[Discussion] Heya friendos! We all love a good snack, what’s yours? Come on in and find out about what the RAOA family like to snack on too!

Snacks are glorious. As I’m sure we can all agree! One of my favourite snacks is a delicious Kinder Bueno chocolate bar! Soooo good! I’ve noticed we have a big happy hippo fan base here haha, so let me know what do you love eating?

My favorite snack is popcorn 😍
Squid tentacle jerky
Bacon jerky
Chips! I love chips.
Chocolate, good chocolate. Give me a high quality milk chocolate bar and I am set!!
Yes! Chocolate is a hot pick for many 😂
I'm all about savoury, though I do love sweet stuff too. Mostly savoury - in particular, spicy! I was in Denver last week for work and I went with an empty suitcase just so I can pack it full of takis fuego, takis nitro, flaming hot cheetos, and limon cheetos. There were some peanut butter and hazelnut spread m&ms, reeses cups, and pistachio oreos for family, but mostly spicy stuff.
If anyone has any more spicy snack suggestions for my next trip stateside, or across Europe, please do let me know!
Pizza rolls, potato chips w/ sour cream and onion dip, any kind of charcuterie meat and cheese situation ....
but I’m trying to lose a lil bit so I don’t eat those often!
Mmm pizza rolls sound delicious!
I recently just discovered I absolutely love almonds!! I’m trying to cut carbs so they’re a great snack! But my go to is for sure chips and ranch dip. Either traditional lays or bbq chips which sounds super weird but I love it
Ooh almonds are a great snack! And they’re healthy which is a big pro :D
Nuts and dried cranberries, usually mixed together ❤️ so basically trail mix 😂
Yum! Nice and healthy :D
Kettle popcorn with everything bagel seasoning !!!
Ooooh sounds yum!
It used to be twizzlers but, I can't eat those anymore. :/
Oh no, why not?
I'm on an ordinary chips and Lay's ranch dip kick lately. But funny enough, I haven't had any in 2 or 3 months!
Whaaaat! Someone get this person chips stat :0
Dill pickle chips. 😋
YUM I love pickle chips 😍
Ooh I’ve never tried them before!
Depends on my mood, sometimes I'll smash some classic lays and french onion dip. Other times, I have these coconut flavored walnuts, or something with chocolate.
Mmm chocolate
Cheese and crackers
A classic!
I freaking love flips! Chocolate covered pretzels are the best
Ooh can’t forget yogurt pretzels, my grocery used to have blueberry yogurt pretzels that were so bomb
Gummy bears!
Gummy bears!
Anything chocolate 😊
Ooh yes! Chocolate is the best :D
I eat keto, so with very few exceptions I make my own snacks.
Peanut butter balls are my favorite
Chocolate salted pecans
Macadamia nuts
And I just discovered Nui Snickerdoodle cookies, which are absolutely delicious, but a little pricey.
Yum! That’s a delicious list, and who says you can’t eat tasty on Keto :D keep up the good work friendo!
Good old fashioned veggies. I could eat a tomato like an apple.
Or Hagelslag, it’s Dutch chocolate sprinkles for toast. THE BEST.
And OMG that sounds so good! I gotta try that one day
Woah! That’s a talent haha, I remember when I was like 5 my school teacher handed me a tomato and all the kids dug in like apples and I was so shook I gave my tomato to some kid who finished his in a second 😂
I really enjoy berries. Like a bowl of blueberries, raspberries, and black berries with just a little whipcream
Yes! Berries are delicious lil snacks! I love strawberries and cream :D
I like vegetables and hummus, especially the Hope hummus flavors 🤤 with carrot sticks (baby carrots are OK, but I prefer carrot sticks) and English cucumbers.
Homemade French bread toasted and then slathered in butter and honey.
Popcorn air popped with butter and salt.
Mmmm oh god that sounds so good I’m drooling!
White Cheddar Cheez Itz (Cheez its? whatever)
Haven’t tried it before but they look yummy!
i love wasabi peas! but husband ate half the can already >:(
Ooh I’ve never tried wasabi peas before! You just have a high spice tolerance :D
My go to is cheese! God all the cheeses🤤 But chocolate things are next some days I live off shredded cheese and brownies!
Ooh yessss! What’s your fav cheese?
Are you me? 😂 cheese and chocolate are the best things in the world.
Cheddar cheese on a nice crunchy apple is 👌🏻👌🏻
Chocolate, cheese, nuts, fruit like blood oranges or bananas or dragonfruit, dried cranberries, pepper jack crackers, and I just love snacks. 😂 I've been starting to have smoothies more often too.
Mmmmm! Damn what a tasty list :D I love snacks too <3
I’m going to be the weird one. White gummy bears. I go out of my way for them. I buy bags of just white gummy bears. Non candy though Takis with ranch dip or peaches in ranch. Any of those
No weird in that :D I’ve never tried ranch tho :0
Dark chocolate raisins and any kind of chocolate cake and chocolate dipped 🍩from Tim Hortons. I am a carb queen 👸🏻 LOL
Ugh I would pay so much money for some Timbits now haha
Dark chocolate cranberries are amazing
Omgg chocolate queens unite 😂
I love anything that has hazelnuts, like Ferrero Rocher. But my new favorite candy is milk chocolate Lindor. 🤤
My favorite non-candy snack is mango. Frozen mango is great, but nothing beats a fresh and ripe mango. It's so hard to get them perfectly ripe here though 😭
I had a mango lindor and it was amazing. I've been getting frozen mango because I can't find a good ripe one
Omgggg are we twins?! I loooove mango! And omg ferrero and Lindor are divine! I love your taste 😂
Pickles, peperami, cheese (I’m doing keto 😂)
I love pickles
Mmm cheese ftw!
Fruit, sweet potato chips, cucumbers with salt, any chocolate, 🤤
Ooh yes! What’s your favourite fruit? Mine is mango!
I just like chocolate! Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice cream lol
I like sour cream and onion chips and BBQ chips 😁
Have you ever tried the chocolate covered potato chips?
Mmm me too! I love chocolate :D bless whoever invented it, eh?
Ooh I love pringles sour cream and onion, mmm!
Honestly I love anything chocolate, but gummies and chips are great too
Same! I loveeee chocolate, if only it was healthy lol
I kinda fell out of the habit of snacking when I started eating keto (now more low carb). I generally only eat one big meal a day and just have “snacky” type things in between like those protein packs with cheese/meat/almonds.
Sometimes I indulge in some dairy free ice cream though.
Ooh icecream is definitely a tasty snack. Almonds is a really healthy snack too!
Ritz cheese sandwich crackers and sun chips.
Yesss! I love having ritz crackers, sooo good. Sun bites are really yummy too :D
I'm a huge fan of Cheez-Its I can eat a whole box of I could
Hmmm I love the extra crispy ones the best!
Mm, crackers are delicious! I could do the same 😂
I could eat crunchy Cheetos or chocolate covered pretzels ALL DAY
Chocolate covered pretzels are the bomb
Mmmmm! I love chocolate covered pretzels! I’ve never tried Cheetos but I think we have a similar brand in the uk, wotsits :D
The purple monster munch crisps. They are pickled onion flavour
Omg yes! I love the red flaming hot flavour too! The yellow pack beef one is okay too :)