Why are people like this?

Some people seem to think it being legal says something about it, poor lost souls
Well, at least that’s a better argument than “it’s not a drug!” I kinda want to track down this person and tell them about how caffeine is a drug. I just want to see them lose their shit over nothing.
Right. Why are alcohol and cigarettes legal? The two most addicting drugs ever.
Thanks goodness I'm only popping pills every day unlike you drug addicts.
I live in Colorado, therefore weed is not a drug. Psh, obviously.
Yeah, speaking as an alcoholic, I can say that I only ever feel good if I'm presently drunk. Being sober has become so shitty because of the negative health effects that I can't even feel good without booze. Everything hurts, I have chronic indigestion, and other effects, but for some reason I keep doing this to myself every day.
That's addiction for ya though. Alcohol is most certainly a drug. And possibly the worst for your health overall.
For some reason this comment reminded me of this story.
So I have ADHD and I take adderall daily for it. Obviously I have the responsibility to make sure I’m not getting addicted to it, which I’m not, which is why my doctor still prescribes it to me monthly. I was having a conversation in English (for some reason my English teacher loves to get political?) and this kid was going off about how they should be better at making sure cocaine and the like don’t enter America. He started naming some and said adderall. I looked at him, and said “dude, I take adderall for my adhd. Some people need prescribed stuff that is otherwise illegal, such as medical marijuana.” He was genuinely offended and kept going off about how marijuana and cocaine etc kill people daily and blah blah blah.
i’m determined to find this post so i can call this man an idiot.
Let me know when you do.
Please let me know as well
Thanks for that, made me laugh
A shame their posts are deleted, I'd jump on the feed train for that troll. At least I hope it's a troll...
I keep getting the same from stoners with "weed isn't a drug"
"It's a plant, not a drug!"
rolls eyes
Jesus that's stupid. Weed is a drug. A pretty good one, comparatively.
At least they have the point of “it’s medicine” which you can’t say the same about alcohol, but OxyContin is also medicine
Or that it's harmless. It's less harmful than most other drugs, but it's definitely not harmless. Especially if you smoke it.
But is a cucumber a fruit?
No it’s enslaved water mostly
Yes and if you dice it with tomatoes and pour some balsamic on top you got a fruit salad.
I bet this guy doesn’t think that caffeine and aspirin are drugs either
Lol OP should ask him about morfine.
I like how his only response is "yeah, but it's not a drug though. Cause it's just not"
If alcohol isn't a drug, neither is weed.
Or asprin, or meth
Or literally absolutely anything that would otherwise be considered a drug
I say ban both. Tobacco too. Get rid of all that crap.
Fruit and apples
Sports and tennis
Countries and India
Drugs and alcohol
Fruits aren't an apple dumbass
its so ironic how the legal drugs kill more people than the illegal
I mean, the fact that its legal and part of our culture will make more people use it.
Heroin tho
“It’s legal to buy and socially acceptable so it’s not a drug.”
Some people just aren't very bright
He's clearly trolling if you look at his previous posts.
I like how you upvoted his last comment. Power move.
Why did you only censor one person?
The other person is OP
Edit: just realized it's two different account names but they both end in 707
nah fellas he’s right, alcohol is a drink smh my head
"drug" is better understood as a propaganda term than a technical one
Ffs alcohol is hard drug lmao. The only we reason we're totally cool with this is because almost everyone drinks and its been a thing for 1000s of years
Coffee is a drug
“Agonizing the GABA receptors”
God I hate when people try to seem smart about drugs like this. Dude coulda just said it’s psychoactive.
WTF... Anything psychoactive is a drug, including coffee and tobacco.
Then by that line of reasoning, cigarettes aren't a drug either.
Well, duh. "Drug" is a term that has no real scientific definition or bearing. It's a purely cultural word. A substance has to be illegal or at least socially frowned upon for it to be a drug.
This person needs to pick up a dictionary and look at the word "drug". They just assumed the meaning is "illegal bad get high powder thing" from age 8 and never bothered looking it up, leading to this retardation of an argument. If it's a chemical that can make your body function/feel different IT IS DRUG. That would include gaba agonists or xanax also is not a drug
The last comment in particular is the mark of someone who can’t possibly fathom anyone knowing something. Clearly if you use Big Words you must have just googled it and it can’t really be you. Unfathomable otherwise. Not the mark of someone who is very smart, or even knows many half smart people.
TIL many people are very ignorant about the fact alcohol is a drug. Thought that shit was common sense but I guess the dark corners of Reddit hide a lot of uneducated people.
Meanwhile it’s a class 4 narcotic last I heard and is literally the 3rd most addictive substance
Alcohol isn't a drug per say, more of a poison in the way it interacts with the body.
Edit: if a drug is strictly anything that affects the normal functioning of the body, most things are drugs.
You ought to google how alcohol works
People who say this shit have never done any other drugs. I've legitimately been underwhelmed by some drugs because I thought they'd have a much more extreme effect than alcohol. But being drunk is actually a pretty bug change in mental states.
I bet he thinks caffeine isn’t a drug either.
They probably don't think Tylenol is a drug either, same with caffeine.
What a perfect example for people who kill their brain cells with legal drugs and project their wrong knowledge onto other people instead of making their own research
I did censor his name, the other guy is me on my other account
Wait till he finds out what coffee is 😬😬
Can’t be from Sonoma county without putting 707 in your usernames
Alcohol is 100 percent a Drug. Drink that info down.
That guy’s an idiot.
not only is he an idiot, anybody who disagrees with him or calls him what he is, a fucking idiot, he calls them a triggered loser lol
Isnt caffeine and sugar a drug? Why isn’t alcohol?
This exact same scenario happened to me in a COLLEGE CLASSROOM (community college albeit).
There were at least 20 people in the class including me AND THE PROFESSOR, but I was the only one that believed that alcohol was a drug. Their argument was “but it’s called drugs AND alcohol. if alcohol was a drug, then why would they call it something different?”
That day I decided I would transfer to university and leave those dumb fucks in the dust.
“Though you may have proved me wrong, I am correct because you used reliable sources”
This is breathtakingly stupid.
I feel like I would have expected the effects of alcohol to be something that happens to you from drinking something incredibly toxic like gasoline or some shit. Like imagine a liquid that makes you dizzy and unable to see straight and then kills you if you drink enough. I would not assume that shit is remotely safe on first impression. But the rest of humankind be like "nah it's fun".
Redditors have a tendency of assuming you're a cunt because you know fancy words
Don’t people know? If it’s a drug it’s bad for you doesn’t matter what it is. Drugs for controlling your seizure BAD. Drugs for controlling your insufferable headaches BAD. Drugs that could save your life BAD. But is ok to take those little blue pills that feel good. My doctor gave those n it ok because he says it’s medicine. So me cumming in my pants of euphoria and waking up with food all over myself is OK. For some reason it’s goes really good with a nice 26 of vodka but it’s OK ITS NOT A DRUG . For some reason i also piss blood. But Those are just the side effects of my MEDICINE that my DOCTOR gave me. SO DONT FORGET DRUGS ARE BAD!!! M’KAY!?
Most people only define “drug” by governmental restrictions on specific classes of drugs that they define as bad.
More like
🤦‍♂️i would curb this guy.
Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs, tears lives apart, fucks your liver and it's not even that good. I associate alcohol with deadbeat alcoholics and people craving social attention and acceptance.
who the fuck can say this with a straight face
If it's a drug, then WHY do they say drugs AND alcohol?! Checkmate.
Safety /s
This shit is so ignorant and honestly scary. That is a deadly mindset. If it isn't a drug in their mind, that could lead them to believe it is safe, doesn't impair you, isn't addictive...all things that could lead to disastrous consequences.
Nutmeg isn't a drug either. Neither is cough medicine, or spray paint, or glue, or morning glory seeds, or anything else I can purchase legally and alter my consciousness with. /s
I appreciate your enthusiasm for sarcasm, but indicating it defeats its purpose.
I had this exact discussion a few weeks ago but it was about caffeine iirc.
It actually is a illegial/legal drug
Nani the fuck did this guy think you were trying to sell everyone?!?
I’m having a hard time understanding what agenda about ‘unpopularity’ he thinks you’re trying to push....
c a f f e i n e
Alcohol is THE worst drug out there for you. There’s many documentaries. It’s so easily obtainable, it’s socially acceptable, people ask”why?” When you don’t want to have any. Many people suffer from alcoholism and it’s so taboo everyone thinks the idea of that is crazy. It’s sad sad and so scary to think how alcohol is viewed. It’s always alcohol and drugs. But alcohol is a drug. It should categorize with drugs. It’s not it’s own thing. It can be such a hard heavy drug. That shit fucks people up.
Good ol cognitive dissonance
(I googled that)
if ethanol alcohol was sold in stores as a white powder in a baggie instead of a 6 pack of keystone, everyone would call it a drug
Some people think alcohol is a drug.
It’s not a drug its a drink
I can’t tell if you were trying to make a joke or something, but alcohol is definitely a drug lol. And a fairly hard drug at that compared to others. It affects the way you think so it’s a drug
Lean is also a drink.
Oromorph is also a drink. But its morphine in a drink, that'll fuck you up
It is possible to drink heroin
Ayahuasca is a drug and a drink
I consider it a minor drug- just because it does inhibit the way you think and precieve things, even if it is a downer instead of a high. I consider it maybe on the same par if not a notch below weed, it just takes a lot more to get drunk than high and obviously you don't want to drink too much because it is poison. Legally speaking, I don't know if it should be considered one, just like when weed becomes legal I don't think it should legally be defined as a drug. But hey, that's just my opinion.
It depends on how you look at it alcohol can be considered not a drug hear me out cuz I agree with you
If you look at it through a purely scientific lens than alcohol is 100% a drug but if you look at it through a cultural lens there is an obvious separation in the members of our cultures minds between alcohol/nicotine/caffeine and all other drugs weather the separation can be logically justified or not (which it can’t) the separation is there