Gotta put your foes in their place with grace!

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look at my ^programming
That was the slickest back-hand I ever did see! My lord
I never get tired of watching the slow mo repeat of this dude's epic slap.
Pimp hand is strong in this one
That was the slickest backhand I've seen 10 days in a row in this sub
It seems more like a windpipe crush
Downright elegant
How bout that foot lock!
That man said a lil prayer to his hand and sent him to god
I wish I could poor but I'm gold
I wish I could gold this but I'm poor
Give this man a gold! (I'm poor too)
Give me gold
THAT young man for sure an older brother.
I wish someone had screamed "WOOOOOOO" like Ric Flair after that slap
The people's back hand
Style points
I like watching this repost. Can’t say that about a lot of posts.
agreed, something about it slaps the spot
He infused his hand with nen breath. Brilliant.
Hatsu intensifies
Worlds best backhand, hands down.
I don't care how many times this is reposted. I enjoy it every single time.
Yep. This one and the one where the giant man confronted some punks in a diner. That one is awesome too.
Someone has to have the original. I can’t find it. Here’s a link googled.
This is straight out of Bollywood
Wow. That's beautiful.
Damn, he got slapped into a past life. He's back to living as a rice paddy farmer in Vietnam in the 1960's.
If cocaine were a man...
He is dead now
This will stand the test of time.
Damn! The swag walk at the end. Normally I hate knockout vids but that was just impressive
Re-post, but it will never get old.
He slapped the SOUL out that man
This gets reposted everyday. This sub is going to shit
He even shocked himself with that pimp slap, judging by the little jump he makes
Right my turn to repost! Mom said stop being selfish.
You got it tomorrow
Oh shit- I don't think we even have that attack on my continent.
I would love to have this as a finishing move in Mortal Kombat!
That was flawless...
I’ve seen this video a thousand times but it’s still gold
that was fucking gorgeous.
Saliva adds 100% damage.
Everytime that clip gets an up vote, Ric Flare "Wooo!"'s in the wild.
He had to put a little English on it
"What did the five fingers say to the face!?"
The question is, how many time has this been reposted?
Repost. Coudnt even edit it the slightest
I know this is a repost but I don't care. The footwork, the breathing on the hand, the backhanded slap, the shuffle and look back afterwards - everything makes this perfect.
All that was missing was some baby powder. Keep that pimp hand strong!
How is this getting reposted already?
It’s been a month of them. It’s compelling.
The secodn Slap-heard-round-the-world.
Always great entertainment at Tacos Mexico
He legit bitch slapped his ass into next week
foo just knocked out ghetto tarzan with a backhand slap.
He did it with Flair! Wooooooooo!
That dude’s spine will never be the same.
His breath was like a buff that added heat damage. Either way, slick hit.
Remember the fight scene in Lloyd's dream in Dumb & Dumber?
That's what this reminds me of.
Can we get this guy and the slap heard around the world guy to team up and fight crime?
The world's most sublime pimp-slap. Rick Flair... you've been put on notice.
Can’t we all just get along?
I think I'm in love
I'd be willing to bet almost anything that guy #2 does backyard wrestling for a "living".
I like how he looks at the camera before back handing him. Lmao.
Oooo his mom I felt that
That mans unborn children felt that back hand!
This is Deff at a Tacos Mexico
I still don't understand why the fuck he licked his hand first
Either be breathed on it or licked it. Licking it would make the slap hurt worse.
Source: Am a younger brother.
Smack someone and then lick your hand and smack them again and then ask which was worse.
Omg So clean it looks fake
Bitch smack of the century
Dat finisher!
That’s one hell of a finishing move.
That's what happens when you don't want to wear the rrrribbon!!!
That mf kissed his hand LOL
Never thought you would be able to hear someone lick their hand...
Finish him!
I have seen this gif so many times, and it still makes me giggle.
Looking like a WWE finisher
He literally tasted the back of his hand
When black out drunk people pick fight with sober people :^)
Ric Flair and WALTER out here smiling in approval
That mother fucker has been waiting his entire life for that moment. He saw that opportunity and made not only the kid inside him proud but the bitch ass outside fuckin fall over.
This needs a JoJo effect!
He reminds me of the salt off the elbow guy
This is my new favorite thing on the internets device
No matter how many times this is posted I still think it's sick
Slapped him so hard he sent this video into the future for me to see again.
Falcon SLAP!
I’m so confused as to who is fighting who here.
Even though it's a repost, I think it's one worth reposting.
The Jesus does NOT fuck around.
I dont think I've ever seen a backhand like that!!!!
Whew. Keep your pimp hand strong.
Back again and I still love it.
I want to bear his children
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Wait a minute...wrestling is real?!? Somebody better clear this up before i go find my dad and hit him with one those thunder chops
"And the award for 10th repost of the day before noon goes to....this post! Congratulations! Come on down and claim your prize!"
I feel really bad for that guy. Right when he turned his back and started walking away, his friend slapped the shit out of that other guy. If he had just watched for another few seconds, he would have witnessed the glory, but he missed it.
forward forward triangle
His walk away was even perfect, and how he stopped his friend like “ Don’t worry I got this.”
I just love this so much.
He had better had yelled a "Wooooo" with that Ric Flair chop!
It’s not his first time doing that slap.
It might be fancy but it still looks like unnecessary assault to me 🤷🏿‍♂️
The mods take the sticky post away for two days and boom there it is again.
Don’t care however many times this is reposted, can’t miss a day w/o seeing this backslap of destruction
This is one of those reposts that I rewatch twice every time. I can’t help it...
this is cool and all, but ive seen this reposted on this sub like 7 times.
Please start downvoting these reposts
Especially one thats been posted a hundred times.
What a backhand
pure slapstick goodness right here
Dude got Rick Flair'd
Smooth move Magoo.
I would pay to have my picture taken with this legend
This is one of my favorite videos! Gotta love it.
Did he really lick his hand before the backhand slap
The ol’ Rick flare!
"The Stylin', profilin', limousine ridin', jet flyin', kiss stealin', wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun!....WOOOOOO!"
It sure can be If you crush the larynx
The fact that dude was staring at the person filming from the time he licked his hand to the moment right after he nails that back hand seals it for me.
I love this video. The way dudes body bends over the chair and collapses is hilarious
I don’t know the backstory but I can tell that the kid that got knocked out is a hell of a lot smaller. If I were either bigger guy I would be embarrassed acting like that after I knocked him out. As far as I’m concerned that slap was kicking a man while he’s down and a punk bitch move.
What I see if a fight between two bigger guys and a smaller dude getting involved when he has no business doing so. The two bigger guys then both turn on the smaller guy. The biggest of the two bigger guys simply gives smaller guy a light tap before walking away, but second bigger guy is having none of it, licks the back of his hand, and slaps smaller guy into oblivion. The lesson for us all here is to mind your own damn business when you see two bigger guys fighting each other.
I don't care how many times this has been reposted...this shit is hilarious
This is one of the greatest videos ever. The fact he did this in the heat of the moment is killing me right now!
I thought mods were banning people for posting this after it was literally being reposted every 30 minutes, guess they gave up.
Ooo Ms. Pac Man