[USA] Mustang cutting the queue by driving down center turn lanes hits cammer head-on

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That is a godawful colour roof/body combo for the Mustang. Hopefully it got totaled.
That thing probably wasn't worth much
Airbsgs deployed so probably
It was totalled before the accident, frankly. The chances she had insurance are slim and none and slim's out of town right now.
I have questions. First, why was the cammer turning into the left turn lane and not the traffic lane?
Second, does the mustang have her turn signal on? Kinda looked like it, but I'm on my phone and honestly can't see well.
I am genuinely wondering if the mustang was trying to turn left at the intersection, knew she didn't have a stop sign and there was no oncoming, so she just went for it? Granted she was going way too fast and may have gotten in the lane early.
But seriously, why was the cammer turning into the left turn lane at all? Cutting a corner that bad is completely unnecessary.
You may be right. At around 18 seconds it appears that her turn signal was on.
This is one of those weird intersections. Notice how all the cars slow down. The intersection up ahead has a red light. Watch the grey Kia slow down as it leaves the frame. The other cars stopped to keep the area clear.
As an example, there is an area like this in the next town from me. Just like in the video, there are no road markings in the area you are supposed to keep clear. This is so right turning traffic from the intersection can make a left turn into where the cammer was leaving. IMO, it's poorly designed. Making a right would have been better
I'm unsure about that area in this video, but given how similar it looks, I would assume the mustang would be faulted is this happened here. Given how she was hauling ass up the center lane skipping the queue. However, I could see shared fault. 50/50
I'd say both are are fault here. The cammer is way over the intersection lanes. It's likely the mustang was going too fast to stop anyway, but that doesn't exclude the cammers fault at cutting the corner so badly.
You're allowed to turn into the center lane before you merge with traffic. Presumably cammer couldn't see the traffic coming from the right, so the safe way to proceed would be into the middle lane then merge over. But it is questionable that he went so blindly into that
This is correct. Looks like the cammer had a stop sign then proceeded to try to turn into the wrong lane even though oncoming traffic has right of way. I think the Mustang may have been trying to turn left then bailed out when he got in her way.
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That turn was ridiculously sharp though if were being honest.
He definitely cut that corner
Next time just make a right instead of making a left out of that clusterfuck.
Agreed. That's what I would do. Way less stressful.
I mean it would have been fine if the mustang wasn’t making an illegal move?
This is the correct way.
That intersection needs a curb in the middle to prevent this, with a u-turn made available further down. The impatience and attention span of today’s drivers, combined with larger vehicles and blind spots, makes unprotected 4-ways like this not worth the trouble.
I never leave a gap for people turning left if there’s a turning lane. Someone is always more important than everybody else and I don’t want my car to become a casualty
And why did the vehicles coming from the left decide to stop? I don’t see a traffic signal or a stop sign, were they just trying to be “nice” and let the cammer out? You can’t just randomly stop when there is no need to stop and not expect to cause an accident. The cammer should know better than to follow the lead of someone that is randomly making up their own rules of the road and I hope they ended up sharing some of the liability.
This is California.
The Mustang is allowed to travel 200 feet in the center left turn lane in preparation of a left turn. If the Mustang was going to turn left into a driveway right after this intersection they would be allowed to drive in this lane. I cannot tell if they have a left turn indicator on. Regardless of that they were going way too fast for the conditions.
As for the cammer being allowed to turn into that lane, in California you are allowed to turn into the center left turn lane from a side street. But only when it is safe to do so, and clearly it was not safe to do so.
Cammers fault. Seriously.
Are you allowed to drive through an intersection in the center lane? I was always under the impression that you should only enter if there's no other intersection before yours to avoid hitting somebody else doing the same thing as you.
A good rule of thumb is "if somebody was doing the same thing as me, would we hit each other?" If the answer is yes, you're probably not supposed to do it.
Are you allowed to travel through an intersection in the center lane though?
The only real reason I see for it NOT being safe was the fact that Mustang driver was going way too fast for anyone to have been able to see her. If she was going the appropriate speed for the turn, they both could have braked in time. Both lanes saw cammer and stopped to allow him to turn, signaling cammer that it is safe. Mustang Lady going 35-40ish was way too fast for cammer to see in time, making her actions the only unsafe ones. IMO.
Hmm... which way will sub go when it's a suicide gapper vs. a Mustang driver.
Is it a suicide gap when the lanes all stopped (presuming that they can see traffic on the right)
edit: since you removed the post saying that someone was in the left turn lane that was open:
That isn't a travel lane, so no one should be in it traveling through the intersection.
Both? Probably?
Cammer cut across a lane that had right of way and they couldn't see. Had there been a car turning left they still would have cut them off and possibly collided and cammer would have been at fault. Not sure what the road rules are for the cammer but where I live two-way turn lanes like that are not merge/acceleration lanes, they are intended to be used only to make left turns (though people do often use them as merge lanes). So if the same is true he cut the corner short as well.
Also, if you go back to the start of the video the cammer also forces a suicide gap by inching out in front of oncoming traffic until one stops. Doubt the person intended to let the cammer go, more likely they stopped wondering what the fuck that idiot was doing driving into oncoming traffic.
The mustang was using the center turn lane to go straight at an unsafe speed, though I suspect there is probably another left turn up ahead and thought "what's the harm in skipping one intersection when I intend to turn left in another 30 yards?" If she was going slower she could easily claim she was turning left and cammer would have 100% been at fault and she may still be able to get away with it because she hadn't actually crossed the intersection yet to she technically hadn't yet broken the rule.
Hard to say, I'm kind of sitting 50/50 and leaning towards cammer being majority at fault.
Who the f is she calling? First instinct is to call someone, not even ask how the other driver is?
She's wearing a Wingstop shirt. My guess is she works there and is texting her boss to let them know she's going to be late.
She's probably already late to work which is why she's speeding past cars in the center left turn lane.
You never know. I had one woman who did something incredibly stupid and hit me, and when we pulled over she was already on her phone with her insurance company telling them straight up that she just caused an accident and it was 100% her own fault. Was hard to be too mad at her over it, her insurance company gave me zero trouble and fixed my car.
Uh... the police?
Mate, in an unexpected stressful situation like that, you can't fault someone to have a clear head and ask the cammer if they're OK.
Her dealer, she's gonna need some Xanax, stat
She had to text 3 of her friends
“OmG JuSt GoT iNtO a WrEcKkKk!! UgHhHgHhh”
That isn't her first rodeo.
She was flustered. Her first instinct was to get out of the car. Her second instinct was to grab her phone.
Cammer was way too fucking far over on the left, and wtf was her reaction? Literally instantly got out of the car. Didn't even take half a SECOND to see if she was hurt.
And she pushed the airbag out of her way like it was some annoyance. She was out crazy fast.
Worst left turn I've ever seen.
my fucking ears
Left turn lane is not made for traveling, turn soon or stay in queue. She failed there by using left turn lane as passing lane to skip lines. May also have been on the phone.
Cammer also sucks, turned left without being able to see all lanes are clear and safe.
And didn't it look like the cammer was driving into the turning lane?
She hopped out so quick
Next time warn my poor poor ears Jesus
It's a unified turn lane used by both lanes of traffic (see the solid yellow with a spaced dash on BOTH sides of the lane). That means the turn arrows will alternate both sides but the entire lane is meant for turning traffic from either direction. Cammer was turning into it and then could safely merge with traffic vs just barreling into traffic. It's honestly a safer process than the cut multiple lanes and just accelerate.
She's going way too fast, and it looks like she was NOT making the left hand turn out of the left turn lane she was in. Why the hell did she get out of the car like that? So weird.
I almost want to say this isn't the first accident she's caused.
There are plenty of left turn lanes that continue for more then one left. I don’t agree with going in before your own left but sometimes if you don’t you don’t get to make your left. Didn’t look like her lane ended.
It did. She was in a dedicated left turn lane. The lane in front of her was also a dedicated left in the opposite direction (turning into the street from which cammer was issuing forth). You can see the arrow pointing toward cammer at the beginning of the video. She had no business crossing the intersection in that lane, which was clearly her aim.
The mustang is clearly in the wrong. But the cammer made a really careless turn that compounded the situation.
Her turn signal may have been on because she was going to be turning at the light, the next intersection down. She basically decided to skip the line and race to the intersection. I will bet the turn light was green and she was trying to beat it.
Oh no, you hit a Karen
In the very beginning of the video to the right, there's an arrow in the center lane pointing left for traffic coming from that direction to turn into the driveway cammer is coming from. The Mustang pulled a very illegal maneuver-she was suppose to turn left onto the neighborhood street.
Yeah, I read the title and watched it too.
Look at the yellow markings. That center lane is a center turn lane for both directions (The direction arrow for the left is way further down the road). Cammer was turning into it to then safely merge with traffic, which for Cali is a pretty safe maneuver compared to crossing 3 lanes and merging into the 4th. The mustang's position in that lane indicates she was not going to take a left at that intersection but go straight through. I'd put most of the blame on the mustang.
Typical mustang
Mustang clearly hit another vehicle and not a crowd, get it right /s
Know what you mean 😉
She was on her phone too.
(Unless you wanna tell me she somehow drives with her handbag/purse right in front of the pedals.)
Not to defend the actions of a poor driver who was clearly more concerned with her own day than the safety of others, but realistically your phone would never remain in the same spot where you left it in the event of a collision due to inertia (unless of course you have it on a very solid phone mount). If you keep your phone in the cupholder, you can pretty much assume that 50/50 it's going under your pedals or to the front of the passengers legroom once you make contact.
Idiot drivers. The lady’s attitude makes it seem that she is blaming it on the person she hit. Wow.
Can’t tell if she’s about to blame cammer from her body language. Also can’t tell if hot or not.
People wanna be mad at her for not using the turn lane but even if she did it could have been a collision!
Driver was making it through a suicide gap with zero visibility of that lane and they’re at fault here
Have you ever nearly taken a wrong turn and just sped up to safely change lanes? That’s perfectly legal
Still gonna shit all over the mustang driver cause it was preventable if they had considered why all the other traffic was stopped
Bullshit. If she were turning left, cammer might have hit her broadside... IF she were traveling as fast as she was without slowing down, AND cammer was gunning it and not looking. The situation is totally different.
I'm with you buddy.
Yes, she was going straight which is a dick move.
But at the end of the day, the cammer turned into traffic without checking if it was clear.
probably had something to do with all the cars in front of them being stopped(the cars are stopped on both sides of the driveway cammer is exiting) the cammer did not begin to enter until it was safe to do so.. then someone trying to make a left at the NEXT intersection illegally went through this one and hit him.
She however could win it if she lies and says she was making a left there.
...well, I could assume she will say she was going for the left n cammer was clearly not paying attention...thanks for dashcams!
50/50 fault here.
Holy shit
Cammer's fault
That is not a left turn lane.. it is a center lane it is for either direction of cars to enter and turn left, I think insurance will decide 50/50 but this is a tough one for sure.
Is there no traffic signal at this intersection?
This crash seemed inevitable but the cammer also turned into the oncoming lane.
The smoke at first looked like a clam bake but was probably the airbags deploying and dust from that.
Is it just me or did that car come out of nowhere?
The dash cam saves the day for the cammer. Otherwise, the shitty driver could have said, "I was slowing to make the left at the intersection." nice try lady.
Whatever you do don't get out and check to see if the cammer is ok
You know someone is an ass when the first thing they do in an accident, regardless of whether it was a severe accident or not, pulls out their phone instead of taking the time to make sure whoever was involved didnt get injured.
oh my!!! So happy for you that you had a camera because I'm sure she was gonna try to put it on you, but you have allllllll the proof. She was clearly using that turning lane as a thru lane
I like how she reaches down to the drivers side floor to pick up the phone that she was probably looking at at the moment of impact...
A stupid woman appears
She could have been turning left. This dude cut the turn.
why do i get the impression she was texting daddy or a boyfriend....
Cammer violated right of way, it is not the girl’s fault AT ALL. The two cars in the main road decided to be courteous and yield to him, but it was foolish of the cammer to just go without expecting a left turner, he crossed toward a blind (suicide spot). Cammer should have been more cautious and should have merely ignored the two cars’ courtesy.
Everyone he is mentioning how loud it is.. I never have my sound on. Ha
Cool story
According to who? Video doesn't show that.
Cammer is legally at fault. Period. Mustang had ROW.
*you can downvote me as much as you want, It wont change the facts because you don't like them. There's no objective evidence here the mustang was in the turn lane for any extended period of time (looked like she turned in from two car back) or is not planning on turning there or shortly after. The cammer has the absolute responsibility to turn when it is safe and clear for them to do so, not having a full view of the turn lane is NOT an excuse to blindly turn into it. Cammer has no ROW whatsoever to the turn lane over the mustang.
I've got your back buddy.
It's obvious that she was not turning. BUT even with cam evidence, she could easily say she was just going to whip it left and that she had no reason to assume someone would make a turn in front of her without checking if it's safe.
If anything, this video is a lesson that even if you get hit by someone being a dick, you can still be found at fault.
Why's this downvoted so hard? Assume the Mustang was turning left the crash would've still occur.
Mustang did have ROW, they were supposed to turn left and I feel like there still could have easily been a collision at that suicide gap because visibility of the turn lane was entirely obscured
Even though it’s upsetting they blew right through to maintain straight it’s technically legal
think of if you were about to make wrong turn and instead had to merge back into traffic, you would speed up to match pace and signal to do so safely- maybe she was a queue jumper but hard to say
It’s always a good idea to stop when other cars are stopped until you understand why, could always be a pedestrian
She picks phone up off floorboard, bet it was in her hand/lap during collision.....
That stupid ass...
When here unfinished text is more important than the fact that she just got in a car accident.
female driver
What about that white pickup in the background?? Total douchefest of an intersection
What about him? From the distance back and angle he's at, I'm pretty sure he's making the left turn that the lane was designed for. He's just doing it a little early, because there's an accident literally in the intersection. You can see the normal turn point, end of the turn lane, right in front of cammer.
What’s with all the smoke coming out of her car? Surely that wasn’t something from the accident?
Vape lord?
Surely it was. Airbags make smoke when they deploy.
not sure if it was due to the shock of being in a collision, but she appears to be staggering upon exiting the Mustang.
Her airbags just exploded in her face. Hence, the smoke.