Small bird hitching a ride on an Eagle's back

I have seen this quite a few times living in Washington State. Crows will team up and harass large birds of prey as they hunt. Since the crows are so much more agile they can get their licks in without much risk, the large bird usually gets tired of it and moves on. Awesome picture!!!
It’s awesome seeing this when this happens. Early summer is generally best to see this in Seattle because the crows are extra defensive because they have chicks and there are more bald eagles here at that time it seems.
Here in Ontario crows are the ones getting mobbed, they’re naughty egg/ chick snatchers. But I have definitely seen crows mob bald eagles when they are around, which seems to be less often in my area
Last month I saw a hawk carrying a fledgling crow high tailing it through trees and between buildings like the Millenium Falcon dodging tie fighters.
Well, until they run into Cooper's Hawk's then the tables turn. They are like aerial Cheetahs... Turn and burn!
I have witnessed birds mobbing my cat and also a coyote
Blackbirds will do this to hawks as well, always kinda amusing to see.
How does this happen?
It's actually attacking, or "mobbing".
Hims was tired
I think similar to how aerial refueling work, just this time the smaller one gets on the top.
Uber Bird.
Attacking. I see them all the time doing this. Mockingbirds are relentless.
Pecking away at the eagle's self esteem
Blue jays are also pretty vicious. Its amazing to watch when all the different types of birds team up to chase off a bird of prey.
Edit: spelling
me and some friends were attacked by a mob of mockingbirds down in Key West when I was growing up...we were kids, and I think we were harassing them...not sure. They were relentless for sure...we ran screaming into our houses.
Bird is carrying a snake
Looks like leather strap more so than snake
Naw, he’s just flaccid.
Good catch..! The raptor's a Crested Serpent Eagle!
We don’t have much. But we do have eagles. I’m a eagle rider.
It’s a flight sharing business for birds... it’s called “Lift”.
I think it’s actually called a Birds Eye View
That poor little bird’s buddies are never going to believe this actually happened.
"This is so ridiculous" "The higher i am the more i can see" "Y-you can fly" "Hush now Gregory i am searching"
Actual footage of me being carried in duos
When I was in the Air Force I remember seeing this photo, or one very similar to it, being used to describe the relationship between navigators and pilots.
Can you describe that relationship?
I saw a small bird pecking at a hawk one day. The hawk literally pulled in its wings as it rolled over, grabbed the bird, fell from the sky, and drove the little bird into the ground. Like it was the most brutal thing I’ve ever seen.
This is what the crow sees
You know nothing, Jon Hexorg.
Came here for this!
They'd rather give other birds a ride before helping the fellowship destroy the ring...
I’m flying, Jack!
“Faster!” whip!
It's not really hitching a ride, it's attacking the bigger bird to chase it off.
Gandalf is that you !?
Underrated comment
I'd like to think it is this bird holding the camera for this vid from the front page
I'd love to know what they're saying to each other
What is hanging down in the back?
Looks like the eagle is clutching a snake. Snack time!
Is that a Caracara?
i see a Disney movie in the offing.
Looks like Ego in Guardians Vol. 2.
Clever girl.
Freedom rider
Looks like a drongo mobbing a serpent eagle. You can even see a snake dangling from its talons.
The raptor looks like it’s probably a
I’m not sure what the brave little attacker is yet, though.
A Black Drongo
someone said crow, but that would put the eagle at too large, right?
Yeah, sorry, but if they were attached the CoP would be way too far up for stable flight. Also the bird on top would be eating a face full of wind
He's just doing his impression of Jack and Rose on the bow of the Titanic.
Awesome my new wallpaper
We see that all the time with magpies and hawks down in NZ
The eagle’s face looks like it’s thinking
This is definitely a different intimidation tactic from the owl and wood pecker from the post earlier this week
Haters will say its photoshopped
Best picture ever.
He protecc He atacc But most importantly he ride on eagles’ bacc
Reminds me of
How did no one make an avatar reference?
Toruk Makto
Surfing bird!
This is so dumb, you can fly.
Hush now Gregory, I am searching.
“Backkkkkkkkkk doooorrrrr!!”
NATO country riding on the back of America.
The eagle looks perplexed.
Taken by photographer Liu Chia-Pin.
How can that eagle carry the weight of that bird with it's huge balls on his neck?
How it felt hanging out with your dad as a kid when he was the baddest dude you knew.
My dumb American ass was looking for the red white and blue in the feathers.
Asshole or grasshole, no birdie rides for free!
Looks like a CEO on their employees back.
“The way I had it figured, toruk is the baddest cat in the sky. Nothing attacks him. So why would he ever look up?”
This small bird watched the original opening to Pokemon, it seems.
-Herman The Turtle
Can i gat an Iber XL?
Definition of riding bareback I guess.
Gotta find the weak spot to save ur gf
When you give someone a ride and they backseat drive the entire goddamn time
Wind surfing
I sadly thought this eagle was wearing a tiny blue bandana until I zoomed in. It’s from those shitty Eagle T-shirts that you cant help but take in at Walmart.
This is adorable😘
Little dude is just taking a freedom flight in 'Merica
They're both riding the snake.
Is this how we got that bird’s eye footage?
The big bird realized he cant do shit about it with his wings and his eyes say "This is not right ! But i have to roll with it"
licat volare si super tergum aquila volat
He protec. He attak. He ride big birds back.
Sky surfer
[Small bird's perspective] (
Now we know who was holding the camera in that amazing “Birdseye” video.
I always wondered how they got this
That’s the rare UberEagle.
I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea...
Fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me..
More like the raven was like “You stole my snake asshole!”
This is me all day, a majestic as fuck bald eagle, who somehow manages to let ain't shit motherfuckers ride for free... smh
The eagles face tho... "Why the fuck are you on me!?"
That eagle looks like it’s wearing a do-rag!