First death in Philippines by 2019 novel coronavirus

News reports last Friday said that while the woman was ncov positive and asymptomatic, her boyfriend tested negative but was in critical condition. And now he's dead and he's positive for ncov afterall...
This is different guys.
He's the partner of the 1st confirmed case. Dapat talaga ma back-trace yung mga nakahalubilo nila while andito sa pinas.
impossible bulok systema. Inantay pa may makapasok bago iban sobrang tanga.
Yup. Traveled from HK > Cebu > Dumaguete > Manila, took CebPac, CebGo, and then PAL to return to Manila. Arrived in Manila Jan. 21 (this is all according to a Rappler article about the first confirmed case).
So just figuring it out, they probably arrived in the Philippines maybe a week before Jan. 21, which would have them just in time for Sinulog or Langgub in Dumaguete. Here's hoping that they don't like festivals.
sabi negative daw siya. ang bilis tapos ngayon deceased na yung patient?
Malamang naka-ikot na dito kung saan-saan yung mga posibleng nahawaan nila.
As if kaya mung kilalanin lahat ng tao nakasiksikan mo sa MRT, buses, jeep.
Imbento ba tayo ng auto FB add within proximity? Ohh may start up idea 🤯🤯🤯
Wait.. does this mean that this is the first death outside China?
makes me worried na kulang yung quality ng healthcare dito na sa atin yung naunang death outside china
Yes, a wuhan person who went here.
Also chinese siya.
Yes. The first death of novel coronavirus outside China.
I wonder if the change in travel restriction policy is related.
could it be that sa ibang lugar hindi pa reported ?
Twitter post says it's the second death in the philippines.
I hope for the safety of the medical staff attending the patient. They have direct contact to the disease and I hope they are quarantined
Yeah I hope they are wearing more than surgical masks for respiratory protection or this could go exponential.
lets monitor the developments closely and remain vigilant
I'll be surprised if they announce that it's because of another complication not related to NCoV like the first guy who was a suspected case yet they say died because of HIV and not NCoV.
Makes me wonder kung baka wala nang pangbayad ang mga iyan. Mahal ang ventilator at pagamot kapag severe pneumonia. I doubt sagot iyan ng PH government. Out of their own pocket iyan.
We are FIRST again!!
Phillipines nambuh wan
Phillipines nambuh wan
First fatality outside China... We are the first for all the wrong reasons. Also, 44 yo - he is relatively young since most of the fatalities are greater than 50 yo. Maybe due to second rate medical care.
Sounds like there were other complications as well but I’m no doctor
Looks like
Ayan kaya nag announce na ng ban si Duterte force to good sya dahil may namatay na outside of China
Stay safe everyone..
We should all be careful at this point. The two of them arrived in the PH on Jan 21 and were only admitted to the hospital on Jan 25. That means that for 4 days, they were free to roam around as they pleased, and in that time, they've reportedly traveled to both Cebu and Dumaguete from Manila on PAL and CebPac flights, possibly infecting a lot of people. Kaya wag muna lumabas kung di kailangan, and as much as possible, iwasan ang mga lugar na may madaming tao, madala ng rubbing alchohol para sa mga kamay, and whatever you do, DON'T RUB YOUR EYES, DON'T PICK YOUR NOSE, and DON'T PUT YOUR HANDS IN YOUR MOUTH kung di yan sanitized.
I think most Filipinos are overreacting so far, but I must admit that this is very likely. Anyone on those flights and really anyone in close contact with those two should probably be tested for the virus. They could have infected a lot of people.
It’s possible they just flew to Manila via dumaguete. Akala ko Not all flights are direct But yea anglaki ng problema
This is very interesting. We're waiting for more details about this death. Hopefully a hospital autopsy was done and would be shared soon.
Sure publication ito in a good journal actually if they documented everything right. 1st international death.
They discovered that he’s positive after his death? San na ung dont panic dun? Ptay kna bgo k pa lng madiagnose 😩
How sad. That’s Ph healthcare. Kawawa naman ang bansa natin.
mas nagaalala ako sa kakayahan ng mga ospital dito ihandle yang ncov
Our private hospitals would rather not treat them because it would hurt business if people found out.
Gumaling konti, pero patay pa rin.
San Lazaro Hospital is now ground zero. I hope the personnel there are very careful...
I feel like the DOH is hiding the actual number of ncov patients. There was only one reported case of the virus before today, tapos ngayon 1 died na from a patient na na-admit sa hospital from Jan 25 pa naman.
His tests returned negative that's why they didn't count him as a positive case. He was then tested again and it showed that he carried the virus afterall. (Which is highly possible because he's the boyfriend of the first case)
We're fucked. Plain and simple.
Best to strengthen my immune system and let the universe decide who lives and who dies.
Remain calm and self police yourselves . :)
close down the borders please
Our benevolent president through the mouth of Bong Go /s closed our borders to Mainland China and some of its territories.
It is quite unique why the Govt could not divulge the airline flights these two passengers rode so that all passengers will be aware and take the necessary actions. What's the main reason behind this stupidity? This action creates more confusion and misinformation. The govt should be more transparent in order to control this disease.
DOH already knows and is tracing where the confirmed case went in the country:
PAL released a statement on their Facebook page with the flight details. Pretty sure they're already monitoring every one on that flight.
Duterte is controlling the information not the virus.
Here. We. Go.
Hey everyone. Just curious- why do some people here type in English and Tagalog together? I’m not too familiar with the Philippines so just genuinely curious
Code-switching is very common in the Philippines. Also, english is widely spoken. With so many dialects and languages in the Philippines, outside of Filipino, English is a language that many can understand.
Also, we were colonised by the Americans for 48 years and as recent as the 90s, they had military bases here.
It's called code switching. Philippines has 2 official languages (Filipino and English).
ELI5 answer: some Tagalog words are much harder and longer to pronouncetype compared to their English counterparts. Also, majority of the population grew up in bilingual (Tagalog-English, Bisaya-English, etc.) households, thus the prevalence of TagLish as others have said.
My spouse grew up speaking Bisaya-Ilonggo-Tagalog without realizing which is which. Even now, I still get unfamiliar words from my spouse during a TagLish conversation as I only know Tagalog and have to ask what language was that unfamiliar word.
Masabi ko lang, sa sobrang gipit ng DOH, yung kurtina naging tablecloth na.
mag welcome pa tayo ng iba with open arms para di tayo racists.
pindutin ang f upang magbayad ng respeto
I have a flight to Cebu tomorrow. How is the atmosphere regarding nCoV and travel in the Philippines at the moment?
I'm flying from South Korea by the way.
the DOH is only doing DAMAGE CONTROL PR to save face because prior they said they got the virus under control But NOT the case
as one already died here in PH, so people CanNOT be blamed for wearing Mask as a PREVENTION since NO CURE YET for Coronavirus and that is a fact
so mga tabogo dds ano na ang percentage ng fatality sa Pinas? taenang mga to
Hinde pinas ang dahilan ng kamatayan niya. Maraming complications na ang health tsaka nagka nCOV pa
I should sell my stocks. Ganna need added liquidity to pay for the hospital bills, tho I doubt my humble portfolio means much hahahaha.