What beauty product is a waste of money for you?

For me it's primers, face mists and hair mists. I've just never understood the hype

Honestly, eyeshadow. I love eyeshadow and wear it every time I do my makeup but I, and a lot of other makeup enthusiasts, have a shit ton of it. I have 10 eyeshadow palettes and I'm never going to use a fraction of it. Sure, variety is nice but nobody needs that much variety, unless you're a makeup artist or a youtuber. There aren't enough days in a year for me to wear every single eyeshadow I own. That's money down the drain.
Right? I came to this realization last year and won’t be buying anymore pallets for a long time. I think in hindsight it would probably have been more beneficial to buy singles rather than pallets.
I was thinking to write “honestly, eyeshadow” cause I thought no one else would have the same answer, till I scrolled a little more, haha. Except in my case I feel like I’m tempted by the pretty colors and swatches, but when I sit down to do my makeup I prefer looks without it. Sigh.
So i have a weird story about eyeshadow and even collect correctors. I use them and paint my sons face like his favorite superheros. Lol.
It’s brown eyeshadow for me! I realized that my bronzers were my perfect transition shades for my eyeshadow looks. I alternate between the TF chocolate soleil and harmony by Mac depending on the look. So now, a lot of regular brown shadows in my palette stay untouched 😭
I only have 3 palettes and have for a very long time: UD electric (matte bright), UD Vice (shimmer/metallic), and Ulta brand matte neutrals. I can't imagine needing anything else! However, I have about 1,000 lip pencils in varying shades of nude pink. I still haven't found the "perfect" one 😒
Even most working makeup artists genuinely don’t need that much variety. The vast majority of their work is basically just variations on a neutral eye.
I feel this so much. I have three large pallets and one small one (used to have so much more) and I use only a liquid black eyeliner 98% of the time.
I 100 percent agree with this! In a way I’ve become a collector of eyeshadow... anytime a Disney palette comes out I buy it lol but because of that I rarely buy new palettes that are not in relation to Disney lol
This, so then I switched to eyeshadow singles instead 🤡
You can sell unopened makeup on buy sell apps
Facial sprays for sure. Everyone and their mother loves the Mario Badescu sprays and says that it doesn’t break you out. I tried TWO different kinds/flavors/scents whatever you want to call them and it broke me out. All skin types smh.
I mean, Mario Badescu is one of the sketchiest brands out there so I personally shirk away when I simply see them in a store lol
Not surprised it broke you out. You really don’t know what’s in there.
I have dry skin and I like the sprays for when I need a little moisture during the day or if I know there's going to be a gap between when I shower and when I actually do my skincare routine...but you don't need those Mario Badescu sprays for that. I just bought some Garnier one on sale at the drugstore, or there's people who make their own. (The only thing I did is kept the old Mario Badescu bottle, but that's because I like the sprayer on the travel size bottles.)
I just straight up don't trust that brand after the steroid issue. I tried the rose spray before I heard about their lawsuit and ended up getting rid of it because it has Red 33 and Blue 1 in it. I have no issue with added colour but I prefer to avoid skincare with it.
I use Cortas orange blossom water transfered into a spray bottle. It's way better than rose water imo and incredibly soothing. If you have any kind of skin irritation or rash just spray some on and it almost immediately calms it. It's super cheap and food grade so no weird irritating shit beyond possible sensitivity to orange blossoms. There's also a rosewater version but rose water isn't as good for my skin.
It didn't break me out, but the spritzer is terrible (like, one of the worst I've experienced lol) and it dries my skin out more than anything. I think I used up an entire bottle, but it was gifted and I'm definitely never repurchasing.
For other affordable facial sprays, I like the Thayers one! My absolute favorite currently is the Acwell Essence Mist though. I'm using both right now.
I love MAC FIX+, but others haven't done as much for me. It's mostly because my skin is ridiculously dry and I need to add moisture however I can. Spray does that without messing up my makeup or sunscreen, while actually making my makeup look better.
I was very against facial sprays until I tried the Emma Hardie plump & glow facial mist. Somehow it really does both those things for my dry but oily maturing skin.
That spray causes contact dermatitis for me. I'm allergic to propylene glycol, which took a long time and a trip to the dermatologist to figure out. It's in so many things.
Edit to say it's the second ingredient in that product. If you have a bad reaction to it, you might look into that ingredient as an irritant for you.
they literally have table salt in them, google the ingredients and you’ll be really shocked
Any leave-on skincare product with fragrance has the potential to cause irritation
I think most lipsticks- I have a good set of 3, and I’m kidding myself if I’m ever gonna use any other color! I’ve also lost the need for contour/bronzer, not into them anymore.
same! I like to keep my lips hella hydrated, i'm that B, and I just don't need more than like, three because i never wear the ones i have. I can't get contour/bronzer to not look orange on me, so I just use my blush to make it seems i have defined cheeks.
I have like ~7 lipsticks that I never wear because I've found I liked lip tints/tinted lip balm better and I can't bring myself to get rid of them. They're a mix of wet n wild and on sale bite beauty so not like they were crazy expensive and I can't tell if I'm keeping them because I'm still mad about the little money I did spend or if it's because my vanity will look bare in that area without them, smh.
Mario Badescu face mists. They are LITERALLY just fragrance sprays with no skin benefit. Dr. Dray gave me the insight on this, she is right.
YES! Everybody raves about them but they’re literally the worst. I ended up using it as a room spray which worked pretty well.
What are some good facial sprays?
I'd have to say bronzer and contour. I'm pale and round. Contour just looks like I wiped dirt on my cheeks. I think I'm done with loose setting powder too, my skin has just gotten too dry as I've aged.
Full coverage foundation. I can do light coverage, but I have a lot of pitted acne scars beneath my cheekbones and, no matter what I do, heavy foundation just sinks into them and makes them look worse. I just wear primer alone most days to help my highlight stick and blur out the worst of everything.
Have you tried using a pore filling primer and applying the foundation with a stippling brush? It works for me.
Me too! I dont even own foundation anymore, just one CC cream for special occasions. As a former cystic acne sufferer, I never thought Id say this but foundation actually makes me more insecure! Primer tho I love
I feel personally attacked by the completely relatable content of #1
LOL Round face girl here! I can't even find my cheek bones.
Blush toppers are totally a gimmick. I don't get them.
I cringe at "blush topper" something I've never heard outside of the beautuber community. It's a total gimmick
Blush toppers are a SCAM just use your highlighter lmaoo
I hate shimmery blushes so much. Wtf is a blush topper though? I’ve never heard of that 😂
First time I hear about blush toppers 😅They won’t get anywhere near my cheeks, for sure
Primers. Haven’t found a good one yet. Also I try many loose powders and they always dry me out and look worse. Highlighters. Although I do want to try Charlotte TILbury. Flawless face.
Loose powders do the same for me- too drying. I never bother and set with a small amount of NARS pressed powder
I was always a searching for the perfect primer. One that smoothed out my face and blurred imperfections... as well as my Nivea Creme did.
When I realized I was just trying to replicate the texture of my skin after using my dirt cheap grandma cream, I just started using the dirt cheap grandma cream. I'm not mad when I get a primer in a sub box, but I'm not going to buy anything other than good old 12 oz for $10 Nivea
The STILA one is epic
Primers for me as well, and sprays that aren't actually going to help my makeup last longer.
I have oily skin and I've tried so many primers. Many that were recommended to me, and tons of drugstore ones that I picked up on a whim. I've never found one that made a big enough difference in oil control than wearing foundation on its own. My two go-to foundations work very well just on top of my skincare (Estee Lauder Double Wear and Catrice HD Liquid Coverage). Plus, many primers require a certain amount of time to "sink in" before they play nicely with foundation, and I don't have the time or patience to have that many prep steps in the morning.
Most facial sprays are just pointless to me unless they're going to extend the wear time of my makeup. My favorites for this are UD All Nighter and CoverFX High Performance. I hear people saying they like "hydrating" sprays, or fixing sprays like MAC Fix+, for taking away the powderiness after they apply base makeup. But I've found that anything wet that you spray on your face will do this, including the two sprays I mentioned above. Especially if you let them mostly dry and then gently pat your face with a sponge to press in the rest. I think it's ridiculous that people use like three different sprays in their routine for different purposes.
feeling very personally attacked by this
Foundation primers are ENTIRELY pointless for me. Unless it's something that adds luminosity like the L'Oreal Lumi Glotion or Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter.
I have a pore filling primer in my stash "just in case" but it's going to last forever because I hardly ever reach for it. I want to say that maybe primers are more for those who wear full coverage makeup? I only use dewy/natural finish, sheer bases, so maybe it doesn't matter as much.
For me, clean, moisturized skin is the best base for makeup.
I have oily skin and Double Wear is my go to as well. I find the new smashbox oil and shine control primer works really well with it! The estée lauder mattifying primer is great too.
Mascara, but that's just bc my eyelashes are bald 😞
Mine were okay, but I wanted to see if I could improve them. So I used doo-gro oil in a cleaned out mascara bottle before I slept every night for about 3 weeks and somehow they got thicker and a bit longer
All of the Pixie face mist. They irritated my face so bad and they’re so expensive.
highlighters!!! they all look the same on the skin and I strongly believe you dont need more than 2 (warm and cool one for example)
I don't wear a lot on my face but I am absolutely a highlighter fan lmao. I love this thread. What's crucial for one my person can be utterly useless for the next.
I just have a liquid and a powder one these days. I used to have so many and I noticed I only really reached for those two, so it was pretty easy to declutter.
Ha, I got a few multi coloured highlighter palettes from beauty boxes (greens, blues, purples?!!) and I have no idea why i would ever use those in normal highlighter places. However, I do quite like using them in the inner corner of my eye if they go with my eyeshadow.
I finally threw mine out (or gave them away).
I agree they mostly look similar! I have 4 but they are actually different, I have a natural pink, a more light gold, a blue, and a sort of hot pink but not really? I can’t describe it, it’s pretty though
I think it must be my neutral undertone or my "clear" (aka not muted) coloring, but highlighter colors look different on me, and textures (glittery vs shimmer vs glow) look different for sure.
For me it would have to be lip liners. I use liquid lipsticks and usually the applicator is so precise I don't need to outline my lips. And honestly even with a bullet lip stick I can make it work.
I’ve had the opposite experience with my liquid lipsticks. I never had a need for lip liners until I switched to liquid formulas and now it’s the only thing that helps me paint my lips in a non-squiggly line. Maybe I just suck at applying it, idk.
I'm with you on this. I use the edge of the doe applicator or edge of lipstick to outline and I'm good!
Lip products that aren't nude, I'll probably wear them once a year if that. Powder highlight, haven't worn them in over a year. Setting spray, I always forget to wear it and I don't notice a significant difference. Eyeshadow palettes, if I wear eyeshadows its usually cream and I have all the powder eyeshadows I could ever need. Eyeliner, because I haven't used it in years and I can just use powder eyeshadow if need be.
Face mists have, besides being a poor man's setting spray, one very specific but lifesaving purpose, which is cooling your face slightly due to the water evaporating
I am from Scandinavia, where we are NOT used to hot summers (meaning no AC), and during the heatwave this year I would keep a face mist in my bag constantly and use it to cool myself down. During the nights, which were almost unbearable in my tiny studio apartment with large, southwards facing windows, I would keep a bottle of setting spray face mist in my fridge, so that whenever I inevitably woke up due to the heat, I could stumble to my fridge and use it to cool myself down quickly. 10/10 would definitely recommend using a cheap face mist for surviving heatwave nights.
Besides that, I keep buying lipglosses but they are a huge waste of money for me because I absolutely hate the feeling of anything sticky on my lips.
EDIT: Brain blooper made me use the wrong words
Off topic and out of cureosity, what do you consider a heat wave? I'm from California and EVERY summer it gets to be 110 for about 2 weeks. Usually in the 100-106ish range is totally normal for about 3 months out of the year.
This and last summer in Europe really fueled my anxiety regarding global warming and the ongoing ecological breakdown 😓
For that purpose I use the water mists / facial sprays from Evian or any local water brand. It’s pure mineral water. I keep one in my car and spray my legs as well for instant relief.
Now in winter I use them to add some mist to my face before my serum that I follow up with my regular moisturizer
lol primers and face mists are essential to my routine. So crazy how different we all are. :)
For me, I would say there is no specific category that is a waste of money, rather having multiple dupes or functional dupes are a waste of money. Take highlighter for example. I think that it's worth it to me to have like 5 or 6 different formulas/shades, but any more than that and it gets redundant. Same with blush - I like a little bit of variation in color and formula, but I don't need any functional dupes or exact dupes. I don't need 4 different peach toned blushes - one cream or liquid formula and one powder would suffice.
Bronzer and contour. I don't know how to use them, and am light skinned--- it mystifies me. I have tried them, and tossed them. Bleck.
Yes! whenever I try to contour , i literally see mud on my face. And bronzing.... just doesn't look natural to me.
Bronzer is a huge meh for me also, but I recently started contouring more because I changed two things: use a super, super light taupey eyeshadow instead of a product specifically made for contour, and a tiny little fluffy brush. I use the Ultimate Taupe shade from Pat McGrath’s Mothership I palette (this was a birthday gift, it’s a great palette but I 100% do not recommend dropping $125 for it) with a small fluffy shadow blending brush. The one I use is Ecotools but it looks like it’s been discontinued.
I love doing it this way because 1. The color works better with my fishbelly white complexion, as opposed to the contour kits you normally see that are SUPER dark, and 2. The smaller brush makes it easier to control placement and amount of product. If I need to blend it out more I use a small to medium blush brush, but the shadow brush usually works just fine. As for placement/technique I’ve been imitating Pony Syndrome lately, I like how minimal she is with it.
Lipstick primer. Why? I'm gonna end up reapplying it anyway because I'm human and I like to eat and drink.
Same here
primer, setting spray, concealer, false lashes, liquid liner .... glam on me irl isn't cute, it's a cakey mess
I concur with all of these except concealer! I love concealer lol
Same! I have like several sets of false lashes - never use them. And liquid liner - dear lord, the amount I've spent on these thinking I could master it. Nope!
I wore false lashes once. Halloween when I was in high school (to be fair the lashes were made of foil and like $2 at CVS).
I had such a reaction to the adhesive that I never was able to go out that night. No falsies for me thankyouverymuch.
Ita with false lashes. I thought I needed them since all you tubers use them but I actually have great thick black lashes and I am totally fine with just mascara. I am also really bad at putting them on and it just gets glue everywhere
I actually just had this conversation with a coworker - she was shocked I didn’t use primer, so it’s very much a YMMV kind of thing (no hate to the primer aficionados in here). But I’m not gonna lie - it’s somewhat comforting to know I’m not the only one to buck the primer hype. I’ve tried several and none of them have ever enhanced my makeup - it’s just felt like an extra pointless step that occasionally even made things worse. I bought in to the primer hype when I was having trouble with my eyeliner stamping my upper eyelid about halfway through my day, but I’ve found a swipe of setting powder has completely fixed this for me - while several primers (a shadow primer included) didn’t 🤷🏼‍♀️🤔
Coloured liquid eyeliners and mascaras. Those are good a very limited time after opening, so no matter how cool green mascara or a sharp cobalt blue liner can look, chances are I won’t wear those looks enough to get my money’s worth.
Eyebrow products, my brows are already really dark and thick. I've read multiple comments saying to fill in your brows anyway because they'll look so much better. I tried it and just, no. Filling them in made my brows look blocky and weird. And they grow insanely fast, I just get them threaded every couple of weeks and leave them alone.
Bronzer/contour--I've never seen a difference in using either of these.
I'm in the same eyebrow boat lol, even if I overdo it just a little, it looks crazy on me, esp because I have such a fair complexion, so my eyebrows already give off a stark contrast naturally lol.
For me, bronzers, blushes, contour, etc.
I'm pale and embrace it. I'm not too crazy about the overly contoured style (think Kim Kardashaian). My cheeks also get red enough under stage grade makeup. I don't need to make it worse.
And for that matter, any tanning products (aside from high SPF sunscreen). I don't tan, it looks terrible on me, so no thanks.
I've wasted so much money on lipstick. Definitely purchased for my fantasy self, but my real self doesn't look good in them, they're uncomfortable and high maintenance. Lip gloss girl over here.
I've also wasted money on highlighters and eyeshadows. I will never use them up. Ever. If only I could go back in time...
Also essence. What does it do? Why do I need it? I bought one out of curiosity and I don't get it. I'm using it to use it and I can't WAIT until I'm finished with it.
I have found I'm in the minority with these lol:
I love my bobbi brown vitamin enriched face base as a primer. I can tell a difference when I use it, and i love facial sprays. I like how my makeup looks less makeup-y after i use it. Also bronzer. Couldn't go a single makeup day without it!
I relate to the lipstick, highlighter and eyeshadow parts... so often I’ll apply a lipstick at home but end up taking it off before leaving... I just don’t like the way it looks!! Lip balm or gloss over here too.
Contour/bronzer. I am at peace with my round shapeless face. No amount of carving is going to make my cheek bones pop.
Lipstick. My lips are chapped about 335 days per year and I use prescription meds on them at times. It never looks good. I always reach for gloss
Eyeshadow has to be the biggest waste of money. I’m currently trying to pan a neutral palette, and I’m finding it takes so long to go through the shades (with the exception of a light base shade). I tend to buy palettes (and lipsticks) for my fantasy self, maybe I’ll use that bright blue shade ONCE then neglect everything else in the palette especially darker shades. It’s a huge waste of money knowing it’ll never get used to the extent I thought it would be when buying it.
Eye primer seems to do nothing for me. I don't know why.
This is one thing I can't live without. I swear by WnW tho. It's cheap and works for me. I have very oily eyelids.
Omg I NEED. I have one hooded eye and use MAC 24 hr eye primer. if I don't, it turns into a creasy mess.
Most concealer. It’s just small foundation. So if I need to cover a pimple I use more foundation on a small brush. Works every time. And the green/purple/yellow concealers don’t do anything. I have some peachy orange concealer for under my eyes and that’s all I need.
Matte liquid lipsticks. They feel awful and instead of drying down like they’re supposed to they just half dry down and stay sticky all day. I’ve only used one that has consistently dried down properly on me but it’s bright red so I don’t wear it often. Even the higher end brand lipsticks I’ve tried are sticky. I’ll keep my bullet lipsticks thanks
I swear by my peach color corrector and concealer. I typically use a lighter coverage foundation and it doesn't cut it to cover up my dark circles. Concealer definitely has better coverage for me.
blushers. they don't work for round faces like mine
my face is round and I love blush ://
Any primer other than shadow primer, bronzers, contours, and concealer. Bronzers just don’t work on me. I’m too pale and super cool toned for them. Contour because my face shape, ain’t no fooling anybody with that. As for concealer, I have never had one that didn’t just settle in the fine lines and look dry. I can use the creamiest one, moisturize before, and nothing helps. “Luckily” my only problem in the eye area is some small wrinkles, I don’t get the dark circles too bad. Even when I do, it just never looks better with concealer.
Oh just thought of another as I read replies. Powder. Loose or pressed. Just looks dry and cakey. I liked it as a teen when my skin was oilier, but now I don’t use any at all and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.
Agreed on the primer. I remember when it wasn't even really a product that many brands had. And the non-silicone primers are just a plumping moisturiser, right?
I have finally realised that big eyeshadow palettes are made for people with much bigger eyelid space than me. I can't really use more than two colours or nude shades without my eyelids disappearing them.
Blush and Powder Highlighter. I typically just dab a bit of whatever lip color I am wearing on as blush (baring black/purple days) and vastly prefer a cream highlight, if I really need a powder then I have plenty of eyeshadow.
I’m one of those people that cannot wear foundation without Primer! It’s a lifesaver for me. I agree with the face sprays like MAC Fix plus or that Evian waste of money.
contour & bronzer for me. I have a round af face w/o prominent cheekbones so all the techniques I've watched around contouring don't even fit my face lol.
Powder. My face is so dry and flaky. Powder just enhances the dryness more. I have never used powder. The times I did, I looked terrible.
Base products, esp. foundation: 1. I take such a long time finishing one, 2. I am very picky so I'm very likely not gonna like it, 3. I am so acne prone there aren't many products out there that do not make me break out.
Expensive eyebrow pencils/products. I think it really boils down to technique and practice more than anything!
Contour and setting spray
Bronzers. I don't own any, but I do have large eyeshadow pans that can be used as such. I technically know the technique, but my face always looks dirty instead of "sun-kissed."
Color-correcting primers. I tried to layer it with foundation to make it match olive skin, but honestly, aside from liquid mixers, primers don't work.
-Mascara that’s more than $20. -$$$ for a freaking SPONGE that you should replace every month -false eyelashes,invest in a good mascara and you’re all set (unless you literally don’t have any eyelashes)
I hate how expensive some mascara is!!! I swear by Maybeline Great Lash and it’s only like $6
Any brow product. My brows are so bushy lol. If I have to fill in a lil gap, I just use my existing eyeliner or eyeshadow.
Ha! Jealous. I'm the exact opposite, my brows are short and have plenty of bald spots that I just can't pluck into shape without losing half the brow, so brows are the only part of my face I put makeup on out of sheer self-consciousness.
Contour, for sure. I also only wear highlighter for special occasions, so that’s probably a waste too.
I go in and out of using things like lipstick and eyeshadow, so it’s not a waste per say but my collection is definitely too large.
Eyeshadow: I absolutely hate it on me but love it on anyone else. I don't think my eye shape does eyeshadow looks justice.
foundation, concealer: couldn't find a perfect match, I feel suffocated, and I prefer my natural skin even with acne scars/dark marks. Concealer just exaggerates lines under my eyes. I don't want to become dependent on the coverage either.
bronzer & contour: I'm naturally tan. I'd rather get injections to achieve a contoured look.
lip colour: not a fan of colour on my lips AT ALL. Clear gloss 4ever.
highlighter: hate how obvious it always looks, especially powder. No finish pleases me.
primer, setting spray: I think they're mostly scams.
mascara, false lashes: I barely use my maybelline great lash which is ok but I like the look of my "bald" eyes anyhow. I don't want to worry about and babysit my falsies all day.
What makeup products do you wear?
Foundation and contour. I’m very pale and I don’t really like the feeling or effort of applying makeup to my entire face. It’s hard to colour match and if I wear it daily, I can’t get lazy without people telling me I look tired. It’s cheaper and easier to just try to appreciate my skin.
Eyebrow pencils. I have pretty bushy Asian eyebrows which don’t fit any particular shape except maybe triangular ?? I’ve got enough eyebrow hairs lengthwise, though they’re kind of sparse, and any attempt to fill them in looks too dark & blocky. I don’t get how it works but I’m fine with them as is!
Face musts, definitely. And, as I have texture, highlighters. I’ve never found one that doesn’t make me look bad. I see all these you tube collection where people have dozens of them so I feel that I’ve saved a lot of money by avoiding that category.
And even if you wear highlight every day, you use so little of it that having dozens is just a waste. I've been working on my one highlight for like three years.
Foundation. I've never found any type of base that stays put AND doesnt cake on my dry patches.
If you want I can suggest some dewy skin like alternates. Provided you’re interested to try
I had the same issue and hated wearing foundation until I found the oil mixing method. Wayne Goss has a few great videos on it, but you basically just mix face oil into your foundation for a dewy look that stays put without being super drying. I finish it off with a light dusting of setting powder and it wears well for the entirety of my 12 hour shifts! I highly recommend it for dry skin like mine.
Same. Waited forever for TO's to come back in stock, bought it and never will again.
Lipsticks. I hate the way the majority of them look on me but I keep getting drawn in by pictures of other people wearing them. Also I know I’m not going to reapply and even long lasting ones get funky pretty quickly
Mascara. I hate taking it off, and my eyelashes are already black and curled so I never feel like it really adds anything to my looks
Setting sprays.
I don't really like primers and I had a bunch of minisized ones I am not using up (on my last one and it takes me about 6 months to use a 20ml tube). Also highlighter. Contour. Blushtoppers. Eyeshaddow toppers. Liquid and gel liners. Any crazy colored lip product. Face mists. Hair mists. Mascara primers. Liquid lipsticks. Loose glitter powder. Holographic anything. There's more I'm sure I just can't think of anything at the moment.
Contour... hands down! It’s so over done. And every time I see a harsh contour, I get such a visceral reaction.
I think setting spray is a bit of a waste. For reference, I'm very oily and I live in Australia where days like today it was 43degrees. I ran out of my urban decay and never bothered to buy another bottle. My makeup stayed on all day today, didn't seperate, or get shiny. Previously I believed setting spray essential because of my oiliness. But I honestly don't see a difference.
Hah. A lot of it now. Setting sprays and primers used to work pretty well for me but don't really do anything for me now that I've found some foundations that don't need help lasting (Hourgass Immaculate and Fenty's matte foundation, if you're curious). Those foundations also make setting powders pretty redundant unless I'm out in insanely hot and humid weather for the whole day.
I also don't really use bronzer or contour any more.
Lipsticks. I've got a lot but a lot of them look identical on, nevermind how many look nearly the same. I have my favorite few colors to wear and I'm well stocked, so anymore I buy is honestly a waste. Same with blushes.
Setting sprays, definitely. I don't see or feel may difference between when I use it and when I don't.
Contour. I just bronze, I never do both. I actually recently gave my contour palette away to a family member who showed interest. I also can’t do eyeliner and I don’t think my eyes even need it as I have small, deep set eyes. Yet, I own three eyeliners. I guess I thought one day I’d learn, but I just don’t care to so no more of that for me.
For me I haven't found much use for the Hourglass Diffused Light. I'm like afraid to put it on because I don't want to blend my blush, bronzer, highlight together. Maybe I just don't get it?
Also I think all Sephulta skincare is snake oil. I just do what my dermatologist tells me.
Love the diffused light! I find it helps "meld" the blush and bronzer together, helping it all look more seamless and natural.
Primer for sure.
Low chance of making a difference. High chance of breaking me out.
Blusher. I have rosacea so blusher draws more attention to the redness.
Primer. I’ve not found one that works for me.
Non waterproof mascara. I have lashes that point downwards and they don't have much of a curl naturally. So I have to curl my lashes and I have never find non waterproof mascara that would hold a curl. I haven't tried anything higher end ones, but I don't even see the point when any cheap waterproof mascara would do the trick.
Lashes. 🤷‍♀️
Primer. I stopped using it and my makeup looks 100x better without it.
Eyelash curler and false eyelashes. I don't curl my lashes and I rarely wear false lashes. Too fussy for me!
Also: most eyeliners (gels especially). I have found that I would rather dampen my brush and use a black eyeshadow as liner than use actual eyeliner 90% of the time.
Primers, scrubs, foundation, contour/strobing products. Matte Lipstick is my worst enemy though (looks and feels so dry).
Blush, contour, bronzer, tanning products. I'm pale and I love it.
Eyeshadows, concealers, foundations, matte lipsticks. Not because they're universally awful (they're staples for many people, obviously) but I don't reach for them other than to pan. Same goes for most of the items OP mentioned. I do like wearing siliconey face primers/sunscreens as a stand alone though for the unnaturally smooth texture.
Skincare-wise, any toner, essence, serum, lotion or whatever other bullcrap that has all the ingredients that your moisturizer or other treatment product has. Like, no one needs 10 layers of hyaluronic acid and licorice extract.
Setting sprays, primers! I never use them and my makeup looks fine. For me, it's a waste but I admit that some people do need it.
Same for me. I don't even understand exactly what most face mists do. Yeah some are supposed to make make up stay longer, but others are a complete mystery to me
Setting sprays, primer, and setting powder!!
Setting spray. It never makes my make up look any better, it just makes it look smeary or makes my pores pop out.
I find primers, especially those that do not have an SPF a waste. I've been loving the Unseen Sunscreen from Supergoop, but the cost might be prohibitive. I am looking for a more reasonably priced alternative.
All varieties of primers, eye pallettes, and lip sticks.
Lipstick because I just can't figure out how to apply it without messing up. I often use lip gloss or lip stain, but lipstick, nope...
Also bronzer. I've tried a few and it just looks weird. I just use a bit of blush and that's enough cheek stuff for me. If I'm feeling adventurous I might add some highlighter.
Oh, and I don't have anything for my eyebrows. I have very thick eyebrows, which seems to be "in" at the moment anyway.
Lipsticks, contours/blush/highlighter/bronzer - I don’t do a full face often enough, and having pale skin makes most bronzers look like shit. I have maybe 1 of each of these things, just in case but I’m happy I haven’t bought tons bc they’d just go bad.
All of them. There's nothing wrong with my face.
False lashes. I’ve got like 10 pair and have only used one. Can’t get the damn things to go on easily or stay stuck. By the time I’m done wrestling with them my eyes are watering and my mascara is running. No ma’am, I’m good without them.
For me it would be “bronzer”. So when I contour, (and I use that term very lightly) I used a more cool toned bronzer (it’s technically called a bronzer but there is nothing “bronze” about it) to make it look more like actual shadows. But I’ve never really understood the warmer toned sometimes orangey bronzers, unless maybe you spray tan/use self tanner on your body and use it to warm your face up to match? In my personal opinion it always looks out of place, and I’ve never seen anyone do a good job of “blending” an orangey color on their face. It just looks like dark mismatched patches to me? Especially if their body is the same color as their face, and then they solely “add warmth” to just their face. I’m sure they suit certain skin tones but I think a majority of people don’t know how to pick a correct bronzer color for their skin and assume it’s “one size fits all”?
I think both bronzer and highlighter. You can obtain the same effect from an eyeshadow. And big palettes, I bought a Morphe one 2 years ago that just had to throw into the garbage, some colors weren't even used.
Eyeshadow palettes as I literally wear one shadow all over the lid most days, or just a tiny bit of shadow pushed into the lash line, OR a shadow stick. Basically I don’t use palettes and don’t know why I’ve bought them for so many years. I spend hours looking at them too!
Bullet lipsticks - never use em, I’ve decluttered down to a total of 6 which I’m going to reduce further to 4 (berry, red, nude, pink). 90% of the time I have on lip balm or the NYX butter gloss in angel food cake
Face primers and settings sprays - never ever noticed a difference, stopped using them a good while ago now, few years anyway
Full coverage foundations - I prefer sheer to medium at a push
Powder cheek products, don’t like em, never look right on me. Much prefer cream bronzer, blusher and highlighter but I keep one powder product of each “just incase”
I’ve been decluttering and minimising my makeup for around 5 and a half years now, determined to get down to one makeup bag by the end of the year! Feel like this year I’ve finally gotten over the makeup bug and I’m really working on using up what I have or passing them on while they’re still good
I lii I be face mists but it’s more of a pampering thing as they feel refreshing to me haha.
But for me it’s eyeliner I never use it and when I do it refuses to stay on lol
I didn't know hair mists exists o-o.
Setting sprays because, from what I observe on myself, I don't see the difference in the longevity of my makeup. I chalk that up to having dry skin, not sweating alot, and living in a non-humid area.
Lash curlers because not only are they terrifying to use, 1 out of 5 times it'll make my lashes look good. The time and pain are not worth the outcome imo :'D
Having more than one bronzer shade and one contour shade. There's only a narrow range of depth that would look on our skintone, imo!
Bronzer. I am medium-toned Asian and I don't see the point. I just reverse contour with concealer
I agree with all of this. Primer does not work and I am NOT spending $30+ on a bottle of makeup setting spray. Eye shadow primer is a waste and so is contour products, bronzers (look like dirt on my face). I also have no need for concealer. My foundation does the job well enough.
Eyebrow products. I have bushy eyebrows that I get waxed every month, I don’t need to go buy a pencil to draw them in. I buy the cheap elf clear gel to lock them in place and boom. Done.
Bronzers, contour, highlighters.
I'm so pale that no darker colors look right on my skin. Even just a shade or two darker of powder looks wrong.
And I could never find a highlighter I liked.
Primers. I have dry skin and haven’t found a good one. I love facial mists but they don’t really do much aside from feel good over a matter foundation. Contour is a nope
Bronzer and contour. I may have one of each and only use them when my shoulders and arms are exposed so I have to try and match my face/neck/shoulders/arms. That might happen once or twice a year.
Any complexion product. I'm lucky enough to have a good complexion and I don't think I could find myself using complexion products. I'm not a makeup user aside from lipstick and eyeliner/mascara from time to time (and nail polish). Everything else would be a waste of money for me just because I would not use it. I completely understand other people using it but I have a hard enough time trying to remember to put my face cream in the morning 😂
I relate to you a lot. I was blessed with a genetically good complexion too. The only complexion products I use are blush (barely) and translucent powder because I get oily.
I love this post because I'm realizing just how many steps I DON'T need and it's awesome.
I never use the following and have rarely, if ever, felt the need for them:
In terms of skincare:
I relate so much to this lmao SAME
Will do. Stupid of me but I never thought of the difference.
Def contour products and primers for me
I have dry and reactive skin, and my eyelids are particularly sensitive. If I wear eye shadow primer on my eyelids, regardless of the brand - UD, ABH, WnW, TF, SB, LM, Benefit, FB, Bare minerals, ELF, etc (I've tried a lot via samples) - my
So no eyeshadow primer for me.
I'm not one for foundation, much either - mostly when I'm going out somewhere fancy and I want to look like I put in some effort to look nice. Otherwise, I just use a hydrating, blurring face primer and that's just fine.
I rarely use setting powder as it tends to make my dry skin look ever dryer and cake-ier.
Edit: browsing through other responses, I noticed another item that is so far away from my radar, I don't even consider them: false eyelashes.
Contours, bronzers, lipstick/gloss, and face mists.
I always forget eyeshadow primer. I don't think I'll ever buy one again.
Face primers, too. I love wet n wild water drop primer but it's mostly just a thin moisturizer to me.
And bronzer. I'm tired of trying and failing to find a tone and pigmentation level that can look natural on me. I'm a pasty binch and I'm just gonna deal with it.
I love this thread! Know thyself, huh?
Any liquid makeup: foundations, eyeliners, lipstain/gloss, blush/highlighter/etc. I just never want to use them after I buy them. They're messy and I don't like the feel of them on my face. Concealer is my only exclusion, but I use it rarely.
Setting powder my skin is just too dry for it to be useful. And even if it’s not it kills the dewy-ness that I’m going for and use more than one thing to create.
I actually love face mists and primers. I notice a difference with primers. Especially when I do my makeup to see some bands or go to a club. Face mists are refreshing and I use them more than other products.
primer, highlighter, bronzer, setting spray, any facial mists
Eyeliners. I've spent money on so many brands/types just to have them wear off or cause my eyes to water and waste my makeup.
Tanning products.
Lash primer. You buy a whole separate product for a makeup step that didn't even exist not too long ago (for good reason), and it...doesn't do anything? Except impede your mascara's ability to do its job? Every time I've used a lash primer, I might as well have smeared Elmer's glue on my eyes. It's always a mess.
Eyeshadow palettes. But that 's because:
This is going to be a very unpopular opinion but mascara :(. It just... doesn’t work for me and my eyes can’t tolerate it. Because of that, I don’t use enough of it (where I feel like I got my money’s worth) before it goes bad.
Edit: also most of my lipsticks. I knew I liked brown based lipsticks so why did I go trying anything else? My upper lip has eczema so tweezing can be a pain -> I have a light mustache -> I feel self conscious wearing anything that’s not a nude or a brown based color.
Eye liners. I can make any conceivable eyeliner color and texture with my eyeshadows and duraline. And just don’t use eyeliner most days anyway because it usually makes my eyes water.
Blush, it just makes me look weird
Honestly... highlighters. They are beautiful and look gorgeous on others. Which is why I have 10 of them anyway. But I'm oily and really dont need to look more glowy. I am not a fan of matte foundations either so I'm fairly glowy to start. And when afternoon hits, i need to start blotting.
For me, it would be eyeliner and face masks (particularly anything in a jar/stick). The main reason for both is time! I have two kids and a husband who works away from home so I do t have the time to fiddle with eyeliner or to spend 20 minutes waiting on a face mask. I will occasionally use a sheet mask though - I consider them less of a waste because at least I can store it until I have the time to use it.
Concealer. The amount of money that it costs (everyone’s holy grail is overpriced shape tape) and it doesn’t make that much of a difference on your face. So I just have this heavily scented cream that if I put on my face doesn’t brighten my face at all to be worth it.
Eyeliner! I have round, deep-set eyes, so I can never make it work.