[Giveaway] Giving away several game keys.

The games I am giving away are

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Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus , 767, thank you!
My favorite game is FreeSpace 2.
Well you're welcome. Good luck with the luck needed to win
This you're welcome now applies to everyone saying thanks.
Squad 25 The Witcher 3
Thanks for the giveaway dude
Witcher 3
Thanks for doing the giveaway and have a nice day!
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Thanks for doing this mate!
Squad :3 552 my fav game rn is csgo . Ty op!
Thank you OP!
Finding Paradise 729
My fave would be Subnautica.
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus 99 Favorite game: Dota 2 Thanks for the giveaway.
Monster Prom 264
Age of Empires II
Warhammer 40K : Mechanicus ;)
Thanks so much my number will be 400
Favourite game is Borderlands 2
Finding paradise 120
My favorite game is La Tale.
Thanks op
I'd like Road Redemption
My favorite is Resident Evil Remake
Slay the spire, 238, my favorite game is League of Legends, ty for amazing giveaway op!
Slay the spire 824 Metroid Fusion
Game&Number: Slay the spire 404
Favorite: Warframe
60 parsecs 359
resident evil
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus
Battlefield V
Warhammer 4000 400 Kingdom hearts 3
Finding Paradise, 806
Fav game is Halo CE
Squad 582
Favorite games probably red dead 2
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus
Thx OP!
Thief 2: Metal Age
Yakuza 0
274 warhammer 40000 mechanicus Thanks op!
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus
Favorite game is between Ultima 4 and Phantasy Star.
Thanks for the chance :)
Is 2 your number? If you don't have a number I'm going to ignore your post as that's how I determine who wins
Any - 151
Quake 2 mod Gloom.
Slay the spire or Squad 231
my favorite is CoD MW
i would love
Slay the spire
i like Skyrim
Slay the spire
My favorite has to be bioshock or maybe nier automata its really difficult
Thanks bud :)
Slay the Spire
Dark Souls
Slay the spire
Thank you for the chance!
Favorite game is Pikmin~
933 warhammer 40.000 Mechanicus please
My favorite game is warhammer 40.000 dawn of war
Thxxx for this great giveaway
I'd want Road Redemption.
My favourite game is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!
Id like squad, 327, my favorite game is league of legends which i play with friends
Squad (In early access) 832
Warhawr 40,000: mechanicus 199 gta v
Slay the spire - 628
Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl
My favorite game is XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.
I'm interested in: Mechanicus
One game per person, choose any if you are undecided. You also lack a number.
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60 parsecs 575 Minecraft
My favourite game of all time is Fallout New Vegas.
Slay the spire 190
World of Warcraft
Slay the Spire
My favorite game that I've ever played would definitely be Doom 3.
Squad 333 Battlefield 3
Slay the Spire 525
Legend of Dragoon
I would like to enter for distance...
My favourite game is portal and RE4 ,
You can only pick one game. I suggest Distance as it's the far less popular one
Slay the Spire
Slay the Spire 555 Fav Game is either Rocket League or Binding of Isaac
Road Redemption 557
Favorite game is Metal Gear Solid V because you can paralyze people with horse shit. 5/5 mastapeece.
Entering for Road Redemption with 451.
My favorite game is Deus Ex, the 2000 classic.
Thanks, and sorry for your username being taken!
Squad 124 and Battlefield 4
Moonlighter 89. My favorite game is DOS 2z
Do Not Feed The Monkeys
Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions
Monster Prom. 2
Favorite game is Guild Wars 2 (although I have not enjoyed it as of late due to changes that developers have made)
Thanks for the chance!
1: Slay the Spire (662)
2: I... er... Kingdom Hearts and Dark Cloud 2... they're tied. And Dark Cloud 2 AKA "Dark Chronicle" does not get the love it deserves."
Team fortress 2
Squad 543
Slay the spire 131
Favorite game is Final fantasy Tactics
It's on my wishlist! My favorite game would be The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but normally I play fighting games, like the King of Fighters, and Metroidvanias, like Axiom Verge.
Any, 942, and my favorite game is CSGO. Thanx for the giveaway OP
Squad (In early access)
My fav. game: Team fortress 2
You need a number
60 parsecs, 587, and my favourite game is Gothic.
Slay the Spire 285.
Favorite game is probably Terraria. Thanks for the giveaway!
Squad 545
Thanks a ton! Favourite game: half life 3!
Finding Paradise
Favourite game is No Man's Sky
Thank you
Slay the Spire
For Nostalgia - Halo, Actual Favorite Game - Divinity Original Sin 2
Slay the Spire, 866.
Fav game is Rocket League.
Final Fantasy XV
Thanks OP!
Kid Icarus
Road Redemption
red dead redemption is my favourite game
949 for Monster Prom. Thanks for the giveaway.
Current favourite is Prismata.
Slay the Spire
My favorite game is Breath of the Wild. Thanks OP.
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus
Favorite Game: I'll go with Stellaris for now. Can't say I'm a fan of how often the game keeps changing & adding new DLC constantly instead of fixing the AI, but I guess that's that's par for the course these days. Still enjoy it more than most space 4X
Thanks for the giveaway!
461 squad
My favorite game is BioShock infinite without a doubt,
Slay the spire
doki doki literature club
Squad (In early access)
My favorite game is Half Life
I will enter for squad, 856 My favourite game is Zelda wind waker Thank you for the giveaway :)
My favorite game is Worms: Armageddon, still play that to this day :D
Any 812
60 Parsecs!, 780
My favourite game is definitely Crusader Kings 2 :). Witcher 3 comes second though.
Moonlighter 720
Favorite game right now Terraria
278 squad please Fav gam is Star Citizen
Road redemption, 311
My favorite game is Assassin Creed Black Flag
Kind Words would be much appreciated (I mean, the game Kind Words, although kind words are nice too). I've heard only positive things about it and would like to experience it myself.
567 is my random number.
Hard to say which one is my absolute favorite game, I have a bunch I'd call my favorites. If I must pick one, I'll say The Witness, really love that puzzle game.
Good luck to all and thank you for doing the giveaway OP!
Monster Prom 767 Dark Souls III Thanks for the giveaway!
Squad 234 thanks
Monster Prom; 680
Smash Ultimate
Thank you OP
Favourite game is Pokemon Heartgold
Squad please. number is 90. My favorite game is Silent Hill 1/
Squad 445 Metal gear solid V
Monster Prom - 565 -TLOU
hoping next game is even better.
I’d love to get Slay the spire (640 is the number I chose) and my favorite game is Hollow Knight! Thanks OP!
Do not feed the monkey 462
Fav game is Resident Evil 2
Slay The Spire
My current favorite game is Bayonetta.
I want Slay The Spire, number is 355.
Favorite game is Rocket League.
221 1. any 2. 521
Squad, 762
Favorite game for me has to be Minecraft. Many are close, non quite reach.
998 finding paradise!
Slay the Spire. 483. My favourite game of all time is a tie between TLoU and Pokemon Emerald.
Thanks OP
Any. Highest chance of getting a game :D
My favorite game is Minecraft. You never get bored and there are so many things to do!
Slay the Spire 235
Current favourite is Dead Cells!
Thanks for the opportunity OP! <3
Slay the spire
My favorite game is smash bros
Any 666
Favorite game is Dishonored
Thank you for doing this.
Any game 667
favourite game: halo4
Slay the Spire - 84
My favourite ever game is Final Fantasy 9.
My favorite game is still Ocarina of Time.
Thank you Reallythatwastaken.
Distance for 229, chum.
My favourite game is Far Cry 2
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus
My favorite game is Breath of the Wild
Squad 528
My favorite game is Starcraft 2
Squad please OP!
652, favorite game is The Darkness 2
Slay the Spire - 400
And at the moment it's probably Total War: Warhammer 2.
Thank OP
Lmao i read monster prom as monster porn.
Btw entering for Finding Paradise - 175.
My favorite game is Half Life 2. Current favorite game is Skyrim.
Distance 129 Dota 2
Slay the Spire
Slay the Spire - 418
60 parsecs please! My favourite game is Dishonored! Thanks OP!
Slay the spire
Favorite game is Pokemon Black 2 White 2.
Any #4
fav: StarCraft Brood War
Want: Moonlighter
My fav is: Street Fighter III The 3rd Strike
Favorite - Dark Souls 2
Thank you OP!~
60 parsecs, 518. Thank you!
Any, 547
Thank you for doing this OP! My favorite game is Overwatch :)
Slay the Spire 512
Favourite game is Witcher 3
Do Not Feed the Monkeys - Number 678
My favourite game of all time is The Secret of Monkey Island.
Destiny 2!
Thank you.