I know America is asleep right now. But for the next 5 hours I’m free to critique any YouTube channels (except gaming content)

Post up your channels and I’ll give it a watch. I promise to watch for more than 50% of the video and I’ll give you feedback on what I think you can improve. I will lock this after 5 hours.

Thank you very much!
I make surreal animations
It's not my kind of humor. Especially with the computerized voice. I feel like it would be better voiced by real people if possible. But that's just my taste. Sorry I couldn't give you a more in-depth critique.
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It’s actually 6:50 on the east coast, so you’ve still got some americans.
Here’s my channel, it’s a humorous educational sorta deal in a vein similar to Sam O Nella. Here’s my latest video, which talks about why the flag of Hawaii has the British flag on it.
Animation was great, editing was also great. You are a very funny guy and this comes across in your videos. This style of video also lends itself well to viral videos, so if you hit on the right topic in the right way, it could make for a viral video that kick-starts your channel. This is especially true if you cover some subjects that are being talked about a lot in the media.
The one critique I will say was that at times it was a bit too fast, and difficult to follow. But I guess that is the editing style and I am sometimes not smart enough to keep up (especially with the American jokes, as I am British).
Thank you thecookietrain for engaging with the community to do a Critique thread!
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I'm really not the person to comment on content. I have no idea about the stock market, so I am not within your niche. I can only comment on the first part of the video and the audio. The audio could be a bit louder. The microphone is good quality, and you have a nice voice. But it could be a bit louder. Also, you could make your background a bit more interesting and remove stuff like the luggage from the corner.
Again, i'm not your target audience, so it's difficult for me to critique your content. You could be saying the most amazing stuff ever, or the worst, and it would be the same to my ears.
Hope that helps.
Thanks for doing this.
I have a video essay channel where I talk about movies and video games that either perfect things or rewrite parts of it (story wise). This video is me rewriting the leaked Rise of Skywalker ending, where I just had an idea of what would happen in the movie from the leaks, so there are some overlaps with the movie.
Here’s the link:
Thanks again in advance!
The microphone quality could be improved. I am (not) ashamed to admit that I've never actually seen Star Wars, so the content was lost on me.. which seems to be a trend in this critique thread. I don't know if you did the editing for the video content yourself, but if you did.. it was very good.
I had a look at your channels and your thumbnails are top quality. Very, very impressive. Keep improving on your narration and audio quality, and you will see improvement.
You are doing the work of the gods!
I just uploaded a new video for the first time in several months. After being out of the game for awhile, I’m curious to know some of the feedback you might have? Cheers!
Logo intro is cool. It sounded like the mic was peaking a bit too much right at the start of the video, but as the video went on it was fine so just watch the audio levels. I did say no gaming videos, but I watched over 50% as promised ;) You have a very engaging personality, and if you did other content, your personality would be enough for me to sub. But gaming videos are just not my thing.
I don't have much else to critique.
I'm not a big fan of the gradient combination you've used of orange to blue. Play around with different colors. Often with gradients it's better to go from a darker shade to a lighter shade of the same color. Just food for thought. You also need to improve your audio quality, it is too quiet. The animation is good, but I wasn't of a fan of what you did with the Obama family portrait. I don't know the technical term for it. You also need to up your energy. Keep up the good work though!
Hopefully you can give me some ideas how to improve my channel, cause only has 2 weeks. Here is my channel:
My god, those toys are scarily realistic! Never knew they even existed! Your audio quality could be improved. You've got a lot of views for a new channel! Very impressive. Keep up the good work!
This is awesome of you to do. Appreciate any feedback.
I run an outdoors/rural lifestyle channel. I plan to really pick up and run with it once the weather is warmer and the days are longer but I'm still trying to do what I can for now too. I posted a new channel trailer yesterday so let me know what you think of that and what improvements you think I could make.
I wouldn't put stuff like playing around with the camera (before you dropped it into the water) into the trailer. More family stuff is good, and also more action shots of you fishing or cutting down trees (I liked the POV style of the chainsaw).
My son and I recently started a movie review channel. We didn’t want to be on camera so we use puppets. Here’s our latest video.
You could improve the microphone quality. Maybe remove some of the reverb/echo. Maybe add some slight background music sometime quiet as to not distract from the dialogue. I just noticed this was also mentioned in the comments. Also, I feel like there such be a bit more humor. As you're using puppets, it lends itself to more comical reviews rather than serious. Just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work!
The background is great, the lighting and audio is great. Camera quality also great. I don't know if you want to keep it serious, but if you don't mind adding another level of humor, you could have buzzwords that you're not allowed to say, maybe because they are cliched in normal reviews. If someone says that word they have to finish their drink. Again, not sure if it's in the style of your content, but thought i'd suggest it. Honestly, this is very professionally shot. Very impressive.
The song gets repetitive after a few minutes. The video is fast-paced, which works, but some of the jokes don't land. I'm not sure exactly why. For example the slang words/urban dictionary edits. Your tone is also pretty consistent all the way through, but I think it would be better to add more variety. Just my 2 cents.
My friend and I just got to 1k for subs. We mostly cook. Thank you for looking at it
Melanie is stunning! You both make great hosts. The sound was great quality considering I didn't see any microphones within the shot and it was quite a wide shot. With the shot from over top of the cooker, i'd try and make the cooker central to the shot. Now the real question is, can I get one of those churros for my feedback? :)
Edit: I looked at your channel, and the one thing I would improve on is your thumbnails. Less writing, more of you two and the food!
Thanks - let me know your thoughts - I am 3 months in to making for YT And made a video about what it takes to make a video.
How to make YouTube videos: Make your first video
Wait, were you the whole crew? How the hell did you do that? What is this black magic? Your background is very high quality. The one feedback i'd give is you kept putting your logo in the video with this weird sound, it was off-putting (for example at the 41 second mark). Honestly, this was a very high quality video. I'm impressed. You were also very engaging and likable.
Here is my channel. It is a kinda meme channel, were I just make stuff that makes you laugh for some reason. The video’s are most of the time only half a minute long. But you need 420 IQ to understand the memes.
Here is the link:
You got a chuckle out of me with the turtle one, i'll give you that!
Hey! Thanks for doing this. My channel is The Reddit Report, a comedy review/reaction to all things most upvoted from a week on Reddit. All AdSense profit, for life, from my channel will be going to good causes. 1st episode here:
You have a new sub and like from me! Absolutely nothing to critique. Very entertaining! Love the mix of commentary and personal stories.
Dunno if you're still willing to watch some stuff but anyways here you go:
This video is about a terrible movie like COCO but without budget or talent,
Feel free to tell me what you think :)
You're likable and the editing was great. Nothing to critique, just keep putting out videos and your subs will rise!
Here you go
Improve your channel banner. Also the quality of your content should improve if you want more subs. The videos I watched were on a smartphone with bad lighting. Remember that you're competing for views with other Youtubers who have proper cameras, lighting and microphones.
Love this!
Here's my
That hotel is crazy nice. Your editing was nice. I thought the music choice could have been better, but that was just my own personal taste. You guys make a cute couple.
Have you seen Stranger Things? I only ask because that's what the bulk of my videos are about. And I don't want to bore you with more content you have no clue about.
I love Stranger Things.
Ayyyy, so my channel is about the meme niche It's not made for Super quality content and that's what I make aware of before watching to make sure everyone knows I'm still lewrning But here's the channel link! :)
I don't really get the meme niche. Sorry. I don't know how much help I can be.
Absolutely beautiful. Have you thought about using your content for 'non copyright stock videos', i'm pretty sure you can make money from that, and if it's on Youtube you might be able to get a lot of traffic to your videos that way.
I am mainly a gaming channel, but I recently have been getting in music production. So here is my cover of “Into the Unknown” from Disney’s Frozen 2. May I get your opinion on how to improve both my audio editing and my singing technique???
"Into the Unknown" Male Cover - Frozen 2 [TGG Covers]
1.86M total video views. I should be the one asking you for feedback haha! I don't have much to critique to be honest. Keep up the good work!
I really appreciate you doing this! I try my best to always make this best videos possible but there is always room for improvement!
I make videos about Disney World, mainly tips and tricks videos, as well as ranking videos like this.
My video for you:
Let me know what you think and how I can improve :)
I've never been to Disney World, so i'm coming to this with 0 knowledge of the video content. Background and audio were good. If I were you i'd throw in a teaser like 'and there is going to be one very surprising mention'. Especially with ranking lists, it's good to tease a little. Great thumbnails.
Hi, I make Videos about my car collection, I've alredy started with one of them. They are mostly short Videos around 2 Minutes but I also tried a longer one. I'm open and thankful to any advice and criticism you have for me. I hope you enjoy the Videos and let me know what you think about it. Thank you for the effort.
Fantastic music choice. Great shots of the cars and really good transitions. I'm not a car-fanatic, but it was very nice to watch.
Here’s my latest video:
Fun video. I also watched your cover of Wayfaring Stranger, is there anyway you can up the quality of the mic?
Thank you so much for doing this! I don't know if it's content you would be interested in, but my channel is about art related things!
I only started this week so there's only 1 video about me going about my day to prepare for art school interview. I'm completely new to this so any sort of feedback is very appreciated, thank you!!!
The part with you grooming the bunny was a bit long for me, but i'm sure other people would love it. You have a cute and bubbly personality, so keep working hard and you will get plenty of subscribers.
Music and stupid videos
That was fucking hilarious! The music was great too! Must have been so funny to film and see the reactions of the people of Walsall! P.S. Walsall will never be great!
I do have a gaming channel.. however I’m not asking you to critique that. I’m asking your opinion on my channel art and thumbnail, maybe the commentary too if you’re willing but that’s not necessary. Anyways my YouTube is
The channel art and thumbnail is good. But with the banner being so much towards the left side, i wonder how it looks on a phone? I'm using my laptop at the moment so can't tell. Maybe make the artwork more central?
Probably don't start your video with the N-bomb. Your audio quality needs a lot of improvement. Some of the editing didn't land, for example around the number 9, it was a little off.
trying to do comedic reviews on music videos/movies.....any direction would be great
I like your energy and your personality. But the camera quality was a little grainy. You're on over 1k subs now so it's worth putting some money into the channel and improving the production.
Here is my video
Could you move the camera a bit higher? I think your videos and lighting would look nicer if the camera was at eye level.
Ok thanks a lot! Good idea that I will incorporate :)
Good morning! Or I guess good evening. Here is a new channel I started this year about teaching photography and cinematography from a beginners perspective. I am certainly open to any feedback. Thanks for doing this!
Thumbnails are top quality! Great lighting and stuff, but of course it has to be because that's what your channels about. Not much to critique, there are a lot of people in your niche, but you've got a nice personality so i'm sure you'll get subs coming in the more you put content up.
I'm not sure if you will get a chance to watch my video:
It's my first one, and I'm sure I have lots to improve on!
Intro was nice and the piano was nice. Watch out for grammar mistakes, sometimes you made a word capitalized, when it wasn't needed (for example the T at 54s or the A at 1.10). To be honest, it was nicely shot but I don't really know what it was about.
An animation. It's cool. I guess
Yeah it was cute! Not much to say haha!
Hey I only have one video right now and I'm currently working on others.
I wish I had something a bit better
Honestly, that was really cute. Especially the part with the girl and the squirrel. "How dare you think i'm a pet" got a laugh from me. You've got your first subscriber for making me laugh.
Thank you! I have a running channel focused on mental health and Parkrun events in the UK. Some feedback on latest video diary of saturdays Parkrun would be great
My only feedback was that the shot around 1.30 was a little too long. Remember that most people have very short attention spans, so you can’t stay on one shot for too long. Great music choice in the video.
Hi! I dunno if u're still doing it. I do thumb piano cover songs. I'm thinking of newer ideas to do.
This is the one for the Interstellar theme song.
I don't really know what I can say to that. You have more talent in your thumbs than I do in my entire body haha!
Why is everyone so against gaming content? I feel that if it's done right, it can be entertaining
I'm not against it, I just don't watch them so I can't really give good critiques.
Though I agree with you, I am biased because I too operate my own gaming channel. However, I can see that it isn't because he/she is opposed to gaming channels, rather that the content isn't for them. I don't think it'd be in our interest to have someone with no interest reviewing our content.