HAchubby doesn't know

Credit to
I'm not sure guys but I have a strong suspicion he's actually referring to his penis.
Nah no way I'm sure he actually has a pet snake
up until this clip & comment i thought that was a female
Nah, that's the Hammer
He has one?
that's a guy??
Wait a second. rAndy.......It all makes sense now. He's him
and he stops commenting when they're duo streaming... coincidence??
Who is randy? I keep seeing it. I dont kow pepelol
have you ever seen them in the same room? think i made my case
She can pet my snake to overcome her fear. He's small and non-threatening.
The legend returns
The captain has arrived!
I unironically missed you man. Glad your OK.
Okay coomer
Welcome back Randy!
The K stands for kool guy
BS, he is liable to cause parasites with his spit alone.
My snake gets angry really fast and grows really big and intimidating. Don’t think is suitable for beginners like her
How the actual fuck is she in a hoodie when it's 27C in LA.
82 degrees outside for muricans
damn thas crazy
most asians keep covered up in the sun, they dont want tans.
for that drip
She was leaving for Seattle immediately after this stream. I think her bags were already packed for a flight and it's cold at the destination.
My wife is petite and no matter the temperature will leave the house wearing basically a space suit. Hachu is probably the same way.
Wow, 27 in January.
I once saw a dude wearing a thick winter jacket in the Dominican Republic when it was 33C.
Just a 30 (?) and 44 year old having a chat.
lmao that's so crazy, I would think they are both 20 if I didn't know
getting creepy, "you need a spoon" "I can order for you" "I can carry it" "let me fix that for you" "let's go over here"
Where the fuck is Randy that piece of shit.
I'm not understand...
So is every streamer in Cali taking turns with Hachu?
That's twitch folks, bunch of fame addicts
whats with the limp my guy?
He had some sort of serious knee surgery a few years back I think.
Im very convinced that Andy is Airsoftfatty but from california
He even walks like an old women.
Cool guy tho, gd content.
confused look
Wait I know this guy, he bought a sex doll a couple years back. He had his sex doll in a bath tub.
Why t-shirts with Russian words became so popular? 🤷
Turtles aren't scared of snakes
white devil grandma takes advantage of naive korean streamer
Took me a moment to realize.
dont we all pet our snakes
Who are those people? [old disconnected non twitch streamer person]