[RUMOR] PlatinumGames to Bring Wonderful 101 to Switch, PS4 Via Kickstarter!

Please remember to be skeptical of all rumors. No matter how likely something may seem, it's possible it's not true. Don't get completely consumed by hype, stay alert, and keep an open mind.
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Why would Platinum need Kickstarter to do this?
They shopped around for publishers. No one wanted it, including Nintendo.
Kickstarter has hardly ever been used to wholly fund games, they are used to measure interest of the games which is used to convince investors to invest.
Especially after receiving funds from Tencent
To buy the publishing rights from Nintendo, who own them
More reports of this being true on twitter. Liam Robertson also confirming and a new kickstarter page popped. As weird as this headline sounds, it seems real.
There's a kickstarter page up already?
Huh. That's... interesting...
To people who dont understand why Platinum would need a Kickstarter - cuz they're not completely confident this is a good use of time/resources. They want to know this wont be a flop and that there's excitement about this. Remember folks - it isn't always about whether you have the money to do something or not, it's the opportunity cost that is being considered just as much.
Basically, it's to gauge interest, much like how the Shenmue III Kickstarter campaign worked.
I am interested in this game for the switch but I probably wont back the kickstarter lol
This sounds dumb, the developers actually needed money for Shenmue III, just look at the shit quality of the first trailer.
Stop being a shill. I like platinum games but they just got funding from ten cent. They don’t need to ask there fans for money. This is the problem with the Nintendo community, you guys defend everything
Claiming that a (partial) Nintendo IP is going to go Multiplat via an unverified Kickstarter for a AAA Developr that just got a Tencent cash injection based on a 4chan post and anonymous sources...
Do I even need to point out all the things wrong with this?
Like I want the Wonderful 101 to get a second chance as much as the next guy (hell, WAY more than the next guy), and maybe PlatinumGames really did rebuy the IP, but this just sounds straight implausible.
I dont want this to become the next Metroid Prime Trilogy, where we flail about flinging rumors around it happening. Just let Nintendo know you want it, and buy it if and when it happens.
Edit: Apparently Liam Robertson is confirming this as real. Having been a valued source in the past when it comes to PlatinumGames, most significantly in regards to Scalebound's troubled development and cancellation, I am choosing to be a bit more cautiously optimistic about this...
Edit2: Apparently the copyright was Co-Owned as well. Huh. Rumors seem way more plausible now...
Edit3: I really dont want this game's fate decided by crowd funding, but if it's true... PLEASE support this game. Why isn't Nintendo porting the game...?
Edit4: I am legitimately scared that the campaign wont be successful, but I wont lie it is extremely comforting seeing the outpour of love online for the game. Please show that love with your wallets.
Edit5: I fully accept that I've basically gone a full 180 with this news. Feel free to roast me for it, but also please support the game too.
Edit6: It's funded. In less than 3 hours, it's been funded for PC, PS4, and Switch. Nintendo, in their kindness, let them self-publish the game for all platforms if they could raise the funds.
I am fucking crying, thank you. Thank you all so much!
damn that hard 180 lol
Lol all the stages of grief in one comment
I guess you could say...
Just to be clear, the IP is co-owned only in copyright. In trademark Nintendo owns it alone.
Let's wait and see for monday to see how the rights currently are if they appear on the kickstarter.
The 180 is respectable af.
Stubbornly clinging to an opinion that has become outdated as new information was revealed is what's really deserving of a roasting.
That's not so implausible at all if Nintendo doesn't value the IP and isn't liable to ever do anything with it.
Metroid prime trilogy is as a sure thing as something can get, and would make complete sense with Metroid prime 4 coming.
But in regards to W101, platinumgames wanted Nintendo to publish a port and seemingly Nintendo had no interest. They have a good relationship with platinum so if platinum has full rights to the IP, their best bet would be to port it to multiple consoles. It sold poorly so Kickstarter would be the smartest idea for them financially.
That being said who knows what will happen, never played on Wii U but would definitely pick up on Switch
Now this is character development.
I'm still kinda skeptical, but if true I'll very likely support this game after looking through the kickstarter page
This was an emotional rollercoaster for me, thank you OP
Do not give money to Ten Cent.
I guess this game bombed harder than I thought it did. I mean damn, Nintendo even ported Tokyo Mirage Sessions to the Switch.
Also, this game isn’t that great imo. It’s enjoyable but the controls are kinda wonky, it had frame rate issues on Wii U, and some questionable game design choices too. I believe multiplayer was only local as well which was unfortunate. Will that get addressed here?
Out of all the IP they worked on this is the one they want to try and Kickstart? Idk man this is probably a pass for me.
Yeah, as much as this subreddit likes to jerk off about "hidden gems" from the Wii U days that need to be ported, I think this is a small cult game and nothing more and that's why not even Nintendo wanted to bring it to the switch. It was an awkward game with weird controls. One of the only games on the Wii U I just couldn't get myself to finish.
Even the sad sales numbers are misleading because it was $20 like a year after release on a system that didn't have a ton of choices.
Kickstarters can be used to gauge interest and I doubt even they have the confidence to self-publish a port of a title that sold poorly without seeing if the interest is still there at all first.
At the end of the day, does it really matter? Kickstarter isn't asking for a donation. It's just a different store front that often offers discounts.
At the end of it we'll still get either a cartridge or eShop code, so there's no issue. There's nothing scummy.
Thank god I was hoping for this.
Other reliable sources like Zhuge, Emily Rogers, and Jason Schreier are saying this it the case so I am inclined to believe this is happening, despite how crazy it sounds. Either way, we'll see in two days.
After the grinch I wont believe any rumour. I even remember Jason talking about a switch pro that should have released last year and still nothing. All of them were wrong in the past so I am inclined to not believe it.
February 3rd should be when we see something if the leaks are to be believed.
I don’t believe them personally. Wonderful 101 has been teased since the first year of the Switches life. Remember that picture they had of the cast of W101 playing the Switch?
I’ll be convinced when I see it. The IP being co-owner by Nintendo means that Platinum still need permission to port over to other consoles if I’m not mistaken.
That tease was probably to try to drum up public support to convince Nintendo to fund the port. Kickstarter seems like the absolute last resort to get W101 off the Wii U.
Doesn't Nintendo own W101? Also, are they really using a 4Chan post to back up this claim? 4Chan leaks are pretty much memes at this point and for good reason.
I love Gamexplain but this just has fake written all over it.
Edit: Okay, with Jason Schreier and Liam Robertson backing this up, I'm really starting to reconsider its legitimacy. It might actually be true.
They literally said they double check with another source and that source confirmed, now if that other source is correct is another thing.
So they aren't really basing it on a 4chan post alone.
More and more leakers and reporters are coming out saying this is accurate.
The developers said it's happening, are you still doubting it.
Considering how big of a bomb the game was on the Wii U, I would imagine Nintendo would have been happy to relinquish control of the IP. They probably saw no value in it.
Edit: Can't say I see a reason to downvote for being honest. That was my game of the decade but I know that it was probably one of the biggest bombs of the decade, too.
Will be interesting to see how the game plays without the gamepad and I'm glad it's going multiplatform so more get a chance to give it a shot. Best chance scenario for people wanting Wonderful 102
I do believe wonderful 101 is co owned by nintendo and platnuim. So either nintendo sold thier rights because they arnt interested or they got nintendo permission to put it on ps4. Or this rumor is false. Or it is happening but only a switch port.
Will this Kickstarter even be successful? I hope theyre not too ambitious. The game of course has its core fans, but there's not really a groundswell of nostalgia to capitalize on here.
Yes, please. We want more Kickstarters by major trustworthy publishers and creators. I would definitely back this. And I’ve never backed anything ever. I’d even be cool with Nintendo doing them why not let us fund it if you won’t. Since it’s clearly about the money.
I was hoping this was like 1-2 months away from releasing. This seems to suggest that the game is still under consideration for a port. In any case, would support if the rumor is real.
Xeno X and Mario WiiU would be last 2 heavy titles missing a port ... and the zeldas of couse, hope they release golden joy-cons at some point.
Wonderful 101 and I have a complicated relationship. When I bought it for the Wii U I played for a couple hours then became suddenly ill, threw up horrifically every hour for the next day and never went back to the game because thinking of that game makes me think of what I was like then.
Saying that it was a great game.
Gonna support the heck out of this game. And if they're going to offer a limited edition of it. I'm gonna take that one.
So today is the day and a quick look at who owns the IP shows nintendo still owns the wonderful 101, just like it did when the rumour came out.
I really liked this game and it reminded me of Viewtiful Joe. If they port it I hope they work on polishing the controls though. There were a lot of moves that were similar which became a problem once you had a pretty big pool of moves to use. I got fed up and quit after they introduced a sixth character and the game was repeatedly confusing my inputs. If it had flowed better I would have enjoyed the game a lot and rated it highly.
Why would Platinum Games need to make a Kickstarter? They're not an indie developer, they should have the money to make it. Also I thought Nintendo owned the Wonderful 101 IP? How is it coming to PS4? Lots of red flags here.
Edit: Apparently it might be real, I'd still rather wait and see.
Because while they aren't an indie company but they aren't big either. And this is a game that didn't do well and Nintendo seems uninterested in funding a port or sequel.
To gauge interest, primarily. Exactly how the Shenmue III Kickstarter worked.
That's my theory too. 2 separate real projects that a 4chan troll combined together so that when people look into it and see both are real they think the link is true too. As what is being echoed consistently, nintendo co-owns the wonderful 101 and you can look up that they still do. And as we all know if nintendo owns it, its exclusive to them, no ifs no buts no coconuts.
I bet this would be pretty well on switch. The people who played it on wii u seemed to really enjoy it and games just seem to sell well on the switch
I completed this game 100% on Wii U, I enjoyed the game don't get me wrong, but doing that once was already enough, I don't really have a desire to play it again.
If they ported it to PC as well, then maybe I would get in on sale, just to add it to my collection, but I'm definitely not going to buy it again on Switch or PS4.
The game's aesthetic and vibe isn't really appealing. Only hardcore Platinum fans would get this, plus its not like the game was as well received as their other titles like Bayonetta.
If it bombed on the Wii U, it will bomb only slightly less (heck, possibly even more) on the Switch.
Im in for a PS4 and Switch version
I think it's unlikely it would be through kickstarter, but who knows.
Tencent money can't get them a publisher?
I already think Kickstarter is kind of sketchy, but established companies using it is really disgraceful.
But why...?
The game was clearly niche and bombed on the Wii U. What makes them think putting it on the Switch / PS4 will be profitable? Its like GameFreak putting LTH on the PS4
The game also had gimmicks that worked for the Wii U's gamepad, putting it on a standard console just doesn't make sense...
The gamepad gimmicks are optional though. You can also use the stick to draw. It is also possible to play it on a single screen, you can even switch between the gamepad and the TV. If they are not able to find another solution than, they could also just use the games picture-in-picture mode that was in the Wii U version as well.
I disagree
I wonder how Ten Cent will censor it?
That sounds like bullshit. A 4chan rumor, oh god. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Didn't they get money from tencent recently? Would they really need a kickstarter?
Good thing Platinum just got that capital investment from Tencent so they could do a kickstarter. /s
I posted on this sub not long ago about Nintendo IP should come to other system after Sony rumoured and i got massive downvotes. Oops.
They're usually better than this. This is so blatantly false I can't believe they did this.
It's kind of wrong to put that game on PS4.
What the fuck why?
I don't even care about the Kickstarter, just no ps4
What? Why?
Confirmed fake for 2 reasons.
1: 4chan
2: Nintendo owns the wonderful 101, its never coming to ps4 and xbox one for the same reasons mario isn't.
Actually more and more people are confirming it's true. Even Jason Schreier who is extremely reliable with his sources (he's the one who uncovered the whole Anthem debacle. His reports are very trustworthy)
Liam Robertson, another person with a really good track record has also confirmed. Reveal is supposedly coming on Monday.
I hope they don’t bring it to PS4. Nintendo is the one who funded it originally so it should stay as a Nintendo exclusive!
If Nintendo's isnt willing to fund a port, I'd rather it go everywhere amicably, especially PC if possible. More people getting to play the W101 and for PlatinumGames to make more games easily should be the priority.
If Nintendo don't want it, I don't think this matters much. For this to happen, Nintendo either sold all the rights or are licensing it as they own the copyright with Platinum and solely own the trademarks.
Wait why the fuck are they kickstartering it this is BS just put it on Switch and PS4 and it'll sell enough it's not like it's going to be a huge amount of money to port it
They need money to just put it on switch and PS4. That money usually comes from a publisher who handles big costs like global marketing and distribution.
Platinum is good at making games, but the business side is not their area of expertise.
Through Kickstarter, they hopefully show the publishers that people are willing it buy the game, which will help those publishers feel safe about investing in the game.
For any customers who back during Kickstarter, they get a discount.
fuck kickstarter. lazy, cheap ass companies.
Uhhh why wouldn't Platinum already have the resources to handle this project? I would only support kickstarters for small Indies
It's not about the money. They need a publisher for their expertise and connections.
Platinum can make games, but marketing and distribution on a global scale is a completely different kettle of fish.
Kickstarter will hopefully show the publishers that the game is a safe investment, leading to it getting more marketing and attention, and being available in more places.
not a rumor. a youtuber i know, whom makes official trailers for a living says there is a reason the game is an expensive port. there are some changes and other things he didn’t want to say and also couldn’t reveal. He did say the kickstarter drops late sunday night or early monday morning depending on your time zone. All will be explained by platinum games. The game has been confirmed to have been stuck in re-developement for since 2017 due to a lack of a publisher and they can not afford to self publish. Once again i repeat, reasons will be made clear when the kickstarter launches this new week.
Uh.... this is way bad news if it turns out to be true IMO. I would probably buy it if it was again published by Nintendo and made exclusive for Switch because it would at least guarantee a reasonable level of quality, polish, as well as some level of supportability for added / unique features, not to mention all the quirky little references to other Nintendo games that games like this tend to be full of. I'm not remembering any specifically offhand right now, but if I recall it was random stuff like whistling of the mario theme, to a coin pickup noises, or zelda style bombs, and more, and to release on PS4 would mean spending a lot of time fishing out stuff like that rather than polishing the gameplay. Which again would get a suspect amount of attention and care anyway without a publisher that had a high commitment to quality, which is rarely something we get guaranteed thru Kickstarter, in fact I'd say we more consistently get the opposite.