What are you working on? - Week 01, 2020

What are you working on?: 06-Jan-2020

I'm working on my thesis; I'm doing a cross calibration of the Fermi and Konus gamma telescopes, and beta testing some new spectral fitting software.
I'm studying Thermodynamics for physicists. Holy shit that involves so many differentials.
I found it quite nauseating my first time around, but if you have the time and interest, I would recommend taking a look at statistical mechanics. It is essentially the microscopic theory of thermodynamics. Furthermore, if you know some quantum, quantum statistical mechanics is really fun and interesting. Learning these makes understanding thermo a lot easier in my opinion.
Everything swells with heat .. lol rule of thumb , mostly 😉
Idk yet, today is my first day of class :)
Good luck! Hopefully you enjoy it!
Currently studying quantum field theory for my exam Thursday. Let's hope for the best
Good luck!
Doing the same, exam a bit later though. Good luck to us indeed!
Protein folding of intrinsically disordered polypeptides in full molecular dynamics (MD) and protein oligomerization using discrete MD. Always hated biology and now I'm a biophysicist. 🤷‍♂️
Trying to finish a paper that has data going back two years... had some other experiments slowing the writing process down the last year but I made some significant progress over the break without any collaborators asking me for things or tests to study for.
Hopefully I can get a new draft to my boss within a week. I still have some analysis to redo, but it could happen!
Only two years? One of my first tasks is to finish off the submission for a paper where the experiment was in 2011!
Not really science related, but I'm working on applying for different universities to transfer as a Physics major. Very excited to follow my passion. Hoping for the best.
That was me this time last year! Where are you applying?
Murdering myself with citations.
I'm currently working on a project for my thermodynamics course. We have to design and make a cooling system only using 2 bicycle pumps. We are now looking into the implementation and functionality of a regenerator in this system.
Extracted white phosphorus from pee, it's nothing compared to these other comments but I thought it's pretty cool for a 15 year old
That is pretty cool! What's your setup like, how are you doing it?
Graph theory and analysis
oh boy, here I see mathematics again. Are you trying to innovate or just studying?
Collecting the bibliography for a chapter of my thesis. Everyone warned me about putting it off, but I noted all places that would need citations while writing and now it's just a matter of hunting down (or writing) Bibtex snippets.
Do you use any sort of citation software?
Search the citation in, then click cite (quote icon), then click BibTex, cut and paste.
I'm working on a list of grad schools for gravitational physics or possibbly graphene materials engineering and feel completely overwhelmed after taking approx. 2 years off to help my mother settle my grandmother's (dilapidated) estate.
I'd love to work with cosmology but feel as though I have FAR too little computational experience to want to go headstrong into it. I love theoretical but the chances of getting finding for a theoretical degree at a master's level is unyeildingly slim.
Graphene has had my heart since inattempted to work out a theoretical ion propulsion mechanism for deep space travel.
Anyone with advice out there would be GREATLY appreciated.
Are you looking in Europe, the US, or somewhere else?
Building a model along with some first order analysis for a new kind of Electromagnetic Machine. Considering a foray into FEA and finally, preparing some initial lecture notes for the EM Fields course I will be teaching this semester.
A new kind of electromagnetic machine? That sounds interesting, can you elaborate?
Investigating unexpectedly large vertical wind structures and effects on dust transport in complex terrain.
Trying to really grasp some quantum theory. Got Bohm's book this past summer, and I've been rereading E&M and modern (Physics of the Atom) to make sure I have the proper background to understand what's goin on in the quantum realm. (Little Marvel humor there.) Also planning to pick up a copy of Eistein's book on general relativity today! I've requested Maxwell's two volumes through interlibrary loans. Really want to read the original texts here and get my own feel for Maxwell's and Einstein's perspective rather than secondhand accounts. (I'm a mathematician, so the diff. geo. and Fourier analysis stuff is already in my toolkit, which is convenient.)
I might also use some code I wrote for my (math) research to see if I can find almost syzygies in astronomical data. (A post on reddit helped me get the data, which is cool!)
30 applications?!
I just started my semester. Only physics courses I'm doing so far is molecular and thermal physics. Some astronomy if that counts. I'm also considering changing my major back.
Doing freelance research on hydrodynamic phonon transport for potential application in bulk materials with defects and impurities for thermal interface materials
I’m currently running an algorithm to differentiate between tumor and non tumor tissues using gene expressions. I’m running matlab on a school computer which seems to have the equivalent computational power of a microwave...
Middle school w/ little education in physics. Trying to jump headfirst into programming as I have heard that it is an important part of astrophysics(maybe?)
So far mediocre experience Wish me luck
Keep it up. It pays off, even if you decide astrophysics isnt for you; all kinds of science need computer specialists.
STR, Condensed Matter, Particle and Nuclear Physics...
Drafting new test methods for a product and spec'ing a high end server computer for simulations of nucleation and condensation physics.
Planning a training for some simulations in OpenFOAM.
We just started our Particle Physics topic, learnt about electron and proton charges, and rest masses plus how to find specific charge
It's the finals week, so reviewing stuff I took this semester. Not(hing) interesting really.
Good luck!
Determination of the practical sizes of polymer granulates (EVA and/or SBS) in bitumen by UV-microscopy. (Belgian Road Research Center)
Follow up will be checking the differences in Tg at different mixing times by DSC and DSR.
I am preparing for my exams: statistics and quantum 1.
Studying through Morin's classical mechanics for my final in 2 weeks!
On a research team manufacturing a 5ft wingspan autonomous plane to compete in a national competition later this year :) and working on making cost effective EKG’s with a tech startup NPO
I'm just a student and I study solid mechanics this time of period :)
I have to write down what i want to work on for my master thesis to gat a scholarship for that. The problem is I still have to study the exact subject, since I chose it to learn it
Studying for my upcoming exams, Thermodynamics, Statistical physics, Waves & Optics and good old Mathematical Physics. Looking forward for these ones being over so we can start the new topics in lectures.
Working on my last year's project finishing my degree. Its on modelling the effect of paramagnetic nanoparticles on the NMR signal of water molecules, mainly programming stuff.
I'm an engineer working on optimizing our control system to limit vibration at high rpms. I dont post here often because today is the first job as an engineer I have had that actually was physics related.
Studying for my Electromagnetism exam next week. Any advice?
Harmonic oscillators in quantum. Not sure what of though. Class starts in half an hour
Im trying to understand cal 3 :)))))
Reading a lot of Brian Greene while balancing my school physics (Newtonian Mechanics). High school physics sucks. I am not saying Newtonian Mechanics does, but our teacher just made it so...monotonous, you know?
PhD applications
Rutherford’s scattering experiment and Bohr’s quantisation condition ;)
I'm trying to learn the system for naming inorganic compounds, because I have to take a chemistry module this year even though I'm studying physics :(
Im building a gun that shoots bombs that shoot knives
Well at the moment I’m just learning the absolute basics. This is really interesting tho. Any recommendations?
Officially started writing my thesis! Only two paragraphs for now tho. Looking forward to when it's finished. Any tip on the writing is much appreciated!
latex for writing the document, you can also use software to handle the bibliography and citations (it also works on word), scihub to unlock paid papers or sometimes you can just email the autor.
I'm waiting on my collaboration to give feedback and approve my abstract for the April APS meeting.
Trying to write program to build potential energy surface via Chebyshev and Legandre polynomial approximation. Never felt so dumb before.
I'm doing practice problems for IPhO
Trying to finish writing up my PhD thesis before I start my new job. 5 chapters down, only 1 to go.
I am working on a horrendous research involving Korshunov instantons for my thesis.
I'm working on several projects that shake, bake and freeze airplane electronics among various things. Goals are to find design flaws so stuff doesn't die while in flight and make planes go boom.
Running DFT simulations on a new set of scaffolds that stabilize base metal metallobenzenes and a whole host of other molecules that normally fall apart.
Applying for research intern position(for undergrad) for May - Aug 2020 period. If you know of any such openings, please let me know. : )
Look up NSF's REU programs. Tons of research programs for undergrads available over the summer across America, as far as I know.
I’m working on some white hole theories.
Actually in highschool, getting into projectile motion. In the high school physics way that ignores all resistance and assumes everything is perfect including the alignment of the stars. I'm practically begging to do something more difficult. I know it's stupid and I'll look back at this me as a dying college student and shudder, but I really enjoy the physics I've gotten so far. Even when it's pissed me off. Can't wait for things like ideal rocket equations and such.
Building a multi-laser excitation Raman spectrometer, nanothermometry, metal detection, energy storage, and ionic liquid imaging. 2/5 are strictly chemistry and I don’t use much real physics.
I am currently using a radio telescope to find/verify the shape of our galaxy and how it moves. Very cool and fun research.
I am trying to study in-depth about FRBs and a possible explanation regarding correlation of their existence and location on CMBR map.
Building a spacecraft system that dynamically converts orbital state vectors from Earth-Centered-Inertial Mean-of-Date reference frames to Earth-Centered-Inertial True-of-Date reference frames efficiently by using the quaternions!
Not sure if this counts considering im still in high school but im designing a small calculator out of systeemborden (its in dutch because i can’t find the English equivalent) its for our open house and we don’t have a lot of them so it will sadly enough only be able to calculate 1-3 + 1-3. Requiring 9 of these bords which are about 400 cm2 each.