An incredibly intact Crinoid specimen fossil dating back to about 345 million years ago!

Alien. That's what aliens look like.
Yep. I've seen what hqppens if this gets out
Looks like the flood from Halo.
Incredibly, these ancient animals may have inspired the design for the original Alien (1979). H.R. Giger drew some inspiration from Crinoids particularly.
The plant shape is the most efficient body for life, until other things start moving and grow mouths.
Early Goa'uld ancestor
I know aliens when i see’em and that is alien af
-Me @ the mirror
Hug my face
Lol that shit would be terrifying regardless of size
You’d be surprised
Think of it as a flower.
A flower of DEATH!
I'll think of it as D'Artagnan.
That actually helps!
Or even a Triffid
Lileep vibing before revival.
Fascinating, thanks for that link.
HR Giger looking shit right there.
Prehistoric sperm
That's amazing, such a complete fossil. Apparently Crinoids were much more abundant in the late Paleozoic.
Jaffa kree!
That is what you call a face sucker.
Well I guess Ridley Scott had it right all along.
It’s easier to imagine if pictured underwater. I thought it was just a dry land plant until I read the info provided in another comment
I thought that was a fossilized facehugger for a moment
That’s a cradily
Some Lovecraftian shit right there. With these little buggers roaming the planet some aeons ago, I guess At the Mountains of Madness is not that far off.
Goddammit I keep staring at the little pustules, my skin is crawling
What pustules? I don't see anything pathological on this animal
I do not like that at all. Thanks.
Oh wow I’ve seen many fossils of crinoids around my area but always just a segment from the middle never knew what the whole thing looks like!
This doesn’t even look real ! I can’t believe how perfect this fossil is. Ah, to find something like this !
So what’s this thing’s phylogenetic relationship to sea stars?
Nah, that’s one of doctor octopuses metal arms.
This will never not creep me out and amaze me at the same time.
So facehugger!?
Earliest stages of a graboid.
That's what I was thinking!!! Crinoid>Graboid>Shrieker>Ass-Blaster... I haven't watch any the newer ones to know if they change any further.
Kill it with fire !!!
Imagine being alive back then
Bruh its DIO's brain thing
The Day of The Triffids!!
Kill it with fire! Again!!
Dio flesh bud???
It blows my mind to learn that they still exist to this day.
Can you imagine you go to the bathroom to cough up some mucous and that comes up 😨
Christ. Facehugger 1.0
Weird buttplug
What in the actual fuck
The amount of prep work that went into this must’ve been insane.
That's a face hugger
Crazy. Dinosaurs came and went, and that thing was still laying there.
put that thing back in the ground where it belongs before its too late.
Nah christians said earth was like 6k years old you must've carbon dated that incorrectly
It’s The Flood 😳
A what now
Fuck you that's an alien
Burn it
354 million? Wut?
forbidden sperm cell
ancient aliens
I'm skeptical, how does it look so perfect?
Demogorgon sperm.
This is some xenomorph, half-life facehugger shit. Nope nope nope nope nope.
Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
That’s not how Crinoids fossilize. Someone made a pretty sculpture though
It definitely is how they fossilize
Are you a paleontologist ?? If not then shut the fuck up.
You probably think anything that doesn’t have white skin is alien also.
yes that’s what my dear ol mother taught me growing up, as a wee lad she would point out the black people to me and say “look there son! Do you see that! That’s an interstellar traveller!”
I thought this was common knowledge ...