Extreme insecurity is not how girls work

The solid fucking irony of that last line.
She thinks all men are the same.... just like how... you think all women are the same?
i was say that as well
But seriously, "when you treat her like shit, the thinks she isn't worth anything" that's how humans work?? I mean??? If you give her the feeling, she is shit, she will feel like shit! Same with men. Is the dude complaining, that women have human feelings??
What confused me is these are the same people who claim women like being treated like shit and that's why nice guys finish last. They gotta stop contradicting themselves.
I feel like maybe this is one of those posts a hurt woman posts when her man is giving her the run around and making her question her own sanity, not realizing she’s only talking about her own situation and not “women”.
Yeah, I'm struggling to figure out what point this was trying to make. Some of them sound like they're trying to convey that women are jealous and irrational and some of them sound like they're advising against treating women poorly.
I noticed that too. Kind of made me think it was written by a woman - like she is trying to say “don’t do the things mentioned in this post.”
Lead with vaguely irrational actions and by the time they conclude with completely logical results to negative behavior, a surprising amount of people won’t question how stupid it all is and end up agreeing with the “women are raging hormonal irrational monsters” message.
And when you're an ignorant, sexist jerk, she wises up and leaves you.
The men who don't talk to women aside from their sexual partner are raging sexists. If you can't maintain a non-sexual conversation with someone of the opposite sex you are def not worth wasting time on. His doctor might be a woman. Or his boss, or his coworker. Not to mention his mum, sister, grandma. If my bf couldn't talk to other women he wouldn't be my bf.
"Paging VP Pence...Pence, are you on the line? Is Mother with you?"
Especially when those men are in positions of power and decide who works for them. If you can't work with women because you're afraid you'll assault them or cheat on your wife with them, you shouldn't be in charge of anyone.
I know I’m really late but fucking thank you. It’s a green flag for me when men have platonic female friends. I will never understand my sister, who says she has no need for male friends and only dated people who don’t want female friends. It just boggles my mind, that view point is so backward and sexist
"Because screw people with social anxiety!"
Women born after 1993 don’t know how to cook. They only know McDonald, charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chip and lie
Joke's on them. I was born in '87 and all I know is charge phone and eat hot chip.
I don't even know how to twerk, lie or McDonald! Apparently, I'm falling behind.
I love hot chip
My bf and I fuck to them all the time
Did you forget the /s?
I don’t think this man talks to women
Man it's really embarrassing to admit but I am like this (except the last line). I've always known I was insecure but with everyone saying the above isn't true/normal & the fact that it's posted in this sub makes me realize I'm a lot more insecure than I thought, especially comparatively. Maybe there's no hope for me then
Yeah no, you shouldn't feel like you're insecure if you relate to the text. There is something to be said for recognising differences in how different people express affection, but I don't understand the majority of the comments here. "When I treat my partner like I don't care about them, they start thinking that I don't care about them! Women, amirite?!" That's not BPD, that's having healthy self-respect.
There are lines in here that if you relate to I would suggest go getting some counseling. There can be no love if you don’t trust the person you're with. To automatically assume your SO will cheat on you just for not replying quick enough or having a friend of the opposite sex is not healthy. The rest is just bullshit though, so don’t let it get you down.
Edited because I thought of a better way to phrase this.
Over 50% of the quotes in the image are normal human emotions. “When you treat her like shit she feels like shit”, “when you don’t talk to her she thinks she’s being ignored”, “when you act all dumb she thinks you don’t care”, they may as well say when she sees you with your dick in another woman she thinks you’re cheating. It’s not embarrassing. The people who have made you feel like this is relatable are embarrassing.
You know I was looking for someone to say this too, I read this and had to look at what sub I was in and was kinda saddened to see this one. There are a few lines that aren’t me but generally, yeah this is me. I guess Im also significantly more insecure than I thought...
Yikes. The hardest part is that this kind of discourse kinda goes along with what abusive partners think and goes a long way to justifying domestic violence.
To be fair, this probably applies if your douchecanoe bf has a history of cheating
I mean they did put female "best friend" like why is it in quotes?
yeah either a partner who has been cheated on, or has bad anxiety
Yes, your woman is the one who assumes that you would only leave your house arrest to slut it up.
They really overestimate how desperate we are for their attention/affection/approval
you never think about your partner unless you’re near them?
Although this may have been written to mock women this kind of thinking may end up hurting young men as well, teaching them this is how all women are and so if they end up in a relationship with an abusive partner they will just think that's just how all relationships work. My brother's girlfriend is like this, she's clearly crazy and abusive, but it doesn't mean every woman is like this. If your partner is like this, man or woman, then leave them, they won't change.
It's funny how most of these posts is just some dude misunderstanding a general human trait of some sort to be exclusively unique to women.
This is how someone with fuckin issues thinks ahha
If that's the girl you're dating it's major red flags for abuse. Bail.
Yeah, sounds exactly like my abusive ex who, funnily enough, was a cheater herself.
If the girl your dating says she feels like shit because you treat her like shit is that a major red flag? Yes some of these are red flags and incredibly possessive. But over 50% are not red flags about the woman but are signs of an abusive partner. This image is just a clusterfuck of one partner being portrayed as abusive and then the other.
No no no, you should NOT be enabling toxic insecurity. Thats how abuse starts.
This is Gaslighting 101
This may be how a woman thinks. A terribly insecure and emotionally immature one. But it is not how women think.
And that’s how you identify a person who’s a walking ball of insecurity.
*that aren’t trying to actively be better people, medicated or in therapy
That was my exact thought! I just didn't want to say it because I didn't want people thinking I was calling all BPD patients abusive...
I cant tell if that was ment to be satirical or not
First sentence, already grammar mistakes... Nope, I won’t continue to read this
Look Post Malone, this is not how all girls work. (Sorry Posty, ily, but based on your new album I feel like you should reconsider the girls you’re into.)
Someone's salty that they didn't get head that night.
This is more how men work
Lmao, this is extra funny because it literally describes my crazy ex, who is a MAN
As a man, most of these completely apply to me and most humans with anxiety?
Creepy this dude just described my anxiety. He was spot on with that lol.
Uh ??
i love how the generalising and stereotyping post is complaining about generalising and stereotyping
Each woman is different. I've seen some literally act that way, go the extreme other end, and the in between. It's a matter of perspective. I'm good without the constant fall over me.
What I think, is this post was written by a man.
Some don’t really care one way or another.
This guy obviously thinks that all girls are worthy of
Where are those Soot house boys?! We need a part 2
This guy obviously thinks that all girls are worthy of
.. some of those are/can be true. But not all.
"When you act all dumb, she thinks there's no hope."
Honestly, I could see a lot of women reposting this on FB or something...
"When you're not there for her she thinks all men are the same"
Says the guy who thinks all women are the same.
When my bf doesn't reply i get worried he was hit by a car or something
Emotionally unavailable men think women are craZy
Wait what, is that how I feel? I don't even know anymore 😱
god all women are the same... when you treat them like shit they get upset about it. UGH 🙄why wont women just let us treat them as badly as we want and stop complaining about it
Uh... sounds like the problem lies with you dude, both your douschbaggery/apathy and your lack of communication.
man i just hate when i treat a woman like shit and it affects her self worth.. it proves just how weak they are. can't even handle being neglected or they start feeling bad smh grow a pair
How the women on
The funny thing is that this description fits most of the "nice guy" posts to a T. It's just describing what any jealous and insecure person feels.
The worst part is that some women actually agree with such stuff
I know more men who think this way. This is some sexist mayo.
Maybe she's suspicious because of the scare quotes around female "best friend"
That's cute and sad.
My man wrote the unwritten taboos of a gf.
I don't think it's about women being insecure but more about women being OBSESSED with male attention.
Edit: wow really people? Obviously sarcasm but whatever
haha ok buddy.
Probably penned by a thirsty side chick.