[WEEKLY DISCUSSION THREAD] Week 9 - September 23, 2019

We're now at Week 9, and we've got a lot of stuff that we can potentially talk about. From last weekend's HSE and 5th single senbatsu announcement, to rumors of HHE's financial woes.

Gingham Check MV is coming! .....
They just finished filming....as in today, it's a 1 day shoot.....in a *bleep* ....
Spoiler, open at your own risk:
That's good to hear!
F*ck yeah!
Kailan drodrop ung teaser? HAHAHAHAHA
Wow! Lesgooo! Thanks for the update!
Nice! Looking forward!
so that means that black dp fb page got the wrong info on GC mv? cos that page was saying before that there won't be an mv
tanong ko lang po, sa hse ba, meron po bang mga members na walang nakakahandshake? curious lang po kasi i've never been to a HSE before.
Well, there are cases where the member only had less than ten line-up for them. But that was way back Aitakatta. Not sure if last weekend saw some girls with that few go to their lanes.
yep, meron daw member na wala pumila kahit isa
Yesterday's HSE there's at least 1 KKS that I haven't seen anyone line up to her lane. IDK if there are official members who had empty lanes as well.
Former member Quincy made
Quincy didn't exactly "graduate".
From what I remember, I tried to be non-opinionated on this:
IAM HSE thoughts, reactions, experience...
There's also some interesting shift in the number of people lining up for certain members. There's a huge boost of MNLoves lining up to see Andi, Emz and other next girl members...especially Yssa's lane, the MNLoves lining up for Yssa was non-stop! Even if she was with the last batch where most of the time, all of the HSE tix are already spent.
The usual blockbuster lanes like Sheki, Gabb, Alice, Coco and Jem became dead lanes for the first time, Maybe it's because they have multiple schedules, but still, this kind of change in the norms during HSE, is really amusing to watch
Attended the Day 2 HSE. Overall, the experience is still very good. Event started around 1 hour late, which can be either a blessing for some of the late comers.
I think the Janken was a success. There seems to be no end to the list of janken participants, and there were around 5 members lined up even if the handshake proper was finished. I guess when people saw that it was not just janken and there is still interaction (saw some even exceed 30 seconds in the booth with their oshi) and a possible prize, people realized it was a good deal.
Some former mnl48 members like Trixie and Nice also went and it was nice to see their interactions with the other members.
Also suprising was some ppop gen members also went. They had a handshake with some of the MNL48 members. Also had an entourage following them
Just sad that not all the members were present in Day 2 as some of my oshi are only in Day 1. I lined up at the other members and it was still a good experience.
One of the issues though, is the deterioration on the compliance when it comes to paid events rules....there are many MNLoves that is taking pictures and videos of the performance, though the marshals are restricting them, they are still filming the event
Is this limited to last weekend? LOL. It's the first HSE event I wasn't able to attend. Mom's birthday last Saturday, you see. Felt really bad. Not that I wasn't enthusiastic about this single (which featured three solid songs), but various issues really messed up my mental and emotional state for most of its run.
Lugi day 2 walang surprise announcement, joke :))
Still enjoyed it! It was my first time seeing the Gingham Check choreography live and it was really fun to watch. Looking forward to the MV! I'm hoping there is one.
There seemed to be a lot of people too, as it went to the point that it was a bit hard to move without bumping into people.
Janken was amusing to watch too, but I felt wasn't ready yet to spend 3 hse tickets. Probably next time (if they still continue it).
Got to meet my oshi Sheki at my first HSE (Day 2). She's really sweet.
Didn't know Ash was there until I saw it on Twitter after I left. I saw Trixie, though. Wanted to take a pic with her I but decided not to.
People often say the first two generations of AKB48 were the golden era. Would you say the same holds true for MNL48?
Speaking of which, how did you guys come across MNL48?
That's still up in the air. MNL48 hasn't exactly peaked and the jury is still out there as to whether they will actually survive as MNL48 or will be reorganized to AKB48 Team MN (if at all, since that was never a guarrantee).
My history with MNL48 started long before the first gen came. Mid-2015, there were already rumors that a company has managed to make a convincing pitch to AKS for MNL48. A leaked presentation by Hallohallo Inc, for the Cool Japan Mall which will house the MNL48 theater was the first time any of us heard of MNL48 outside of rumors and wish-lists. Cool Japan Festival where AKB48 Team 8 performed was also the first Hallohallo event I went to, and the first time I saw Alice perform in person.
Then the announcement was made of BNK48, MNL48 and TPE48 (now Team TP), and Hallohallo decided to hold a fan-meeting to get some ideas and make a pitch to the local J-idol fan communities. It was the same event that was attended by recently graduated Ash, and future Aidoru Sozai members (not sure if there were any other members who attended it). I covered both Cool Japan Festival and Fan Meeting for Back2gaming, but we weren't a media partner back then. I was just looking for a beat that I can call my own.
My first invite came for AKB48 Team 8's Market Market performance. Since then, I covered the group on a regular basis, launched the MNL48 Weekly partly to write about the group and partly to campaign for Ash whose You Tube videos impressed me. I was also invited to the re-launch of the audition (because it had to be relaunched when ABS-CBN became a partner), and so I had the opportunity to watch a pre-MNL48 Dana perform (she was working as one of the dancers hired by Hallohallo).
There were other events, but I was present in most of their major milestones either as a fan, or in an official capacity. These days though, it's really hard to catch up. I can't possibly go to every mall show, and before Ash's graduation, and my seitansai streak ended in February.
Perhaps it's too soon to talk about its golden era right now, as these things are perceived mostly in hindsight, but to the second point:
I believe I first heard about them when they were first announced, so around 2016 (?). At the time, I didn't really pay much attention to Japanese music. I was aware of it as a phenomenon, but only indirectly, through anime. I was only vaguely aware of AKB48 and was a tiny bit more familiar with Scandal, but that was the extent of my knowledge.
I never heard anything new about them in the intervening years until about June 2019 when I heard the name again. I thought, "Oh, yeah, MNL48, that's a thing." I typed it in on Youtube and pulled up the first suggested result: "Pag-Ibig Fortune Cookie." Sorta strange title, I thought at first, but my goodness, it was way too adorable.
I kept an eye on their Youtube channel afterwards and even caught the premiere of "Igai ni Mango," but didn't dive deeper until pretty recently. So here we are now. Help, I've fallen into the fandom and I can't get up HAHA.
Just out of curiosity, what does
See, I read some fan fiction about anime and stuff from time to time. One night I remembered the old internet rule that "If it exists, there's fan fic of it; if there isn't any yet, there will be eventually," so I looked it up and actually found some (I will reserve my own thoughts for now). So I'm curious about people's thoughts and opinions on it.
Not a fan of fanfics but I don't mind if people enjoy reading and writing those things as long they don't have unrealistic expectations towards to the original material or in this case, to their idols. They can keep their fantasies to themselves and know their borders.
The positive thing that I can see in fan fiction is that it can be a good way for an amateur writer to practice writing and get feedbacks from the readers just in case he wants to be a professional and create original works.
I'm not into it tbh but I always see these on twitter. Some of the girls read the fanfics too and sometimes tease the writers during events so as long is it doesn't get weird I'm fine with them writing fanfics.
As a new fan, it's fun watching some of their old I-Lives.
Anyone have a specific episode to recommend?
Not really a specific episode, but I'd like to share an MNL48 iLive Tracker I'm constantly updating
As for my favorite episodes, I have too many to mention but things on the top of my head are (non-hero idol league):
Hi, fellow new fan :) ep. 36, featuring Emz, Brei, Sheki, Klaire, and Jem. 'Yung mga, uh, "vertically-challenged" members daw.
I know people like to rib them about their heights--especially Sheki--but they always remind me of Spencer's remark to Aria in Pretty Little Liars: "You're little, but you're big."
Hello! Some of my favorite episodes are:
Episode 11 - Team Bisaya Episode 12 - Funny episode with Ecka, Sela, Thea and Rowee Episode 19 - Tatlogs Episode 23 - Singing Competition joiners Episode 30 - Joyly Episode 39 - Hyper na hyper Episode 41 - Team Buloks Episode 45 - Gamer duo Episode 66 - Ecka Lei duo Episode 85 - Funny story telling
I liked some of the Hero X Idol league because I play ML but most of it is too long to be honest.
Most have been said already but here's mine:
Btw, anyone know the difference between Gold and Silver for Team Concert? Location lang ba or may pa-hi touch ang Gold?
Probably going to Team L. Team MII din sana, pero naghahanap pa kasama haha
Probably the location? Gold is definitely nearer to the stage. Although I'm also hoping for an extra like a hi-touch
Location lang ata, wala nabanggit na may hi-touch
so i saw on twitter someone said hhe contact aks on not being able to support the group anymore financially?? cos i also see someone saying salaries are delayed and no gc mv yet cos of no money..
Rumors are rumors. These mongers claim they know more than anyone else, but they're counterproductive, trying hard like crabs pulling down another. Mga walang magawa sa buhay.
GC MV is being filmed...there will be a MV..there are financial problems, but HHE is still holding on
There's really no way to confirm that unless the source is someone from high up the chain. Also, if that is true, we'd know it if the Team Concert, Coslandia, and the 5th single are all cancelled.
AKS does not handle international sister groups directly. They do it through partners because of local laws governing foreign ownership. In this particular scenario, there would still be lots of high-level meetings before anything can actually happen. If it is determined that HHE can no longer fulfill the terms of the partnership, that's the only time AKS will enter in a deal with another party. MNL48 would cease to exist, and the new group will be called AKB48 Team MN (or ML) and the new partner would have to decide which of the girls they would like to retain.
IDK about you guys but some of the cyber bullying in this fandom and the personal attacks are getting way too overboard. Just saw someone have their PhilHealth data potentially screwed because of a "fight" with a fellow fan. I know twitter stans are dramatic with the complaints but some people take it to a different level.
As someone whose name and reputation in the fandom was ruined by baseless accusations and rumor-mongering, I totally agree. I don't mind parodies, or fans calling out the creepy and down-right weird personalities, but some people just don't care if other people's names are ruined.
If we're talking about the same thing then the exchanges that transpired are definitely way way overboard but the dude's "response" is no way justifiable. Can someone assure me that these people are just the loud minority in the fandom???
With one week left for Team MII's concert and only 20% of the capacity sold, what do you guys think is the problem here? Is it because it's just one team performing instead of the whole group or is the fandom just too small for the venue capacity (850)?
Late announcement and lack of promotions are the reasons why they can't sell many tickets. Kung mas maaga sana na-announce kahit at least 2 months before the concert, mas makakapaghanda pa ang marami para makabili ng tickets.
In terms of promotion, they should've utilize their sns and youtube channel to promote their concert. Di masyado pinu-push ang pag-promote ng concert sa FB at IG and lately pa lang sila naglalabas ng magandang content sa youtube channel nila dahil recent HSE. I've seen some comment here in
I think HHE should really work on announcing their schedules and events etc ahead of time ang hilig nila sa last minute announcements kaya yung mga fans cant cope up with their budgets and schedules etc. Especially kakatapos lang ng HSE.
masyado mabilis ang 1 month para sa 3 concert na tig 1500
hindi naman lahat kaya maglabas ng ganung pera ng biglaan
Since hallo hallo mall is shutting down any ideas how people can purchase their goods besides going to their events? Meron ba nag ask during HSE? I just saved up enough money to buy the 1st gen photocard kasi😭
Yes, though it is also possible that the hallo hallo mall will just be collapsed into a service dedicated only for MNL48 merch. Though nothings certain until they officially announced their plans
Diba bawal magreply ang mga members sa fb? Nagrereply na si Aly. Kinakabahan ako. Siya pa naman ung inaabangan ko sa 5th single senbatsu list kasi akala ko kung kasama siya dun di pa siya gragraduate. Kaso ngayon nagdadalawang isip na ako.
am actually confused on their rules here and how they enforce it. example, i know they should not reply but some do (at least to a select few). but some do it indirectly, like screenshot a message sent to them and add their caption to it.
i also know they should not have their personal sns accounts, but some are still using theirs.
Di naman siguro. Baka may permission lang kasi nagpropromote siya nung mall show bukas.
Hey guys, have you see Takeru Gutierez from Produce 101 Japan? When we lost Ash, we gained her male doppelganger
Ssh, we did not lose Ash, friend. Ash has merely elected to fly even higher on cloud nine. That is all :))
(But seriously, that was a wonderful opportunity she got, and I have no doubt she'll continue to shine in whatever field she pursues.)