He's finally gone, and all I had to do was nothing.

Do you know that guy at work that every one hates? The rude, obnoxious, lazy one that no one quite understands how he still has a job? Well mines name was Bob. For months Bob "partnered" himself up with me with a lovely 90/10 split of the work. Any time I called out on it he got more and more obnoxious, and if it was actually possible did less and less work.

Your former manager deserved to be let go. I worked with a group of construction guys in a tight-knit community once upon a time and the manager was absolutely RABID about following safety precautions to the letter.
It seems a couple years prior, he allowed an employee a little grace in being slightlly lax on security procedures, and that employee died in a workplace accident and he said he will never forgive himself for the way his friend's widow looked at him at the funeral.
Now when the guys groan about safety, he just tells them, "Shut up. Sit down. Listen. Learn. Follow. I promise you that I will fire all of you before I risk burying one of you." They believed him. We ran a very safe shop.
I'm an extremely safety and security minded person, left over effects from being a prison guard once upon a time. Safety rules are there because something happened, and can happen again. I never want it to be me, or anyone I work with.
SoCal Edison came to service the big transformer behind our building complex. Our electricians had just installed a generator and a bypass switch and needed in there for some reason, but forgot to lock it back up.
Edison guy noticed. And WENT OFF. Lie I could hear him through the window across the parking lot and didn't want to risk looking for fear of sharing in some of his wrath even though I had no idea what he was upset about yet.
You can tell when someone's got some real life experience related to this stuff. This guy had.
That is a great quote. Safety procedures exist for a reason.
I remember one post on reddit somewhere posted by a guy who nearly died/was seriously injured because someone turned on the machine he was inside of to clean or un-jam it and that same guy was defending his non-use of lock out/tag out or any safety precautions because "they took too long" and they'd miss quotas or something. And everyone in the comments was rightfully giving him shit for it.
Yeah I witnessed a horrific workplace accident.
There was a high tension wire by the telephone wires attached to the building, and for whatever reason headboss wanted underboss guy to work on the wire, underboss said no way, way too dangerous. Headboss threw a fit, and called him names until underboss worked on the wire. The wire exploded off the building, hit underboss in the face (he put his hands up to protect his face). We found his hands like 10 ft away from the scissor lift he was on, and the wire hit him square in the nose and nearly decapitated him. He didn't die instantly either. Lots and lots of therapy and I can finally talk about it kinda.
Long story short, don't even work on shit you don't feel safe working on.
Two fatalities in ten years at the last plant I worked at, and absolutely nothing changed. Wish more managers gave a shit, mine definitely didn't.
Test engineering here. We have a little motto that goes something like “follow the fucking procedure” for a reason
"OHnS rules are written in blood."
That quote should be the standard attitude in jobs such as construction.
We started making our shop floor safer due to the safety manager, but also monthly cookouts for being safe. OSHA has some restrictions on the rewards because they don't want people not reporting instances just so they can get free food.
Well the higher ups found out about the free food and flipped their shit and shut it down. The next month one guy almost lost his foot. The next one someone got hit in the head with a hoist crane and got knocked out. It just spiraled out of control from there. 2 years of safe behavior ruined because our safety wasn't worth a couple burgers once a month.
I'm not saying you shouldn't be safe just to be safe, but if you have a good thing going don't ruin it. Positive reinforcement is so much better than punishment to change behavior.
That got tragic.
gave me actually goosebumps and chills man, powerful stuff
Fair enough, but practical safety and safety practices aren't always the same thing. I knew a guy who got fired for sweeping the floor without doing a risk assessment card first.
"I will fire all of you before I risk burying"
Jesus...I am remembering that quote.
Idk how he managed to gather up courage to ever operate the same kind of business again. It's good that he's safe, but if someone died due to my management, I'd never work in the same area again.
This is quite admirable.
Occupational Health and Safety regulations are written in blood.
Just keep in mind, if it appears that you can run your work area solo and effectively have been for some time, that replacement will likely never materialize; why pay two people when one will work twice as hard?
It's not actually going to be a problem with where I work. Even though I'm capable of doing 100% of the load, but corporate knows it's not feasible to do long term. There are mandatory staffing requirements for every work area.
This happened to my brother in law. The place he worked at was not doing well and as they lost people, he ended up doing the work of three people. I think he asked for a raise and they said no (I don't think they could afford to). Eventually he quit. When he came home he slept something like 14 hours, got up to eat, and went back to bed till the next day. Not long later, the place shut down. It was already on it's way down, but that was probably one of the last straws.
I keep trying to explain this to my mom, but she’s got that older mindset of “just stick through it, the company cares more about its employees than numbers”. Which they don’t.
The trick is to intentionally miss metrics, btw. Not to just complain about being overworked. They don't care if you complain -- but the work is getting done. If you complain -- and the work is falling behind -- they'll get you an assistant.
If that happens... ask for a 50% pay raise. Win win.
Michael: Why don't you explain this to me like I'm five.
Oscar: Your mommy and daddy give you ten dollars to open up a lemonade stand. So you go out and you buy cups and you buy lemons and you buy sugar. And now you find out that it only costs you nine dollars.
Michael: Ho-oh!
Oscar: So you have an extra dollar.
Michael: Yeah.
Oscar: So you can give that dollar back to mommy and daddy, but guess what? Next summer...
Michael: I'll be six.
Management at most companies in America.
yep. My manager left 4 weeks ago. Ive been doing what i can, but shits starting to really go south. No one is concerned because the wheels are still turning.
Lol that's me except I proved to the company I can run 2 processes simultaneously. Now I work 2 positions for the wage of 1 employee.
Ah the boomer efficiency program.
Make it known quickly that you expect a raise. I had this happen to me (as an intern in a similar environment as OP story). After a week without hearing anything, I volunteered to head a hiring search. They said no. Two weeks later no more info so I had in informal convo that if they didn’t find me a partner we need to talk about a pay raises at my upcoming midterm review. At the review I got a 25% raise without even having to ask.
Make sure you don't get everything done......if you do you'll never get another person hired on to fill Bob's spot.
Probably true for office jobs but for physical labor they know that it's dangerous to strain staff like that.
I fell into that trap. I'm still there.
This is so true. You understand the management mindset.
I read this on my phone at work.
Look behind you quik, perhaps your boss has been standing there for a few.
Same but my work right now requires only one hand and minimal attention with minimal repercussions if I mess up.
Glad the new manager followed through on that threat. Sounds like he likely saved everyone from a serious workplace injury.
My only question is, if he wasn’t at the meeting, didn’t he still deserve the first warning like everyone else? 🤔
No lie, after paragraph two I thought you had gotten rid of Bob with a permanent solution. I'm actually glad that Bob just got fired, and not got killed.
I'm glad he didn't die too. We've had a few workplace injuries because of carelessness, not wearing protective gear, not paying attention ect. He was one mishap from seriously fucked, glad it'll have to happen somewhere else.
Well written, no obtuse acronyms, contains actual MC, upvote :)
Written like a true MC sommelier.
No, how about instead of Bob we call the coworker "Obnoxious Phone Guy" (OPG), the manager will be "Unsafe Manager" (UM) and the "New Manager" will obviously be "Awesome Manager" (AM). Auntie Carol who doesn't appear in the story but really enjoyed it when it was told the first time will be AC. AC was really glad OPG and UM got fired.
Fuck, that's still better than some of the posts here I guess. I explained the acronyms too well.
Had a former colleague who always, always coming late everyday. I work 8-5 everyday with only a day off. And that guy always come at 1 or 2 PM. Sometimes he will come at 9 and leave at 2 PM. Everyday. My boss found out and he got fired right away
uh that's not late that's more than half of the shift
Did your boss 'find out', if you know what I mean?
I have been 20 minutes laye for work the last 2 weeks i might get canned this Saturday . Since i was asked to have a meeting with the bosses and my shift was cut short on the schedule by 30 minutes .
All depends on industry and work load. I probably can do the same and my colleagues as well and there wouldn't even be a talk about giving a warning to anyone - as long as job's done, log your hours as they are in your job contract.
It always amazes me when employers don't take workplace safety seriously. Do they not know they can be held personally responsible?
That goes for non managers too. If you know about an unsafe situation and don't report it, it's your ass when something goes wrong.
First afternoon of every onboarding in industrial environments should be mandatory watching of liveleak industrial accidents videos.
Mine was my manager. He was awful never bothered to learn the job so you could never escalate a query basically sat in his chair lording it over us all day.
Anyway, at the time I was also a union rep and asked for time off for a disciplinary and he said 'only if I hit target that day'. So in front of the whole team I said ' that's not how it works either I can have the time off or I cant, they need to know today to sort cover if I cant go'. His face was an absolute picture as my whole team and the surrounding teams looked between us. He eventually capitulated and I went to the meeting.
The following week we had a sudden restructure of the teams. He was no longer my manager. He didnt last much longer in the role either. Good riddance I say.
I like how the new manager waited a few minutes; you can't even attempt the "I was only checking a quick text from the wife" excuse if your face is buried in the screen for 3 minutes.
I thought it was classy as well
Holy God, for a large part of that story I thought you knew MY FUCKING LAZY PHONE ADDICTED BOB in a factory setting where he is hated and the plant manager got fired several months ago. 😂 I realize this won't mean anything to anyone, I was honestly just so shook I couldn't not document the moment.
There should be a sub titled Enough rope to hang him self.
I believe in you.
This is Bob. Bob never puts his phone down. Bob could have died. Don't be like Bob.
I really hope you stood there, you and your new manager eyeing each other, and eyeing Bob, both waiting for him to notice. I did that with my supervisor. Most satisfying thing I've ever been apart of, watching him turn around and just go pale lol
"If you hook me up with a 30% raise I'll run it solo for the rest of the year. It'll make your numbers look great!"
I will NEVER be able to understand how people don't get the basic concept of 'it's work time. Put your phone down!' They totally wreck it for us that would like to be able to answer the odd call or reply to text from family because the boss has had to go all NO PHONES! I was working with a guy once who's job was literally to look around for things. Stared at he's phone for 50% of the time, so my team ends up looking like shit.
I like how my boss unofficially handles it. The -actual- company policy is no phones on the shop floor, but he knows that's unrealistic given the age we're in and how much downtime every station deals with because of cycle times with machines, so his policy is get your work done, and follow safety procedures, because we work mainly nights and there's no main office staff in.
If you don't get your work done because of phone, he doesn't sign off on any downtime you had, you miss out on money for the day.
If he catches you skipping out on safety procedures because of your phone, he will suspend you immediately and not just be like 'hey remember to do x' (I mean, depending on how badly you skipped out on safety procedures that'd happen anyway. Not putting lock on a robot door he'll just talk to you, bypassing a guard he'll just suspend you outright no matter why if you're not explicitly someone allowed to do so in a small set of maintenance reasons).
It works extremely well. The people who would be a legitimate issue abuse this kindness and lose their jobs, the people who wouldn't be an issue appreciate the extra leeway
Sometimes more than once.
The good thing about safety issues like that is, especially if you can verify you've warned/informed the employee, if something happens to them and they get injured, it's on them. Granted, however, there ideally should be a paper trail including disciplinary write ups and such, in case said employee tries to pursue legal action.
Ladders. When you see the word 'ladder' think 'self harm device.' But tell someone they should not balance on the top two steps and you get 'I know what I am doing.'
The worst I saw when I was doing A/V work (which included those big stage lights in the rafters was 4 ladders total.
2 as the "base", one strait across, flat. Final one got you to the lights. I strait up refused to work on that setup.
Genuinely curious, why do they even bother putting the steps there? Seems like it would save the ladder company some money and prevent injuries. Obviously you still have to have something still connect the top, but why not just stop the rungs when it's the last safe rung?
And so said every person ever who fell off the top two steps.
The irony is not lost on me that I am reading this while at work.
When I was an overnight manager I had a guy like that. I didn’t really mind as long as it didn’t get in the way of the job but one night we were buried and I needed everyone at 100%. I saw the guy on his phone and asked him to please finish his call and put it away. That we had a big night ahead. Once we were done spotting the load I gathered up my crew and noticed that the phone guy was missing. One of my part timers handed me his cutter and said he quit after he was done with his call and left.
Well that's just wrong. There's all kinds of ways Bob getting himself killed could negatively affect all the rest of you.
Your pay could be cut for losing some bonus related to no-injuries-in-so-many-days, whatever accident kills Bob could also end up hurting you, or if nothing else you might have to sit through a safety standdown powerpoint meeting entitled "Don't do what Bob did."
You know what they say. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Can remember a similar story in a care home I worked at: one of the night staff was asleep on duty, the manager came in to check and apparently stood and waited for her to wake up for 10 mins then fired her on the spot.
The old boss put up with tons, nevermind bad performance. New boss did NOT put up with stupidity, good for you.
This reminds me a co worker who was the same, and got bitter after getting fired stating nobody at work backed her up.
If you were doing 90% and now expected to do 100%, your work load didn't increase by 10%. It increased by about 11.1%.
Good luck!
Haha this is unnecessary but I love it
It’s a 20% increase in “extra work”...
Ahh karma hit bob hard.
He finally got bobbed
I was hoping the head smacking robot finally bopped him. I need a robot like that to come around my office and dish some out.
I have one but his names Robert. Somehow even got Employee of the month. It pays to be able to talk about sports for hours with your boss.
Depends on the boss. I used to bitch out my former CEO on the regular and this dude was a chief officer for a fortune got me promoted over and over because I was the only one to have the balls to argue with him.
Now hes retired and I've got a new CEO. He doesn't know that I'm capable of doing the work of 10 people so I scaled back a lot. Now I work about 1 hour a day and make 6 figures.
My current manager is this way, he's 70 years old and looks 120 and doesnt do shit all we do load lumber at our sutherlands location and while he's sitting
Now, was this Bob's last warning with the company? Or was it already policy to not use phones on the floor?
As he wasn't there for the new rule, I'd say he's probably got an excellent chance here at an unfair dismissal suit.
It's in our employee handbook, and we literally have signs on the walls all over the place about no cell phone use at the stations. The only surprise was a manager that enforced it. It's a serious safety violation, and listed in our rules as a termination offence.
For real worked with a guy like this. His name really was Bob.
So is mine oddly enough. Felt vague enough not to change it
I would understand if someone intentionally tries to be obnoxious or just doesn't care about their job that much, so they just play with their phone all day.
But what kind of idiot just blatantly disregards safety regulations, with full understanding that they could get injured or worse, killed, because of doing that?
It's narcissistic behavior. That kind of thing only happens to "other people". They are above the rules, and deserve a check just for gracing the place with their presence. It's all I can figure honestly.
I was doing after school bus duty as an elementary school teacher. There was a big red line on the sidewalk that the students were not supposed to cross when waiting for their bus. Once a 5th grade boy knocked a football out of his friend’s hands and it rolled under the bus. The first boy crawled under the bus in front of the front tires to retrieve the ball. I was about 100 feet away when I saw this rapidly unfolding and started yelling at and running towards the boy.
He had already crawled out from under the bus when I got to him. I was so upset when I verbally reamed him out that I must’ve had veins popping out on my forehead. As part of my tirade, I explained that my father’s only brother had been run over and killed by a truck passing their home. Plus, my husband’s older brother was killed by a school bus when he was goofing off with some buddies and fell under the bus as it was pulling away from the curb. (My MIL never recovered from that loss. Hence my very strong reaction.)
Fortunately the bus had been turned off, door closed, and the bus driver wasn’t in the bus so there was no immediate danger. However!
The red line was there for a reason.
My face was still flushed when I told the principal and front office about the incident about 10 minutes later.
so the kid knew there was no danger to get the ball and thus went for it
Classic Bob!
Don't you mean
Ok so I’ll be honest I’m the lazy one but I’m not rude or obnoxious so that might be why I still have a job
I like to say to people like this "Get your head out your arse".
Did everyone celebrate the "end of an era" with brewskies at 5? I know it sounds harsh to celebrate someone being let go, but Bob's lack of safety and always on the phone, plus the old manager's care for workplace safety sounded like a risk to all employees!
My workplace has a guy who fucking STINKS. And I mean STINKS. He’s crap at his job, rude, ignorant, and did I mention he fucking smells like he eats shit for breakfast?
And guess what, he just got a promotion.
Isn't that called fired upwards or something?
If it was a 90/10 split, you’re actually doing 11% (well, 11.1111...%) extra work. Felt like you’d wanna know.
Either way, fuck that guy, go you!
Wait. What? 90%/10% means he’s now doing 10% more than he was?
The outcome that dreams are made of....
Even if you'd warned him, matter of hours or days before Bob gets caught with his phone out.
See ya Bob!
Iirc it’s already gone. Oh well
This is why in schools, teachers shouldn’t take away phones immediately. Students need to learn to handle putting away in certain circumstances themselves to have that experience when they get out of middle/high school.
By taking phones away immediately, they are training students for upcoming life challenges like this.
Oh man. You had me at 'Bob missed that meeting'. And it was glorious
I tought he was gonna die when you mentioned the workplace being unsafe if you aren't paying attention.
Don't Be Bob.
Bob Has No Job.
Bad, Bob, Bad.
How long was there between him telling you to leave him alone and him being fired?
I wish I could make it more dramatic and say it was that day, but honestly it had been a couple of weeks
I hope you really milked the agony of having to do the job of "two people".
I think you commented on the wrong story
I've worked at a few factories, they all have the no phone policy. So this guy clearly ignored that during orientation. They literally cover that day one. Typically with a "If they see your phone you're fired."
I even worked at a Home Shopping Network distribution warehouse where they had a security team and scanners and kept your phone up front. Couldn't even get it into the office. IF you managed to sneak it in, they wouldn't even HR you. They just walked you out front and shoved you out. Like, bye dude. So it amazes me that it took so long for this dude to get fired.
However, props to HSN DC. They let you take MP3 players into work and listen to music with headphones, as long as the MP3 player and the headphones were not styles that HSN sold. Only factory I've ever worked at that let you listen to a personal music device.
Very disappointed this didn't end with guy impaled by forklift
I'm surprised HR let Bob get fired without prior warning.
It's in our employee handbook, it's brought up frequently in meetings, and there are literally signs up about no cell phones in the work areas. This wasn't a surprise new thing. Just a surprise someone actually followed through on what he had been told was going to happen.
One thing I've learned over the years, it doesn't take much effort to get bad coworkers fired, managers eventually will do their job.
Sometimes a nudge is helpful though. Like the time I simply mentioned to a manager a bad coworker was drinking a stolen beverage. Dude was canned within the hour, and my supervisor shook my hand, thanking me for getting rid of the guy.
God I wish dealing with one of those right now, happy to hear you're out of that situation.
Meanwhile I’m sitting on the porcelain throne at work waiting to leave lol
Savage. I love it.
Absolutely perfect. Nice work.
Pokemon and Sims on the same track!
luigi is that you
He isn't doing any work. He's chillaxing.
I thought the guy was dead or something
Didn’t really matter that you didn’t tell him. He wouldn’t have listened anyway
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Dang kids and them cellular telephone devices.
Yeah, this doesn’t read like a phone-addiction-OK-Boomer kind of MC; rather, more of a “safety is important so pay attention” kind, and this guy was a liability for not knowing when it’s safe to be on your phone (both literally and metaphorically).
Yeah, when you work in close proximity to things that can easily kill you without slowing down, you should not be in any way distracted. 100 ton presses will make a mess, and I don't want to see it.
Tell your new manager to hire me. I will show him that REAL WORKERS can use their phones and still collect a paycheck. I will help you do your work by using your credit card to order us pizza, key lime pie and cola champagne soda for lunch on the even days... chinese food on the odd days.
You sure are lucky to get me as a coworker
I can see not caring about working, most jobs don't fucking matter.
When I worked for Amazon, we had to leave our cell phones in our locker, we could not have them on us when we were on the floor. If there was a family emergency, we were provided a phone number to give our family that they could use to reach security, they in turn could contact our supervisor via radio and relay the message. That said, it was a good idea on paper, my family never needed to reach me (during work hours) so I don't know how well the system worked.
There are other ways to get ahold of you in an actual emergency, namely calling the company and letting them know there’s an emergency that requires your immediate attention. The world isn’t going to stop spinning if you aren’t looking at your phone 24\7 and focus on doing your job.
If it’s not an emergency it can wait till you take a break to check your messages.
If it’s truly an emergency your family and your children’s schools will have your work number for just such an occurrence.
It really isn’t that difficult. Especially in an area with dangerous moving machinery that can cause serious injury to the distracted and inattentive.
If it's a safety concern it's reasonable. Family can call the work in an emergency, just like before cell phones were common.
I worked too many places where workers would spend half their shift on the phone. Sure, that's okay if you're in telemarketing, but working factory or retail? No.
I'm definitely better off. If there is an emergency we can step off the work station to somewhere safe and deal with the situation. At the work station it can literally get you killed.
They are especially considerate when you let them know in advance that something is going on that might require your attention. For what we get paid, I think not spending your time browsing Reddit and Facebook isn't a unreasonable request.
What did we do here before cell phones?
Die apparently
My SO and family know that if it's an emergency they call the office phone. I don't work in a dangerous environment but I just don't like to be distracted by my phone at work. All other calls and messages are handled on my breaks. If your company doesn't allow you to do this. See if you can bring it up at a meeting.
I feel attacked.
I agree this guy is a lazy twonk, but he cannot be fired for something he didn't know about, surely?
In the US (outside of Montana), you can be fired because almost anything. Breaking stated policy (in the employee handbook, see another of OP's posts) is certainly clear enough grounds, as well as creating a dangerous work environment for themselves and others.
(Checking OP's post history they do use $ for currency in a post, so that's where I'm getting the location assumption.)
If it's a "Right to Work" state in the US you can get fired for almost any reason.
It wasn't a new rule. It's in our employee handbook and we have signs posted on the walls all over the place about not using phones in work areas. Only change was a manager that enforced it.
A worker being on their phone constantly is now unrealistic? There are millions of people working, and to say that not a single one is a phone addict is quite stupid of you. I find it hilarious when people comment stuff like this.
OP you sound like a bit of a busybody. You’d probably be a lot happier if you paid less attention to what everyone else is doing, and more attention to what you were doing instead.
I'm with OP. When someone isn't pulling their weight AND are acting unsafe in the workplace it IS my business. Worst case Bob is killed and in the process his body or the result of the accident hurts someone else including myself. Next worst thing is the plant being shut down and shit hitting the fan while the ministry of labour do their thing.
I was paying a lot of attention to what I was doing. This isn't a setting where if one person is fucking off it only really effects them. What I was doing was 80% of his work on top of my own. He knew this, he just didn't care.