GMAN Season 12 week 5

Divisional coaches

I understand that Gengar has already been in touch as he is on holiday, but we are looking to play our game tomorrow morning/early afternoon. Gman div 3b: bone fighter boo v iron madden
You stopped responding on Discord. As mentioned, I can play any of the remaining days. 16-20 UTC is my optimal scheduling window, but can go outside it a bit if needed.
Might be able to play today, is currently unknown. Otherwise tomorrow is ok.
Me and
we are up, i have been very occupied at the moment, but i can play tonight thill 22 UTC.
Tuesday or Wednesday at 15ish UTC - 20 UTC, i might have plans one of the days but will defiently be able to play the other one. Let me know what works for you.
Hey, i've been out these days so i just read your comment. I can play today 20:00 UTC as you say. Asnwer me if you read this on time!
We rescheduled the game for Weds at 21.00 UTC. Sorry for any inconvinience :D
hello. Sorry for the late message. Look like I am your opponent. Can you play monday or wednesday ? I am available evening and afternoon if scheduled.
Monday 17:00 UTC ?
We Will play today at 18 pm utc. We schleduded with discord.
Okay, can we try to play monday evening or morning then? If that will be possible
Hello Sir There are two options for me
1: We start our game Wednesday 6 pm UTC.
2: We start our game on sunday 6:30 pm UTC
Id say we play our game on wednesday.
edit: option 2 is a no go, something came up.
Hey buddy I can tomorrow at 4pm utc
We have a match this week, When can you play ? I am free every evenings next week (monday to wednesday) from 19h UTC ?
Would any of those days fit ?
I could do Monday 19:00utc also see you then.
Hey mate.
We are to play our match this week. Are you able to play on Tuesday 18:00 UTC?
Let me know
SEe youu
Edit: my schedule is getting really tight. I could possibly play tonight around 20utc but I need to know about your possibilities. Or tomorrow around 9 utc am. Then Tuesday is good, as written above and Wednesday seems to very bad for me.
How about Wednesday? I can do Monday too
Hi sry for late reply! I could tuesday night. Is 20 utc ok for you?
I'm completely free all weekend (apart from recording the podcast at 19:30 UTC for a couple of hours on Saturday). Monday I've already got a game scheduled, but I could make Tuesday or Wednesday either daytime or evenings both days.
Hi! I can play Monday - Wednesday after 6 pm UTC
i could do sunday. i have a game at 7pm utc, so could do you after say 9pm utc?
Hey buddy I replied yesterday but it’s gone weird
How about 4pm utc today
Hey yo
time for a deadly match :p
I can play basically all weekend and any weekday after 5pm UTC.
Hey! Sunday is not good for me. I am free today after 3pm utc. Today is not good for you?
Sunday evening from 18:00-20:00 UTC kickoff.
Monday evening from 17:30-20:00 UTC kickoff.
If we find a time on this days, would be perfect.
Else i need to rearrange some things.
Hi. Sunday 18 UTC would be great. See you on the pitch.
Myself and
Hey there
I can play:
Let me know what works for you! And hopefully, see you on the pitch!!
Hi mate, Sunday 8 UTC?
Hi, Mon-Thursday 16-19.00 should all be doable
Let's do it Monday 18:00 UTC.
Myself and
Make that 2000 UTC
Need to confirm that in discord we arranged 2100 UTC+1 or 2000 UTC?
Yeah, so it looks like I'll be out of town for work this coming week, so we have to play this before monday. If that's not possbile I might be able to play on wednesday, but that depends on how well work is going and only on short notice.
Myself and
Playing on the 17th now at 18.00 ut+1 babysitting duties have happened. He isn't even a baby. He is 2 and gave me a slap when I had one of his chips. And then he had the audacity to leave all his chips when he went to nap!!!
Hey, what about tomorrow (Friday) at 1200 utc?
I'm free for our match Friday evening, Saturday evening and all day Sunday. Any of those work for you?
Friday evening is free, 18:00-20:00utc is my ideal start time, can maybe do a little later if necessary.
Hope all is well - i am very busy with work right now so can only play evenings, you are an hour ahead so i am hoping that 2000 UTC+1 for me will be ok for you. That should work today and over the weekend. Will also touch base with you on discord.
Hi 😃, we can play the next Monday at 20:00 utc +1 (this is my 21:00 utc +2)
Hey :) Can do all nights this week apart from Friday. When's good for you?
Hi there, I'm BST and can do most evening from 2030/2100 but can't do Friday or Saturday this week.
Looking forward to getting chorfed!
Are we up this week? Any time suggestions? Sunday evening has been my usual game time but any evening can usually be arranged.
Sunday sounds like a fine day to me to play, I'm UTC +2 mabye a afternoon game? How about 16.00 my time 😁👍
I can do any Friday/Mon/Tues/Wed after 7pm UK and pretty much all day on weekends.
What is best for you?
Hello, Friday 8pm night should be OK this week if it suits?
Thursday, Friday any time
Saturday, Sunday 16.30 UTC-
Monday, Tuesday any time
Wednesday 06.00 UTC- 14.30 UTC
Heya fwent=) Sunday would be nice, sometime around noon?
We've agreed with
This week I can manage Thu-Sat-Sun evenings, early next week am still a bit open and should be quite flexible
I can play tonight at 20:00 BST or I can play anytime on Saturday.
Hi mate. What about this Saturday 16:00 UTC?
Hi mate, 17:00 UTC sounds good.
I can face your rats at the following times. If none works let me know and I'll see what I can manage.
Thursday: kickoff between 17-19 UTC Monday: kickoff between 17-20 UTC
Confirmed at monday 1800 utc :)
I can play Thurs, Saturday, Tuesday or Wednesday
Starting between 1900-2030 utc.
Hey mate! Lets go for 1900 UTC tonight then?
My schedule's entirely open through Sunday, so what time would work best for us to play our match?
Hi, is there a possibility to play next Monday or Wednesday at 22h CEST?
Confirmed. UTC -6 it is
Hello. We are paired this week. I can play friday, monday, tuesday and wednesday from 14 utc to 19 utc, but we have to finish by 19. Let me know if it works for you. Another option is to start super early, like 4.45utc.
OK. How about Monday, September 16th, at 17:00 UTC? That way we are certain to be done by 19:00. It's a bit tough for me to do anything before 17:00 UTC since I work until 16:00 UTC.
Hi, earliest i could play is tomorrow (Friday) at 1800-2000 UTC
Actually, just got my head around the rollover timings.
I can play:
12th 18:00-22:00 UTC / 14th 11:00 - 22:00 UTC / 15th 9:00-11 or 20:00-23:00 UTC / 16th &18th 18:00-22:00 UTC.
Hi mate. Not sure if I will be at home at that time today. Would be possible for you to play on Sunday or Tuesday about 1800 utc? Could be later too
Hey how about today at 1800 UTC?
In 4B,
Right, I'll be free after 18:00UTC myself any weekday next week and also sometime over the weekend. Let me know when suits you best and I shoudl be good :)
We play on 19:45 today.
Nailed on
Hi mate, yeah Thursday at 7:30 UTC+1 would be great?
Hi, sorry for not replying sooner to this glorious post. Will Tuesday at 18.00 be ok? Thanks for the schedule!
Looks like it's our turn to have a go
Whilst the weekend will be rather busy but I can play allmost anytime during the weekdays, so I'm quite flexible. I'm allso at GTM +2!
When are you ready for my jumping lunatics? : )
Me and Blissfulfire talked it over and playing on monday 11am ( gtm+2)!
Hai, I can play from 17:00-1:00 UTC any day. Can you play Friday at 17:00 UTC?
we're up this week! I'm UTC+3 and pretty flexible, just have to plan around some fixed appointments.
let me know about your availability!
See you soon!
Game agreed for Monday 19.45 UTC. Thanks Pinosaurus
u/styrkar my availability this week is... Thursday 17:30 UTC Friday from 17:30 UTC Saturday 7:30 to 12:30 UTC or 15:30 to 16:30 Sunday after 17:30 UTC Monday 18:30 to 19:00 UTC Tuesday I can't do.
The windows are for start times allowing 2hrs for the game (e.g. I could start at 12:30 UTC on Saturday on the basis I'd be done by 14:30)
Let me know if any of that works for you!
Hi, Friday 17:30 UTC would be good for me.
Myself and
Me and Disco Dave set to play on Saturday 18:30 UTC
what bloodthirsty killers you have in your team! My elfy players are only used to nice play full of long passes and gracefull dodges. They don’t want to play the match so I have to get them on the pitch under the pretext of training. :-) I’m free to play on Thursday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I would like to play at about 20:00+ UTC+2 (Berlin/Prague time zone) if it is possible. When do you have time to play a nice game lack of unnecessary violence? ;-)
Hey man.
Well wednesday is a no go. Pen and paper evening. Thursday is hard recap + have another match after.
Though Sunday evening sounds like a good. I am utc +2 to. So we are same timezone. So just put a time in there. I will be ready for a nice game hopefully full of violence. My lovely little chorf has been very light on violence so far. I am hoping they are gearing up for something bad :D
Any chance to play during the weekend? I have almost full time available.
Hey there, I can do Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after 1600 UTC. Just let me know which works best for you. Also, would you mind if I stream our game?
Oh, hey again. Saturday 15:00 UTC would be ideal time for me.
Well we have an Orc off
Hello Trevor!
Best days for me to play as late as 19 utc would be Friday, Sunday or Monday.
Shall we say 19:00 UTC on Friday (tomorrow)?
Does anyone know how to add my reddit handle to my account?
I can do after 1900 UTC on Thursday and Tuesday, with pretty good availability at the weekend on both days if you wanted to do it then.
Let me know when you're available.
Thursday 1900 UTC is good for me 😊
Not sure if Friday or Monday work right now. One of those days will be needed for doing laborations at Uni. So can give more info when I know when I got my laboration. Probably tomorrow or Super early Friday.
The coach for the Tampa Bay Suckeneers (5e) isn't showing a reddit handle. Does anyone know how I could get a hold of him?
Oops, typo, I meant 5g
Sat 14th 1000-1500, 2000-2100
Sun 15th 1000-1800
Mon 16th 1700-1800
Tue 17th 1700-1800
Wed 18th Not free
..times UTC. I'll pm you too :o)
Hey buddy, lets do monday 18:00 UTC
Hey! 2 zon teams for fresh vamps in 5 rounds. Had to take all block on my vamps as first skill just for you ;-D Lets do Monday at 6:30pm UTC.
Cross post with discord
Hi. Got home last night after a weekend away and this morning mrs bas told me her shifts have changed.
A couple of options. A) move the game to tomorow from 8:00 (utc plus one) B) delay tonight until baby bas is in bed (normally 8:30 to 9) C) play as agreed but I might need to pause with very little warning if the child needs attention and/or about to do something stupid.
On the weekend I can kick off between 09:00 and 20:00 UTC.
On working days between 18:00 and 20:00 UTC. Except this Friday.
When's good for you?
Hi there
How's Monday 2000 UTC/2100 BST?
We're up against each other this week! When would be a good time for you? I'm in UTC+2. I will be away this weekend, so I hope that we can find a time. I can play Thursday, Monday and Wednesday evening, as well as Sunday evening, though I can't say for sure at what time I'll be back home.
Hey. Those evenings are fine for me as well. How about Thursday at 6PM UTC?
So far I'm able to play Monday/Tuesday after 18:00 UTC.
Can confirm :)
Hi mate! Sorry, my schedule is a bit packed this week. I can comfortably play only on Sunday between 07:00 - 18:00 UTC and on Tuesday and Wednesday at around 17:00 - 18:00 UTC.
Let me know if these don't work out. Maybe I can squeeze out a couple of hours some other day that would be better for you.
Friday: 12-13.30 UTC
Saturday/Sunday: 7-14 UTC
Monday: 12.30-21 UTC
Tuesday: 7-19 UTC
Wednesday: 12.30-15 UTC
I hope, something fits for you. Greetings Largo
Hey mate,
Monday 15:00 UTC sounds good for me, can start at any time that afternoon actually, from 15:00 to 18:00.
That degenerate chorf coach and I are playing Friday the 13th at 1800 UTC
We will be there or more like all over the place.
Best for me is 2000 UTC or later. I can do Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday at this time. I could also do early Sunday morning. (kickoff 0700 to 0800 utc)
Any good?
Friday 20.00 utc works for me :)
Hey. How about 18:00 UTC on Monday?
Me and