On a post about women in medical school

Does he think women just randomly start crying throughout the day?
Well he has a point because I have phases where I randomly start crying and....uh...wait. I'm a man and that I have times where this happen has nothing to do with my gender but with me having a mental illness. Because that's not something normal adult people do.
Everytime I talk to my wife she starts crying. This isn't how women just are? /s I feel I need the sarcasm tag
Have you ever been around a woman? They have these emotions and shit, it really gets in the way of trying to reason with them using my infallible man-logic that is in no way, shape, or form literally dependent on emotion to form decisions. Nope.
No, god. Obviously only when they cut you open (or something?). Sheesh, give them SOME credit,
I mean I do that.
But im also a man.
And horribly depressed.
Edit: to everyone reaching out I genuinely appreciate it but I'm fine. My depression is medicated, managed, and im not in danger, nor seeking any extra help.
Its just jokes
I'm sure in his his mind that women do start crying for no reason. It couldn't have been what he said.
I mean, I’m a man and I randomly start crying... don’t women do the same?
Oh yes, I’d rather get operated on by a man who is crazy angry at something and takes it out on me while he operating.
It's certainly possible. It happens to my fiancee all the time. She swears she can't help it.
apparently yes.
Yeah how does he not know guys do that too!
Mine does, is it defective? Should I return it?
I find this extra hilarious, since I’m regularly in ORs with all-female staff. Just had a whole conversation with a surgeon who was holding an infected leg on her shoulder the whole time. Somehow we make through the day.
Not totally random tho. Around 5pm-ish every day.
Maybe every woman in his life has
Not all women by any means...but the ones that do...let's just say it's never a one time thing and it's always something.
They probably only have experience with their mom that is suffering a mental illness that isn't being treated. Now they feel like all women are like this.
It’s probably just woman around him. That wouldn’t be too surprising
In my experience people that have these stupid blanket beliefs have had a family member that acted that way and haven't had a relationship yet that shows the opposite.
I think he means they'll cry at the sight of his blood. Still stupid though, women even see much more blood than most men.
They don’t ?
Omg it’s 3 days later and your comment made me cry... better go have a breakdown somewhere public and predictable so everyone knows I have emotional problems.... is this really how they think women’s minds work?
I mean I do but I’m not exactly a healthy or typical example. Does he not realize that anyone with issues like this while they are at work are generally referred to a mental health provider and treated? There are no surgeons of either gender walking to to an operation and breaking down crying. They would either be medicating and fixing the problem, or they would be quitting their job and/or changing careers.
I wish this guy would be in a life threatening situation and all there will be available are female doctors and nurses. His opinion will change real quick
I've actually seen this before and she goes "idk why I'm crying it's just hormones I have no reason"
I randomly start crying throughout the day quite regularly. But I also have known men who do the same.
Maybe he's an onion.
I mean he’s absolutely an ogre. Just not one of the nice ones.
Willing to bet he at least smells like one.
This should be the top comment
This is the funniest thing I’ve ever read, honestly
Welcome to anywhere else, you're a sexist
"If I say this in front of normal people, they'll call me sexist, so I won't say it. Totally not sexist though."
And he’s also some shit
I'm not sure if what I'm about to say is sexist, so tell me if it is:
Wouldn't women have a biological advantage over men when it comes to surgery? Women naturally have better fine motor skills and are neurologically better suited to multitasking, which I think would be two essential traits for a good surgeon.
And what if the male surgeon suddenly burst in rage and starts slicing everything in me? Scares the fuck out of me.
I actually know a surgeon who is prone to anger. Even damaged the door to an OR once. He still gets called a top surgeon, so clearly XY chromosomes cancel the whole emotion deal out.
Not to terrify you, but I've seen a video of exactly that.
The woman asked him if they could just wait a bit longer and let her try on her own.
Doctor didn't like that she refused him, so he flew into a rage, got his scissors and cut into her vagina twelve times. He cut way deeper than he was supposed to, too. That poor woman's vagina was torn to shreds because she dared to say no to that male doctor.
Edit: Here is a link to an article that has both a description of the video and a link to the actual video.
Like Brett Kavanaugh rage?
Is this sarcasm
I can't stop laughing about how dumb this is lmao
It's pretty amazing people can actually think like this! I've actually been through medical school and like, how does he think people would get through it and pass exams if we were breaking down crying all the time? He probably thinks we still faint at the sight of blood too.
Well you must not be a woman, because all I’ve done is break down, and also cry about this.
Geez, what sub was this so I can avoid this asshat?
That’s the weird thing, it was a pretty mainstream, non-neck beard sub,
O though it was an uncle group
Oh my god, it's a... a pancreas!!!
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Wah wah wah wah sob wah wah wah hiccup I can't even WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
haha omg. As a female med student, I can confirm that the main emotion I feel while watching/assisting surgery and seeing the inside of someone's abdominal cavity is... boredom (honestly why do surgeries have to be so bloody long)
God forbid she has to do a hysterectomy!! Watching another woman destroy her ability to have babies is horrible!!! OH GOD WAAAAAAAAH
What's new pussy cat WAH WAH WAHHH
Yes it was. Exactly, it has nothing to do with gender, it's how resilient and suited to medicine you are. In fact in our first dissection class at med school it was a guy who fainted. It's almost like it's not just one gender that has emotions!
Men literally start riots and set fire to cars bc sports teams they like--but have no stake in--win arbitrary games.
Tell me again how "emotional" women are?
They also do that when they lose!
Theory: he’s such an ass that woman constantly break down crying around him and instead of reflecting on his own behavior he does he classic neckbeard
Statistically speaking, if he was such an ass to every woman then he must have had his face punched at least once.
I know dozens of women who could cut him open without batting an eye. Only two of them are surgeons, though.
Cut him open? I'd think a quick testicle removal would make more sense. Fixes the ego problem, ensures he doesn't spread cursed, DNA, and also minimally invasive! (/joking)
If you wanna play this game with their logic, wouldn't you want someone more naturally nurturing to be looking after you while you are literally sliced open and unconscious?
"But that's what nurses are for" -Him, probably.
How the “women are more emotional than men” trope persists in the Trump era is BEYOND me.
Then I remember that it was never based on logic in the first place.
Yeah, I remember when people would say they would be scared of a female president, because what if she gets PMS and hits the red button to start a nuclear war?!?
Which was a whole other post for
Lol, women see blood more than men do. And many women have children, which is no picnic. If we were as squeamish as this idiot thought, the human race would have gone extinct centuries ago.
I’m a woman and I seek out younger, female doctors because of that. I’ve always been taken more seriously by my female doctors. My male doctors have been alright, but my female ones have always been more willing to go the extra mile on tests or whatnot.
Younger ones are also more likely to use all the resources at their disposal to diagnose and treat. They’re also not too proud to ask for a second opinion. It makes me more comfortable.
Gee, it's almost as if thinking women are inferior and/or incompetent is maybe kinda slightly sexist.
Good job, and I'm sorry that you had to type that bullshit.
Yeah, whenever I see something like this I remember how JAMA published that paper that proved female doctors are better than male doctors...I enjoyed that.
How terrible of a person must you be to make women break down into tears just from standing near you?
And prisons are full of violent men who couldn’t control their emotions. Using his logic, I’d much rather someone operate on me who, worst case scenario, gets a little weepy.
Says the little baby bitch afraid of being operated on by a woman. Sounds prettty emotionally unstable to me, lads and lasses.
See, I would cry the second I cut him open. This is why I am an accountant and not a doctor. If a woman is a doctor, shes definitely not going to cry when she cuts you open.
Ok... So this kind of thing pisses me off.
I have had multiple situations where I've been a first responder on a scene of an incident and maintained an absolute cool.. I've had to have men removed from the scene for freaking out and causing chaos in their panic.
Gender doesn't determine if you're level headed--- genetics and life experiences do. Any time I read this kind of bullshit I hope that one day shit will hit the fan and the idiot talking will have to be helped by whatever race/gender/religion they hate on. I'm so happy this old, shithead way of thinking is slowly dying out and people are starting to be judged on their actions and personal representation instead of their outward appearances.
P.s. please consider that there are obvious groups of people that you may want to be wary of but, in my experience, most people who are helping others who could potentially die tend to set aside their personal beliefs so that lives can be saved.
"Fear is just another word for ignorance"
That's gonna be a no from me, dog.
....imagine genuinely believing that 50% of the population just randomly bursts into tears throughout the day. I wonder what his reasoning is for the fact that he never sees crying women everywhere?
You can't see women crying if you don't go outside.
As a man,pretty sure theres more chance of me breaking crying than most women. Fuck life
Men shoot up yoga studios when women reject them online, but who is the one that can’t control their emotions?!?!
Several decades ago, while working at a teaching hospital, I developed bilateral inguinal hernias. When I selected the surgeon, I deliberately chose a woman. Why? Because I knew how good a female medical student had to be to make it through the surgical residency.
It's been holding so far, so she clearly did a good job on the repair.
I read somewhere the other day that women doctors actually have better bedside manner and patient outcomes are just as good as male doctors.
You'll get called sexist because you're sexist. And a coward.
Still, men are pretty aggressive. I wouldn't want to be operated on or something by a man truthfully. What if they start shouting, smashing shit, etc. as they cut me open? Scares the fuck out of me. I think this is a more understanding sub so I at least feel comfortable with sharing that opinion here, I'd probably get called a sexist or some shit anywhere else.
I had to get a blood patch after a spinal tap and very few doctors can even do the procedure. I’ve got spinal fluid running out of my nose and if I even do much as lift my head, I’m in literally the worst pain I’ve ever been in, and I had a kid. In comes this tiny, super hot woman with perfect hair and perfect makeup. We’re in the fleuro lab and she puts on her lead vest, which is not only fitted (wtf) but pink and almost frilly like an apron. She proceeds to be a boss ass bitch and give precise instructions. By the way the staff treated her, she was clearly well regarded and respected.
I have never wanted to be a doctor before in my life but I was like...damn I want to be her when I grow up. Too bad I’m grown and an accountant.
But yes, clearly women are just too emotional to be doctors.
TLDR I only want boys inside me
no homo tho
As a women I med school, I did t realize I was suppose to randomly cry throughout the day
Guess I'm doing it wrong
You at least got to hold it in until the comfort of your bed at night
But what if a man doctor gets mad and there's no drywall for him to punch? Aren't you afraid he'll just start punching holes in your organs?
I was reading that post earlier and saw the comments slowly going down hill. Not only is this person an idiot, they were posting this comment despite all the other comments sharing evidence of the multiple studies that have been done showing women actually tend to be better doctors than men.
This dude is awfully emotional.
"I got to perform this sur-Oh NO my period!"
I personally would never feel comfortable being operated on by a man, what if their testosterone kicked in and they decided to beat the shit out of my kidneys? Can’t risk it
Excuse me, what the fuck?
Has he ever met a woman?
Its almost as if those women would not pursue this career in the first place...
Yeah, here is anywhere else, he's a sexist shit
“I’d probably get called a sexist or some shit”
You ARE a sexist.
This man is fucking retarded. I seriously cannot understand how people can be so stupid.
theyd get called sexist cause they are
This is why I schedule my crying sessions
I just had my third surgery on my Achilles’ tendon in the last two months. A man did my first two surgeries, totally botched them and was a dick. I had a woman do my third surgery and it’s a world of difference.
"Still, men ARE pretty emotional. I wouldn't want to be operated on or something by a man truthfully. What if they start getting angry, throwing medical instruments, etc. as they cut me open? Scares the fuck out of me..."
Someone let him know we’ve been doing surgery for awhile now, I don’t think he knows
Well he's not wrong. About being called "sexist or some shit".
But I'm not going to call him sexist. I'm going to call him a retard. Women don't have emotional breakdowns at random intervals of the day.
What if a man MD cant control himself looking at a naked patient? Cuz that's why women have do cover up, or they get raped right? Because men cant control their sex urges, it's in their genes!
Or what if someone irritates him and makes him rage?
We need robots?
Two things:
One: as a trauma surgeon and a woman, I can 100% promise this tough guy would never say this to my face, much less refuse a woman surgeon if he had an emergency.
Two: what a twat. But, que sera, I’d still take good care of him because discriminating based on things like gender and presence/absence of being a dipshit aren’t part of my practice.
(For the record: I’ve actually never cried during a surgery - only after. Should I apologize for being able to feel and express a wide range of human emotions as so not to threaten your fragile masculinity? lol wOmEn ShOuLdN’t Be SuRgEoNs.)
I feel like a trauma surgeon who has never cried after a surgery would be much more scary than one who has not! It shows empathy. I just work in a pharmacy, but I (do my best to) treat every patient like they’re a sibling or a friend as far as the service I provide them. No I don’t want to talk to you about nothing for 20 minutes, I’ve got shit to do! 😂
He's right. It took me hours to write this comment. I keep breaking down into fits of tears. My phone is so covered in my tears that I can barley read the screen. I'd wipe them off but what's the point? I'd just start crying again.
Your comment should have more upvotes
If you think you’d get called sexist it’s probably because you just said something sexist!
Men are the ones who are emotional wrecks. Look at most of the shooters, murderers, terrorrists. Men literally kill their wives/gf or even women who reject them. Men are the dangerous ones.
What sub was it?
It was either
Well it's only when they remember swans can be gay that they start crying
Yeah you probably would get called a sexist, or some shit.
It was so hard to upvote this post because of the content of the screenshot ugh
Women surgeons are actually the best surgeons because they can still keep theor liscence from sucessfull surgeries dispite crying and closing their eyes the whole time. Science is amazing
Wouldn't you realize somewhen at the beginning of your studies, that the job would traumatize you? And there must be a limit how long one could have breakdowns over and over, from something they do everyday.
Yes Billy, your Harvard educated and trained female physician will have an emotional breakdown in the middle of your surgery. Fucking moron.
> so i at least feel comfortable with sharing that opinion here
\ > Posts literal sexism
\ > Fears being called a sexist
Well duh-doy, son.
Yeah, my ovaries totally get overwhelmed and I burst out crying when I have to think about things other than cooking and cleaning... 🙄
I kinda get what he’s saying because you never know when you might remember that swans can be gay.
Scared of that happening, eh? Sounds like you’re pretty.... emotional.
I'd be pretty scared having a male surgeon. What he needs to jerk off while cutting. You know because they.... /s
Wait until he finds out about nurses
Everyone knows men are not emotionall at all. Literally no one has ever experienced a man completely lose his shit and fly off the handle at little to no provocation. Nope. That's why there are no men in prison for aggivated assault, none at all. It's also why all discourse with men online remains civil and rational at all times and doesn't immediatly devolve into angry insults.
/s incase it wasn't clear.
Yeah, I like dead bodies, blood, and guts, I’m definitely not known for being the emotional type. But since I have a vagina, guess I should be crying more often. I’ll work on that.
Damn he’s not gonna like when I operate on him and his buds 😂
Imagine thinking women have random breakdowns throughtout the day. Just some casual anger tantrums ya know. Hormones and stuff women have ya know. Such emotional beings. So mysterious and dangerous. Wow.
What a massive ignorant absolute pussy
well they're not wrong about one thing at least
I hate this so much I had to stop myself from downvoting.
I don’t know anything about surgery, let the woman with the doctorate degree cut me open, please.
The first sentence kind of made sense to me. Women tend to express their emotions. But the next bit I read made evidently clear that this person is a smelly pube.
Lmfao as a guy who just got stitched up by a woman who’s only done it 4 times before I’m thinking this guy is a retard
I mean when I first cut open, my first human, I wasn't crying for sad reasons. *Smiles* " Hi Jon.
I bet if you slapped him he’d start crying like a little bitch.
I’m glad it’s a requirement to blur out their name, because some of this stuff is so ridiculous, I really want to call them out on it.
Edit: I do hope since you know the username, you send him a link to this sub.
Women just be breaking down for no particular reason.
That's fucking bullshit. I'm in medical school doing my surgery rotation now, and I'm doing a good job. Fuck this guy for judging a book by his own preconceived stereotypes. I feel so offended.
He says that cause he hasn't walked in a library in a medical school during final weeks yet... Everyone is breaking down crying.
I would not remotely cry while cutting this shitheel open.
Ahhhh like that! Probably, I still see people who believe the doctor=male, nurse=female thing. Thankfully they're in the minority in my (limited) experience
I would not want a man to operate on me I mean what if he goes on a fit of rage and beats me to a pulp after he cuts me open??
/s just in case
He obviously doesn't know me. Usually my emotions are off most of the time. I sometimes have to actively turn them on. I think I have issues and/or may be on the spectrum.
My husband has joked I'm a Terminator sent back in time to kill him.
I think he is a little too emotional about this.
Clearly this individual knows no actual women.
"I'd probs get called a sexist"
for saying something that discriminates against people because of the sex they were born as? dude that's not cool. You may be the literal cookie cutter definition of sexist but that'd be fucked up to call you sexist for saying something like that.
Sounds sexist.
Must be rough when the only woman you see is your mom and she just starts crying every time she brings you your tendies.
Wouldn’t call you sexist as much as I’d call you a fucking idiot. Then I’d call you sexist.
why you getting all emotional about someone getting all emotional?
I think i cried more than my female counter parts when I tried surgical residency.
If you think your opinion could make people think you're a sexist, you might actually be a sexist.
Lol he's so close to knowing he's a bigot.
Traditionally, medical care was a woman's role, often provided by nuns. The first 'hospital' (Byzantine) had both male and female physicians. In mediaeval Europe, many women would spend a few years as a nun before marriage, focusing on the healing aspects of Catholicism - practicing medicine.
My mother is a doctor and she does her job well... The fuck is this person talking about?
Just out of curiosity... What sub did this come from?
I don’t know about surgeries, but I doubt he’ll have any trouble avoiding doing the “or something” with women.
Haha I actually used to cry very easily and often but that was before I began my depression medicine
If you think someone would call your comment sexist
You're probably sexist
The best doctor I ever had was a little old lady, she was lovely, and really great at it - the medical things & calming me down. So I don't know what this guy is talking about.
Honey, if she cut you and hurt you. it’s cause she wanted to. Probably cause your a massive limp weeny.
I know guys that are crying whiners, and women that tell him to stfu already lol
I had a friend that thought like this. His mum and a few of his female friends had some type of emotional disorder, so he may have just been jumping to conclusions
she's not randomly crying, she's reacting to how small your penis is
what sub was it lmao
He was right. We can only be so upset at him. 🤷🏼‍♂️
or S O M E T H I N G
Woman doctor here - obviously women do not break down during surgery. But in all honestly you should see whomever you are most comfortable with. Some people want a woman and some people want a man and that’s ok. You are free to choose whomever you like based on whatever rational or irrational notions you may have.
Also just finished medical school, and I don’t disagree with that. Patients should be able to see what gender doctor they want, within reason (sometimes there just isn’t another doctor available and they have to lump it or leave). But that won’t stop me laughing at ridiculous views like this on the internet haha.
My experience with regular physicians is that women do a better job of listening to my health issues and concerns.
My experience with surgeons is holy cow, these folks are thorough and pay attention to every detail.
I think hes confusing Female with Pseudo Bulbar Affect
Oh no, my regular doctor is removing my ear cyst soon, I hope she doesn't cry. Actually the conversation went like: Dr: "I can send you to a dermatologist or I can do it here" Me: "what's the difference?" Dr: "dermatologist costs more". Me: "ok you do it lol".
It’s truly shocking how stupid some people are. Men are at least as emotional as women. Even if women cry more, and I’m not convinced they do, crying isn’t the only existing emotion. What a complete fucking idiot.
I got operated on by a woman in February and am still here with successful results from the surgery, so...
I must be wired the wrong way because I expect professionalism from professionals. It doesn't even occur to me that they can make mistakes or anything bad can happen that they can't control. I mean at my laser eye surgery they gave me Xanax to relax. I gave it back, told them I had 4 eye surgeries before for a different reason and if I take this on top of my low blood sugar, I'd surely fall asleep.
I’m a guy and I decided medical school wasn’t for me when I realized I hate the sight of my own blood or the sight of anyone’s blood, or any bodily fluids, or people in general. Imagine if you took a whole population and decided they all behaved a certain way. Most nurses are women and I don’t see them crying for no reason. Most of them are nice and have good bedside manner. In medical science and care you have to be thick skinned.
welp, we're just gonna have this one die
I work as an assistant in the OR and to be honest for a lot of specialties I’d prefer a woman. I’ve noticed a lot of the male surgeons tend to be far more arrogant and tend to bleed their stress onto the entire operating room staff.
“I’d probably get called sexist or some shit somewhere else” yeah, you would. I wonder why that might be
That scares the shit out of him? Sounds pretty unstable, this guy needs therapy.
I don’t know about you guys but in my experience female doctors are better at listening.
Had a female surgeon. She was cold as ice. In pre-op she low key dissed my mom when my mom got emotional. I wasn't thrilled about that but I knew right then I was going to be fine. After the surgery I offered to bring cookies to her office as a thank you. Deadpan she said, "Please don't." Woman was dispassionate AF.
Ah this reminds me of the time I asked my girlfriend if she would shave my man parts she said yes. The reality is I would never let a woman close to my man parts with a razor and I told her that because if I ever pissed off a woman I know the first thing that might happen with the razor and my genitals. Moral of the story don't piss the woman off and you have nothing to fear.
An aversion to mentall unstable is acceptable. Assuming that every woman is mentally unstable isnt.
I wonder if there's a reason you'd be called sexist... 🤔