If you've ever wanted a visual example of how precision weaponry has changed war, look no further than the grid pattern that's visible when the US carpet bombs a large target these days.

The look on that commander's face afterwards suggests even he wasn't fully prepared
Sometimes a show of force is for everyone’s benefit.
That's because it was A PR stunt for 9/11, they could have just used artillery.
That guys face was like thank god i chose their side
Lol isn't he Iraqi. I don't think they had much choice in the matter.
Dude I noticed the same thing when the video was posted yesterday. So freaking crazy, I bet the distance between drops is the kill range of the bomb.
I think so too. You used to see this a lot on the videos the coalition shared attacking ISIS, if they struck a compound or similar. This is the biggest I've personally seen though. It's beautiful.
Absolutely correct. Nothing survives in the grid.
In World War 2, when commanders requested bombs, the pilots would ask which city they wanted them in. Nowadays, they ask which window
They modified a hellfire missile with huge blades and no warhead, to give what they call right seat left seat accuracy
I'm sure the bombs we have today are precise enough to shave with.
But, in the not too distant past. Didn't only like 50% of tomahawk missiles actually hit their intended targets dead on?
That's a jaw drop of a face right there
80,000 lbs of munitions for this single island. Wow.
If you're gonna do it, overdo it.
80,000 Ibs of munitions is better than a single coalition life. Doesn’t matter what the cost is.
Just one B-1 bomber could have dropped all of that.
It looks like we just dropped a fuck ton of mini nukes and boogalooed whoever was in that grid square
Daesh To Dust
Just yesterday!? Damn
Are those actually PGMs? Or just accurate, fairly low level unguided bombing?
I don't see any specifics in the source. Could have missed it though
All of the munitions we drop are precision munitions, for the most part. These were definitely precision weapons dropped by F15 and F35 warplanes.
Air force times has the article
Would be next to impossible to achieve that sort of grid square accuracy / simultaneous detonations without using PGMs
Yeah but was that the grid they were aiming for?
Looks like the aftermath of a tony stark demonstration lol
Looks like they planted a mushroom forest.
Jericho in action.
Which aircraft dropped these bombs? It doesn't look like they were dropped from low range.
F-15s and f-35s
America may be a lot of things but out gunned is rarely one of them.
“Look how accurately we can carpet bomb a city”
Better a demonstration than implementation. I think the Falklands War for example would have been prevented if the UK had made a proper show of force beforehand.
It’s not a city merely an island and a few trees.
Op totally cut out the best part at the start
OP was limited in the length of the gif and wanted to make sure the good stuff was highlighted.
Did you post it? No
Nothing in this video clearly demonstrates its guided munitions
To be honest it looks like a regular bombing run by any modern combat plane.
All of the bombs dropped by the US are guided.
If you watch the impacts, these are clearly laid along gridlines.
No , I would say they’re guided munitions. Literally every bomb has a JDAM guidance kit on it these days. (That coalition forces use, DEFINITELY that the US uses)
So the idea was that the bad guys happened to be standing in grid?
Seems to be an example of pinpoint strikes on randomly selected places.
No we bombed the entire island, not specific "bad guys".
The grid pattern is the most efficient method of carpet bombing an area.
Sorry that you're a moron. Must be a rough way to live life.
That's 1990's level technology.
This is sickening. Imagine if there was Innocent people there. Just going about minding your own business then bam.
Fixed that for you.
You're not innocent if you are an accomplice.
Weird looking US uniforms bro
US aircraft, coalition ground forces.
I get it now: you post so much on T_D and military subreddits, you must be a #StolenValor douche
Nice I wonder how many schools and churches were blown up
There are neither on this island lol.