Any NEETs that are actually pretty happy with the way things are right now?

Hello everyone,

Ikr. The guy is still young and its early. Only thing Idk is how to manage ssi and neetbux in the ghetto
Yah, I live hand to mouth. But it seems so do most people I went to school with who work. One fren told me who owns almost nothing of his house. I don't even really worry about money that much. Having a mortgage means you kind of have to. Add in children...
Will there come a point where people living on the street (or going NEET!) will guarantee a longer life expectancy?
Just recently became a NEET again as decided to decline a promotion and take a break from my career. I’m super happy right now, my brother is also a NEET so we always go out somewhere, visit family, go gym, play games or watch some TV. I also make sure I see at least one of my friends each week (although it’s kinda a chore sometimes lol). We’re lucky that our parents live abroad and let us live in the family home free of charge so money isn’t really a problem right now.
It’s nice to see a post from another happy/content NEET, most of the posts around here are pretty depressing.
Bro your life sounds like the best life there is really. People say so many things about career and mansions, private jets, expensive cars, women, how only those things can make you happy, but just living with a friend or a brother (or in my case, my father) spending time how I want to, that's all I need. Everything else is irrelevant. Stay comfy and keep on living your life how you want to. I can sense that you've made the right choice by declining that promotion. More is not always better.
At 21, it's still KIND OF socially acceptable for you to be living with your dad these days. You're still pretty young, so things could change.
I think a lot of the people on here that are unhappy are struggling with mental illness, and/or don't have parents to rely on for money.
To be frank with you, I don't give a damn about what society says, and whoever does should really ask themselves why. It's not that things people say cannot hurt, they can, I've had my fair share of hurtful insults hurled at me, but you have to understand that people who are truly happy never ever have the urge to insult you for your lifestyle, and that projection is very common among many people. They will take their own unhappiness and project it onto you. Truth is, the majority of society is both unhappy and wrong on so many things that you shouldn't even be taking their opinion into consideration. If there is one thing I have learned in my short life it is what I just mentioned.
That being said, thanks for your input and I agree with the last part.
Content but regretful wondering how things could have been different had i done them differently
That's a major problem many humans have ... always thinking about how much better things could have turned out ... when I have these thoughts I immediately try to think about how much worse they could have been, and that usually makes my mind rest in a peaceful way.
My one friend is a neet that is physically and mentally fine,he loves his life. He smokes weed all day and plays video games.
It’s hard for me to imagine that someone who floods themselves with dopamine all day everyday is actually in love with their life. How well do you know him?
How does he finance his lifestyle?
You're still young. I'm turning 26 in May, the pressure's on now.
Believe me, if I was talking to people on a daily basis all I'd get is pressure from all sides. Even some of my so-called "friends" said really rude things to me because of my lifestyle, but knowing why they say things like that helps me a lot. It's projection. They themselves are sour and unhappy, so they try to make me feel the same way. But these days I just laugh it off. In this world you gotta have a thick skin to come through, or simply avoid humans altogether. I chose the latter and I couldn't be much happier. Whatever people say, know it's only in their head, and that other peoples opinions are none of your business anyways.
I am pretty happy being a neet, my family pays for my shit, my mom is always supportive and asking how I'm feeling. I am currently taking piano lessons and japanese classes, so I'm doing good.
頑張れ居兄 currently studying japanese and piano as well!
Are you taking the lessons through private tutoring? Just curious.
About the japanese...I know someone (not personally, never seen him) from my city through a good friend of mine, and he's also been a NEET for like a year since finishing highschool. Currently taking Japanese Studies classes in Vienna. My question is, what is the purpose behind that? What do you wanna do with it? Just seems like weebs wanna take it so they can watch anime without subtitles (jk not really srs).
He's one of the biggest pieces of shit and most arrogant people I've ever met with nothing to back it up but I won't let that reflect on other Japanese Studies students lmao
I'm not NEET rn, but fuck yeah! It's like a dream. It's why people hate us, and we gotta defend NEETs from judgement by saying they have severe depression and other problems. I had time to do things I like and to work on myself. I am so grateful!
My goal is to work part time forever. Living on a dime is satisfying.
Are you talking about psych meds? Weed? Only other addicts and teens in certain music scenes don't hate hard drugs. Personally I'm like one of the 19 out of 20 people that can try a drug without getting addicted to it.
That's also my "goal" or better said "trade-off". Part-time work for 4 hours a day 5 days a week is more than enough to get by, and it's not too stressful.
I don't "hate" drugs, I just don't see the point in short-term pleasure long-term suffering. People can do what they want, but I'd advice everyone to live a healthy and drug-free life. I don't do any drugs period.
And you are spot-on with your first paragraph. Many NEETs are quite happy with their lives, but others (wageslaves) just can't take it and turn so sour that they have to project their own unhappiness onto the happy, youthful and carefree NEETs just to make them suffer as bad as they suffer. It's so telling.
Not a true NEET as I do have some online work I do (not an employee, more of an independent contractor) that gives me money to fund some stuff I want and help out with bills when I make enough. The nature of this work does feel like I'm a NEET most of the time though because there is a lot of downtime + I'm not actually employed by the company I do work for. Work is not always available and is very random. I like and hate this at the same time. It's funny.
The downtime gives me time to recharge, enjoy things I want to enjoy and not be completely depressed from the massive money grind most people find themselves in. This is what I like about the downtime. I hate the downtime because sometimes I could do with some more funds to get things I want.
My income is not enough to be fully independent, but it's enough to satisfy me at this time. My only worry and concern is I know this cannot last forever for one simple reason: the people I rely on (parents) will eventually die, or no longer be in a position to support me and if that happens and nothing changes on my end, I'd be in a real sticky situation. It would definitely force me into the rat race.
If you have enough money to live on, have a backup plan in case things go wrong (person you rely on dies, gets sick or loses income, etc) and don't have any mental or physical problems, you can be happy. That is if you don't care about what society says or thinks about you. It's totally possible to be happy if everything else is taken care of. You just have to not care about what others think of you if you live a lifestyle like this because many people want to live this lifestyle, but can't. They're trapped. You're going to attract a lot of negativity and hate for that reason alone.
Life can be bad whether you work or not. You just gotta do what works for you and as long as it doesn't harm others around you, it's all good. People will try and make you think life suddenly gets better if you "just get a job", but really, it doesn't. All it does is allow you to buy things and while that's very useful, it does not make you truly happy, nor does it really give you any meaningful purpose. You're just trading one misery (no or little money) for another (no or little time).
Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your unique story.
Actually you can be happy in any situation, it depends on your set of mind. But I agree that quality of life considerably increases with a certain amount of wealth, but nothing adds less to our happiness than endless amounts of luxury, which is why many rich people are unhappy and some even kill themselves.
I really don't care about society as I've mentioned somewhere in this thread before, because society largely consists of people with no own opinion and limited / impaired judgement. And, as I like to say, other peoples opinions are none of your business.
I absolutely agree (and it kind of proves my point about society) that you will attract lots of hatred for being happy and living a stress- and carefree life. It kind of shows why societies judgement is impaired and should not be trusted; most of them are unhappy, and they want you to be unhappy as well, that is not a group of people I'd like to rely on or even believe when it comes to important decisions.
Your last paragraph is also really true. Many can't even think as far as you do, that alones makes you an intelligent person compared to most. They just get a job cause everyone else has one. Big mistake.
I probably have an ideal life. Live in boyfriend's parents' garage rent-free, get made food and have access to food stamps. Have access to internet to watch YouTube/anime/etc. all day. The only thing wrong is that I have conflict with two individuals to the point where my time in the house is very limited and controlled as far as the bathroom/shower goes, and I often have to go somewhere else. If it weren't for that issue, it would probably be perfect. Boyfriend's getting sick of my lifestyle though. He wants me to get SSI and start putting aside money to move away or get a job. Waiting to see how the SSI thing goes.
Just stop showering ... jk (although I haven't showered since last year)
Sounds like a pretty solid life ... is there an option to get money from the government where you live? As much as you probably prefer living at your boyfriends parents place, it might release some tension and make things easier for you both if you were to get an own apartment. That'd be my first choice if I was in your situation, somehow trying to get a place to live via welfare. Here in Europe that actually works in some (most) countries.
I wonder why you chose to include that you have your food made for you. Do you occasionally make meals for others?
I used to be like that when I was a teenager and dropped out of school. I'm in my 30s, I have a job, and hope to buy a house soon.
My mental and physical health aren't good but I haven't been hospitalized or take any medicine. I don't use drugs, drink to excess but I like to eat a lot, and that's a problem I'm trying to overcome. I know I can change but it is very difficult to make those changes when they've become a habit.
I hope to start going to doctors this year, eating better, and hopefully find a girlfriend to marry and have kids. I feel like the wife and kids part will be hardest thing I'll ever do but I'm determined to make it.
If my mom had me at 40 and my parents are still chugging along even though they both have medical problems, then I'm sure I can make it.
Not unhappy and not exactly ecstatic. I do have mental health issues and am on meds but other than that I'm indifferent.
I'm 33, have had jobs but hated them all. Get NEET/Menhera bux so even if I don't have a lot of money I can get by.
I live with my folks, spend most days gaming, watching anime, binging Netflix & writing fap material for the odd extra bux. I vacuum, bake, pay a token rent & help out here and there as my contribution.
I tried wagie life for 6 years & it did my head in literally (psych episodes). I'm a bit meh most of the time but not unhappy. It's just that one day rolls into the next so I generally lose track.
I do have a bf I met online, guess trying to get a place with him is a drag point for happiness cos he works odd hours, meaning I get to see him only a couple days a week, maybe 5 days a month. He's happy to have me play housewife in future but his work is unstable atm.
Tbh, I'll be super happy when I can just play the docile housewife.
TL/DR: Housetrained indifferent Neet
Totally get that. Life was easier back then, not just for men but for women too. Men could get a somewhat stable job anytime without any experience (my Dad literally just walked into an office and asked for a job) and women could stay at home and take care of the kids without even worrying about wageslaving ... better times.
Try to get rid of the meds as well. I know it's the same boring story people tell you, but it's the truth: meds are but a temporary solution, happiness / peace of mind needs to come from the inside ... literally (the hormones and all) ... some are addicts, others have a lack of sunlight or vitamin D in general, others again have a bad environment / people around them that make them depressed or do dangerous things to themselves, and others just had a traumatic experience they need to work through and accept and move on ... Try to find your problem and get rid of it once and for all. Heck, for many the problem is working, which is why people condemning NEETdom don't know what they're doing ... a friend of mine is only depressed because of his dead-end job, and he's not the only one out there ...
Well, if I was to become a NEET now, I would definitely be more than happy. I was pretty unhappy when I was a one from 16-17, but now that I have worked, have developed much more mentally and seen what it's like to work full-time for a shit wage...no, there have to be other ways to live life than this fucking misery.
I am completely healthy with no physical or mental issues (I was diagnosed with social phobia once, but I guess that's mostly gone now) aswell, so disability bux or something like that are out of the picture. Me and my family are a strong community, but I still would want to pull my load. You know, take dozens of surveys online to finance my protein powder, clickworker to make like 100€, and then buying cheap and selling for more. I would be super content if I just had enough money for food. Everything else...the internet offers endless possibilities, and with my training I stay physically and mentally sharp.
Sounds like you're on the right track. Good luck for your future endeavours. And keep at it with the workouts, I'm too lazy these days and my life definitely hasn't improved cause of that. Wish I would have never stopped.
I'm happy. I live with my parents rent-free at over 35. I looked up my employment history for past 5 years, and I'm 37% NEET if I calculate the amount of months I worked (at no-skill job in 3 different places) and NEETed. NEETing now for a third month. I have a room to myself, a new (1 year old) gaming PC I afforded with my wages, a sweet long-term medium-distance girlfriend (as introverted as I am, so it works well for us), no friends, no ambitions and no responsibilities. No car yet, not sure if I need one now (I live in megalopolis with well-developed mass transit and taxi and multiple carsharing franchises). I wageslave on and off to afford entertainment and luxuries (new PC there, vacation abroad here). I compare myself with my gf (professionally successful), my mom (married with children) and my dad (both), and I think I'm happier than any of them (in my country New Year holidays are more than a week long, and both my dad and my gf recently mentioned how sweet it feels for them to not work). Social media acquaintances who pursue career and had children seem to suffer as well. I'm a bit concerned about where will it go when my parents will get older though. But at least I won't be weighed down by children.
Sounds like a really good life and I hope it will stay that way for you, or get even better. I might actually want to have children, in my country you get extra welfare if you have a child, plus I might want to work part-time in the future. But not yet as I'm only 21. I also noticed that by comparing myself to other friends (those who work or study) I'm the happiest in comparison. It reassures us that we've done the right thing.
Where I live healthcare is free ... so that won't be a problem. Do you at least get food stamps or anything similar?
No... I don't want to be addicted to porn; I want a gf. I have nothing... but games I hardly play. I read and that's somewhat enjoyable, but it's not long. Just about an hour a read. I only have 1 friend, but I'm alone most of the time. I'm obese (I should exercise, but depression), my grandma has hold of my money, etc...
An hour a day is more than enough (and it's more than most people read) so consider yourself an intellectual.
The porn thing is a tough nut to crack ... have been addicted to that myself and was a hugless kissless virgin till age 18 but let me tell you that once you get past that addiction you can beat anything and your life will get 20 times better. I had several girlfriends in the span of a few months just because I quit that stuff and started taking a bit more care of myself. It is the real deal and no matter how deep you think you have fallen or how long you have been addicted, you can come back and be the person you want to be.
Some people say the "I want a gf" goal is shallow, and I agree to a certain extent, but if it helps you then go for it. Every time you get an urge tell yourself that it's not what you want, that you want a gf, and that this is not going to help you get a gf. Hope it helps a bit.
this got me curios...
lol. yeah sure...
Don't know why people downvote this, it's actually a nice answer. Thanks for the compliments and the well-wishes.
I just wish I had more money to decorate my apartment but that's about it. I never have to worry about privacy, I get to cook and eat whenever I want, etc.
Yes, I am happy with the way my life is. I am fortunate to not be on any meds, addiction to smokes and alcohol is non-existant in my life. I live in the United States, and I am on many Social Government Programs. I have my healthcare premium paid for (which is $145 dollars per month) I get free cell phone service - thanks in large part to Obama. I did upgrade my phone to the Galaxy S10+... and that costs me $45 per month - but it's worth it - since I get free service. I get a good amount from the Social... which covers all my bills. I am happy.
You're not fortunate, you're smart. I've seen these things ruin peoples lives. I was put on Ritalin when I was younger and it made me a nervous wreck. So glad we stopped with the medication. I might have failed school, but I am still healthy, which is far more important than being a nice little slave of the system.
That phone is a beast. I currently have the S6 (switched from my S2 a few days ago) and I'm more than happy with it. Might wait for the new budget phones 2020, but who needs a phone anyways when you have a computer ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Wageslaving is no alternative for me because it makes all the things worse. So I guess I have to do the best with my neet lifestyle and learn to enjoy it. Can live by my parents in harmony so No extential crisis at the moment. Also have enough to do so no boredom and enough to volunteer so No guilt at all.
NEET life is best life. And yes, you are correct, wageslaving makes 99% of things worse. Only advantage: You can now buy expensive healthcare you wouldn't need if you wouldn't work so hard all the time. I'm also sort of a Hikikomori ... didn't leave my house in the past few months, haven't showered in 2 weeks, but I feel fine. People can judge, but their judgement is none of my business.
In the sense that I know I can live okay on the 'bux that they pay me, sure.
I just hate all the appointments and courses I have to go on. I know I am too aspie/asocial to survive in work.
As a frugal hermit who gave up on any dreams, I know I can live like this indefinitely. I just want to be left alone.
Relatable. Just try to consider it as necessary sacrifices. That's what I used to consider going to school for 2-3 days a week, a necessary sacrifice so they won't kick me out. I really despised school. Some days went by without me saying a word. Not. one. word. I was just there physically.
The problem is that you are wasting your youth, and many time contingent opportunites.
It's hard to get skilled at something when you are older. This applies to obvious things like languages and piano, but also stuff like math and professional competency. Also if you have no job/skills/house it will be hard to get a gf/wife. Then you can't have a family and will be lonely when you are older.
Lots of bad things about being a neet that may not have occured to you. They may become regrets when you are older though.
How would I not "waste" my youth? By working a 9 to 5 job and getting work related health problems? Depression like most of my wageslave friends? Lol, no thanks.
Some might not want a wife. Some are fine with a small apartment. Are those people wasting their life as well?
Not to start any gatekeeping and drag you into the same negative spiral I'm stuck in, but you sound like me 5 years ago. This is all how it starts and quite frankly it's an ignorant view of what it will do to you. I was "happy-ish" at that age as well. After 5 years though it hits you so hard, man, that suicide is constantly on your mind. The "strength" to carry on that age is VERY deceptive, as it feels like a never ending source. It couldn't be further from the truth. One day you'll see a MASSIVE pile of shit, think in mountain dimensions, and you are left digging and digging, it doesn't seem to get any smaller even after weeks and months. Your ears, eyes and nose are full of feces. You begin to wonder if there even is anything beneath that humongous amount of shit. Life starts playing in front of your eyes, you see yourself always having to dig away at that mountain for essentially nothing. Paralysis sets in. You stared into the abyss that is supposed to be your life. Once you realised that miniscule things seem so tedious and umimportant, you lose the motivation for everything. To get anything done you'll have to kickstart your inner motor, which takes a lot out of you. This all goes on for what feels like an eternity.
Please, use your current strength get away from this kind of life as far as you can. Don't romanticise this "life style". Don't get fooled and impressed by the hermits and the memes who say they are fine with this kind of life. You don't want to live with the pain of failure and questioning the validity of your own existence.
My existence is valid because I was born. My parents also planned me, so I wasn't even an accident. I don't care about the memes, I live like this because I like it, not because of memes, who are frankly, mostly depressing.
The problem is that people like you still think about society. I don't, I despise society. Makes things a lot easier.
The only thing with some traces of feces is my underwear right now as I haven't changed that shit in 2 weeks lol brb
Not happy or well, but I'm okay, just barely though.
Once my parents die I’m pretty sure things will go downhill fast , but for now things are ok enough.
Not good but not bad either. I suppose I can tell you what I feel.
So I am a personality that is kinda ironic. Knows the worst yet acts like a child sometimes when he is bored.
That being said, great despair at home when I needed to go to school again, yet in school itself only minimal amount of despair.
I wanted to feel good again even though I have existential depression, so to relieve stress I quit school after my 13. year after 2 months in the 14. year.
Then I got into a counter measure for young neets so they can find an apprenticeship.
The ironic thing is I really hate waking up early, which is one of the bad things about apprenticeship. But except in Gaming and analytical stuff I'm really bad in everything, so I think I won't even work somewhere. My internships failed badly.
So I feel bad and great at the same time. Let's say internal I'm more great feeling than bad and from external more bad than great. My mother almost forces me to work somewhere where I am not fit and forces me to go to that counter measure when I really need to quit it for my already existential depression state of my mind, so uhh I'm sitting in a voracious cycle right now. I think if I would be a true, true NEET I would begin at some point to really exercise outside when it is a bit warmer again but right now I'm really exhausted since 5 years. But going to the doctor is no option, I believe. What do I tell him??
Who says that?
Many NEETs are totally capable, they just choose not to work. I could easily get a job, not the best one but a job that will suffice. I just don't want to. Also, every animal is able to "make a living" ... I don't know why humans are so concerned about that. I am living right now and it's just fine. I am breathing, I have food, and I have a roof above my head, and no matter what happens that will not change, simply cause of the welfare state.
I never knew anyone who would say things like "oh, you're a NEET? Sorry, but we don't talk to NEETs" like they're some sort of secret society ostracizing everyone who doesn't work ... it's nonsense frankly. The only disadvantage might be that you won't have the financial means to buy a plane ticket to Hawaii, but other than that you're not excluded from social life, if you are then you yourself choose to live that way, or there are other things prohibiting you from having a social life, such as intelligence or life-experience, as everyone with a sufficient amount of either one of these will sooner or later realize that most people are just not worth it.
Honestly, people who work during the best years of their life (20s), these people have lost their years. I don't consider any of my time lost as the past 4 years I lived without pain, without having to do anything. That's a huge win to me.
I think if you can cope with not being productive or are the type of person that doesnt value work I think we can be content as a NEET. I am not that type though, I cant see the point of existing if im not doing something useful, even if I fail at it or struggle.
Depends on who it's useful for. For me the aim of life is being content, not being useful for others. Paradoxically, those who are content with themselves are usually useful for others, easier to be around etc.