[Pelissero] The #Giants are hiring Patrick Graham as their defensive coordinator, source said.

This will either be good or it won't be.
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Woah man simmer down with the hot takes
Now that's a piping hot take
This is the kind of reality-based analysis that is so sorely lacking up in here.
Cheers Geoff
he runs a mixed 4-3 and 3-4 defense so that’s good
It’s also worth noting that he was our D-Line coach in 2016 and 2017
Reminds me of the 2018-2019 New York Giants.
Definitely give the guy a chance. He didn't have much to work with. Remember that Bettcher ran some of the best defenses in the league for multiple years yet sucked with us.
Give the guy a chance? This is
Bettcher didn’t have much to work with either tbf
that's because he had some stacked Cardinals defenses that let him run the schemes he wanted. He came here with much worse players and tried to run the same shit and his only adjustment was "give TEs like 10 yards of space so they only burn us for 20 yards instead of running for a TD every time"
tbh I will just be happy if we have defenders who can consistently make tackles instead of trying to light someone up and missing every damned time.
This is my thought. Bettcher was talked up to be a master mind and we were absolutely terrible. It’s also possible we get a good coach who couldn’t do much with what he had in dolphins. Guess we will see.
This is more or less the least encouraging thing someone can say after hiring a defensive coordinator.
This guy is going to be running our defense under a first time head coach and your sentiment is "give him a second, it wasn't his fault."
I feel bad for Bettcher... It was like they hired a guitarist and asked him to sing instead. He never got to run his defense.
Don’t know how to feel about this, just hope he’s better than Bettcher was.
You bettcher he is. Anybody is.
Hopefully it works out. He’s our DC now so let’s goooooooo. Carl Banks seems to love him too
where are you getting the carl banks love from?
Who cares what Carl Banks says. This guy led a worse defense than ours which is hard to do.
This article seems to be a good primer on what he likes to do on defense. Some common themes with what Judge said in his press conference.
you should make this its own post (or i can if you prefer), really makes it clear why joe judge hired him and how he fits in with his vision.
I would LOVE a more flexible approach to scheming, that goes week to week based on opponent. But it can be difficult. Important they keep play design simple, so players aren’t overwhelmed. But we’ve seen coaches run complex playbooks that don’t adapt at all and fall on their face, so it’s not like the other way is guaranteed anyway. Hoping this staff succeeds’
Nobody here even knows that Graham was apart of the 2016-17 Giants staff -- the defensive line coach.
That's not encouraging. I'm tired of us only hiring people who we've worked with before.
Went to Yale. High IQ guy. Patriots experience. Will be on the same page philosophically as Judge.
Judge has to have guys he trusts on his staff. But I want us to go in another direction in terms of the OC, someone like Norv Turner or Jay Gruden that Judge isn’t necessarily familiar with.
Yes get us some experience there. I wouldnt even mind Garrett there
I assume this guy had some sort of history with the Patriots as Flores is head coach. I cant speak on specifically the defense but the Dolphins massively over performed with the squad they have. If the defense was good, has to mean good coaching, right?
Flores, Judge, and Graham are all very intertwined.
Their defense was the worst in the league
#32 in scoring, #30 in yards, #32 in DVOA, #32 in passing DVOA, #27 in rushing DVOA
Well, just remember we thought Bettcher was a home-run hire because of how proven he was with the Cardinals.
He didn't have the players the roster was so bad. I would hope the defensive roster is slightly better next year...
As I said in another post. Dolphins gave up 40 to the Ravens at the beginning of the year and by the end of the year gave the Patriots an L. That’s called coaching. Specifically on a team that was tanking. I would challenge y’all to name 3 players on dolphins defense. Like Judge said, there is more to the game then stats and numbers.
They also gave up 35 to the Bengals in week 16
Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Sam Madison.
Did i do good??
I wonder if they try to add that Aaron Glenn guy they were rumored to be meeting with as the secondary coach since Graham's background is DL/LB
I would also keep an eye on the name Nick Caley for OC
This made me feel old.
Dolphins fan coming in. It was hard to gauge how he performed purely because we had a bunch of XFL players on the roster. Legit every week featured some guy I've never heard of and didnt even know he was on our roster. On top of that Flores obviously has his hands all over the defense. Mainly he handled play calls and coaching up the LBs. Play calling was rough at times but got better as the season went on.
Personally I think Flo's scheme can lead to a top 15 defense with actual NFL caliber players. So Graham learning from him will help. On top of that Flo preached teaching. He wants his players to know exactly what they need to do and how to communicate to them. So you'll at least get a very disciplined team that will be coached to adapt week to week.
This lines up pretty well with what judge has been preaching in teaching being a priority. Which is good because we’re crazy young especially on defense. Seems like he’s bringing in like-minded ppl which I’m totally okay with.
Really not sure about hiring a 1 year DC who was in charge of the worst defense in the league
But we’ll see I guess
I am willing to cut him some slack. Joe Judge trusts him and it’s not like he had a lot of talent to work with in Miami.
And who already was a DC so the Dolphins literally let us lateral hire him.
Not exactly a ringing endorsement lol.
Lol they were essentially a glorified practice squad
Wasnt betcher leading the worst defense when we hired him too? Goddamnit lol
Now get the fuck out of our headquarters Bettcher
Well it can’t possibly get any worse so here we go.
Well the dolphins defense was worse than ours last year, and we just hired their DC. So it can get worse
Don’t love this. I hope Judge isn’t going to just hire former Pats guys he is right with.
Most coaches tend to hire guys they know. Don’t think outside of the Patriots, that Joe Judge knows many coaches in the league
Riperoo, my Wade Phillips dreams
Not a fan of this hire, to be honest. But I’ll trust Judge and hope it works out.
Yep. His recent record plus watching his interviews is incredibly scary. But, in Judge we trust.
Not even an interview for Wade Philips is shocking
It takes two to tango maybe Phillips didn’t want any part of us
This is what is a bit disturbing. Did Judge even interview anyone else?
Judge stressed wanting versatility and adaptability in his coaching. I like Wade a lot, but hes not exactly that
Reserving judgement until i see the product on the field
I think this could be because of how Judge said in his interview that he wanted coaches that taught. Since he has worked with him before he could’ve already known that he is a good teacher.
Phins players loved him, said he was an excellent teacher - Judges main philosophy
I hate that I'll actually be disappointed if they don't get Garrett. I think he'd be perfect for DJ.
4-3 or 3-4?
Don't really know what to expect or why would Miami allow him to move but I'm willing to cut him some slack considering the talent (or lack of it) he had to work it.
As long as I don’t see our press corners 10 yards off the line of scrimmage more than 70% of the time, I’ll accept it
Who ? Isn’t he from Miami’s staff
Miami's DC, coached D-line and LBs for the Pats since 2009 before that and our D-line in 2016-2017
I really wanted a big name with head coaching experience but whatever. The OC MUST be a former head coach with a track record with QB development.
And Simmons at 4 is pretty much set too.
Could be good but I'm not crazy about the hire. I think if you have an inexperienced HC you need someone a little more established running the offense and defense. On the other hand, it's not easy getting high quality head coaches to play under a first year, inexperienced head coach. Hoping this works out!
The DC will probably be replaced in 2021, the OC and DCs are a revolving door at the Giants
Well, that great feeling I had after the initial press conference is certainly simmering down some. Our coaching staff is extremely green, everyone taking on more than they were before. Think positive, think positive.....
I was really excited for Bettcher so I’m just going to let this one play out.
My optimism went from a solid 5.6 to a 3
Well hope he does great things for our team. Going in optimistic, all we can do.
Hey bmac, wassup?!?!?
Not really too thrilled about this. Seems like were just changing out one bad DC for another, time will tell I guess 🤷‍♂️
I won't judge Judge's judgement
More like gentleman’s judgement
We keeping Golden?
Wow, not a convincing hire. But then again, he’s young and doesn’t know many people which is one of the negatives of hiring a young head coach
If he was a good DC then no way Dolphins would’ve let him go. I hope Judge isn’t just hiring Yes Men
The Dolphins defense was the worst in the league but they were working with 10 practice squad players and Christian Wilkins.
I really don’t like this but I’ll be optimistic and hope for the best.
He did a good job with virtually no talent on the Dolphins defense.
did he though?
So is anyone here allowed to be critical?
What do you mean? Almost every comment is "idk how to feel about this, but I hope it works out." What other thoughts could one rationally have unless they intimately understand defensive scheming and watched a lot of Dolphins games this year?
Crab Rave playing in the background
So we let our terrible DC go only to hire the one DC in the league that’s worse than him?
Dolphins had worst defense in NFL before they won a game, dont like this hiring at all
Why the hell are people downvoting an obvious truth.
Tell me how to feel please
Who? I was hoping for someone more established and proven.
That's not what Judge proclaimed, he wants teachers
Not terrible but nothing to be excited about either
Tell me how to feel.
Honestly? Not great imo
Lets goo
Will wait and see how this works out but it seems to be a bit of uninspiring hire. Hopefully I'm wrong but I would of liked to seen Richard get the job.
The “sexy” hire (Kris Richard & Wade Phillips) is it always the right hire. Let’s wait and see how it plays out, and then we can make a more informed opinion
Wanted Wade but too late now
I think I like this hire
Why? I wanna like it too
Idk how to feel. Let up 30.875 ppg.
No one from this year’s New England wanted to join him?
Hope he pans out. That’s all you can say at this moment.
I just can't wait for Ryan Connelly to bounce back...
I don’t get it. Fins had what 30th ranked defense this year?
This hiring better work out, ppl were already somewhat criticizing the Judge hiring, this might make it worse
He actually was calling plays for the Dolphins. Art Stapleton tweeted it out and confirmed it.
I know nothing about him except that he's not James Bettcher, and that's enough.
This feels like a Mara hire tbh.
How? Obviously a Judge hire. He worked with this dude for years. And Judge said he has full control of the staff, and Gettlemen full control of the 53 man roster.
Bettcher is gonna go somewhere else and be a very successful DC. Dude is an up and coming DC that is gonna shine in the right place.
He’s absolute trash lol