War of the Worlds 2 - UNSPOILED - S34E16 "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Cash" - Post-Episode Discussion


This thread is for discussing what happened on last night's episode. If you have not seen last night's episode and do not want to know what happened, LEAVE THE THREAD NOW. I REPEAT, LEAVE THE THREAD NOW.
Dad bod CT officially has more wins than prime CT lol
Well prime CT liked to hit people too much
I feel so silly for ever thinking that CT would let his weight effect his performance.
The flashbacks to early in the season were almost shocking though - he shaved off a TON of weight throughout the season.
Ironic that Jordan was the main voice against not choosing CT for the Americans and ended up winning a final with him.
Very happy for them both
And it’s funny because it was understandable why Jordan didn’t want him. He had two terrible runs in the two seasons CT had done since Jordan was last on the show and Turbo had literally just won with the hardest final ever
TBF, I'd still take Turbo over CT. Hats off to CT for bringing it, but Turbo is on another level so long as you don't copy his walk or emasculate him.
And chose TURBO over him who literally tried to kill him 😂
CT should be UK MVP. He saved their asses at the end by not throwing Tori in.
Damn I totally forgot about that. That’s a great point.
Did Jordan ride on the Mayflower to the reunion?
I believe he's planning to open a bourbon distillery in the 1870s.
He's going to go all Kung-Lao on Paulie during the reunion.
Is no one going to mention how terrible the 5 minute “advantage” was the reward for UK dominating day 1? I usually don’t ever complain about the challenge but that’s a complete joke.
The whole ep was puzzling. Why a timeout on the final puzzle?
The US team could have stopped, taken a 5 hour nap, gotten to the snake pit, said fuck it and had everyone sleep all night, and still only been 5 minutes behind.
It’s the two day format crap. I’m tired of it. Day 2 almost always invalidates Day 1. You’re better off playing crappy the first day an reserving mental/physical energy and then going hard at the end. Kam and Leroy killed Day 1 and were spent.
What happened with the 10 minute penalty they got about the gurney? When was that enforced?
They obviously want a close finish for television and it's hard to do that if UK gets a 2 hour advantage or whatever it would have been.
Yeah and what was that BS "you'll have 10 minutes tacked onto your final time" they already lost day one. That does nothing
I came here to say the same thing. How did they dominate Day 1 and only get a 5 minute head start?! And what happened to the other 10 minute penalty - the UK team had to sit there for 10 minutes. There was literally no point to finish quickly the day before.
At least paulie can turn it off when its over. He went and congratulated everyone. Cara has no ability to separate the game and RL.
Dude is an annoying loud mouth, but hes always been a good sport about things.
Absolutely. Paulie,Ninja and Zach all congratulated them and then they panned to cara who sobbing lol.
It’s funny because Ashley said that last year and that it was the reason she hated Cara and people (including Scott Yaegar) said that was a horrible reason to not like somebody. Now though, I see it.
The challenge is her life
I've noticed that a few times this season. Makes me think if he got away from her he'd be a lot more likable.
Paulie grew up playing sports, so he learned about sportsmanship. Cara being a non athlete never learned that lesson.
I remember everybody bashed Nany for saying Cara can't separate RL and The Challenge and now here they are. lol
The cut from Cara laying against the boat bawling her eyes out immediately to CT making the jerking off motion while spraying champagne in victory was the poetic justice clip this season needed
Cara: “Chris, Lets go back to Boston! You and I are Boston!” CT: “shut up and cry your ass back to Boston. I am KING of Thailand now!”
CT is the king of Thailand confirmed.
I said at the beginning of the season that CT has had both of his wins in Thailand and I'm betting he's gonna make it this time. I was spoiler free the whole season and looks like my prediction came true!
Oh how sweet our last shot of Cara this season is her crying in the corner lmao
Lol. I absolutely loved it. The UK team celebrating with popping bottles and they pan to cara sobbing.
And she's not on next season so that'll be our lasting image for atleast 6 months!
Literally replayed her crying while the UK flag went up. Best thing of the season 😂
And ninja too!
Very representative of her.
I was truly about to throw a fit at the producers of the challenge if USA won after getting absolutely demolished the first day and then only getting a 5 minute penalty.... that commercial break before the kayak paddle I was fuming
Me during the episode:
Wow that 5 minute advantage was pretty damn useless after killing yourself Day 1.
Me after seeing both teams timeout on the puzzle:
Damn, that 5 minute advantage really was the difference between the two teams
Also, that 9 piece tangram puzzle must have been damn hard. The producers had me fooled that Cara solved it.
Tbh it did look like Cara solved it and then she flipped out saying they moved the pieces lol
production fooled me into thinking Leroy actually had a shot at winning lol
Friendly reminder Paulie and Cara lost
Lmao team spoiled can thrive now
they lost 500,000 for fucking up a puzzle
Ooh, my moment! Friendly reminder paulie and cara aren't on next season
Fucking Ninja instantly solves the puzzle when they’re given something individual.
I have never seen anything on this show as numbingly mind-boggling as Ninja’s awful team performances in contrast to her stellar individual performances. So frustrating.
I rewatched WOTW final over the weekend and is like two completely different people. Cara as well. Cara had a few checkpoints she couldn’t do but she just kept plugging along without big breakdowns.
Some athletes belong on teams and some belong in individual sports. Ninja is very clearly the latter.
She wasn’t gassed at all had all her faculties
Yo this final was super fucked.
TJ, for the love of it all, please, tell production to stop with purges/twists in finals and lame ass head starts the next day that pale in comparison to how much a team was actually ahead by.
Edit: If the design of the final necessitates a time advantage being reduced by 95% to make half of it even viable as a competition, then don’t design the final that way.
I was so fucking annoyed when Team US got a 10 minute penalty for all the rule breaking they did, then Team UK only gets 5 minutes for a head start. It's so fucking stupid.
Imagine being 0-3 and thinking you're the goat of the challenge (Paulie)
Shout out to the editor of this episode, Cara’s face during the champagne pop was great.
I bet if they knew it was a 10 minute penalty no matter who much you cheated or broke the rules, they would have just took the bags off the gurney from the beginning.
Exactly, or just completely drop everything and run to the finish line. Ridiculous.
If they knew it'd only be a 5 minute headstart, they would have walked the whole thing without weights.
So, so happy for CT and Dee. Both proving the doubters wrong.
Yeah that’s pretty cool that the two reinforcements that were not chosen ended up becoming champs
CT played the smartest game once he realized the numbers ruled this structure. He then saved Tori and basically won the game then.
Super sad we didn't get to see Tori's reaction to Team UK winning. Even though she didn't win, she absolutely brought it this season and I'm glad she gets to reap the benefits of the win at least
Couldn’t believe the way she choo-choo’d Jenny. Tori was a beast and kept her head in the game, while putting out fires for Jordan, too. She seems happy, and I’m happy for her.
That would have been awesome if they had them waiting on the boat to see who finished.
Agreed!! I wanted to see when tori heard the news
Love Jordan or hate him. This solidified that he is one of the GOATS.
Got super inspired during his montage 💪🏻
Leroy really is the Karl Malone of the Challenge. (Almost) Every time he makes the finals he runs into Jordan.
Underrated comment
This is amazing
He might be the most tragic character in reality TV history. Like riddled with problems at every turn.
Tori being so positive even when losing hurt my heart. She's such a good person and it radiates out from her. Tori not making the final was the worst, but seeing Cara cry made up for that.
One of the quotes that sticks out to me from this season is when Tori said "I have a heart that nothing can stop." She has such positive energy. It's so refreshing to have her on this show.
Tori is such a good person that after hating Jordan for years I now assume he has to actually be a pretty good dude if she is happy with him.
That purge was utter bullshit. I was already inclined to dislike it because I think its messed up to do a purge in a team final but the way they did it made it even worse. At the very least, add a physical component to the puzzle ie make them run and dig up pieces one at a time and then solve the puzzle. Doing it the way they did allowed people like Ninja and Cara who did far less work total to get by and also allowed Paulie to get by who was "dead".
Speaking of Paulie, there damn well better have been some off camera shots of the Med Team evaluating him and giving him the ok. Because if they just went on his word, that's highly irresponsible. On Survivor for example, if you show literally any kind of sign (which Paulie did), you don't have a choice. The Med Team checks you out to see if you can continue. That should have happened here. And if it did, they should have shown it.
It not only allowed them to get by, but it also put them at an advantage because they weren't tired.
Paulie was definitely showing signs of heat stroke. You're absolutely right that it'd be irresponsible at best if he wasn't evaluated by a medic.
I wish Leroy at least made the last leg of the final because he really deserved it, but I’m happy with CT, Jordan, Dee, and Rogan winning at least. I think what Zach or Jordan said was so right, that Cara and Paulie lost this one for themselves.
LMFAO the last shot with Respect playing while UK celebrate and US literally cry. That felt like a “fuck you for dicking our format” from production.
Cara saying “we’re not a cult, we’re a family” like the two are mutually exclusive. Yeah bitch, so were the Manson’s.
My heart actually breaks for Leroy though. Ninja and Paulie did not deserve to be in that last part after their poor performances beforehand
I can neither confirm nor deny if I cried a little when Leroy and Tori were eliminated.
Fine. I cried.
I kinda wish the four eliminated people because a third team that competed in the last part. It would be an interesting twist although I’m not sure what ‘country’ they would represent.
Should have been Leroy, Kam, Ashley, and Zach. As much as I dislike Kam she really stepped up during the final. Leroy too.
The three worst performers all made it for US. Paulie, Ninja, and Cara. Says something.
Ninja scrambling and yipping away like a hyena after solving the puzzle had me steamed. She is my new favorite person to hate, though I’ve strongly disliked her all season.
You can hate on Paulie all you want, but he's a very gracious loser and competitor when the game is over.
Absolutely. I can’t stand him most of the time, but at least the man has respect.
I noticed that too. It gave me respect for him again and I’m hoping he will come back on a season without Cara.
A few seasons ago, production was making half eliminations cliff hangers and didn’t even reveal the winner until the reunion. Can’t remember the season but it was a disaster and one of the worst I’ve seen.
But it’s back on track now. They listen to the fans. I’ve been watching since Battle of the sexes, and while this season wasn’t perfect structurally it’s one of the best I can remember.
High drama, huge upsets, new comers getting some shine, UK squad is very entertaining and the Old Bear CT getting a huge win.
The "revealed at the reunion" season was dirty 30. It was made more awkward by the fact that Camila had been banned by that point, so TJ pulled the double cross in her place. It literally revealed she was the winner and then ended seconds later. Such a strange twist
Preach. One of the most enjoyable seasons in some time.
They've righted the ship with WotW series, getting the game closer to what it was back in its heyday. That period of time from Invasion* thru Final Reckoning, it was starting to get pretty bad with ridiculous twists, episodes structured far too much on unnecessary drama, stupid cliffhangers, awful reunions, crappy and poorly structured finals and challenges, and some lame casting etc. But these last two have been great. Both could use a couple of tweaks, but they're loads better than what we've had in recent years
*Edit: Now that I think about it Bloodlines is where the dip really started imo
Poor Leroy
Poor all 3 of team US that was left on the beach. They did most of the work day 1 aside from Zach
He needs a make a wish foundation :((
I don't think anyone could watch this season and not become a fan of Leroy. He is such a genuine person and a great teammate.
For all the fools on team US that didn't want CT... pop that champagne
Jordan didnt, and it worked out for him lol
What a great ending if you were unspoiled!! I totally thought Paulie would win!! Thank you god!
This final was messy AF. Should've just called it at the end of day 1. I know they wanted it to appear close but day 2 was just sad.
So basically the only thing the 1st half did was just give UK a 5 minute head start. Why even try in the 1st half if total time is meaningless? UK smoked them in the 1st half and it didn't really mean anything
I am beyond excited for the reunion
Same. Who was Cara talking about in the Nany conflict I’m wondering the most.
Normally I’m not, but that preview has me intrigued
Dee and Rogan definitely not together.
Well Jordan has finally done it, he defeated his arch nemesis The Burger King.
I was really bummed that they cut so much of the final out. The sleeping segment, they showed the beginning and the end when tj showed up. The six mile chain race they showed about 30 seconds of it. Shit MTV, can you at least show me some of it???
Why did the episodes go from 90 minutes to 60 minutes at the end of the season? With a 90 minute episode we could’ve seen a lot more
They literally showed more of TJ on the jet ski than the final 🤣
Fans: Yay the Final.
I mean, would you want them to cut the 50 confessionals about Paulie TOTALLY DYING and GIVING IT HIS ALL and USING MENTAL TOUGHNESS?
I mean, how much do you want to see of them running or falling/tripping on the chain? As far as the sleeping segment I thought they gave it decent coverage. I’m not sure how in depth you wanted it?
The first part of the final I thought was so good. The second part was legit boring and anticlimactic
Agreed! The gurney-carrying was intense and required good teamwork and communication. The second half... required nothing, really.
Ugh. This was slightly frustrating to watch. Why did the 2nd part of the final seem so easy in comparison to the first part. I really don’t see why there had to have been a purge. Damn Lee, maybe next time?
Agree, and I feel like as a result the second part seemed kind of boring compared to the first part.
I don't think Lee's ever winning one. This was his best chance and it just didn't work out. I don't see him winning a individual one cause there are bunch of guys better than him, and on partner one he'll probably end up with Josh or something
The shot or Cara crying on the boat at the end made the entire season worth it.
So happy for Jordan and CT but can’t help to be bummed for Tori there, I would have never guessed Rogan and Dee would beat Jordan/Tori in a puzzle/swim purge after seeing what we’ve seen this season.
That said good for Dee for never giving up and crushing this season. Also gotta give props to Rogan for his great political game this season and doing what he needed to do in the final
Tori and Jordan have joint bank accounts now if that makes you feel any better.
Anyone got a shot of Zach just laying dead on the floor of the yacht? That scene was hilarious, followed up by Cara crying in a corner lol
Zach had a major kidney issue. He had to get surgery after the final
My husband actually asked if he was dead. It was such a weird angle.
The only thing that could have made this Team UK victory sweeter would have been having Tori there with them. Her and Jordan went through the ringer this season and she did everything she needed to up until that puzzle.
Replace Rogan with Tori and I would've been very happy lol
I loved how she was cheering him on. She always has a good attitude
Rogan having a crazy comeback story. Dee proving everybody wrong. CT showing he’s still got it with his “dad bod”. And Jordan solidifying that he is one of the, if not the, best to ever play this game. So happy UK won
I know he's not well liked around here, but i really enjoy Rogan. He's entertaining and funny and I feel like a good sport and authentic. He has a lot of traits I enjoy. Now, he's definitely a bit of a dirtball, but he's an entertaining one at least.
Is Rogan gonna buy a house with Joss now?
Rogan is incorrect. He is not the first Brit to win The Challenge. That would be Piggy Thomas on Challenge 2000.
Dad bod CT threw a challenge, never saw an elimination, was allianced with the hated alliance and still comes out as a legend and a hero.
Daddy deserves his ice cream money.
All of Team UK won that final. Like Tori said, Jordan's winnings are hers too :)
It's wild...I think most people would agree that WOTW was one of the best finals in a long time, if not one of the best of all time...I felt like fans were overwhelmingly amped for it. And now it's like the producers have somehow regressed. I can't fathom how hard it is to create this finals year after year, but I feel like there are small features they could consistently tweak that would make them better than this
Ugh I seriously feel so bad for Tori, Lee and Kam...really really wish they got to advance with their teams :(
DadBod CT has won more finals than Beastmode CT... apparently the DadBod stops him from punching people
Wait what. 16 Hour run. Multiple check points. Sleep with snakes. Ok now solve a puzzle and a short swim to make the cut. You have earned the massive 5 minute advantage!!!! What? I really wish they would structure these finals much different. It is really hard not to think they want to manipulate the results to be close no matter what when it is structured this way. The UK team should have been up a few hours. Not a terrible season, but a let down of a final.
In retrospect, I should have seen it coming. Right before the season started Wes put out a tweet of him and Dee in the house with the caption (paraphrase) "So proud of this girl". He basically told everyone from the start, lol
I’m stoked about it. She’s had a very entertaining season and really earned her spot in the Champion circle
Who’d have thunk earlier in the year. Big come back
As much as I don’t care for him I have to say Rogan played a good game this season. He used Paulie to get through the eliminations, stepped up when he had to, then beat him. Well done Rogan. Dee definitely proved herself this season.
That was a lame final. Run with this absurd thing for 16 miles, sleep with snakes then run around a beach? It was so meh. Timing out on the puzzles makes zero sense. That defeats the purpose of it being an equalizer.
The gurney was dumb AF. Have them all carry weights instead of some flimsy bamboo contraption.
Happy for CT. That's about it.
The gurney was dumb but it was 1000x better than any other event in the final haha
There was only 1 final that I can think of that was worst than this. Invasion. I'm getting old, I think it was Invasion. This one was only better because of the drama. Was still dogshit.
I missed the old days of one day finals. One long ass rache with a bunch of puzzles, a bunch of running and a little bit of swimming. Although last season's final was spectacular due to how grueling it was.
I gotta say - the time penalty shenanigans have me truly skeptical. What was the actual point of saying Team US got ten minutes in penalties?! Someone point to where those penalties were actually applied because I'm mystified (meanwhile Team UK were parked up going nowhere during their earlier penalty). And someone else pulled a mere five minute advantage for the UK which honestly seemed piss poor given how well they did in the first half. None of it made any sense and a more suspicious viewer than I would wonder if production were doing everything in their power to secure a win for Team Cara/Paulie..... I mean USA. In the end it all comes out in the wash because we get the UK Team winning with only one UK player left (and a scoundrel at that) and $ for Dee, Jordan (I like Tori and I begrudgingly admire Jordan's ability - dude is a beast) and of course CT. So I guess all is forgiven..... this time ; )
Did anyone want Ninja to lose as she started giggling for being the first person done
Even the way she runs infuriates me
If you mean more in that moment and since she’s been on the screen then yes
She is so fucking annoying, hope she never gets cast again. I'm still mad Laurel was send home instead of crinja.
Cara better never say Paulie is better than Jordan in those confessionals again wtf so disrespectful.
queen dee!!! first new female winner since invasion!!
I don't get why this couldn't have been a 2 hour finale last week and the reunion this year.
Or just keep the 90 minute episodes and would have finished this week anyway.
All the 4 people are literally no one of the people I wanted purged...
My MVP for the episode and maybe the season is Dee. Even going into this episode I doubted her, I was sure Tori would beat her at the puzzle + swim, but she got it done and now she's has a legit challenge championship to her name.
Hats off to Rogan as well for a fantastic rebound season.
Let's fucking go Jordan. The GOAT for me now.
The 2 things Leroy is the worst at puzzles and swimming, poor dude had 0 chance in that portion.
This is why I don't get why he thinks he deserves to ever win one of these things. I doubt he practices puzzles and swimming on his off time.
I swear they need to do a rivals season and give Leroy like Jordan or something so he gets a guaranteed win. Like rivals 2 CT and Wes. Dude deserves a win.
I'm thinking Exes with Kam would be a solid pairing but the puzzle/swimming weakness is a factor. Just dont put swimming in a final and they got it!
Leroy comes in as a Merc teamed with Landon 3/4s of the way into the game. No one would be against this. If you are, I will fight you
I think all the respect I gained for Jordans game this season was lost solely based off of that hat he was wearing in the preview for the reunion
Reunion outfits are the best. There’s always a couple who seem to have been told it was a costume party.
It just mad me love him more. What a batshit crazy outfit choice
Trash finale but I'm glad the UK won. My final thoughts:
Timing out of puzzles is ridiculous. If you’re gonna do it, make it the ultimate equalizer. Time-outs can only happen 30 minutes after both team/all players have arrived at that stage.
Zach isn't a great teammate, but you'd be annoyed too if you were literally the best player on your team and you had to work with a bunch of faltering mediocre players because of petty politics while you watch your former teammate and best player in the game dominate for the other team. Especially when you've been vocal all season about needing a strong team at the end. Zach is petulant, but he's typically spot on and quite hilarious in the process.
What would ninja complain about? She didn’t have to do any of the work. Zach is still a dog shit teammate though. Nothing new there. Agree with the rest of your comment.
It's finally over.
Team US should've gotten 20 minutes at least for the amount of rules they broke.
Bruh the music was great all season, this episode no exception. It started out like a freakin Breaking Bad episode, played barracuda, Respect and (a cover version for some reason of) Fear the reaper. Thumbs up for the music this season.
I've been saying it FOREVER. I HAAAATTTEEE when The Challenge feels the need to throw out twists for the sake of a twist. Especially during a final. To me if you make the final, YOU GET TO DO THE WHOLE FINAL. I think it's bullshit. Even if it was Cara and Paulie that got eliminated, I'd still be equally as annoyed. I never like shit like that.
Unfortunately Leroy, Tori, Kam and Ashley got couldn't get the puzzle..I have mixed feelings for Leroy. Like I said he made his own bed, but he's still my guy so it sucks to see him cry, especially considering he was the best on Team US. I hate eliminations in the final..
TEAM UK FUCKING WINS!!!! They fucking deserved it. I will say though I thought they would not have a time out for the puzzle.. I actually would've preferred that there wasn't
Great season the babyfaces win and the heels lose. Paulie was pretty bad and Cara was fucking horrible. Like I said months ago
Well now I can add that's she cracks under pressure to the extreme. I'm surprised I didn't say it then, but better now then never.
Jordan's the MVP of the season, he called Cara Maria's horrible performance and backed up all his shit while going into elimination multiple times. What a GOAT.
They could have gave US an hour and it wouldn't have mattered with only a 5 minute headstart the next day.
Music was on point this season (budget has certainly improved as it's become the channel's marquee show).
Spot on with much of the rest of your comments.
Seems like having more players hindered the US team on the first day. Kind of ass backwards that doing well for 95% of the show actually works against you in the final.
It’s interesting that Jordan and CT have been in 3 finals together and CT won Rivals 2, Jordan came in 3rd. Jordan won Dirty 30 , CT came in 3rd. Now they are both on the same team and they won together lol.
Alright folks did Paulie actually gas out?
He somehow gets energy back and starts carrying the gurney then is the in the top 4 of his team. We may need medical input here but if your body is really shutdown wouldn’t your mind go off too? For example, easy and Georgia to me looked different than Paulie.
Was this supposed to be a dramatic comeback from behind victory failed?
I really wanted the US boat to be Leroy, Kam, Ashley, and Zach. I feel terrible for Leroy especially. But it was so satisfying to see UK beat Cara and Paulie.
Reunion preview looks like it’s gonna be lit
Literally rendered the first leg meaningless. You would have been better just sleeping overnight in the jungle and finishing the next day. Would have been fresh for your five minute penalty.
The closeup of Cara crying hysterically was the cherry on top of a disillusioned "perfect season" by Paulie.
Great win by Team UK.
CT and Jordan with their third wins; Jordan with an incredible 3 for 5 ratio!
I’m sorry but if you can’t stand up and eyes are rolling into the back of your head you don’t run 6 miles the next day...he totally played that up
I think he was probably just sore and cramping up and being a huge baby about it. When production asked him if he was vomiting, one of the girls (I'm assuming Cara) said he was making himself throw up. This was after he was like "If I start throwing up I'm a goner" or something.
Should have been a 90 minute episode. I wanted to see a longer celebration.
Edit: And more Team Cara suffering
I forgot how good ‘The Longest Yard’ is lol great cast.
"Pretty good at tanagrams, but its a NINE PIECE" - CT. The way he said it and his bulging eyes made me crack up
Just a few thoughts:
Ninja squealing when she finished the puzzle first might have been one of the most annoying things I have ever witnessed in life. Have to agree with Zach she is my least favourite human ever 😒
There have certainly been more heartbreaking losses in the moment (CT on Rivals, Cara on Free Agents, Derrick on Gauntlet 2, Sarah every time her parter screwed her, etc, etc), but all of those people either already were champions or became champions later on. I think this was Lee's last shot, which makes it the most heartbreaking loss contextually for me
I didn’t like the purge this season bc it was so far into the game. The only purge I have liked in a final is Rivals 2 bc it was in the very beginning. It required a swim and puzzle. Simple and it doesn’t let the challengers do all this work stage one for nothing. I really thought Leroy, Ashley, Kam and Tori deserved to be in that second round. Tori deserved that win with Team UK. They all should had been able to finish with their team win or lose imo.
I think we should give it up to Dee! I am so happy she won regardless of yours opinion on her. If kam leroy Ashley and Tori couldn’t win, I’m so glad that Dee at least got to.
I HATE how there was a MAX time limit on the final puzzle... stupid
I didn’t get to watch tonight (boo for late shifts) but I have a Paulie thought - I’m not a Paulie fan nor am I a huge Paulie hater, but I’d tolerate SO many Paulie seasons if they all ended in crushing defeats that were a big blow to his ego. When I watched the atrocity that was Big Brother 19, the whole season of torture was almost made worth it for the moment we got to watch Paul lose. Paulie played a hell of a game this season and he’s a decent competitor, but GOD it’s fun to watch him lose.
Overall a great season but that final will taint it. The best performers from day 1 were left on that beach. If there has to be a purge make it the grueling aspect of the final not a puzzle after the hardest part, that ultimately, meant nothing.
I felt so bad for Leroy but he seriously needs to put more effort into practicing his swimming and doing puzzles during his time off the challenge.
Wtf was Jordan wearing at the reunion 😂
Mid final purges are fucking ridiculous, stop it. It's heartbreaking not only for us but specially for the competitors that put so much work for nothing. They don't deserve to be shat on like that, they killed themselves in this final and watching them get that taken away from them because of a puzzle is awful. A surprise elimination BEFORE the final is fine but this was horrible, please never do that again.
The 4 people that got purged were the ones that worked the hardest (alongside some of the others in the boat), that was really unfair.
Shoutout to Jordan and Tori for having the most amazing season I've ever seen, I wish they got the 500k which would make building their life together so much easier but 250k is still a lot.
Yay UK!!! So happy they pulled it out.
-the second half of that final was incredibly stupid lmao
-I can’t believe the three worst US players made the top four.
-feel horrible for Leroy but he deserves to win one with a team or partner that isn’t human garbage! I couldn’t root for him this season but I do want to see him win one soon!
-the stealing money curse remains. Sorry Ashley!
-I wish tori would have made it with UK
Glad UK won but I didnt like this final. Day 1 seemed pointless when it all came down to Day 2/a 5 minute difference. WOTW1 did it much better with adding together the total times. Also the gurneys really shouldnt have been so fragile to completely break. The US really had no options but to break the rules when it was falling apart. Purging during a final is messed up too. It should happen either right at the start or not at all. The purged players participated in probably 75% of that final. It was also so messed up Leroy couldnt finish it when he was the best performer for stage 1. At least US didnt win.
holy shit did they almost totally screw up this entire challenge.
The US time penalty ended up not mattering at all because of how it was implemented. They should have gotten the 10 minute penalty at the start of round 2. How much fast would UK have won stage 1 if they all just carried their bags and switched carriers every 5 minutes like the US?
And what a terrible way to do it at the end. Leroy carried that entire first stage and doesnt even go to stage 2. Same goes for Tori. Yet Dee and worthless Ninja go to stage 2. Just a insane way of doing it.
I much prefer no teams in final challenges. Way more fair.