My 86 year old grandma, never broken a bone in her life!

The scripture states that once you reach 90 years of age while possessing unsullied bones, you are granted title of "Bone Lord".
May her bones be forever strong.
remindme! 90 years
All hail the Bone Lord!
That's what they called me in high school 😥
!remindme 69 years
Gotta go ask my 91 year old grandma if she has ever broken a bone
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Mount and Blade: Bonelord
RemindMe! August 20 2092
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Remindme! 4 years
remindme! 4 years
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RemindMe! November 25 2092
Remindme! 29 June 2092 "Happy birthday, Bone Lord!"
RemindMe! 68 years
!remindme in 70 years
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But our bones become stronger once broken... we heal and recover, to become stronger than before we were broken
She's a goddess among us. May her divine strength live within our bones!
All hail kevin d lasagnas grandma
HAIL THE BONE ELDERS! May their calcium remain forever solid.
Carefully, she’s a hero
No need to be careful if she has STRONK BONES
i'mma be 50 this year. i hope that in another 36 years i'm still eligible to be a member here just like your awesome superhero grandma.
Have faith in your bones my bone brother.
These comments are so nice and funny. My grandma will love reading them cheers to you all!
A queen
Fucking icon
You may not know it but your grandma is a hero
Hail to the Calcium Matriarch!
Our queen
She looks blazed.
This was my favorite comment of them all lol. People say the same thing about everyone in my family
May our saint lead us all to an honorable grave!
A godly specimen indeed.
The Holy One
I pledge myself.. to your teachings
a true hero raises glass of calcium juice
Is it too late to help her with that?
I don’t need your help. I can do it myself.
Just flexed on us so hard, goals.
My queen "clicking sounds"
Is that a glass of milk in the bottom left I see?
What those hips do.
Stay intact
A true champion
I bet that’s glass of milk on deck
champion of champions
what a queen, that's amazing!
I have a 105 year old great aunt that hasn’t broken a bone.
Truly a bona fide legend!
Hail the bone queen
I thought this was
One of the chosen brethren I see.
Grandmother Of The STRONK
This is the way. least not her own...
this looks like a job for me
!remindme 6 years
challenge accepted ;)
The rcord bois
That glass must be full of milk. The legend.
Wishing you stronk bones for all eternity.
Gods walk among us!
This is truly beautiful. I only hope that my own bones will live up to her stellar example.
A true queen if I ever saw one
All hail Calcium God Grandma
She is the Grandma this subreddit needs and deserves! Strong bones inside a beautiful woman!
I proclaim her queen !
This brave woman invented milk
One of us
She’s a real one
A inspiration to us all
Damn, she's just made me grow another bone
One of us One of us
she is our leader
Truly a legend
She looks amazing for her age! All hail the Calcium Queen :D
She is only guilty of breaking men's hearts!
The prophecy is true
One of us! One of us !
Legend. I aspire to be like this woman
I didn't believe the legends... my god they are true
God doesn’t exi-
Boutta break my bone in her
!remindme 70 years
14 and never. Only got 72 more years
!remindme 24 years
it can still happen. we never settle and celebrate, we move forward
She is part of the better kids.
!remindme 72 years
Holy cow! I can guarantee she was a real bombshell in her youth. She still is. I give the credit to c a l ci u m
She out boned all her friends.
Gram gram says "Fuck you, osteoporosis!"
Bears a resemblance to Alan Alda
Grandma looks stoned
OPs mom took "step on a crack, break mother's back" seriously
Praise her
She is iron gran
Age eventually weeds out the lucky weak boned filth from the true strong boned.
86 years and still pure, bless her.
My bones are getting stronger just looking at her.
Careful, my nanna bragged about that a couple years ago to a coworker, three days later she fell off a chair and broke both wrists and her leg
You are blessed with strong bone lineage, don’t fuck it up.
Not if I have anything to say about it
!remindme 4 years
My 100 year old grandmoms mother has never broke a bone. Once at 97 she fell down getting lots of bruises. But never has she broken a bone. So proud of her.
she is the queen
Cheers to your Grandma!
Way to jinx her OP...damn...
She’s the CEO of milk
One of us
Don’t jinx it.
Absolute queen.
I’m sure she’s taken a few tho....
shes too powerful to be left alive alto she looks like she makes a killer batch of cookies so I’ll let this one slide
Might no be much, but there’s still time left.
Fucking legend
Is that a glass of milk in the bottom left?
An ancient warrior, though her flesh grew weaker, her bones remained strong and unyielding.
All hail bonelord, hero of our times
Hell hath no fury like that old woman's bones
me 13 never broken a bone
Well tell granny to ball up cause I’m about to break them ankles, jk celebrate the stronk grand mother
May she have a long- being able to get up from a fall- life!
The pillow beside her even looks like a ribcage! She's Bonehilda of Boneimor!
I’m willing to bet that she walked into the corner of a couch barefoot at some point in her life. It’s an unavoidable truth of being human. The pinkie toe is the most vulnerable thing in the universe.
throw her down the stairs
Muh Queen.
Punch her once really hard one the rip cage - and watch the turntable
Our Queen!
83 years of bone soup did her well
Lets fix that.
Actual real life goals.
She must be revered as a goddess of this clan
remindme! 4 years
random masked thugs armed with barbed wire-wrapped baseball bats: "i'm gonna end this grandmother's whole career"
Is that a threat
Oh she will
I can change that
By the time I am done with her you can count the remaining pieces of her shattered pelvis 😏
I can change that
You should change that
You should shame because of telling this to a bone queen