Recently got a PhD in history. Need to be brought down a peg or two. Roast me.

Your ability to attract women is ancient history
His ability to repel women is historic*
His jawline is history that's for fucking certain
Lol women
This looks like a film still where James Franco is playing a disabled person.
Isn't that all James Franco movies?
Unrivaled performance here, this one is #1
Looks like you brush your teeth with velveeta.
Cheeze Whiz is his tooth paste.
I’ve been laughing at this for 10 mins take my upvote!
I came here looking for comments about tooth brushing, and this comment was better than I could’ve ever imagined.
A PhD in history is the equivalent of pissing $100,000 down the toilet. Between your lack of pants, your corduroy chair, your teeth, your chins, and the world's tiniest fucking wall art, I'm at a loss as to why you even have any fucking pegs to begin with.
You had me at wall art.
You had me at pissing $100,000
At least he looks like someone with a PhD in history, drunk and unemployed.
You know.... It's just so refreshing seeing challenged people beating the odds and getting an education. My hats off to you.
Your neck and face give the vague impression of an uncircumcised penis.
To (partially) quote Darth Vader:
“I find your lack of pants disturbing.”
Dang, Your chins be looking like 10 sets of bread
Or brought down a chin or two
Face of a 9 year old, body of a 54 year old.
Drunk History doesn’t count.
Are you just wearing a shirt?
Straight shirt-cockin' it
What did you learn in history??? That it's never kind to people that look like you.
A PhD in history is about as valuable as a giant mural at the school for the blind
Your belief you need to be brought down a peg or two shows you have no idea where society had already placed your peg.
Now we can call you Dr. dumbass
You look like the burrito I had for lunch yesterday
After you digested it?
Your student loans, double chin, and peg sized pee pee should have already brought you down a peg or two.
Damn I thought getting a degree in history was losing a peg but hats off to you for a positive attitude and here’s to the giant pyramid scheme that is a degree in history
Thank you...for proving the veracity of a bad British teeth. Good God, Man! Are you wearing any trousers?
PhD in history. You should be holding a sign that says “will work for food!” Enjoy being the smartest drive thru clerk at McDonalds.
A PhD and your still sitting on a couch pantsless drinking beer. All those years well wasted
Ph.D. in history? Well, the world needs lots of bartenders.
How far back in history do I have to go to see your neck?
The smile give some real “i touch kids” vibes
Well, if you’ve done that, i guess you’ve gone through the entire list of ways to avoid reality.
I'm pretty sure the job search will destroy you harder than any of US could hope to.
History of the toothbrush, SKIPPED.
College debt got so bad you can’t afford pants
Your favorite part of history must be the Chins dynasty
You look like you read the phone book for fun
Put on some pants you freak
watching NASCAR, are you?
Looks like your physical health is history.
You got a PhD in History. You've already hit rock bottom.
You need another beer like your couch needs another semen stain.
Enjoy the hard earned 40k per year that’s going to bring!!
You look like the type of person who fills the bong with hot dog water
Dude looks like the kid from Ratatouille got high as shit!
Dudley Dursley on house arrest
Good luck with that.
Getting owned repeatedly on Reddit does not count as a PhD
Well you're not paying for the premium package so... It's only the lame stuff for you, so maybe suck another cock?
How much did you pay the sofa to smile like you?
The beer will wash those qualifications away
They say thoes who dont study history are doomed to repeat it, yet you did and still chose a useless major
looks like whoever took that pic is on his knees
Wait aren’t you the guy who made Sonichu?
So now they call you Dr. douchebag.
Now, ladies and gentlemen. If you look closely, you can see he dropped his dignity. Probably traded it for his degree in history.
The chin section looks like the top of the bottle.
You look like you shove twinkies in your ass
Holy fuck! It’s Bill Ponderosa
Objectively read The Creature from Heckle Island by G Edward Griffin.
Jekyll..spell check is phun
Historically you don’t get laid, no need to get an advanced degree in it
Don’t forget to remind each and every one to address you as a Dr.
You’re neck looks like it descended down into the fucking 4th dimension
How many pegging’s do you have under your belt ?? Bet over 100
The only thing more drunk than you in this picture was your barber when he gave you that haircut
You look like you have a Napoleon Complex
You look like a person to sexually abuse your son
Your knuckles look like feet
History of diabetes in your future.
you look like an entitled toddler that just shat themselves
Your face has the same expression as a child watching cartoons
Jesus, Christ...
Dr. WHOgivesafuck
Your PhD qualifies you to either work at home Depot or as a lecturer. You will literally never leave uni
History has not been kind to you.
You look as useless as your phd
Your face is the Chin Dynasty.
PhD in history? Don't worry down is the only direction your life is gonna go
You'll get knocked down well enough when you try to find a job with that doctorate
More chins than San Francisco touchdowns.
How many broken mirrors do you have in your house
The neck thing isn't funny not a single person laughed
Now you are qualified to get a job at the McDonald in front of the history museum
You wearing pants?
look like he s diagnosed with corona
You drink Budweiser mate, you’ve got no pegs to hold on to
why would I need to bring you down a peg or two when you already look like you're in the middle of a pegging?
He messed up his hair before this to look “wacky”.
stephen hawking if he wasn’t disabled
History, what the fuck are you going to do with history. Like holy shit are you going to be some 80 year old pedo working at a museum
Stephen Hawking had a kid!?
Your teeth are yellower than papyrus
I cant tell if I'm looking at a middle aged mom of 12 or a depressed lesbian.
You have more chins than friends
Somewhere at the third chin I stopped counting.
Ancient Egyptians are almost ancient as those teeth
You look like the star of a off beat BBC sitcoms called "Life's a Gooch"
Phd in history? I am sorry but you can apply for Uber or any fastfood chain..
You mean because of alcoholism your PhD is history.
i dodnt know steven hawking was into history
Do you druel on your chest?
In the future they will model vacuums after your nostril. Those suckers are almost as big as your eyes.
The beer is so he can get drunk enough to fuck himself.
Was the PhD on your family's history of alcoholism?
Have you ever tried toothbrush?
He posted this while waiting for a new person to join his chat on omegle Ready to show his penis
If there’s one thing for certain, your family history ends with you
I didn't know that Sloth from the Goonies Movie had a kid
You need to lose a chin or two
every woman in a 15 mile radius gets a restraining order against you
Sometimes when you meet someone and in that very first instant you realize that you'd rather spend your whole life without them. That's how I feel about you, dude.
No need to bring you down a peg or two, the reception your degree will get you in the job market will do that for us.
It's pre-history as in pre-ejaculation remember?
When even academics want you to fuck off
How sore are your knees?
Your Facial expression and lack of pants suggest you’ve already been brought down on a peg or two before this photo was taken.
Doctorate in history
No qualifications for living in the present
He's smiling thinking back to all the ass-pounding he had to take to get a piece of paper and that was just from the female lecturers
EDIT: fyi it's called pegging
History Majors have “pegs”? Seriously? Who knew?!
Good luck with your McDonalds career
You’re future is as bright as your teeth.
Elon musk's circumcised drunk half brother
You have more chins than a Hong Kong phone book
Literally no pants on. You're enjoying that sexual abuse way too much.
Somehow looks more stoned than Jim Breuer.
he has more chins that he's had dates
You just wasted eight years on a degree in history, I’m not sure I could bring you down any lower.
I’ll take your pirate lookin ass down a peg by taking your pegleg
A PHD in history, you’re not even a dentist.
damn I didn't realize that a 12 year old could get a phd and drink a beer. Making history!
lol im jk
I see you have no pants. No need to jerk yourself off because of the PhD, it’s essentially useless anyway
Congrats on the PhD- now get me my latte.
Hope you like teaching High School history!
Like your chins, your debt is ever increasing
That couch has to stink to high hell with your sweaty swamp ass soaking into the Ikea cushions. Everyone knows you can’t get ass stench out of a couch but history repeats itself once again .
*Put some pants on for the sake of the next person to sit there.
You sitting in that chair drinking beer is all you're qualified to do, so you're on the right track.
Obviously didn’t study history enough to know that nobody cares about people with PhD’s in history
A PhD in history is as useful as a Master in art or literature. Neither will land you a real career.
are you even wearing pants?
There are pegs lower than a PhD in history?
PhD? More like waste of a teacher's time
The only test you ever passed is your std test
“So what’s your body count” “12 kids”
Im sure your grey teeth will make you a shoe in for that coveted tentured community college position
You're the most qualified person to not have a job.
i see your future. *shows picture of this guy to person*
Wow! You almost look alive
Typically gay people start at small pegs and work their way up!
The swill you are drinking will do that in the morning.
Well he definitely didn't get a PHD in toothbrushing
He’s becoming one with the sofa
Bro if its the history of autisem u don't need a PhD when u have your family tree
And with PhD you mean Pornhub Dedication?
You look like your dumb enough to not know that was a waste of money
Just because you research history, doesn't mean you have to use President Washington era dentistry.
Damn I can smell your breath from here
2nd time in a row watching Half Baked
Well honestly who gives a fuck about history there’s no reason to even be brought down a peg you stupid fuck.
You look like you just saw boobs for the first time
He's practicing for the day that finally happens
The only thing that’s going down in history here, is that stupid face
Shoulda got a PhD in Dentistry there yuck mouth.
Harland Williams from the movie Half Baked
History will show that while you were on this Earth of ours.
You never got laid.....
According to the history books I'm a virgin.
Have another beer, I’m sure one day you’ll get to a triple chin.
A PhD in history is a lot of time and money to be spending just to let people know how useless you are. I mean they could just look at you. To figure that out
You look like the guys who hit on me by saying “I’m a Doctor!” , and then look super let down when I tell you a PHD isn’t a real doctor.