Episode 22 post episode discussion

Dumping reactions here pls.

Casa Amor is gonna be lit this year
Hands up who thinks both mike and Jess find new people?
For sure. I think Shaughna is literally the only one sure to not have their head turned. Paige and Fin will need a strong connection but it's possible. Demi will probably depend on how aware of just how popular Nas is she is. Rest of them I reckon it wont take much for them to jump ship.
What is casa amor? This is the first series I've watched
Wallace deserved more tbh
Yeah he was hard done by, there's always a few guys/girls that never get a proper chance
Justice for Wallace
I honestly thought he was just a bloke helping Sophie with her bags at the end.
Agreed!! He's got my vote!
They definitely had to save one boy and one girl so it didn’t fuck up the numbers for Casa Amor. And Mike was much more popular than Sophie.
Goodnight Wallace you sweet Scotsman, it just wasn’t your time.
I honestly can’t believe that Rebecca was chosen over Wallace. He was only in for a couple of days!
She must be more popular than it comes across. Jess said she was good mates with her and she came across as a lot more fun in the "unseen bits" show than the normal ones. Wallace is also very quiet and hasnt had much time to get to know people. Still seems unfair, but Rebecca (and Mike) staying was ultimately way better for the drama.
Fucking hell the new bloke looks like Mike ate another Mike
You could genuinely smuggle Wallace with a fake moustache into Casa Amor and I'd be like "who's the new fella?"
Hahahaha 😂
I am picturing this
ok everyone get your casa predictions in:
I'm waiting for the shit show if Callum goes for a new girl that'll be insanw
Could genuinely see this happening (and praying it does for the drama)
Callum is way too shook to move to another girl. He’s too firmly under Shaugna’s whip
Fucking hell Ched looks like he ate Mike.
I've never found an episode harder to watch, Jess fumbling through a lie/excuse to Luke M, Mike telling her he'd leave with her, the kiss. My god. Also poor Wallace.
Mike literally saying anything to stay in the Villa.
At least Callum, Shaugna, Sophie started talking about that, leading to Callum saying that Mike said he liked Sophie too.
I think we can trust Shaugna to report that back to Jess!
I really liked how Luke M handled the conversation though. He stayed calm but when he said 'You can't find an excuse to explain your way out of this so don't even try' I was like wow. He comes across so much more mature than I expected given his age and how ridiculously attractive he is.
Don't know what happened with Jess.
She told the girls she had made up her mind and did not want to be with Luke before kiss, marry, pie. She then does not pull him to give him the news, instead he challenges her.. and she still does not tell him.
I wonder if she can't handle conflict and just froze up and immediately started defending herself.
So confusing.
Even when Luke was chatting with her he seemed to be focusing on respect and not kissing him when I thought he should have mentioned the at least (2?) conversations he had with her, about Mike, where he questioned her and she said she was happy with him and wasn't thinking about Mike just she enjoyed chatting with him.
Obvious nonsense that anyone watching could see
I know the way shes handled other situations makes me wonder where all her logic went she just kind of let herself down
Rebecca must be closer to the girls than we realise
Disappointed that they chose to send someone who had been there for 3 days home
Jess called Rebecca her best friend which is weird because she said the same about Sophie the night before
They must all hate avocado on toast
nah! the producers must have meddled
Even though I didn’t like Sophie I would have loved to see her in Casa Amor, I’m surprised the producers let her go
Im not. Good riddance to that manipulative clout chaser
Wallace will be doing an avocado on toast cooking segment on This Morning by the end of the week. I can feel it.
Mike is slithering around Jess just to stay on the show, its horrid to watch, she’s naive enough to eat up all the shit coming out his mouth
Imagine saving a woman who ruined a few chances at finding someone over a man who didn't get any
on a more serious note how the fuck is Rebecca still in??
She is good to dislike so makes interesting tv
Ffs, that's two decent guys in Connagh and Wallace gone now, while the likes of Mike are free to slither about. Load of shite.
If producers wanted it so 1 boy and 1 girl had to leave it should've been between Rebbeca/Sophie and Mike/Wallace and ideally a public vote as well
Tbf probably would’ve had the same result, seemed like most people would vote for Rebecca over Sophie, and everyone seemed to pick Mine because he had his thing with Jess
Tbh I hate Mike but Connagh and Wallace were boring AF - no one will remember Wallace tomorrow
Decent doesn’t mean much in the villa
Mike brings good content tho, I’d rather have entertaining snakes than decent people who don’t rock the boat
Mike is carrying this season on his back, you want boring guys like Wallace and connagh in?
I think they would saved Mike over Wallace as well tbh
i can guarantee you that mike would’ve still won the public vote lmao no one cares about wallace
I agree
Literally the worst result. Wallace didn’t even have a chance. Nas has pissed me off saving Rebecca over him. Mike is cringy and I can’t stand him at all. Jess is become cringy too. At least Sophie may have cracked on in CA.
I really don't understand the thought process of either Nas/Demi and Paige/Finn saving Rebecca over Wallace.
I was really hoping we'd finally be rid of Mike and Rebecca, but alas. The islanders have done us all dirty.
Insanely surprised that only one couple voted for Sophie! Really didn’t expect that.
Why? She's so blatantly just in there now for the added social media clout and free holiday. She was up against Mike who Jess was clearly interested in. Getting rid of him in favour of a girl clearly not interested in getting to know anyone knew is such a slap in the face to Jess at the bare minimum.
"The Devil works hard, but Mike works harder" lol
**fast **faster
The way Sophie successfully got Leanne kicked out cos “her journey wasn’t over” just for her to lowkey waffle a little bit, and then get kicked out a couple days after and say that she is happy to go back to Connor... what was the point lol they should’ve kept Leanne to make the Jess/Mike drama more interesting
Nah losing Leanne was worth it for her reaction. Plus the Sophie crying drama.
The Casa Amor villa looks sexy
To think I was starting to like Jess. Not a fan of how she has handled the situation
Wallace deserved better. There was literally no reason for them to save Rebecca ffs
Even number of boys and girls left just in time for casa amor
The producers should've booted Mike off for that fucking shark gesture. Get into the fucking sea.
Reminds me of the McDonald's advert where the girl wears a yellow washing up glove on her head.
Mike is not right in the head
tbh i wish whichever brother is running mike's
The fact that I have to wait 23 hours until Casa Amour is a personal sabotage courtesy of ITV2
Be interesting to see Mike in casa Amor, everything he's done so far feels to me about staying in, will he trust jess to keep him in or take the guarantee of picking a casa Amor girl?
Pretty much no doubt in my mind he will go for a CA girl
Shame for Wallace to go so quick, same with connagh really bad timing for them.
They both got one thing in common : Rebecca 🐍
“There’s gonna be loads of willy”
It's strange seeing someone being both very manipulative and very manipulated.
im kinda shook i thought connor and sophie would be one of those season/villa defining couples and they're both out in 3 weeks
what was their thought process on saving rebecca over wallace?????
Friend island
They've known her longer
I have 0 interest in seeing what Rebecca gets up to in casa amor
Y'no, 'ave no even had a chance to meet a fella yet, y'no
Mike is definitely bringing his disgusting, cringe behaviour with him to Casa Amor
Rained lots in the American version, it was grim.
Cape town has wet winters and dry summers. Still rains sometimes, but I don’t think it’s enough to disrupt filming considering we only get an hour of footage a day
It's summer and coastal and windy, so I imagine it gets a showers for a few hours at most and then it passes by. They'd film around it.
Fucking hell I need to Bill the love island producers for my heart pressure meds
Mike is so cringe and cheesy. I even feel uncomfortable watching him. He’s even cheesier than Curtis last year with all his young lady comments. And Jess is a mug and can now do one.
Jess is a fantastic and talented young lady!
Please get Mike out. I can't take it anymore.
At the start of the vote friday I had my fingers crossed that we would get a chance to finally dump both Rebecca and Mike.
And it was stolen from me at the last moment.
I don't think I've been this disappointed before.
Muggy mike and muggy mjess
What would have happened if two boys (eg Mike / Wallace) had been saved? And Rebecca / Sophie had been sent home there? Would that have complicated the casa amor set up?
yes it would have. and well we can't have that now can we?
As soon as Mike was safe, it was obvious Wallace would go to make the genders equal for Casa Amor... obvious producer interference.
Literally voting of Wallace for Rebecca. I don't get it. She had 4 chances already, while he is only been in there for 3 days.
I read the spoilers so was prepared for Wallace to go, but I’m absolutely baffled at the manner in which the decision was reached. I’d assumed Mike/Rebecca and Wallace/Sophie would be grouped and the islanders would choose to save one pair. Wallace eliminated over Rebecca makes zero sense.
Both Mike and Rebecca being saved makes my skin crawl. They’re the most odious two in there.
Casa Amor predictions
Luke M - will obvs bring back a new girl Luke T will sway - all his "I honestly can't remember if I was cuddling up with Rebecca after kissing you" to Siannise is major city boy vibes Mike - in it to win it so will weigh his options carefully. He could go either way. Finn - will stay loyal, babes Nas - also loyal Callum - will def be swayed, he is quite easy come, easy go I think and a new girl flattering him and not rowing with him will def turn his head a bit
Siannise - holding out for disney fantasy, will hold out for Luke T Jess - will be wondering whether Mike nearly got dumped because the public didnt want to vote to save a friendship couple or because they don't like Mike. I think she will sway. Paige - loyal Shaughna - loyal, will be sleeping out on daybed with Paige Rebecca - will bring back a Dennon/George instantly forgettable type of guy before somehow magically discovering when she returns that Luke M has somehow been the one for her all along (& is her ticket to the final) so will fight new girl for him Demi - loyal
Put some respect on the great George Rains name. He offered so much who else in love island history asked “what’s your favourite snack”?
What the hell?! So we didn't manage to get rid of either Mike or Rebecca! This is NOT a win!
It is for the drama though.
Ngl, as cringe and twatty Mike is, these last few days would have been so dead without him
Genuinely think jess is an awful person now with how she's acted, both trying to turn it around on luke, and running straight off to kiss Mike. Very ugly personality.
I also despise how she tried to lie about liking Mike even in the last conversation she had with Luke. Just apologize and be done with it instead of pretending to be completely innocent.
Fucking hell, "very ugly personality" is a bit strong mate. It's not life and death this stuff.
tell me your Casa predictions!!
I don’t think Paige and Fin have anything to worry about- everything we’ve seen so far has made them look like they are so well suited for each other and I think this is just going to bring out their sappier sides.
Shaughna stays solidly single waiting for Callum. I think Callum gets flirted with and is a little oblivious to it but he stays single too because I think he feels more than he expresses.
to be honest, now that I’m writing it out, Nas/Demi and Siannese/Luke also seem pretty solid, but every time I go into it thinking all these couples are solid and get surprised one way or another.
Yeah I agree with this take completely- it’s exactly how I feel as well. I can’t tell if it’s my gut or my heart that thinks all four will stay loyal though.
Nas and Demi are the only ones who I think will definitely stay solidly through Casa Amor. Paige and Finn and Shaughna and Callum are likely to stick together - think Luke T, Siannise and Mike could all be tempted. Could easily see Jess being shafted.
I know! I always think "nah, their heads aren't going to get turned, they're solid" and then they completely surprise me lol.
Although I do think that, sometimes, it's tactical thinking or insecurities talking - like, for example, I could see Paige choosing to couple up with a new boy only because she thinks Fin won't have stayed loyal.
I am hoping that Shaughna/Callum, Paige/Finley, Siannise/Luke T and Demi/Nas all stay loyal to each other, but I guess we'll have to see how it goes.
Mike should have left
Mike gave the nation the ick tonight
Rebecca being where men go to die again as she claims another victim
I’m so glad Sophie is finally gone. Her voice and fake laugh are so annoying.
Feel like the producers forced them to keep Rebecca over Wallace.
Nas and Demi choosing Rebecca made absolutely 0 sense, I don’t think I’ve even seen them 2 interact with Becky.
Seriously as if Nas wouldn't have chose Sophie
Maybe Demi pushed it because with his best friend Sophie gone, she gets more time to cultivate something with him. She did use the 'It's not Friend Island' phrase.
I'm new to LI, is there past evidence of producers forcing islanders to vote one way or another?
Watch Unseen Bits. Nas and Rebecca are good friends.
We see a few hours of their week
Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen
I‘d switch Sophie for Mike and Wallace for Becca any day, damn it. Wonder if the other islanders like Mike mor than Sophie or just did a tactical vote?
Why did they save the two most vile people in the villa? I’m no Sophie fan but she’s at least mildly entertaining, unlike Rebecca. Wallace was barely there five minutes, so unfair !
Biggest takeway from the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge: Luke M & Luke T are the strongest couple in the villa
Bieber went out of his way just to show he would never go for his boy's girl... We stan a good bromance 😂👏
I'm not gonna lie the best part was seeing the reactions to Mike's saving after seeing the spoilers. It was like a very very lowkey GoT S8 thing
Also it's ridiculous how much Ps ITV have to own 2 villas in both Spain and South Africa for 2 months of the year
all those bloody water bottles and suitcases they sell
I heard they own the original one in Spain and rent the casa amour one but id say they have to rent it for a good chunk of time to put in and remove all the love island stuff
Don’t show interest in Rebecca or you will be out the door is the theme this series.
I sadly think they are going to pull Dani moves with Callum/Shaughna in Casa , it will unravel Shaughna and it's going to be so horrible :(
I'm fucking shook guys , Rebecca is a dickhead and she did not deserve to stay . Connor is going to be dancing waiting for Sophie
Ched is huge!!
Gutted they didn't get rid of Mike, although, I'm very interested to see what happens with him in casa amore. I think he might snake off with someone new.
Wallace got literally no screen time even in his own dumping it wasn’t about him
So I’ve just finished the episode and I am Fuming that they’ve saved Rebecca who has failed to be happy with three fellas, and dumped a Wallace who tried his best with girl who is an immature and ignorant fool
What a fucking joke.
The islanders must see something in Mike that we're missing. The guy makes me want to die of embarrassment.
I want to apologise for everything I said about Leanne in the past few days. Mike deserved everything she said about him (and more)
Mike is a twat, Jess is a mug, i dont care if "Mike brings drama" hes a cringe knobhead and i hate seeing him on my tv. Bellend.
I can’t believe they saved Mike and Rebecca. Was hoping to see the back of them both...
Why were the birds singing so loudly in the background?
Them South African birds do whatever the fuck they want
If Mike doesn't actually choose a new girl in Casa Amor what we will have to complain about for the rest of the series?
Just because he doesn't pick a new girl doesn't mean he's being genuine with Jess. I think his strategy was always to pick a girl and stay with her until the end. He tried to do it with Leanne and she destroyed that. He then tried to couple up with a different girl as quickly as possible and is now gonna try to stay with her until the end. So we'll always have that to complain about.
Rebecca shouldn’t be in over Wallace she has no personality outside wrapping bras round her head. Also Jess and mike need to go!
first actual test for alot of these couples now. They've been kind of dead these last couple of weeks letting Mike carry the load.
The new boys and girls are 🔥🔥🔥
Siannice's face when Rebecca kissed her Luke, haha
I can't think of a reason why the producers saved Arabecca...
I feel like that the producers definitely had an influence in the voting outcome. Mike and Rebecca are the most important members of the love Island cast so far and had to stay. Sophie's arc was over and she showed no interest in any other boy in the house. Wallace was expendable fodder.
Despite the fact that I really like Callum and Shaughna and really don't like Mike, I thought Callum and Shaughna were slightly selfish and only thinking of themselves in picking Sophie to stay. The show is Love Island. Sophie clearly wasn't going to find anyone else on the show and Mike was clearly the better choice out of the two of them to stay because he has a real chance of making a new couple work with Jess. Even if he is a creepy asshole.
But both Callum and Shaughna think Mike is just playing to win and doesn’t actually like Jess as much as he’s making out
So with the new location in mind and according to google translate it should really be ‘huis van liefde’ but as that’s slightly less catchy I will let them off.
I think it would be inconsiderate to give it a name in Afrikaans since that was the language of the people who established and maintained Apartheid in that country. If it is going to be a local name, it should be in Zulu, Xhosa or one of other indigenous languages.
Wallace's best bits on aftersun gonna be awful based on his air time 😫😂
It’ll just be the avocado toast incident on repeat
Sophie is so immature always trying to listen into other people's private conversations. This is like the 3rd or 4th time she has done it!
Poor Wallace didn't really have a chance, why on earth Nas and Demi chose Rebecca I'll never know. Suppose Rebecca is good for the drama.
It’s almost like Sophie was approaching her Love Island experience the same way as the viewers at home do.
Shaugna was right next to her why is it just Sophie is immature lol
WHO will be the most interesting to watch in Casa Amour?
Jess and Mike Nas and Demi :(
Only could catch the end. Could they save any two islanders or did it have to be one boy/girl from each couple? I don’t understand how they didn’t save Wallace over Rebecca
Yeah, it was one from each couple.
It didn't have to be one boy and one girl, because Siannise and Luke T chose to save both Mike and Wallace.
Of all the show endings, that was definitely one of them.
I completely missed what Luke said to Jess after she proposed? Anyone able to fill me in?
Something like "...we'd be getting divorced the same day ...." ; and she was totally shocked at this :-) Really Jess ?
I cannot believe they chose to save Rebecca and Mike, the two islanders I wanted gone the most. What absolute tossers, the lot of them.
Jess and Mike might be the Kem and Amber of the series. Jess will return with the black guy and Mike will be with a blond and they’ll find each other next week.
I just don't see a world in which Callum stays single in Casa Amor.
So this sub complain about a boring cast, but also complain about Mike's behaviour lool
Different people perhaps
Entertainment =/= being grossed out and annoyed constantly
Did anyone else feel like Rebecca was trying to make Siannese doubt her relationship with Luke T up purpose? First saying how they spooned and then backtracking when Luke denied that?
Mike and rebecca staying was the right choice. Sophie and wallace did not add much entertainment.
Ah Callum and shaughna casa amor is stressing me out, I'm 99% sure shaughna will be loyal, but my heart is telling me Callum will stray
What did Callum say to Shaugna and Sophie, after Mike took his "favourite girl" Jess away? Then Sophie said "I'm weak"?
Do you mean right after Jess and Luke had their talk and then Mike appeared? If so, I think they were just joking about him coming straight in and Sophie did a Mike 'impression'.
You may be talking about the upstairs chat later in the show?
If so, they were talking about Mike doing anything to stay in the game and Callum mentioned that Mike even said he fancied Sophie before.
They were all mouth agape and that might have been when Sophie said that if I'm thinking of the same thing.
This episode was fuckin lit
Anyone notice how the new girl on the far left of the slo-mo at the end of the show looks very much like Shaughna?
Shaughna is two-faced and manipulative. Prove me wrong
How does it work with Rebecca and Mike now? Can they come back single or do they have to couple up in Casa Amor?
should’ve saved wallace over rebecca. he didn’t really get a fair chance in the villa and tbh i’m sick of seeing her face
Got the love island play list on Apple music so now I love Harry Styles and Finn are they the same age lol
If anyone has ever watched Fringe they know the song "only you" as a classic
Argh! So irritated that Mike and Becky are still there.
What did luke say to siannise after he pied herr??
Callum pieing Rebecca ahaa
What was Lukes reasoning for pieing Sianesse?
Finn and Callum talking and backing up Luke M <3
I love that Luke M has a backbone
Why does everyone think Mike is a snake. If anything he’s a Lion you can feel him breathing down ya neck as he goes for the kill.
Genuinely devestated didnt get to see more than 10 mins of wallace, am gonna have to stop watching until something comes along to cheer this season up, hate the lot of them now x
Did they vote sophie out cause they are threatened of her?
why would they be threatened by her?