Uber rider assaults driver after he canceled the trip and asked them to get out of his car due to the fact that he felt like he was being disrespected. He did call the cops and she was arrested later that night.

You'd think you'd be polite to the person coming to save your ass from a DUI.
Now she has a criminal record and her face is permanently on the internet.
Fuck people like this.
For real. Whenever I get an Uber drunk I treat my driver like a god for driving me home and thank them multiple times through the ride 😂
I kicked a car load of drunk assholes out of my car when the moron behind me put his arm around my neck when they were getting in. I don't think he meant to do anything to me, but fuck that. Don't put your hands on strangers.
Why were they assholes if that's all that happened?
So you kicked out a car load of drunk people and 1 asshole. Each person didn't individually put their arm around your neck, one guy did. Being drunk and getting an uber doesn't make you an asshole. Driving drunk makes you an asshole. Calling people assholes for something they didn't do makes you an asshole.
Came here for this!!! It sounded like he “dropped our friends off but wouldn’t pick up one more person.” Maybe they wanted him to carry more passengers than his car could fit during an earlier trip?
It’s very common for Uber passengers to save money by paying for a four person capacity car and have five people. By law and Uber policy they must refuse the extra passenger it is a huge liability if they’re in an accident or pulled over.
Drunk people are always the most obnoxious and entitled cunts. I'm glad the Uber driver didn't put up with it.
Yeah, and her dumb friend was shocked he's not just gonna sit there and let some obnoxious bitch hit him.
no, obnoxious entitled cunts are obnoxious entitled cunts. the drunkeness just reveals their true colors.
People are shitty regardless. Some people are just really shitty when they're drunk.
During my 20s I had many drunken Uber escapades and we always showed respect and never disrespected the driver.
We're there a couple times we were probably talking loud or something - probably. But not shitting on the driver.
Personally, I use to roll around in circles just like the people you see in this video, it's not the alcohol. It's them.
They start off by bringing up an issue in the past about him not taking on more passengers than he could legally (pretty sure what I heard).
Girls kinda shame him for it. He doesn't take it.
The guy with the girls is definitely no where near as drunk as the girls are and calls the guy a cunt because he refused to get shit on by shitty people.
While yes, drunk people can be assholes. You don't need to be drunk to be one and you get a group of people like this together and this is what you get.
Being drunk doesn't make someone an obnoxious entitled cunt. Being an obnoxious entitled cunt who gets drunk results in a drunk obnoxious entitled cunt.
I don't get the hostility towards people who have had drinks and take uber. You know who's REALLY the most obnoxious entitled cunts? Drunk drivers.
They're not entitled to anything. They just think they are.
That's why I stopped being a Uber driver at night. Dealing with drunks like that. Sucks for the friends that are keeping a cool.
Yeah when I do it, I have a hard stop and 10 or 11pm. I know you can make more money but it's not worth it to me
Also, what’s Uber’s policy for vomit in cars? It’s gotta happen at least once in a while. Do they pay for cleanup?
I'm gonna come up with a new service. I'll call it Drunkerd. It's for drunk people, and you get to act like a drunken idiot, but the trade off is the car is a panel truck with a back you can hose out and a window the driver can close and lock. I'd also have to figure out a way to make people get out without exposing the driver. Maybe the back could tilt like a dump truck.
..nobody in the video kept it cool. The dude called the driver a cunt, and the second chick also was disrespectful
Nobody should be speaking to an absolute stranger like that or putting their hands on them. WTF is wrong with people?
It's a rare disease called "entitled cuntiness"
Uber driver ain’t gonna put up witchyo SHIT!!!
He did the right thing. Don´t you guys know what happened in Miami a couple of years ago?
This was her apology as well:
Pretty sure she made it on to our sub
Was that bitch fired, I never found out other than she got put on administrative leave?
Arseholes and alcohol make for an annoying combination!
Good on him for keeping his cool.
That’s battery. Assault is the threat.
Either way she’s a piece of shit.
It’s actually both. Assault is when you have reasonable belief (by the reasonable person standard) that you’re about to receive imminent and intentional physical harm. The act of her throwing hands was the assault and the hit itself was the battery.
Seeing alot of comments calling him weak, this and that, its the principle thats what matters, all three of those people were rude AF and i bet if he choose to ride with them that lady next to him would talk shit to him all the way there, at the end of the day its the guys job and he has the right to refuse service to rude people like that, and to the people who said “oooo from a weak punch he called the cops” that is assault, if you decide to put your hands on someone else prepare to face the consequences, double standards too real here smarten up people, plus what happened if it was much worse, you think a drunk girl can’t do real damage, just wait until she starts kicking you with her high heels.
This is why I don't Uber drive in places known for their night life.
I mean wouldn't a person going to a nightlife area be coming from a residential area. The only way you'd be able to avoid it entirely is with only doing it in specific hours or only do one ride there then turn the app off and go back to your area which is counterintuitive if I'd say so. Cuz you'd lose money on gas returning to the area.
Cue the Narcissists: "he should have thicker skin", "being talked down to is part of customer service, get over it."
That guy in the back immediately knew there would "be issues" LOL
Of course he would, knowing such a bitch of an entitled cunt like that one
Dude knew it yet blamed the driver lol fk that guy
On one hand that was hardy damaging, more of a wimpy slap. On the other hand he shouldn't have to put up with disrespecting shitty people.
100% a weak little slap. Buuuuuut, 100% unnecessary and she has to learn the hard way you cant smack people without consequences.
Assault is assault, you can’t hit, spit on or even slap people. You know why this chick was so comfortable doing that? It’s because people like you have probably let her off for bullshit like this her entire life. But but but I mean it was just a wimpy slap, come on man. Are we gonna hold all genders to the same standards or just when we feel like it?
the amount of shit these guys have to put up with...fortunately they have cameras now.
imagine what it was like when that technology wasnt around to protect them
Imagine the Uber driver was female and a male slapped a woman Uber Driver.
Reddit is so fucking bias it’s sick.
What bias?
You're making up a scenario where she's being defended because she is a woman despite the top comments repeatedly calling her out, and then getting offended by this scenario you created.
I mean... good on him for being SUPER chill and handling that well
Dude was 100% right to cancel their ride and was well within his rights to call the cops. That said, I would be straight up too embarrassed to call the police and tell them I'd been 'assaulted' after such a limp-wristed sissy slap as that, even if the slapper was being an obnoxious bitch and fully deserved having the cops on her.
It's not about the severity, it's about sending a message. People that act like trash need to be shown they're trash.
Years of bartending have taught me that young, alcoholic women like this act like this because they know that unlike with young, alcoholic men, there will be no physical, financial, or legal consequences for their actions. This sent her a message.
I had a drunk crazy girl arrested for battery once while at work. The case was eventually dismissed because it kept getting continued and I had moved on so I didn't bother going to court for the 5th time, but she had to shell out a few grand for a lawyer. That sent her a message.
Your misguided sense of masculinity is not the point
We live in a society where touching people like that is inappropriate. That’s it
If the river had been a female and the passenger a male?
To be fair even a limp wrist slap can fuck you up if the person is wearing sharp rings.
And this right here is why people like this chick feel so entitled to strike people. Because people like you allow and embolden this type of attitude by give her a pussy pass for her consequences. Welcome to true equality.
I'm not condoning him calling the cops, but I could certainly see someone who deals with entitled drunk people on a regular bases, while just trying to do their job, having an over reaction to the smallest slight. I'd assume most people wouldn't just let it go if they were lightly tapped on the face with malicious intent, that's incredibly disrespectful.
Thank god someone agrees. That's some petty bullshit that just wastes everyone's time.
The girl in the back is surprised he's calling the police over a simple assault like that, yet if it were a female being hit by a man in such a matter, she would be the one calling the police.
TBH, I think the driver could be a little less pompous.
Pompous?! Really?!
i fully agree that if it was a woman it would be bloody murder, but she barely touched this man. He's just trying to get revenge for her mouthing off at him and to also get internet points, which is fuckin weak sauce imo. idk i just fucking hate this guy.
Uber driver isn’t a saint, he’s a youtuber who puts out videos about his passengers. He’s incredibly snarky and will kick passengers for minor reasons.
Im 1000% for shaming people who act like assholes, even without the girl touching him. If you get into my vehicle and disrespect me, Im gonna kick you up, and I would upload the video too in his spot...
Any of his vids where it isn't actually a reason? Or is it always technically a reason to kick them out just a bit of a...well seemingly small one
Uber drivers get rated. If you know you’re going to get disrespected AND a get a low rating there’s no point in driving these people. He’s doing a fantastic job.
Ohhhhh, so he acts like a bitch just for the views. Gotcha.
Manufactured drama, gotta love it!
Why is sociopath level elitism the standard for you? Why do you have to walk into every restaurant, store, public place etc. and treat someone like a slave and insist that's what customer service is?
these bitches gotta learn. good job
I hate everybody in this clip.
Nah the dude was chill and just wanted to go.
We're looking at the dregs of society, folks.
I love how the friend immediately starts to try and bully him out of it but he's just confidently pointing at the phone like "yah".
Probably saved himself from a very annoying and awkward trip by cancelling right then and there.
Just an observation, why would he call 9-1-1 that's not really an emergency. Do people freely use the emergency line for non-emergencies? As kids we were taught to learn the emergency and non-emergency lines, feel like in this scenario you're better off calling the local police directly if you just need a police officer. Sorry if this a strange thing to focus on but yeah I personally wouldn't have done that, was wondering what the typical thing to do.
I don't know about where you live, but where I live 911 connects to the county sheriff's office and the deputies there communicate with all the police/fire/EMS departments in the county. Every police department has its own separate non-emergency number and it used to be that some of them only had the non-emergency number staffed during daylight hours.
If this was a case of a noise complaint, yeah, he should've called the non-emergency number, but this was a crime involving alcohol and violence. You don't know how drunk violent people are going to react so it's best to call 911 to deal with them.
I dont even know the local police station number rip
English isn't my first language, could someone please tell me what is the girl saying?
She got into the car demanding why he wouldn't pick up a friend, and wasn't sure if she wanted to take a ride from him. Then said rudely, "I'm in the car now...go." Driver then tells her to get out and she says "Really? I'm in the car now." Then hits him on the way out.
For i sec there I thought the asian guy was the only one with a brain but was proven wrong real fast lol.
Funny how it’s usually drunk women in these videos.
Deckerz in North Myrtle?!
Without even knowing anything about this video I'm going to make a wild guess it was in Maryland. Just a feeling I've got.
look at all the karens in the comments actually taking the passengers' sides
Wouldn't that be battery?
Now I am gonna be self conscious getting a Lyft home from the union hall for my drunk ass
You lightly tapped my face, I'm calling 911.
Those girls sucked but that was a douche for calling the cops.
There’s consequences for your actions. Don’t hit people.
I'm sorry, but the Uber driver is a gigantic asshole. If you can't take a tiny bit of lip from customers, you shouldn't be doing a customer service job. Cancelling people and then stranding them for a little bit of attitude means you're not cut out to be an Uber driver.He's clearly looking for the slightest excuse to kick people out for his YouTube platform and should be banned from the Uber.
Also "tHaTs asSaUlt" lol like maybe it's the lowest level of misdemeanor assault but depending on the state it might not be - there's no intent to cause bodily harm and she'd clearly not an actual threat. At most she'd get a fine or like 5 hours of community service. They're not great either but honestly I think both parties were assholes in this situation.
Also I'm calling bullshit on her being arrested. It's at most the lowest level of misdemeanor assault and that's not severe enough for an arrest. They'd mail her a summons to appear in court.
“Ohh that’s assault “ I fucking hate that. Don’t be a pussy.
god this guy is such a fuckin pussy
Alright buddy, deep breaths, we don’t want tears. Just breathe in and out.
Roxanne! Roxanne! All she want to do is party all night.
God I'm glad I'm no longer that guy.
It's always white girls. American girls are no good
Fuck that bitch, BUT he is 100% wasting 9-11/police resources over that nothingburger "slap". And he probably lost money waiting around for the cops, who probably took their time because he must have had to admit on the phone that the woman wasn't even in his car anymore. Somewhere in that city there is a domestic violence call that is going unanswered because cops are taking his statement. Also, this has the feel of a driver only driving for Youtube views, hoping to get into confrontations. He doesn't have an angry look on his face, he has a smug one.
“Assault” lol
She hit him, no?
How would you describe hitting a person who is posing no threat to you or the people around you but simply told you to leave their vehicle after you were rude to them?
I have a feeling you're entitled while sober.
Hahaha. How bout you eat a bag of dicks?🤔
- unwanted physical contact
Imagine if he actually called the cops for assault and then has to show this footage lol
Sucks to suck. No one in this video won.
A decent taxi driver would slap the bitch back and still take the fare.
That driver would find themselves in jail
You sound like an idiot. Nobody likes you
The guy was nice Wait never mind
reddit libs are so angry when drunk and confronted with their bullshit. it's sad, really.