!
Two things:
1: what scp was the tree hugging scp 096 image along with a well
2: time to Secure Contain Protect the scp foundation!
Edit: if the words are large don’t tell me to make it smaller ( because I don’t know how it happens and how to fix it )
im worried for this community i love scp :(
Stop this fake copyright. (This comment has been approved and liked by the SCP Foundation)
This is honestly why I don't wanna start writing SCPs yet. I don't want my ideas to be owned by some russian dude because of a bs trademark. My stuff is for the community, not one person.
What he did is actually illegal