He also burned some churches wich is positive

Music was better when people were murdering their bandmates
And arson… lots of arson
hey now, John lennon wasn't definitely responsible for Stuart Sutcliffe's death
Dude how else are you supposed to be metal? 🤣
Besides some of the most celebrated rappers are murderers
So the church burning murderer is the guy you go with to contrast with rap? I mean Drake is a creepy Fuck boi, but damn.
If Drake is a pedo for hanging out with 2 teenage girls I guess all teachers should be compared to Albert Fish
Yeah he’s a murderer-arsonist-nazi. Not a great role model.
Dead was the better vocalist.
Yeah I hate Varg as much as anyone who isn't a Nazi piece of trash should, but I'm not gonna pretend that Filosofem isn't an absolute landmark black metal album - like, even Gucci Mane and Kanye agree
Don’t forget that he was a member of a neo nazi cult too
I've heard Varg's political views as indescribable, as he's basically anything BUT a centrist. My only question is: is everyone's favorite(?) Norwegian Anarcho-Nazbol still in that neo-nazi cult?
he is a neo nazi today
not gonna support this piece of shit but holy fuck euronymous was just as bad.
They both burned down churches
op is the definition of an angsty edgy teen
didnt he killed someone ?
Not to defend him but the one he killed was just as bad
Yeah nothing wrong with this guy at all. Definitely didn’t spend 20 years in prison for murder get rightfully shit all over for being a literal nazi and make music that sounded like a dying fart in a tin can
I've never heard his music so maybe is horrible, but isn't it ironic that despite this sub mocking people hating a genre of music, you're fast to criticize other genres? I mean, unless he is a bad metal musician, as in for metal standards, then nevermind.
I was thinking that killing euronymous was found to be self defense and he served time for burning down a church.
sir he killed someone
In fairness a lot of rappers have killed people
Drake more like rape (my ear)
Drake is a creepy prick with shitty oversaturated music, sure, but isn’t that guy a literal nazi
Yep, he made a lot of youtube videos of himself sitting in his truck ranting racist and anti-Semitic conspiracies for several years before YouTube finally took his channel down
Music was better when convicted murderers started fascist propaganda youtube channels
I think this is peak reddit moment, an edgy atheist going against the popular norm to look cool
jesus dude I downvoted your post cuz it was so bad
downvote the original asshole
Man, people are literally only talking about who he is personally. Clearly this was only made based on his music. I think the meme is stupid and they're shitting on Drake for no reason, but the music is the only relevant thing here.
His music is also terrible so it evens out
Drake is a nonce but saying that Varg is better than him because he burned some churches is insane to me.
And here I was thinking that was your title.
Oh god why was I still in
anything after filosofem is terrible, like seriously terrible, but before prison he made atmospheric metal masterpieces, sad he is such a shitty person because he had some really talent. listen to daudi baldrs, varg literally made legend of zelda music in the worst possible.
side note: this picture was taken during the time he was convicted of murder in court.
Can't fuck with drake like I used to. Hes a pedo in the making at this point. Don't know who the other guy is but judging by the comments neither of them should be a meme template.