GenericStuck Day 2

Hello again, puny mortal beings. Time marches on, and with it, you all march onwards towards your doom. Or do you? The events so far have been rather intriguing, and we have begun to debate amongst ourselves on what the outcome of your lives will be. Will you successfully create the Genesis Frog? Will your message to the doomed travel among us? Do your lives hold any meaning whatsoever within the grand scheme of things? I suppose that we will simply have to bide our existence and await what comes to you. We wish you luck, but will not comment on if it shall be bad or good.

“It’s bloody well mine, Coptoin! Hoow I goot too yoour lond, innit?” Topoda sighs, repressing his accent again. Speaking like that isn’t proper. “I’m cooming up. Doon’t Fire!”
"This be yours? Well, never let it be said that Captain Otto stole another pirate's booty. Lower the cannons, men, and let down a ladder for our guest!" The captain turns away from the edge, likely to speak to some other otters. The cannons get pulled back in to the ship, and a slightly-green rope ladder is dropped down the side for you to climb up.
You continue along the path, swimming towards what you hope will be a temple. After a few minutes, you arrive at another coral city. This one seems less populous than the last, but also has one major difference - a large building roughly centred in the town with large arches in all directions. Beyond that, the town seems relatively small, with only a few dozen other buildings. Some of them appear to be houses, while others are quite clearly shops of some kind or other.
Topoda makes a beeline for the biggest building, assuming it must be the temple he was told about. Now that he knows he is the Knight, he has a different perspective on reaching it.
You are still within the room you have rented in the Saloon. It is just past high noon, according to the nearest bank clock...wait. All of the numbers on the clock are 12. It's like it was designed to have as many high noons as possible! Still, it seems to be early afternoon.
You reload your MODEL 8VA, and begin dusting them off. ((In the future, I will assume you always start combat with it fully loaded, unless you don't want me to. It does make things easier, after all, and reloading doesn't take too much time.))
I think I'm goin'ta go check out the general store. It'd be good to get familiar with my surroundin's while'ah can.
You get out of your Recuperacoon and head upstairs to where you last saw PaintNeedleSprite. He appears to still be sleeping on the roof. He really was quite tuckered out.
Hm. Alright, after building Topoda's hive up 150 grist, you return to ground floor to look for some grist piles to shoot.
You have just left the home of The Nut, having just learned that your best hope of getting home lies with a beetle. As you think about this, you hear a voice in your head.
Durias, learning that this is her fate now, responds with "Yes, I've recently killed a drone-like creature. What are you, it's ghost that came to haunt me?"
You have just finished speaking with Ol' Didelpidae, an extremely-old O'possum who was alive when the Guardian failed and fell from the sky. You are now in his small village, pondering where to go next. Silkah
She shrugs her shoulders some and stretches,
“I’d be willing to go with you, lovie.”
You head off into the forest beside your mountain, ready to fight some underlings and be the hero this land deserves. Please roll perception, to see what you can find in the forest, and to make sure nothing finds you first.
He looks around (15) knowing he needs to beat something up to get some..... Frustration out
You have just defeated a pack of three imps, gaining some grist in the process. As you howl at the final one and slash through its body, you accidentally wake up your lusus.
IL: Hey lusus they didn’t hurt yoou did they? ooh I’ll fucking uh idk hunt doowwn all oof there kind if they hurt yoou, wwhat have yoou been dooing wwhile I wwas awway anywway?
You just broke your husktop, and are preparing to leave your moirail's house.
Yes, she is going to alchemize a new one at Silkah’s before NYOOMING to the gate with her flight-thingy.