Episode Discussion: S03E06 "No Beast So Fierce"

Airdate: June 5th, 2016

So to recap... Ethan's not evil? Maybe? Just a phase? I don't even know.
Sir Malcolm is still a badass.
Rusk will hopefully be reunited with his arm in the afterlife.
Vanessa basically called it like it is. "Everytime I have sex we all might die, but hey, let's do it, guy who's obsessed with night creatures!"
Dorian's like "shit this is getting out of hand."
And the creature has another sad.
But really though, exciting episode. Tension rising. I like it.
The Dorian character has been easy to make fun of, even if his character is well done. But tonight added the characteristic which seemed super necessary and lacking entirely in the series. He was concerned. A bored immortal who is exploring the taboo to extremes? Cool. We got that the first 2 seasons and are on board.
His undead immortal lover is gathering followers who may oppose his position and status as an ancient being? And perhaps even threaten him? It's an "oh shit" moment for an immortal if there ever was one.
I saw it as Ethan was tempted and decided to stick his toe (and dick) in it to see if it made him feel better. One could even argue that Hecate might have been influencing him with her witch stuff or whatever. However, when Hecate died and his father put his faith to an actual test, "Are you going to kill your father in the house of God?!" he reached a place where he knew crossing that line meant not being able to go back. With that ultimatum in his mind, he realized this was not his path and decided not to cross the line.
Letting Hecate snake some men he didn't know, fucking the devil's animal, and killing henchmen are not the same (to Ethan) as murdering his father in a church. It was like throwing cold water on a sleeping person, they come to their senses really fucking quickly.
After discussing tricks with the new sword fighter girl I was hoping a crucifix would get ejected from Miss Ives bouncing cleavage and land on dracula's chest and burst into flame or something. Maybe next time?
If Dorian thinks you're going overboard, perhaps some self-assessment is in order.
Great recap! I like how you summed up Dorian's the best. The looks on his face tonight were priceless.
That was kind of heart breaking. I wonder if he will play a role in the major plot line this season.
bahahahah killer recap
the fact that dorian is concerned (read: jealous) is a amazing. creature has another sad!!! ahahahha best description of him
I honestly think Dorian is there for the good time/thrill of it all. But now that he's not having so good a time with Lily, I think he's going to try to dispose of her or at least take her down a peg. I don't blame him though cause things are getting pretty out of hand.
Hello Imhotep/The Mummy.
Lily/Dorian might come into conflict with Dracula's vampire crew. It's a lot of vampires to kill. And vampires are the ultimate feeders - and these women are tired of being fed upon. It could make a thematic sort of sense. But those women aren't signing up to fight vampires either so I don't know. But Lily/Dorian aren't just dancing in blood anymore, there's something building there and it has to lead to something. And they will probably have a schism as was portrayed this episode.
Ferdinand Lyle leaving is such a bummer.
Dorian's now realizing that he made a little bit of a mistake (out of boredom) with Lily and he will use Victor to fix it.
Caliban killed sweet old Van Helsing and for that I'll never forgive him. I am undrstand his plights, but I really wish the writers hadn't done that so I can root for him. Just because you have a shitty life does not grant you the right to make life shitty to others AND still get sympathy.
holy shit fucking savage Sir Malcolm
Loved it. I half expected it though at the dinner table. You could tell Malcolm did not like how Ethan's father was taunting him. He was shocked that Ethan was involved in the slaughter of his family, but he still stuck by Ethan anyway. This is one of those moments where you just have to love Malcolm. He can be a total bastard, it's true, but he's definitely learned something from his mistakes and he clearly does not want Ethan to make the same mistake even though he might realize now that Ethan killed Sembene and what he is. Not sure about that. How much Malcolm actually knows about Ethan's curse?
I missed the old Sir Malcolm so much! That final scene...cold as hell.
Nice parallel to the guy at the table earlier.
Ethan's face, though. Ooooh boy.
Thhhee Mmmummmyyy!!!!!
YESSS. Ihmmotep!
Oh boy. Well. That escalated real quick.
Right? All the problem characters got dead all of a sudden. Hey, at least now the story redirects completely to the big fight. Which is going to be big because Vanessa can't keep it in her bloomers.
Dorian is going to help Victor take down Lily. Calling it right now!
Do not read if you don't watch promos!
Catriona is a great addition to the already kick-ass ladies in this series! I just finished reading Tigana, which also has a strong female by that name, so I was extra excited. Even though I know Hecate was evil, and I don't want Ethan to be evil, I did feel sad she died. I guess that's how I know this is a good show.. The characters are all multi dimensional. Glad we got to see more of her this season. Some of her parts were actually kind of humorous, like when she was just chowing down at the dinner table with Ethan despite all the drama.
Certainly disappointed that she's gone. She's been crazy fun.
That being said.. Catriona, even if she was a little forced in the character replacement category, I think I'm down with her (even though she was super accepting of Vanessa really quickly..)
I'm convinced that Catriona is Dracula in disguise, given that throwaway line about how he can alter who he is and has done so through the centuries. And she was far too accepting about Vanessa's candid explanation of being chased by an immortal dark creature.
Which character is from the curse of the mummy?
Maybe Season 4?
Mr Lyle accidentally releases The Mummy and enlists the help of the only people who can fix it. I hope so as I would miss not seeing Mr. Lyle again.
Did they have to make Vanessa and Dracula's boning so sweet and passionate? How am I supposed to hate evil Dracula when I want to jump his bones myself!
No kidding. When she cries at the end and holds him... damn, I love them together. If only he weren't evil... But I guess as they say, Dracula is a seducer.
Christian Camargo, man, I'm telling you.
Oh man! What an episode. Usually I have something kinda well thought out to say, but I'm just gonna rattle off a few things here:
-I've always had a love hate relationship with Sir Malcolm, but what he did tonight...certified bad ass now.
-That awkward dinner tho...
-Gonna miss Lyle. He was truly a delight.
-Poor Caliban. Almost cried during the scene with him and his son.
Now onto the whole Lily/Dorian/Frankenstein thing cause I do actually have a cohesive thought pattern for this. I think we're finally going to get some of what we've been waiting for. Dorian actually going off the rails and doing something. I knew it was only a matter of time before Dorian got tired of being marginalized when Lily adopted this whole "girl power" thing. There's nothing in it for him. It doesn't even look like he gets to have blood orgies with them so of course he's going to want to take Lily down a peg. He's not feeling equal anymore. And that Justine girl is out of control! He's definitely going to help Frankenstein "tame" Lily.
Ethan's Grace was The Most 14 Years Old. Like a kid mad at his parents for making him go to church.
Dorian will turn on Lily because he can't handle being subservient to a woman. His bloodkissing days are numbered.
Also I'm glad the Western plotline is over. I'm looking forward to everyone hurrying back to London to protect Vanessa from Dracula.
This was Ethan & Hecate 2nite
I think Lyle will return. He's just too good and his little tête-à-tête with Ethan is just adorable. I'm hoping his venture to Egypt is going to delve into another story line later.
I'm sure he started a tumblr account to post that on. The blog title would of course be welcome to my twisted mind. so edgy.
I laughed so hard at his grace. Hilarious. They were a nice pairing while they lasted.
I liked the chapel scene at the end though! They had some nasty kills in there. Did you see those headshots? Holy hell.
did they rehearse beforehand? it felt like an actual satanic prayer. did hecate tell him how to say it and then they just repeated the lines over and over like some musical theater kids psyching each other up?
I was kind of hoping that too but would it not be too similar to last season, lupus dei saves the... day?
I'd still like to see him rip Dracula's beardy face off.
So, consensus: Happy they cleaned house with a few characters or not?
I'm on board. I'm not convinced Rusk is dead but if he is, he pulled a monumental last move. I loved his character and really hope he's not.
Plus I'm glad Logan hasn't been dragging out story lines with character development this season, even if a couple things could be added. They have enough characters, stories, and ideas that spending time for development wouldn't move things along soon enough. Tonight made things interesting.
The Dorian-Lily spin tonight was great. Definitely digging where that might be going.
And holy shit if they're really pulling off The Mummy at some point I will be stoked.
Husk cauterized his own arm and finished the mission alone after his whole team died or gave up. I doubt he's gone... but that was a shit ton of blood on the wall.
Also, i'm glad to see so much mummy hype. I was sad that Lyle was leaving until he said Imhotep and then I was just, "Yeah, were gonna see this beautiful bastard again next season."
That Imhotep mention was a huge tease if they are not going there. They'd better and it had better bring Lyle back into the picture because I will be pissed otherwise. As characters go he has totally won my affections. I like him.
I'm always a fan of characters biting the bullet when story calls for it, but I can't help but feel like things were just a bit off. Rusk's death felt anticlimatic for being someone that pursued Ethan for so long and Hecate seemed like she was supposed to do a lot more in pulling him into the dark side. Her dying so soon was just kind of... odd? I don't quite know. I guess we'll have to see where Ethan's inner tumoil heads after this but if the hell/satan stuff is just ignored then it'll feel like a complete waste.
Yeah Rusk didn't get a proper death "shot" on camera for all the time he's been given, but his story doesn't need to continue either. If that's how he's dying then I don't think it was ideal. He's hunting Ethan now with hate in his heart, and when he has him in his sights all he can do is ask Ethan "what are you".
The part were Dracula even slightly flickers his Index finger with his back turned against them and his subjects scatter away at an instant. The artistry of this show is beyond any I have seen.
Well, he's an adult, and like the rest of them, he's a sexual being.
Edit: It's a Silicon Valley reference downvoters. Relax.
That was Brian Cox - an excellent actor seen in many TV shows and movies.
For some reason I kept getting a strong Gillian Anderson vibe from her. Hope we see a lot more of her.
Absolutely agree on Vanessa's new friend. She has such an interesting face. It's hypnotic. And I can't figure out if she's based on a literary character or not. Definitely not by name and we really haven't seen too many of her deeds yet. I want to know more!
And yeah... I can't help but dig Vanessa and Dracula together. It's terrible but damn it, it's hot and I am buying what that evil dude's selling.
Ethan's dad has the most loyal men ever.
A girl literally turned into a hellish nightmare. Which (unlike us viewers) I'm sure was the first time any of them saw something supernatural. And they are still following every order like robots.
If they quit, it's a looooong walk to town.
They are also utterly incompetent in every way possible. I agree that the whole of that final chapel scene was very unrealistic and didn't make much sense.
Ughh. Team Dracula all the way. Sorry.
lmao don't be sorry we're all in this trash can together, they make a good Evil Hot Pairing as far as I'm concerned
Did you get a little hot and bothered? It's okay. I think we all kinda felt it.
Agreed. I am loving me some sweet Dracula.
I loved the way that Vanessa just dove right into Dracula's mouth and then proceeded to mount him like he was carnival ride. You go, girl! Hopefully you won't go all Rosemary's Baby on us and have your belly swell with an embryonic bloodsucker via this trampy little Transylvanian tête-à-tête you so heatedly engaged in tonight? That would make for an interesting twist though, wouldn't it? Season 4 ~ Mommy Ives, anyone?
Bummed that Hecate had to go down like that. I loved that little gal! The way that she could go from zero to naked in the blink of an a eye. That took a special kind of talent that we're not likely to see again in this series since she was the last of the witches. At least that particular bloodline, anyway.
And, my my! That little tart Justine really needs to work on her anger issues with men. Good lord! She wanted to dispense with every male she came into contact with in tonight's episode. To include her savior from a certain cruel death only a couple of short weeks ago, the ageless Dorian. And then defiantly rebuking Dorian's plea for her to withdraw the blade from the throat of the lovestruck, would-be kidnapper, Victor. Justine stands down only after Brona/Lily suggests that the terrified Dr. Frankenstein might serve their interests at some later date. Only then did she disappointedly withdraw her instrument of death from Victor's pulsating jugular vein.
Enter Catriona Hartdegen. A thanatologist no less! And eye candy to boot! Hmm...Hartdegen? Curious, but isn't that the very same, suspiciously unusual, surname ascribed to another of English literature's more interesting characters? To wit: Alexander Hartdegen, scientist-inventor and star character in the H.G. Wells classic "The Time Machine." Are we about to embark upon another journey...into the future?
Patti LuPone/aka/Dr. Seward. OMG! Is she great, or what! Did y'all catch the devilicious gleam in Patti's eyes as she took that walk down memory lane and described to Vanessa how she parted her dearly departed hubby's hair with a meat cleaver she had fetched from the kitchen. Lovely! Yes, she assured Vanessa. She knew firsthand what it was like to be and feel alone while trying to defend herself from the charge of murder in New York.
And with Dr. Seward's assurances to Miss Ives we are about come full circle with my observations about this episode (sans shootout at the Talbot ranch). Because playful hair partin' Patti then goes on to encourage Vanessa's relationship with the mysterious Dr. Alexander Sweet. Zoologist/creepy-things-curator extraordinaire by day - Bloodthirsty, dastardly scheming, evildoer by night. I dare say we all know how well this has worked out thus far for our bronc ridin', desperately wantin' to believe in the goodness of man, apparently blinded by love and terribly naive, Miss Vanessa Ives - Hee Haw! Ride 'em, girl! Ride that Vampire's throbbing man muscle into the sunset of your tears!
Fasten your seatbelts and please remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop. This season is shaping up to really get good!
Can I pay you to sum up every day?
that explains her makeup and hair
Justine needs to be careful. If Lily is smart, she wouldn't let Dorian be disrespected without punishment, which is bad for her. If she's not...who knows what that shady fuck will do? It's probably bad for everyone, and only Lily is immortal.
What your back Justine.
Let's discuss Ethan and Vanessa's horrible track record with their sexual partners.
I'd say they both need to take vows of celibacy. Either that or we can assume Vanessa will eventually fuck the mummy..... Ugh.
Don't forget about Dorian: Vanessa had a taste of him and got home all possessed. Ethan didn't have problems after taking his dick, though.
And they both fucked Dorian. Eskimo sibs!
why have they fucked so many transient people, adn then when vanessa legit asks him to be with her hes like nah/... i gotta go take care of some business ive been avoiding for months. LIKE WHEN EXACTLY THEN!?
he did some insanely good acting this episode though. and he needs to go home to vanessa. period.
Is it just me or does Brona seem to be reemerging a little bit? Not much, but there seems to be something... fundamentally shifting there.
Well I think Brona's always been there, just part of something new. Otherwise she wouldn't be forming a league of murderous women to take revenge against men who exploit women.
Yeah, Caliban's returning memories seem like an indirect explanation of Lily's emotions.
Yes and no? The way Lily spoke of Brona was almost as if she had once been but was no longer. But I could be totally wrong. I really really really want to see her come into contact with Ethan again.
There goes Hecate. I loved the idea of God failing all these people even though they loyally follow him. Hopefully they can continue to offer the flip side of the argument without her. Probably through Dracula.
What did Hecate say to Ethan as she died? I could not understand her?
That was a great episode, but I can't help feeling a little sad. Too many characters are leaving us. Lyle and Hecate most of all... I really liked both of them. Sad to see them go.
I absolutely loved the literary allusions to Paradise Lost with Dracula tonight. The whole "God made them this way/cursed them this way" is a great take on fallen angels and puts nice spin on Dracula. It plays into the "Byronic Hero" sort of idea as well. He's not evil, he's simply scorned by God. The show has played with this countless times already, so I was happy to see it continue.
So in essence this episode was a series of really bad decisions and one not so bad one.
Hecate and Ethan screwing up the Lord's Prayer and then diving into their food like little children. I laughed so hard.
Also Vanessa COME ON. Crying after sex? Rookie move.
All I could think was -- this has happened to me on a few occasions when it was so physically good (no emotional context whatsoever), and it annoyed the snot out of me cuz I didn't want the dude to think I was getting all sappy. Just a brilliant fucking release.
(I think hers was emotional though.)
I will miss Lyle and Hecate :(. I hope Lyle comes back, he's my favorite.
I agree - I knew in advance that he wouldn't be seen that much this season after reading an article stating that the actor (Simon Russell Beale) had a lot of theatrical commitments, but I do hope that we see a lot more of Mr Lyle in season 4 (if there is a season 4). :)
Not the Inspector!
I definitely think he's alive. They never showed a corpse, which means that the character is still alive nine times out of ten. It's also probably not a coincidence that Rusk JUST talked about how he hunted down the guy who chopped off his hand before he even went to the hospital to get treated. He's not going down this easily.
I hope that Rusk somehow lives, he seems to be a born survivor.
Also how am I attracted to every single character in this whole show?
Or just shave it like he had it when he was alive? Better than that stringy knock off Gerard Way nonsense he has going right now.
Why would Dracula even need Renfield if Dr. Seward is already under his control? I think Dr. Seward made an innocent suggestion that she's going to regret later. I completely trust her.
Uh Vanessa... not a good idea. Not a good idea! Oh good lord help me...
Where are people getting Mummy from?
Lyle mentioned Imhotep.
Lyle is going to the tomb of Imhotep, who is the mummy. Season 4 will begin with him popping up at Vanessa's house, legit FREAKING THE FUCK OUT about whatever he found in Egypt before he dies or something (I hope not because I love him) and all season will be about the mummy
Just the Egypt stuff. I mean since Ives' mythology is partly based on some Egyptian goddess or something I guess the show could go there someday, but I doubt they'll want to take Ives outside of the UK for any extended period.
After that comment on Dracula having the ability to change appearances, I am convinced that the thanatologist is Dracula in disguise. The paranoiac in me thinks that the Dr. Seward who decided to hang out with Vanessa wasn't the real one. She seemed a little "off." Or maybe the good ole doc has been fangy the whole time, what with the way she's been subtly (and not so subtly) encouraging Vanessa to go to the museum so often.
And Lyle was probably sent away on his trip by the vampire who just happens to have had servants from that particular part of the world.
Hm ... the more I think about it, the more I don't know if this is what's happening or if I'm just reading too much into a single line. Is Vanessa really being manipulated this much or is this just audience manipulation or what? help
Just to ride on this comment and prevent thread-clutter, Caliban's story was really sad and lovely and I wanted more. He continues to be my favorite character right up there with Vanessa. Their melancholy mixed with darkness, loneliness, and rage continue to be portrayed excellently by both Kinnear and Green.
In other news, Ethan, Malcolm, and Kaetenay wrapped up the weirdest, bloodiest, most emotionally uncomfortable fathers-son vacation ever; Dorian, the man with the broken moral barometer, is having second thoughts about Lily's plans to dominate mankind (emphasis on "man"); Victor is still both sympathetic and a creep; Jekyll needs to find saner friends; Hecate earned a miserable death to cap off her miserable life; and the fantastic Ferdinand Lyle is too soon parted from us.
Oh, and that whole "Vanessa can never consummate a relationship with one of two evil fallen angels or else the world will be swallowed by darkness" thing?
Yeah, well, oops.
Really, that demon-chick dies from one bullet?? Not even in the face/heart, but in her shoulder?? Yeah.....okay Must've been a bullet dipped in holy water or something...
The witches were pretty damn weak this entire series. Hecate's sisters died really easily as well.
It was her heart wasn't it?
She mentioned last season that bullets can kill them. I assumed they're just as vulnerable as humans to death.
I was expecting Jonathan Harker but Catriona is fine by me.
Hecate no :(
That wound didn't look fatal to me, I have a hunch that she may still be "alive" (but I could be wrong).
Great episode overall.
The only part I didn't like was how Hecate died. I was expecting something that would have more weight behind it. Just getting shot once felt lackluster after all that build up and character development. I also assumed she would feel some remorse about not being able to rule the world or at least London with him, opposed to just waiting for them to be reuinited in hell.
This was a good ep. I feel so bad for John Clare. Poor guy finally finds the place he belongs and his face lets him down again. I hope it all comes good in the end. for him (it probably won't) maybe he'll reconnect with Vanessa and become one of her protectors. Frankenstien and the Wolfman vs Dracula. It'd be fun. Lily is being really stupid fucking with Dorian. I mean he's been in this game longer than she has, she shouldn't be biting his hand as it feeds her. I like how his reaction to her arc this season is similar to mine "Yo, I thought we were creating an army of immortal and shit. What's with all the man hating?" I'm glad things have been rapped up with Ethans dad. It was a fun little side quest but now they can get back on track and start fighting the good fight again. It's sad that Dr. Sweet had to be Dracula because he really made Vanessa happy and she deserves a break the poor lass. I can't wait to see where all of this goes. This shows quite good at throwing me for a loop.
Very fine episode, and the moments between Vanessa and Mr Lyle and John Clare and his son were very moving.
I'm so sad Hectate died :( They were perfect together.
Does anyone think that Catriona has some relation to Van Helsing? I haven't read the books but I get that feeling from her.
I think she's the Slayer of the late 19th century. I can dream.
IIRC there was no character by the name Catriona in the novel Dracula. Is it because she knows about the vampires?
So what war did Dracula provoked, the one that Catriona told Vanessa? She said it occured in the 13th century between the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottomans, but I can't find any article about any war between the two belligerents in the 13th century on wikipedia. Any ideas?
Possibly this war?
Ok I also love the writing and am having a blast with all the diffeent book characters and their unique stories we are getting. But is no one seriously going to mention how awesome that church firefight scene was? Best piece of action Ive seen from the show I belive.
the chapel fight scene was perfect!! i loved how there was really no magic or supernatural doings involved ... just old timey guns and great pacing with the cinematography!
I feel like the Victor, Lily, and Dorian storyline is not really connected to the others. I don't know if they'll ever properly connect it back to Penny without it feeling too forced. If they move into a mummy storyline next season (which I hope they do bc I love Mr Lyle), then I can see how Victor will get involved in the main storyline again.
The chapel fight scene was THE BEST. And I thought Sir Malcolm shooting Ethan's father was just perfect.
And part of me really likes Dracula and I might be team Dracula. When Vanessa walked past the stuffed wolf and then Dracula was like - no, no let me show you this bat. And he made his case about the bat being awesome, I was like "Well, Dracula's not wrong."
And I'm kind of bummed that Hecate died by an errant gunshot. But I don't want her being the devil on Ethan's shoulder either bc I think that could get tiring.
I do like the emptiness of the American West and the lawlessness ...
It's really drifted of late, you're right. I'm confident that by the finale it'll reunite, but like you said, they don't have very much time and it may just be way too accelerated to connect America/ John Clare/ Vanessa/ The Immortals, Frankenstein and Jekyll. Part of that is the tragedy of the format of a television 'season', but I doubt they'd make the call not to culminate in some sort of union by the last episode of the season.
It seems however that Victor Frankenstein has, up to some degree, satisfied his "purpose" for the main characters; introducing a Frankenstein who has already created his creatures gives you a lot to work with, but afterward it's not like he can easily do something more impressive. Perhaps that's where Jekyll comes in, as an extension of the mad scientist trope only Jekyll still hasn't done his big 'thing' that everyone knows a Dr. Jekyll in any form of media must do. Still, what that tells me is they're trying to keep the individual characters interesting, but it may be at the sacrifice of any cohesion between the plotlines. Watching the slow conversion of Victor from a man of science to someone who really does begin to believe after witnessing so much of the supernatural in the earlier seasons was intensely gratifying- I don't know what's left to do with him, but I don't entirely hate the Lily plot element, so I guess I'm putting my faith in the scriptwriters to make me eat my own words.
Dracula really does care about the creatures of the night, and I have a soft spot for anyone explaining something they're clearly passionate about. I just don't know if I feel the chemistry between the actors and the roles, but I like each character.
Hecate had me at one point- describing that she was five when her mother forced her into the Devil's servitude, and his raking of his hand across her. At that moment, I could see a complex character, one whose life in servitude was both inevitable but torturous. For some reason, though, everything after that was so one dimensionally about making the world burn and converting Ethan to the devil. I know evil is clearly in his acting range- the devil-Ethan from the arc of Vanessa's exorcism in the first season was absolutely stellar- but I'm kind of unimpressed by the evil Ethan of this season, so I'm glad it's probably largely done with.
The men in Vanessa's past just haven't panned out, I'm keeping my fingers crossed on a lil Vanessa and Catriona romancin'
Also Malcolm's line to Kaetenay - "I knew you were too mean to die" - had me howling
Well this is Victorian Britain so that seems unlikely, who knows though.
Hardcore show. I just hate the wait-a-week.
You know somethings wrong when Dorian Gray is concerned.
Glad to see that they all are returning to Vanessa.
Ethan's story continues to be the only actively interesting aspect to this season. The Monster and Frankie/Hyde aren't too boring but the Vanessa and Dorian/Lily ones are horrible.
I guess Eva Green had a no-nudity clause put in her contract :(
I think it might just be the show deciding to do that. Eva Green has no problems getting naked in any other multitude of things.
Plus they had her naked in the one demonic possession scene where she got raped by the spirit of Lucifer or something in her bed.
They were in the middle of a museum where anyone could have walked in. Actually I am a bit surprised they didn't take it into an office or something. Yes, it was after hours but it's possible that with a big exhibition coming up that some of the other people who work there just might be working a little late and museums they have security guards, cough, who might want to pop in to see if the "doc" needs anything, laugh.
I am very surprised he didn't bite her. I think Dracula is really a bit in love with her. I think he's going to find it a bit hard to just go there sans her permission, and I'm not too sure he can, her being her. To me though he looked pretty human at that moment and rather caught up in her. Could be falling in love for real makes Dracula a bit vulnerable?
I have no doubt that Vanessa will nail his ass eventually though. She might think she loves him as Dr Sweet, but when she finds out who he really is and that he was responsible for what happened to Mina, OH BOY, I would not want to be him then. She is going to nail him to the wall like one of his specimens gets nailed to the backing of a case. She might be crying doing it, but she will.
pretty sure the clothes were used to make the bat shape
Although this episode was action-packed for Penny Dreadful-standards, I didn't particularly like it. I'm not exactly sure why Ethan decided to finally not kill his father, my guess is, that he wanted to act independent of as well him and Kaetenay, who both used him, which ultimately got his family killed. In this light, I think it's a good resolve for this conflict that Malcolm killed Jared.
Very unhappy about Hecate being killed off. I was sure she would not last to the endgame, but I expected her to have a particular strategy in conquering the world with Ethan that would be revealed later. Also, as far as I know, we still don't know exactly WHY Ethan is a werewolf yet or what it made him to be one? I thought, Hecate would clear that up, since she was so obsessed with Lupus Dei...
In general, I hope it's still to come, but what was the conclusion of the US-arc? Right now, it feels very lackluster to me.
I did not catch all of the dialog between Victor and Dorian at the door. What did they say?
Basically the gist was Victor saying "Do you expect me to be in your gratitude?" for Dorian saving him and then Dorian said "You are in my debt". So expect Dorian to call on Victor for a favor one day.
There is a new seduction level: Dracula.
Between Catriona and Vanessa my desire is dead-divided. My Goddess such beauty and grace.
I just love how these characters have no fear.
Victor strolls into the Dorian's home, thinking he'll kidnap Lily. Face palm.
Mr Rusk and that Marshall stroll into Talbot territory after Talbot's men murdered everyone on the train to get to Ethan. Double face palm.
I really loved how they connected loneliness and evil. The fact that Vanessa has to stop being lonely in order to get safe from what is haunting her is a beautiful allegory. I was even happy for her that she got it going with Dracula, she felt accepted at last, even though at the false hands, which makes it even more beautiful and heartbreaking.
Also - this episode was damn feminist! I am so happy for it! Love the new thanatologist friend, I was missing another fierce female character. I would love to see their chemistry with Vanessa together in the future.
I love Lily's development and that there's a big shift in balance between her and Dorian, but I can't help but feel annoyed by Frankenstein. Lily already told him last time not to come back and that she would kill him if he did. Then she just tells him again. Like, please either fucking kill him off or be done with this storyline and have him move on to something else. It feels like he's only alive at this point because he's a main character that's saved by plot armor.
I hope they don't kill off ethans father. Never been a huge fan of his acting until last weeks episode. Amazing. Can anyone tell me how old dorian is? The actor tweeted something about everyone u know dying around u. I believe his character is only now really historically (fictionally of course) suppose to exist. So the tweet is strange. This show is set in the 1800s if I'm not mistaken right?
Okay I love her!
No No. Doc. Really bad idea! Really really bad idea!