Volume 7 Chapter 13 Thumbnail, Title & Description

I jokingly suggested a while ago that I wanted Fria to hand Cinder her ass.
This might actually happen. Fria might die in the process, but seeing a Maiden with decades of experience talk and/or fight would be fucking baller. I can only hope.
Fria probably has so much experience....
i never thought that she could get herself involved in the fight. then again while the last time this scene happened the maiden was in a coma. here she is quite alive but in poor health, so old.
I really want Cinder to shoot her just like with Amber, but this time Fria catches the arrow before it hits and throws it on the floor.
I made a joke prediction about who gets the maiden powers and it was basically this. If this turns out to be true I will not be able to watch the final without laughing
That would be awesome.
I want Fria to hand Cinder her ass and then force her to watch as she reverse grimm-drains the Fall maiden powers and becomes the first double maiden.
I want Fria to suplex Cinder.
Pretty much a crack theory but I want a Galuf moment from Final Fantasy 5 where she facetanks Cinders attacks to save Winter and give her the maiden power.
My guess is she kills Cinder or the grimm symbiote and is granted the Fall powers. But its too much for her in her frail state it kills her. When causes the two powers to rebound to Winter and Penny.
Or Cinder drains Fria and the title card is her mid stab.
I think it would be epic that, if it looks like they may lose, Fria just ends up taking her own life.
Watch Penny become the next maiden.
What if she saves Atlas?
What if when Ironwood goes to remove the staff, something goes wrong and the city starts dropping. Then Fria, knowing full well what's happening, FF13's the city and supports it on a massive pillar/lattice of ice?
That would be a hell of a way to go.
I would not be surprised. This isn't the first time Cinder faced off someone completely unforetold. I mean who knew Cinder and Raven would have a maiden fight when whole V4 was setting up a revenge fight with Ruby. Lol.
"If I take your powers, would you die?"
The prophet!
Title: The Enemy of Trust
Duration: 24:11
Air date: Feb 1
24 minutes? Oooooh boy this one's going to be a wild ride.
Fuck. I expected more honestly. Now it's sure ut will end on a BAD cliffhanger...
"Call an ambulance! But not for me."
24 minutes. This is definitely ending on a cliffhanger. This hiatus is going to be super duper, totally not stressful in any way, 100% not torturous, fun.
I guess we can only Trust Love so much, huh?
Pls don't kill Winter
I'm not ready
I don't think Winter has to worry about death this episode. Something tells me that dementia will not stop Fria from kicking ass. Of course she will die, but I doubt Cinder will get the maiden power just yet.
I think you should wait a few more episodes until you worry about Winter.
24 minutes runtime, eh? I hope that's enough time for them to give some sort of resolution. I'm sure we're all expecting some form of a cliff hanger, so there's bound to be some plot points unaddressed.
Volume 8 will pick up right where 7 leaves off supposedly. That combined with the length of the episode and how much needs to be resolved means some stuff won't be resolved.
Remember, about 1:40 minutes will be opening credits and approx 3-4 will be end credits.
I've thought since gravity that this volume will end only with the resolution of this specific situation, Ironwood trying to raise Atlas, and Volume 8 will be okay, Salem's coming, what now?
With Volumes 7 and 8 being so connected, I'm not surprised that this finale is only 24 minutes long. There's definitely going to be painful cliffhangers that will keep us all frantic over the hiatus.
I seriously hope Fria steps up and shows Cinder who's boss. Sadly I see her dying from overexertion or even taking just a couple small wounds and that being enough for her body to finally give out.
"How long have you had those powers young lady. A year? Perhaps two."
The world erupts into multiple elements, "I've had these powers for over 60 years, let me show you what they can really do."
Promptly yeets Cinder so hard she lands in Mantle.
My prediction: Cinder and RWBY will lose. Badly. Ironwood will win. Neo will escape with the relic.
Blake will be injured. She and Yang will be on the run. Qrow, Ruby, Weiss and Robyn will be arrested. Jacques is their bunk mate.
All hail archon Ironwood. May he rise higher than Atlas will tonight.
Nah nah unlikely to separate them again. I imagine through that Rwby will have to run, along with everyone else.
Jacques will just play the harmonica the whole time, singing about his damn kid arrested him.
Don't ask how he smuggled it in.
We launching him into space?
I’m coming back to this comment tomorrow
Fria's gonna bust out of the machine and fuck some shit up! Just mark my words!
Holy shit Fria is awake. I swear to God if they reveal that she is Nora's grandma in this episode I'm going to lose my shit.
Also Ironwood is going to do some crazy shit this episode, that description is clearly about him.
did you see Fria's haircut? It's the same as Nora.
For me, Ironwood is the one who kills Fria, she listens to what he plans to do and opposes him, another option is that Neo manages to escape and encounters Ironwood disguised as one of the protagonists without knowing that they are considered traitors.
"Holy shit Fria is awake. I swear to God if they reveal that she is Nora's grandma in this episode I'm going to lose my shit."
Theres no way that DOESN'T happen imo. It's practically a foregone conclusion.
I’m not ready
I fucking knew it! We're gonna get Maidenbowl 2.0! KICK HER FUCKING ASS FRIA!
My god.... She's not getting the Amber treatment!
Granny Fria about to throw down?
So, probably around 18 mins? The OP is 1:40, the ED is always longer with full credits.
Oh man well we are definitely in for another looong hiatus with all the incoming cliffhangers it looks like... I'm not ready. I wonder if volume 8 is going to be half atlas arc conclusion and half travel.
Honestly I don’t really know what to say.
Fria’s gonna do something and it’s probably going to be cool but I was hoping for longer than 24 minutes with the credits and all.
But hey, better than we could have gotten.
I will admit I don’t know what the greatest fear would be though I’m still scared for Blake and Winter
I said it from the very beginning that Fria wouldn't go down without a fight!
24 minutes isn't as much as I would've liked:/
Honestly I don't think they're doing double length episodes anymore. Between this and Camp Camp season 4, it feels they trying to keep the run-times as consistent as possible.
Camp Camp they aim for the 12 minute mark and RWBY the 18 minute mark.
Agreed, although it's within a minute of the runtime V5 and V6's finales had so it's kinda what I was expecting.
It's leading directly into V8 to be fair so we shouldn't really expect anything more.
Appropriate flair
I was thinking the exact same thing.
Your flair's gone.
The what now
Bring it on!
Definitely not looking at the esteemed General. Nope.
I wish RT had the budget of a big animation studio and pumped out volumes every six months... I'm sad this volume is over...
I'm scared, mommy Come pic me up •,w,•
I never would have thought Fria would fight but man this certainly makes it seem like it! I'm so hyped to watch a maiden with decades of experience absolutely beat the shit out of Cinder.
They did tell us there'd be sassy granny hijinks, I just assumed it would be from Maria.
Holy shit we're about to get the cliffhangiest of cliffhangers.
And that description...why do I not like the sound of that?
Others are already pointing it out... but Fria looks way too much like Nora... even down to the spiky hair and general head shape.
Hmm... I wonder of those old theories hold any weight...?
not to mention that fria is based on freya of norse mythology and nora is bsaically thor.
For the love of god please don't let Fria cause Cinder to lose. Cinder desperately needs a win in order to stay threatening coming off of 2 losses. If she gets screwed over in Atlas it'll hurt any credibility she has left, reinforcing the question of why didn't she die in V5. Keep Cinder threatening please
It would beg the question why she was kept alive post V3 having done nothing worthwhile since then.
With RWBY's tendency to drop Episode Titles in an Episode, I'm guessing The Enemy Of Trust is what Ironwood is going to call our heroes during their confrontation.
Hmmmm.... HMMMMM....
Do it Winter. Kill the granny and embrace your destiny. For the glory of Atlas.
Any thoughts on what the title and description could be referring to?
I think it's referring to things like fear and unpredictability, two factors that would reduce trust within a group of people. However, it may also be referring to certain individuals as well, such as the agents of Salem (who actively spur these things on).
Unpredictability and fear are at least two obvious examples of "an enemy of trust". I have no doubt we'll be getting plenty of both from our characters in this!
Why I have a suspicion that title refers to Ironwood... plz don't panic upon seeign Cinder and don't shot Fria
crazy prediction; fria starts destroying cinder with her experience in maiden powers, but then irondaddy shows up at the worst time, looking for the maiden to access the staff, sees cinder in the chamber and shoots fria, who's quickly exhausted from battle, either accidentally or out of desperation. the power then goes to someone random and we get ourselves a reason to stay in atlas for one more (apparently longer than usual) volume. cinder then gets pissed at losing another maiden and kills AT LEAST one of the people remaining in the room
Why do we need an excuse to have the action stay in Atlas for V8? Motherfucking Salem's coming, what more do we need?
nah she would be too exhausted.
That old lady is gonna wreck Cinder
Please please please please let Fria give Cinder the fucking smackdown. If she succumbs to her withering body and passes the powers onto someone that's okay, just show us what a maiden with decades of experience can do.
This is probably going to bleed into V8, there’s no way to finish all of this in 24 minutes.
I doubt Fria will actually fight, but you never know. She’s probably mad they woke her up from her nap. If she does fight, it’ll probably kill her.
I just want Cinder to win though, I don’t want to go through another hiatus where everyone is shitting on her.
Even if Cinder "wins" in some sense. It shouldn't be without an ass whoopin.
I was hoping her eyes would be a lighter, blue/green color...
I'm guessing the enemy of trust is fear? And it's this fear that causes the breakdown of trust between people.
But whose fear is it referring to? I can't think of any characters that have any reason to be fearful here but Ironwood. Certainly not the Heroes.
Checked the credits length for Volume 6. Roughly 6 minutes. So the episode is about 18 minutes including the intro
Let us all pray for Winter and Penny's safety.
So much for a villain victory I was hoping for.
If Cinder loses this fight:
At the same time though, Winter has yet to get a win herself, and we’ve already seen Amber bite it, so repeating it with Fria might not be a good idea.
Ironwood being an antagonist isn’t completely dependent on Cinder, as there it was also a result of Watts, Jacques, Tyrian, and Salem (as well as the indirect involvement of Robyn and the council).
And, lastly, we all know Ruby’s gonna eyeblast cinder, so cinder having a win doesn’t really mean much. ;).
(With all that being said, who’s to say V7 or V8 ends with Atlas and Mantel both being destroyed?)
I don't know if I'm ready for this. My anxiety is at an all-time high.
Same I don't know how I'm gonna sleep tonight
The title and description have some rather ominous connotations.
Official guess: Cinder and Neo are defeated, they stop Ironwood, they get out the call for help, and season ends with Salem’s army on the horizon.
you know if Winter fails to get the maiden power, Ironwood in his paranoia may believe that she betrayed him, for him she had a lot of time before Cinder appeared, Why didn't she follow the order? That's what he might think.
Is this on the schedule part of the site? It’s not showing up for me
Does it drop at midnight? Or some time during the day? I need to know in case I destroy my sleep schedule for nothing
10 hours from now iirc.
Shit. I was supposed to call my grandma back.
Fria to absolutely curbstomp Cinder, then admonish Winter like a child because she even considered going ahead with Ironwood's plan.
I'd also like to see Winter explain to Ironwood as to who killed Cinder.
" what happened again?"
"Fria's still alive...kicked the shit out of Cinder...and then told me to tell you your plan is terrible and you can't kill her that easily."
Somehow, I have the feeling that this finale is gonna be sadder, more depressing and more hopeless than the V3 one.... I hate this already...
Oh nooo! The machine is reversed!
Eyy maybe Winter will live then. For the love of God please let me witness one short conversation between an up front maiden and anyone.
Also, that is the worst episode name ever... Of all time.
The synposis sounds like its talking about ironwood too.
I think they will leave us with Clover as the only body count of main characters short of Frai. She is likely to die here. but doesn't mean she doesn't show Cidner what a fully realized maiden is capable of. Even though they killed off both penny and pyrah in season 3, they had a few episodes to separate the two incidents.
What a boring ass thumbnail.
I imagine most things would be spoilers in an episode like this
I mean, it's not like it's meant to be a big hype publicity reveal. It's literally just them getting ready for the video to go live tomorrow., using whatever image they can that's not a giant spoiler. It's only this sub that makes an event out of it.
It is hype tho. It means fria is participating in her destiny. She might end cinders whole career. Tho more likely only her mission
Lol what the fuck do you want?
And it's not that boring, the Winter Maiden is awake, alive, and out of her pod. She ended the last episode asleep in it.
Not sure why you're getting downvoted. It is a pretty boring thumbnail for a finale.