Congratulations to the 2017 AL champion New York Yankees. Congratulations to the 2017 AL MVP award winner Aaron Judge.

That Playoff run was magical, and to think had the fucking Sox beat them things may be different is a shit feeling
Red Sox and Patriots both cheated in the same way, there is no way this is a coincidence. Boston is the slime city of sports.
This is the way.
also fuck brad marchand
I live in Boston. You are absolutely correct. The sports fans here are whiny, entitled, bitter losers with obnoxious braying accents and mediocre hygiene.
Bostonians really are some of the worst people you will ever meet. On top of the cheating, they are bigger racists than anyone i have ever met from the South.
Dumbest people alive.
When the whalers left Hartford we chose to remain fans of the franchise that abandoned us rather than become a fan of a Boston team
Congratulations, Philly. You get a pass today.
Anyone that lives in MA will tell you that you’re in denial, and say “your just mad because your team can’t win.” So sick of hearing it out here.
Every time I compare the numbers between Altuve and Judge in 2017 it makes me even more angry Judge lost the MVP, even before the cheating. One of the worst votes ever in retrospect. They made such a huge deal of Altuve's average, ignoring that Judge produced more runs, knocked in far more runs, had a much higher OBP and OPS, walked at a rate of more than twice as much (which, given the size of their respective strike zones, is AMAZING), and so many other things. Just infuriating.
The only time in the last 15 years that writers argued that average matters.
You forgot how scrappy the lil feller was. Scrappy goes a lonnnnnnng way in baseball.
fer real tho, I wish more people would realize how disgraceful this team was to the mlb and call for way harsher penalties. “Historic” punishment, pfft.
aaaaaaaaand, he wasn't cheating
Yankees/Dodgers are co-World Series Champs for 2017.
As a Dodgers fan I’m just sad the baseball world missed out on what could have been an amazing ‘17 World Series.
Never thought I’d be united with Yankees fans but shit...Manfred is a pussy.
I'd honestly be happy if they just took if from the Astros. It's nice to think it would have been a la/ny match up but what about the other teams Houston cheated to get there.
raises glass for a toast Here, here!
So tired of cheating getting rewarded but they wanna asterisks steroid era players yet this shit gets to fly? Imagine Barry Bonds knowing when every fastball is coming. Smh
Hey guys congrats on this. It was a tough World Series but a true honor to have played against such a storied franchise. Crazy to think we played each other in both WS.
A Dodger fan
P.s. fuck Boston, Astros and the SF Giants
As a mariners fan, screw the astros
They said on Michael Kay that Judge deleted the pic of him & Altuve from Instagram.
Betts and Altuves MVPs should be rescinded .
Has the BWAA made any comment on the 2017 MVP award?
This is the question I have. Since it's really their award, can't they do something independent of what MLB decides?
What PISSES me off the most is how fucking arrogant the trashtros players are. Especially rewatching last year's playoffs, KNOWING that they are cheating
MLB found no evidence of cheating in the 2019 regular season or playoffs...
First things first, I want to thank God and my mom.
...and jury. Nutcase dismissed. In this case Alex Cora being the nutcase.
Aaron Judge
Went on the Astros sub for a hot minute. The fans suck like Altuve
Altuve’s gonna have a lot of bruises next year. Just hit him on his tiny bum. Not the head (although its at that normal level)
Do u think the astros will get stripped from the championship? I hope they do
I think that the punishment has been handed down
Lol lol
If only!
AL Champion? Are you sure they wouldn't have won the World Series in 2017?
We'll never know, unfortunately. As a fan of the LA Dodgers, I sure would've loved to have found out.
AL Champion isn't World Series Champion
And fuck the Houston Asstros
Too bad I'm already banned at the scumbag factory known as
I'm sure some of them will see this anyways because we live rent free anyways.
Also: Aaron Judge.
Respect Judge!!
Can you imagine what a pissed of Judge is going to do to the league?
You mean 2017 AL champion Huston Astros?
same thing goes for when the Yankees employeed steroid abusers right?
Imagine waiting 56 years to FINALLY win one just to realize that it basically doesnt even count and will forever be tainted.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Imagine criticizing Chapman when you have gurriel and osuna
Damn, you don’t live under a rock, you live under a fucking Boulder.
Don’t bitch to us about Chapman when you’re stuck in Houston with that shithead Osuna. You hypocritical dumbfuck.
Come back when your IQ is above 75.
Delete your account
Delete your account.
Made a new account just to comment this lol what a scumbag. This is actually just pretty sad.
How about you go fuck yourself? Your 1 “championship” is forever tainted. Enjoy being forever known as cheaters, bitch
Is it hard living such a pathetic life that you have to create a troll account for this? I know the Astro’s sub is full of cheating apologists and people who can’t actually handle reality so you’ll fit in really well there.
yeah I'm "butthurt", gtfo loser