S01E08 - Live Discussion Thread

It's the final countdown to the crown! And what a season it's been! Can't believe whoever wins gets a new season of The Crown written about them.

Ru is EATING UP all of Divina's "I'm my own biggest critic", "I gave that person power" stuff... that's like Ru crack right there
Idk I feel that this episode seems so set for viv to win. Her and ru’s similarities. Her getting this redemption set up with the challenge.
Like every season there’s someone who gets the dance instantly but they always prefer when someone struggles at first. Idk. I’m 90% sure viv is taking it but I’m a pessimistic divina stan lmao.
Im gonna be happy with either of the 2 tho tbf
So sweet having the other queens there for the finale, makes it feel like a proper family event, they all get on so well.
But is this instead of a reunion ep?
And to see queens we have missed (looking at you scaredy-kat)
When will Ru (and Michelle in a way) realise that they are NOT therapists. Really annoys me.
I’m not convinced RuPaul knows what a podcast is... “This is like therapy, right?”. Literally asking Michelle’s kid on air about her “breakthroughs” in therapy, sheesh! I know you’re hungry for more Emmies, but DANG!
Same, I was cringing during those moments.
“Well at one point I thought Divina was going to get out a PowerPoint” 😂😂😂
I literally spat my wine out at this
Blu is fucking flawless tonight
Viv: "I bring a humbleness and a likeability to this..."
Divina: *does not compute*
As soon as divina made that face I knew it was over
By far the least humble in the competition
Everyone: does not compute. Ma’am you are not humble at all lmao.
Ru and Michelle: So you hate your mother? You're hurt inside.
Ru and Michelle: where on the doll did she touch you?
If Divina has had questionable runway choices wtf has Baga had
Exactly! I was outraged! They didn't say anything about Baga's runways and Divina's were questionable? I only remember one questionable fashion choice from her, last week, and she won!!!
Katya in RUWU vibes from Divina’s upside down split in the rehearsal
Exactly! It’s the same move!
Baga talking about her mum made me respect her and feel sorry for her a lot. She was very mature about it and to see everyone acting like she’s horrible for it all must’ve been tough for her
Oh no I hate these “give your younger self advice” things
Just once I want a competitor to answer with advice that’s actually relevant to a 3 year old, like stop eating crayons and go to bed.
Why is Graham the only person with the balls to call out Baga’s outfits???? Divina’s had questionable runways tho??? What are the judges on?????
The judges were trying to trick us the whole time, like Michelle saying Viv sold that dance more than Divina, really queen????
And ragging on Divina for "never shutting up about how good she is" but not even mentioning Viv's gigantic ego
I feel like Divina's "brags" are mostly retaliatory, but Viv just brings up how amazing she is anytime
Yeah, she's had amazing runways!
TIL the ending music is saying 'to the moon' and not whatever my mind thought
I was convinced it was "Do the Move"
My husband always sings "Judy Blume"!
I always thought it was “to the world” and never understood why
I thought it was “do them all”
I always hear "Duke of Earl", but a friend once convinced me it was "Toot or Boot".
Knew it was To The Moon only because I'm a subtitle person haha
A fucking WHAM final lip sync I absolutely DIED
Fucking this ! So rare to have a lipsynch not being a song sung by a woman.
And George Michael off them all. If it was Freedom 90, I would have screamed all the way to Japan.
Anyone else kind of mad about how that lipsync was edited? It was like 70% viv, it was obvious she was gonna win, I hate when they edit lipsyncs like this.
Yes, so annoying when you can easily tell who the winner is! Ruins the surprise (not that Viv winning was a huge surprise, but still).
Just watched it. The queen I would have liked to win didn’t but can’t argue the queen that won wasn’t deserving. Ah well, hopefully there’s a UK All Stars so she can get a second chance.
Why did Michelle look so angry when Graham was saying positive things about DDC
Cos Graham interrupted her, and she hates being interrupted.
I think the Vivienne deserved the crown but Divina has had several of the best looks on the show and none of the worst. I'm really getting tired of Michelle's ridiculous criticisms.
Viv had the soulful story. You know Ru loves a good soulful story.
Michelle: Divina made some questionable choices on the runway. Me: Bitch, WHEN?!?
Yeah that seemed to just come out of nowhere and it was then I knew The Vivienne was going to win.
The only questionable one was her makeover and they praised her for it.. hell she won that challenge
same, Divina in particular had the most memorable outfits. I loved how she created the jodhpur shapes on capri pants in particular.
Michelle saying Divina had questionable looks? I don't think
Michelle is entitled to her wrong opinion
Questionable judging, more like!
[ Divina squeal laugh intensifies ]
The MOST WHOLESOME Finale ever!
I was team divina all the way, but it does ease my hurt that she didn't just lose out on a shit tonne of money. I always feel gutted for the second place contestants.
Honestly, in some ways this might be best for DDC, she won’t be tied to RuPaul forever the way the winner will be. She’s a superstar in her own right.
While I think the Vivienne did perform better in the challenge it does kind of irk me that Divina's choreo was sooo much harder than the Viv's and Baga's.
That’s the problem. The Vivienne got to bring her personality because she couldn’t do the choreo but divina went all in so had less room for personality. It sucks. But as a viewer sadly Vivienne shone better. It was strictly judges who would care that divina had better technique.
Vinegar plodding onto the stage after posing in that gown was incredible
Ru’s dress 😍😍😍😍
She's exquisite this episode
I audibly gasped
It’s just a plain gold dress. I don’t think it’s all that and a baga chips
Ru’s hair is very... Jedward
I was thinking very Eureka...
Michelle saying that Divina has questionable looks, I have to laugh
It was to make their decision to crown viv hand more substance. Davina had great looks every week...
Haha baga with the JCB comment 😂😂😂! Very very arshhhh
Up until a couple of episodes ago I was sure it was the Vivienne who was going to win but right at the end I was sure it was DDC, threw me for sure.
However I feel baga will be like the second place on x factor or britains got talent and we will be seeing much more of her in the future. She is so fun and not catty like the other girls who were veryveryhaaarsh!! I hope to see more of her anyway.
Michelle be like GO ON BAGA GIVE US A SOB STORY in that podcast section
Philomena Cunk!
"Mother Theresa once said keep doing good until it hurts, which is possibly the sexiest thing a nun has ever said"
Philomena cunk as the image for this thread is sending me. What an iconic queen.
"This is the famous Greenwich Marillion Line, named after the band Marillion, who were named after this line"
Philomena for snatch game in series 2!
Divina has made some questionable fashion choices?!! What are you smoking Michelle?!
That makeover dress for a start was awful
Michelle's judging is traditionally off the mark. She just has some specific things she likes and considers 'good drag' where she tries to push others.
I was more team Divina but I'm super happy with the result regardless. The Viv's Snatch Game was easily one of my favourites ever, and she was so sharp and funny and charismatic the entire time.
Divina's absurdly talented and I love her, but Viv has the it factor.
Let's hope Divina Alaska's the all stars season, she'll be a triple threat
I could tell by the edit DDC wasn’t going to win. They were slating her confidence. Ummm, Viv anyone?
Slating her confidence but back in EP2 they were confused about Divina's lack of confidence and being too hard on herself after she broke down on stage.
The edit is so bizarre.
I'm still in the middle of the deliberations, and I find it totally bizarre that there has been only a single comment on the lyrics and singing.
Could barely hear them over the background music myself - I think I need the subs on next time!
Davina: Is doubtful of her abilites
Judges: What noo, be more confident and show off.
Davina: is confident
Judges: "Arrogant bitch"
She lost 'cause you don't know how to spell her name.
There, I said it
I'm so ready for this episode, got a chinese on the way.
What's his name
I vote for Ru in that gold dress and silhouette replace the Oscar statuette. Wow. She looks like an award.
Twitter is pushing this “Divina was robbed!!!1” narrative that we like to push every season, but I’m just not seeing it. The Vivienne was a powerhouse and completely deserved to win. She wasn’t bullying or toxic in any shape. She was simply confident. You can not discredit her for her confidence. Divina herself was similar to Viv in her shadiness and confidence but no one is complaining.
It’s interesting what the editing can do to viewers.
I kinda like that everyone disagrees. Like was Katya robbed? Detox and Alaska had better track records but then the judgeing was a mess. All-stars is always a mess like that. I don't think Divina was robbed but I do think she was made to look bad this episode because they had already decided to give it to Viv
The Vivienne was a powerhouse. The others were great but to suggest her winning was a robbery is just silliness. You can have a favourite without claiming a fix when they don't win.
Blu trying to appear top 3 with that very final shot of Viv and Davina
I died at this
Knew The Vivanne was gonna win but don't care. Loved all three of them and they were all amazing.
Defo cried while watching but in true British fashion I was drinking....a beautiful episode and my favourite series by far!!
The Vivienne's dress was my favorite of the whole series! I couldn't stop staring at it's sparkles, and with the scepter it felt right.
The Viv being a ket head. Good for her being clean but that's such a Scouse thing
No one but me will get this probably but Graham looks ready to step in for Jason Orange on Take That’s Progress Live tour.
Feeling super called out cause I always fancied Jason the most.
I feel a winners edit for viv this ep. With the whole “this challenge is everything I fucked up last time” I feel it’s setting up a rudemption
I live for how Baga doesn't go with the production here at all. Ru probably wasn't too happy when she was like "Omg Rupaul doesn't hug anybody".
and how she refused to sell herself haha what a sweetheart
blu 😍😍😍😍😍
Pose Trailer on BBC IPlayer! I approve as fuck
Oh my god Ru looks exquisite!
Not fair.. Divina had that meeting with Katya to learn how to cartwheel like that
Wow DDC ATE that and Viv’s energy was 🤩
i know curtis from love island is aj's brother but it looks so awks that he's there not really contributing much
Why was he even there!
Crystal's wig. Crystal's. Wig.
I don't think I've ever hated a wig so much.
I love her style but I didn’t like many of her wigs :(
I’ve just watched the friends episode where Monica and Chandler get engaged. I am emotional and READY
Show em that vulnerability.
So no Miss Congeniality?
Let’s just give it to Vinegar or Sum Ting
By boyfriend called it a few weeks ago, saying he saw The Vivienne pop up in a WOW ad (apparently, I hadn't seen it) and thought it was suspicious that only she was in it.
Vivienne looks gorgeous tonight
Cant see Curtis without hearing "You know I like to make everyone coffee so they're ready for the day!!" And "I came here to tell you I loved you!!"
Hearing Ru’s Liverpool “accent” OMG 🤣
Ru’s thigh slit is ruining my life
So happy with this outcome. The Vivienne in the snatch game was my favourite of all time. In the words of the goddess, I’m drippin’
Do other people find Viv so unlikeable or is it just me? She is hilarious and I get that she deserved to win but I just haven't warmed to her at all. I loved Davina from the start and I feel like the episode was so set against her even though she KILLED that choreo
I feel like her ability to do such a great Trump impression outweighed Divina's many other talents. I guarantee we'll be seeing the Vivienne playing Trump again on Logo or WOW+
I actually find Divina unlikeable for some reason. Like I just couldn't warm up to her. Personal preferences I guess
Agree, hilarious and unlikable in equal measure. But I think she'd be the best (out of top 3) for the American online winner thing - and that's why she won.
She sure is unlikable. And that's why I didn't want her as a winner. I want someone to win, who I think has skills and is a great person, too.
And Divina slayed that last challenge OMG!
They have run this “write a verse to one of my songs” challenge into the GROUND. If anyone with ANY influence is reading this make it stop!!!!
They didn’t seem to give it any airtime on the critique so goes to show how valuable it is now*
*Read U Wrote U notwithstanding
It's up on WOW+!
Baga making fun of Divina is giving me LOIFE
Judges all look really good this week, Graham's suit is great.
I'm not living for Michelle's look tbh.
This choreo is.... Bitch I'm hurting for them.
Alyssa wouldn’t have done this to them.
Ru going for the "who hurt you" BAFTA
I bet Viv can whoop some ass. Like she can knock a fool out if she had too I bet.
I knew I was right still loving Baga
LMAO @ Divina giving shady looks when the top queens were talking x
Fuck yes Divina...that verse and choreo? Just crown the bitch now!
It's down to Divina and Viv for me at this stage, and could honestly go either way
Baga going serious is giving me Jiggly vibes.
This choreography... bruh
I think they were both cocky and the fact that they were most cocky at different times does not really change that. I do think Divina is more self sabotaging with it though.
Yeah, she was a little too insistent on it, instead of just letting her actions speak for themselves. Going on and on about how talented you are is a bit of a turn-off. Not disparaging her, notice I said "a little" and "bit".
Why do the eliminated queens look so much better than the top 3???
Cause they had more time to get ready.
That should’ve been the double crowning that AS4 was
The biggest twist of this season is The Vivienne walking in and appearing to be the 'over-confident and cocky' Queen but actually being unveiled as the motherly, supportive and caring one and Divina walking in as the seemingly 'friendly and motherly' Queen and later becoming the cocky and self-inflated one. Never saw it coming.
Very happy with the result. They all did well but when they blew me away it was The Vivienne that REALLY blew me away so this is the correct winner in my mind.
Honestly my perceptions of both of them never changed. Maybe they said at the end that Divina was cocky and full of herself but all I got was someone who believed in themselves, and I will never understand why that’s made out to be a bad thing.
I would love Viv to win.
So someone in this thread spoiled it and I’m pissed off. Ew,
Glad I just caught the comments shouting her down and not the actual spoiler
Someone actually spoiled it in a post to the sub right when it went up. I’m going to be pissed for awhile.
Michelle's face is a fuckin shoot tonight
Did The Vivienne and Divina know who actually won, or did they film multiple endings?
The film two endings and the queens don’t know until the episode airs
If Baga gets a pass on this look for this song I swear to Grace Jones.
So fucking happy about the winner.
Is anyone else debating whether to continue watching the impeachment hearing or switch to Drag race?
Lmaoo me but ultimately I am a gay and turned on Drag Race
What is Graham wearing???
I love it!
Drag me for this but this was hands down the wrong decision. Divina was so much more of an all rounder. As someone who usually loves look queens I’ve never been gagged by Viv’s looks, but have by most of Divina’s.
Come on now, The Viv’s mug was ALWAYS right, you can’t deny.
Their skill sets were very different. I wouldn’t want Divina as a compère because I don’t find her witty. She can build a funny production, obviously she can dance and sing. She’s very theatre and very stage managed. The Vivian is sharp and witty, she can dance etc well enough to do the shows but where she excels is in how she interacts (as well as her looks.) her snatch game was amazing because she hit every cue and worked as a team. She was feeding great lines to bagga and not trying to upstage it overshadow the others. US queens could learn a lot from that.
If you’re staging an opera you want Divina, If you’re hosting a drag night you want The Vivian.
Absolutely, but would have been awkward for producers if the person they crowned as “drag race ambassador to the UK” wasn’t crowned the first winner of RPDRUK. Despite Divina being much more widely well-received and indicative of the kinder progressive nature of current queer culture than other competitors. Gross.
Baga giving up was suspect to me after she was clearly saved from the bottom twice and got an Amy song when she was finally in the bottom. Something weird went down with baga this season, probably just that they wanted to keep her for the whole show but not crown her.
They knew she was a great talking head for the confessionals, but not a winner. They kept her in for the LOLs basically.
Cmooooon Viv!!!
The shade thrown at vinegar's paper dress. :'(
Really happy for the Vivienne ❤️ love all three so much
Rigga Morris! My girl was fully robbed. Can't wait for that webseries, though!
I wanted the person in third to win 😭
Baga was my fave from Day 1, but I do think she was outdone by the other two and she knew it herself (hence her refusal to talk about why she deserved the win).
Hey, not trying to be rude, but The Vivienne can be called Big Girl?
I wouldn't say so. She's not thin but she's not that big either.
Seems rude to just because she's got a bit of a tummy...
If she’s a big girl then so were Monet and AS2 Roxxxy.
Dont think so. Isn’t she about the size of Monet?
Imagine thinking divina deserved to win more than Vivienne
Divina had a better run and never landed in the bottom.... so werq
Pissed as a fucking fart I'm proper excited for this
Just clicked on episode 8 on iplayer and its playing now
My memory is failing me. There've been 7 episodes, I only remember one double win, how are there 9 badges, please?
Was a triple win and a double win
My goodness...Idk wtf is what in just know that dude in the black sweats can samba for us any day...I bet theres some choreo videos of those guys.
Wow some of y’all are P R E S S E D. It’s just a show it ain’t that deep
Viv fancies AJ we get it.
YESSS! Such a deserved win ❤️❤️❤️
Just make me the meat in a Pritchard sandwich already
I gagged!
Finding DDC quite irritating tonight and liking Baga and Viv who knew, only took episode 8 😂
I knew in the editing Divina wasn't gonna win as soon as the episode started with her finally being confident. Despite in episode 2 she was crying that she couldn't believe in herself.
Imma let you finish Viv but DDD was the best in the top 3 and should have won.
Livid! Wrong person won 😢