MobiusFF Daily Question Thread (12/13/2019)


So does Garuda FFXIV have any utility paired with Chevalier Noir? Or is it generally better to just have your sub deck handle the breaking via Mantra like abilities?
Garuda is an amazing card for any deck because it gives you 2X JCR and 2 fractal slots. Without it you have to use fractal slots to give you JCR, and that costs you huge bonuses. On top of that, it gives you a 5 action quicken, which is useful in almost every situation, including Chevy Noir. You still need actions to fill the action bar and switch to your subdeck. I use it all the time for all different kinds of decks.
First no it does not, second yes. Mantra would be best, imho.
Any situation where you’d want those new orb gen cards (wrexsoul, vampire lady) over the GF/alter ego/FF7/PB cards? The imbue boost just doesn’t seem very helpful.
Nope. All the cards in that series are just filler.
I think they're just out of ideas for abilities. Older limited cards are still better.
Best Xezat user? Just drew him and am curious. I know shorn is a good one, but I'm looking at different jobs for ew4. I also have crom x
With Crom you could add Mage, Eorzean Bard, Vesna, and Primeval Witch to yhe jobs Shiro listed. Mage, Vesna, and PW might need your opposing deck to break for them for various reasons. EB only exceld when exploiting weakness.
HoD, Vagabond, Scharfrichter.
Why does WoL remind me of an adult version of FF13's Hope Estheim:
Because they're both hawt
angry flashbacks when FF13 event first came in mobius and Wol talked with Lightning while wearing Hope's clothes
Maybe it is him and that he traveled too far into the future :)
Jan 2020 Everybody Gligamesh Party Tower Event:
Is it confirmed for Jan 2020 or are you just guessing?
Uh, i'm pretty sure it's written on the same part of where they're mentioned.
4 days in and there was 1.5m gotten.
Is there any time soon with ex jobs ?
Time for what?
So... EW3 ended and all the cheater are still playing. Number of kills are not displayed anymore...
Even the one I'm following and reported is still playing with all the rewards he stole. Obviously he changed name and now is happily sharing its WoL supreme instead of a 3* random card he set before cheating.
Damn it already ended? It's still the 14th
Since the EW is still there, maybe should open a post and summon glacie to force SE ban players with EW3 over 300 and since they should also be able to look EW2, SE should scan those with over ~400
I honestly stopped caring. I was following not one, but three hackers. I don't play this game for anyone else but me. I've gotten by and enjoyed this game by playing how I want to play and overcoming challenges my own way and through the help of this sub. Sure, it's a huge issue when basically other people could get unlimited funds, but it stopped bothering me because, to be honest, if I got mad for every cheater that played a mobile game I play, I would never be happy. This is just a game, and we either play as we want or not at all. I understand it might not seem fair, but really, you gotta take things as they come. Your experiences are your own. Your achievements are your own. Make the most of the game for yourself, not for anyone else.
EW hacking is a much bigger issue than tower hacking/MP botting because the rewards for hacking EW are much higher, but they're all part of the same problem.
Hacking/cheating lessens the achievements of honest players. Players start to think why should they spend time/money playing this game when others can just cheat their way through for free? And so they decide to spend less time/money on the game, maybe even start cheating themselves. And if players stop spending time/money, then the game will die.
Unless SE does something, it just proves they don't care about the integrity/longevity of this game.
Did anybody else get the EW3 clear campaign rewards? It’s possible I accepted them without paying attention, but I’m fairly certain that I didn’t.
If you had already completed laps 1&2 it was much earlier in the month
If i want to go full damage build does it matter if i used EE or magic custom skills ? Which is better?
As i saw in Youtube, JP already come to an end, will there be a S3?
Well, there was a huge gap between S1 and S2 so we prolly wont know until summer anyways. This being said, I doubt we will see S3 given revenue numbers, manpower working on Mobius and other factors.
What do you mean? Has JP come to an end?
Is R&R still worth chasing?
I decided to go for it, got it in 3 pulls! We'll see if it was worth it but I already see a use for it in ew4. Thank you all for your insight :)
Yes, but I wouldn't chase it now, I'd wait until after the anniversary cards are released, possibly even waiting until after you've taken a shot at Black Widow X...
Since you can probably make do with the anniversary card that casts wall on all enemies and if you get Black Widow X (it's probably a good distance away) you'll hardly ever use R&R, except on the few occasions where you only want it on a single enemy.
But... If you have a crap ton of pulls and don't mind trying your luck, it's up to you.
Yep, people saying to save for anniversary card instead don't know what they're talking about imo. It takes only one deck space, that alone is worth it.
R&R is invaluable when you need it. Imagine trying to climb last tower without it for example.
yes imo
best place to farm skillseeds and to get exp?? i need to lvl up a lot of cards and i'm out of skillseeds
Ifrit or Shiva Brink 3 are both good for both seeds and exp. They're the best spot for exp and one of the best seed farming spots. Really tedious though.
Mars is right btw. Those links are there for a reason.
There is literally a link right above the comments on this thread for farming locations
ok, back from few month back, the rewards of extreme odin are nice, but it seem locked beyond supreme wall where i dont have any earth supreme, trying to be a healer but i dont have loh. Tried to host as a healer with Chaos, aerith, pollensalta and chocobo x, but everyone join and leave. Pls advise what do i need for being a support roll? and how should i complete this extrme odin for tickets in my current situation
As mentioned, you can try discord to find a party. If you have Mourner and the healer is not Mourner, you can have Mourner with 4xAQM to cast the ultimate.
People leave because of Chocobo X. Extreme bosses are a damage race and you usually cant tank their danage, so if one brings defensive buffs instead of buffs/debuffs, it shows a lack of understanding the nature of these fights.
Moreover you are VERY late to the party. Most people already finished their farming of this boss, leaving you with people who never completed their runs in the first place and prolly for a reason.
Your biggest problem is that you're starting the grind way too late. That is, Ex Odin leaves in 3 days and most of the heaviest co-op activity happens within the first few days of the rotation, after which activity drops off sharply as people finish getting what they need and/or shift to their own AI teams for more reliable runs.
According to my cursory observation, most of the players hosting Ex Odin now tend to be lower level and/or inexperienced. If they're returning players, they may not have the Shiva revive stamp from last month, which means your runs will eat up PDs.
With that in mind, you should be better prepared for Ex Hashmal next week. Join the grind in the first few days if you can instead of waiting until the end of the rotation.
You might be able to find some people on discord to help you. They’re usually willing if you provide the stamina.
Well 1st off - don't stress the 3 tickets as they will be available on the next rotation if and only if you don't claim them now.
2nd, well tbh your deck seems good. I guess the problem might be bringing chocobo x. I mean, we know it's good for brave, but maybe other ppl don't recognise the card or they think of it as a pure defensive card therefore assuming it's redundant...
maybe try bringing a more known/readable brave card like.... gigant?
good luck with those pugs
Why can’t I find CA’s General QB panel?
Set the “General” and “Auto-Skill” filters to find it easily.
What were the last HoFs released in Jap? Any estimate when the EX jobs will get their HoF?
Prima Donna and Proud Cygnus were released last month in JP.
Unless they plan on doing Graff or Sophie HoFs next the only reasonable jobs they could pick would be Magitek Heroine, Jester or the EX1 jobs.
After what they did with the Gothic panels I'm worried about how they'll handle any special panels for the EX jobs.
Okay ladies and gentleman, quick question which one do i overboost ? -Skyseer -Reisender -Wahrsager -Kampfer
If I'd had BFA and Ifrit X when Kampfer first came out, I definitely would've OB'd him...but at this point, I don't think it's worth it.
If you have Vesna, I'd say she's worth OB'ing.
TBH I would save your OB-Js for the next generation EX jobs, starting with dame du lac
No on the first three. I'm partial towards Kampfer. Depends if you have supremes he can use.
Error code 9, power off/on phone, error code 12. IOS. Anyone else?
Try fixing ur internet connection
Hello! I have just returned for a little break (like 3 years), and I have tried reading some beginner guides but there is a lot of information! I feel overwhelmed a little bit. I even thought my game was bugged because the story was repeating itself (digest, haha).
So far I understand these are important things to keep in mind:
-Spend 1500 magicite for the Mobius Box each month. I wouldnt have thought the box was worth it, I'm missing something right?
-Do current events. This one is a tricky one for me... There are more than 30 items in both world maps, how do I know which one are events? Because I'm confused with end game and farming places (mind you, I know the banners usually tell of on going events, but there is an Odin banner, isn't that like a super poweful boss or something like that?).
-Do not pull for every banner that comes out. I know there are a lot of cards! And that we have: legendaries, supremes, EX, etc., job and ability cards. I know tier lists are not absolute, but what should I be pulling for?
I feel like a beginner... Because I'm one! In terms of upgrading cards, jobs, should I stick with one? Prioritize jobs or abilities?
Aaand, should I stay away from multiplayer as of now?
Thank you kind gents!
Edit: When using a certain job, I usually get crazy amount of seeds at the end of a battle, for example, 200 instead of 30. What affects the seed multiplier? Damage done? Time spent in battle? The difference is crazy!
i don´t do multiplayer so i can´t answer that.
seeds: some jobs give seed up, some weapons give seed up, some cards give seed up, your score (i think), custom panels you can put on jobs, fractals you can put on cards, ...
Re: the box. If all it gave you was the six summon tickets, you're getting a half-price summon. Then there's the other stuff. I appreciate the monthly spirit ticket, it's a fun incidental.
You should definitely re-roll. At one point I came back after being away year. Re-rolling changed the game significantly for me. Before, I had no supremes or skins, after i re-rolled, I got two supremes and a skin VERY early on.
You should probably reroll so you can buy the updated starter packs.
So with the dark rotation back with the damage reduction for 5 star matches, is anyone else... underwhelmed by Duncan now?
I'm using him with Pug/Sehkmet Claw/ ExGigant/2x Aerith. I have ~6k attack,+31% Damage Up from CP and Duncan is showing ~2.5 mill on the MP deck page, but on a broken 5 star boss, each hit is only about 200k (so about 4-4.5 million damage per cast).
Is anyone else getting better? I'm slowly realizing that Bhuni/Minwu/Gilga all hit for a higher total damage per cast.
Pug is not the king of weakness damage with Duncan
I'm running Tifa Sophie with all mp damage CP, she's OB32 with the gacha weapon. That, with Duncan, the light shift card can't remember the name, two Ymir (the new light monk card)... And I'm hitting like 400k. Oh, brave 2 and CRD2 on boss.
Do you 100% crit?
Using self buffs also means you'll have lower auto-ability potential. You can get a lot more damage with Duncan+1x Alexander FFVIII ((or nemesis for shift) + 2x Ymir compared to your current deck.
possible light stick stat card:
Some support decks don't have brave I guess.
Pugilist is also not the best duncan user nowadays. Avalanche heroine is.
how does free multiplier raise works? how do i get the shiva sticker? i have one that says rise but it doesn't do anything
If you didn't get it from the MP exchange last month, you're SOL.
The Odin and Hashmal stickers won't start working until next year.
If you die in MP and use the stamp after you die you get a free revive.
You needed to exchange materials from Extreme Shiva for the stamp, but since she’s gone you can’t get it for now. You can exchange for the Odin stamp which will be the next revival stamp.
I wonder if Mobius will have an event coinciding with the launch of the FF7 Remake. I wonder what that would be. Any thoughts?
I bet a reprint of the FF7 maps we’ve done 8 times already lol