Why are there so many confederate supporters out here? Nevada fought for the Union in support of Lincoln.

I just dont understand where the Confederate agenda is coming from. Seems like a common path amongst people out here.

Losers without borders
Just racists. Ignore them.
I always find this bizarre considering there are very few black people in Northern Nevada. They probably don’t even actually know any.
What makes them racists? most dudes I knew when I lived in the south had confederate flags weren’t racist at all
I think a lot of people display the confederate flag as something they see as a symbol of masculinity and independence, without actually understanding the history behind it. Then there's also very open racists who fly it as a symbol of white pride. And then there's a whole spectrum of people between the two. Sure, the vast majority of them are racists, but not all of them realize that they are racist or consider themselves racist. They're living in a different world. With any good fortune, they'll all die out in the next few decades.
Also fucking stupid because we achieved statehood at the end of the Civil War
Weirdest to me was seeing a guy at work with a shirt with a CSA flag that said “Virginia City, Nevada” on it
Ignorance and stupidity ... even more disturbing and odd is when these “in lightened people” fly the Gadsden flag along side it. What a contradiction, I shake my head.
“It’s often forgotten that Lee himself, after the Civil War, opposed monuments, specifically Confederate war monuments,” said Jonathan Horn, the author of the Lee biography, “The Man Who Would Not Be Washington.” “Lee believed countries that erased visible signs of civil war recovered from conflicts quicker,” Horn said. “He was worried that by keeping these symbols alive, it would keep the divisions alive.”
Because Bo and Luke Duke and the General Lee. duh.
You've seen the Dukes of Havasu van too, then? Fuck, I always kind of hoped I was hallucinating it.
Because there are assholes and racists everywhere and they are being emboldened by the current administration.
You sir, are a fucking idiot...
I have never seen a confederate flag here in all the years I’ve lived here
I've seen many, mostly in the north valleys. I saw lots when I lived in Cold Springs. Just depends on what area you're in I guess
I've seen a few in Carson City and there was one in my neighborhood in Sparks.
I see Confederate flag bumper stickers all the time in Reno. Maybe I'm just overly aware of it because I've never lived anywhere that I'd see them with any sort of regularity before.
I’ve seen at least 10
There’s a blue corvette that I see drive down wells ave regularly. He flies the confederate flag and the Nevada flag together. Pretty ironic if you ask me
Then you're not very observant. Sorry to be rude about it but if you've "never" seen the confederate flag in Reno that leads me to assume you're white and don't have to worry about racists anyways.
I'm not saying Reno has tons of these flags but they're not hard to find.
When I was a kid I came to Lawler events to see John Kerry speak (2000)... while we were waiting in line outside a pickup truck full of (probably inebriated) white males flying confederate flags and yelling “fuck the democrats!” drove by a few times... Soooo. Yea
Ignore the valleys
I'm not sure what you mean because that's not something I see often at all.
They’re everywhere, not just in Nevada. Try talking to them and they’ll give you a whole canned revisionist rhetoric about “states’ rights”and such but most have no idea of the actual history. I think around here it’s more of “hey look at me! I’m edgy, want to offend people, and don’t give a fuck” more than being stone cold racists, but who knows?
When I see them, I always think to myself, "I wonder how small your penis has to be to feel the need to fly that flag."
Where is your source on "so many"? How many are there?
I think it's subjectuve. I also think more than one a week would be "many" in my mind. Imagine it as a swastika. Even one a month is too many.
It doesn't really matter - we have zero connection to the South or the Confederacy here, so the presence of even one Confederate flag is puzzling.
1 is too many.
Worst case scenario: racist Best case scenario: misguided states rights advocate
Racists and white suburbanites who like to make a big show of being country or rednecks. Night in the Country and Rodeo are full of them.
Nevada didn’t “fight” for the Union, Lincoln needed two more votes to abolish slavery so they made Nevada a state to get the votes. Also, what the fuck are you talking about? “So many?” Lol.
Nevada sent 1,200 men to fight for the union
The history is Anti-American. Period. Full stop. It's like giving a pass to swastikas because they're just ignorantly proud of their white heritage. If people don't care to understand the meaning of symbols they're willfully ignorant, they should be educated not given a pass as if education isn't possible.
Surprised I haven’t seen the actual answer. The confederate flag is used to show southern ancestry. Not everyone is racist.