Can't skip lunch to finish my work anymore? No problem.

I work for an aerospace manufacturing company. With some parts, we have a finite amount of time during the day to finish them. If you fail to finish within that window you basically have to restart. I'm also a student, so staying late to finish a part is rarely possible.

Totally malicious compliance and I applaud you for it. But was your manager being a dick or were they just trying to ensure some sort of labour code was being followed?
That was my thought. Depends on the state, but in some, like California, it's a big deal. A 29 minute lunch means you get an hour of overtime, and altering the record to show you took lunch is criminal.
I am required to take a 45 minute lunch, or it had to at least show I took a 45 minute lunch. So I would work through my normal lunch and leave work at 2 rather than 2:45. They would adjust it manually on my time clock. So there was no risk of them getting in trouble. Everyone was fine with it, except the new manager. When he has an idea or opinion he won't even consider any other opposing view. A few calls from unhappy customers changed his mind though.
Manager was basically trying to protect the workers rights to an unpaid lunch break, OP doesn't care about their rights and supervisor pushed for it to be put back in place to meet their targets. That's what it sounds like to me.
Fair play for complying, but never sacrifice your right to an unpaid break.
Yeah, there's likely a labor law trying to be enforced here. I know at my job, I have to clock out for at least 15 minutes break if I work 8 hours in a day.
Most states you have to take lunch. Your boss isn't trying to be a dick, it's that if you aren't taking lunches the business can get in some serious hot water.
OP can you explain WTF your job even is?
You're doing 8 hours of work either way. How are you not finishing on time if you take lunch?
Basically I do maintenance work on helicopter parts. There's a lot of strict rules and guidelines we have to follow when handling and working on the parts. There are a few specific parts I work on often that have to be submerged in a heated alkaline tank for 20 or so minutes. When they're finished and have been rinsed off I have to put them in an oven to dry. Once they're dry I have 4 hours maximum to complete any work that needs to be done. For smaller parts it's no problem, but for the larger parts I have to hustle a little more. The problem is when 12 comes around and I'm expected to take my lunch. I leave at 2:45 so it made more sense to finish what I was working on and leave at 2. Rather than leave for lunch and run out of time to complete the job, or have to stay late to finish it (which I normally can't due to school)
I know you're trying to be a good employee but don't work through your lunch please. People literally died fighting for labor rights and when you're willing to break the rules to get more work done you're screwing your coworkers. I'm sure they could figure out how to get it done in time. If they have to pay someone overtime then that's what they need to do.
I would agree completely if OP was giving up their lunch and getting nothing out of it.
But they're skipping a 30 minute unpaid lunch and leaving 30 minutes early, and I think that's fine.
The less time i have to spend @ work and away from my home the better. Skip lunch gladly. Means i get home 30 minutes earlier. I dont want to waste time eating when i can be putting that time on the sheet.
Not OP but, I work through lunch because it's my choice. I save myself 30 minutes of travel time by leaving at 3 instead of 4. If I skip lunch I'm home by 3:30, if I eat lunch I'm home at 5. Fuck that, a protein bar while I apply patches it is then!
I do it because it does make my job easier. If I have left over work monday it will carry over and make tuesday worse and will continue to pile up throughout the week. Cross training would almost completely negate any issue, but the company refuses to temporarily slow down production, even if it would greatly improve it in the long run.
He gets to leave an hour early...
I don't eat lunch, so what's the point?
Sounds like Wichita
Nope, ct. The mecca for aerospace companies
turbine fans?
No, I mainly do blackhawk hubs, shaft extenders, spindles, etc. After they're alkaline cleaned I have 4 hours maximum to finish.
Is there some way to make leaving early the same amount of time count as a lunch break? I wouldn’t want a lunch break—I’d rather take my same 8 hours, get paid those 8 hours, but leave early instead.
What a downer ending. Only in America would a worker consider "cheated out of his break time" to be a successful outcome for a story...
Well I'm willingly not taking it. I would rather leave the 45 minutes early. If I was losing lunch and having to stay the 45 minutes without getting paid for it, then that would be different.
working without lunch is illegal
Only if instructed to. If you CHOOSE to give up your lunch, that is your choice.