Mayans MC S01E03 "Búho/Muwan" Live Episode Discussion

REMINDER- This thread is for those who are watching live starting at 10PM EST. If you have already seen the show on FX+, please either post in the Post-Discussion thread or use appropriate spoiler tags.

Reading these comments has been the first time I've been glad I didn't pay attention in Spanish class lol
why is his getaway money in such an obvious place?
Why did he not beat the shit out of the cop to impress the gang he's trying to get into
Slow paced episode, other than that, I think the characters (From the MC), except Alvarez, a real OG and arguably EZ, have no charisma at all.
I miss the old scenes - from SOA - with the MC hanging around, disciplining stupid side characters (Like the guy who sit on jax motocycle) etc. The scene with the cops could've been epic but that solo punch sucked the hope out of me.
Until now just a 'meh' show.
I agree. It seems like it's too plot focused, you don't really get the in depth picture of the relationships between the members of the club, and their families.
It's a good story, don't get me wrong, but I definitely want them to show more.
I speak Spanish and let me tell you, the characters Spanish in this series is horrible. It’s almost embarrassing to listen to. It sound like they’re mumbling words. Except for Edward J Olmos. Other than that, it’s a good series...
Thank you. I speak a fair bit of Spanish, and their Spanish hurts my ears!
The accents are horrendous.
Is it just me or are they generally mumbling A LOT? English isn’t my native language but I’d say I’m pretty fluent, but I have a really hard time understanding most of them half of the time.
Wish they would’ve hired some actors that speak real Spanish.
I guess non Spanish speakers like me wouldn't notice? What do you mean by this?
Miller Light knowing their target audience.
Was the dad watching old news on TV about Vietnam?
he was indeed
I thought for a minute that the casino owner was Henry Rollins in a wig. I may be high.
Damn wonder who they were raiding there
That scene reminds me of the Jax tucking Thomas and Sbrl to sleep
Still a good episode, see everyone next week!
Goddammit I hate that abrupt ending lol I want more!
Oh shit! That kid is a sleeper agent!
I actually kinda like Adelita..which means she's about to get jerked soon
Aw I miss the clubhouse scenes where they're just chilling
Yeah I mentioned this in another thread. But there is hardly any character development besides EZ, his ex old lady and his dad. I kind of missed the camaraderie of just MC members hanging out, shooting the s**** etc. just those subtle moments that made you like watching SOA is missing. I feel like I’m watching more of a Sicario show, not SOA.
I see that gun in the couch and Sons has me primed for a shit show. Dammit, Kurt.
That's like the fifth goddamn time tonight
Hmm what’s the money for?
To start over
Could be for the FBI
What was the point of that scene? Honestly. We already know Olmos is a badass
Screen time for him and a little bad writing unfortunately, he’s just so damn good he over shadows everything in his way.
Old Man Badass ain't taking no shit.
Don't fuck with gramps. Dude's a ninja lol he came outta nowhere
Olmos being a boss over here
He always is!
I really can’t with Emily’s half assed mullet. It makes her look like she’s 70.
It’s terrible!
He gonna kill that DEA agent?
Oh hell yes
.....let down again man
Oh shit
Fingers crossed for a great scene here!!!
Nope but you get a ad
Shits about to get real!
This was much better than the first two episodes. Starting to feel it.
Who's the VP?
Looks like we get an extra 11 minutes tonight my friends. Says it running from 9-10:11pm.
Extra commercials?
The cheese factor of EZ holding that baby is level 10.
How much crack have they been smoking at Subway lol
At least let him have a drink first!
Nice, finally some real action!
About time
Something bad about to happen
Holy wow
Damn that got extra dark real fast
Isn't it a little stupid that Adelita is out there in broad daylight?
Why though? She was out in the public square in the first episode where she first saw EZ. I don’t think the cartel knows what she looks like, right?
She had a somewhat of a disguise but it totally didn’t work, was thinking the same.
Emily went to the Mcu school of disguise
Lmao exactly my thoughts!
She’s a damn Agent of Shield
Wait is that her kid?
Dude. What the fuck was that cat commercial about getting spayed?
Here it is for those that somehow missed it.
That kid looks hella depressed lol
Just a fat little sad Mexican boy, sitting in village square
I honestly think they'd have more live viewers without the commercials
No doubt I would rather record it then skip them
Really they just gonna let him go? At least cut a finger or something off damn lol
For a minute I thought they were taking him out back to execute him
Lmao that was some good black comedy there
The grandmother is a damn Queen pin I just know it, unless it’s been said.
RIP these kids
At least his hand lol
I honestly don't get the complaints about Sarah Bolger being a bad actress
She’s new, people hate all the time, I think she’s doing a decent job, seems to over react a little much but it’s her character.
I like her
That was THE WORST, was literally waiting to fall of the edge of my seat damnit.
Well that was anticlimactic
Douchebag cops lol
Let down damn
Hell yes this should be awesome!
Uh oh he called him La Bamba!!
Bar fight!!!
How does Papa Reyez expect to get any business? He's putting the closed sign up every 20 minutes
Fun fact if you didnt already know this is made in California and Mexico
Was that a crow?
Love the sign that conveniently says 8 years earlier lol
I liked the way it morphed from danger to that.
They do a good job with it, all things considered.
Honestly didn’t know what to think about EZ at first but he’s definitely growing on me.
He's alright but I honestly think Angel would be the better lead
Didn't we see someone being loaded into an ambulance at the end of last week?
That think EZs dad is using on the meet looks exactly like the clubs gavel
is EZ a rat?
Wasn't this established in the first episode?
I believe so or at least working with the feds.
Loving all of this, seriously though so far this show hasn’t been too bad, I’d be thrilled if it actually turns into something as good or better than SOA.
Only reason it may not top SOA is because of nostalgia and that being the first.
Same as Better Call Saul. It’s phenomenal in its own right, but Breaking Bad is the pinnacle.
Foreshadowing. Galindo on “The Pew” with the MC looking at him.
Evening vatos!
So wait did she say "Teller gets 6". Sounded like she said Teller. But peeps said Mayans takes place after Teller was already dead?
Tell them
I think she just said "Tell 'em"
Does anybody have issues with the volume? Deadpool was just on and the sound levels were fine. I had to turn it up 3x louder to hear the dialogue in Mayans... it’s been this way since the first episode
Edit: all of you that have problems, do you have FX+? Maybe it’s better on that...
Yep, couldn't hear shit.
I'm glad it's not just me. I have to close my bedroom door and turn the volume super high and I still miss a lot. Last week I tried to turn on the closed captioning, but for some reason there was nothing there.
I have speakers on and was same volume as Deadpool. Not sure if b/c it's running through my receiver vs TV.
Especially when they're having th conversation with the cartel
That happens all the time with FX for me. The volume just slowly fluctuates all day sometimes
I kinda found that to be an issue during SOA when I was watching it on FX and not Netflix. I constantly found myself raising volume during dialogue and lowering it in shootouts.
Noticed that too.
Saw Piñata, got flashbacks to BCS
That owl looked kinda bad..
Jesus that owl
I could not stop staring at Brother Owl.
That is one hell of an owl.
Exactly. I want a show mainly about the Mayans MC. I find it more like a Narcos or Sicario type of show. Not that that is bad. But it doesn’t seem like SOA.
I agree that they need to focus on the MC more but I'll keep watching anyways because I'm intrigued enough by EZ's inevitable big moment where the club finds out he's a rat. Gonna be an intense moment if executed properly, and Sutter has a knack for those scenes imo.
Part of me thinks the cartel will be put aside a bit, but who knows... I do agree we need more time spent building up the clubhouse characters
I don’t mind it being different from gunrunning. It does need to distinguish itself somewhat from Sons.
Plus, maybe gunrunning got real HOT in Cali after the Sons so drugs is the way to stay relevant until that blows over.