Daily Discussion [2020-02-01]

This thread is for general football discussion and a place to ask quick questions.

Traore did shit today so all this means is united are not a big team
The woman doing the sport news on BBC said Liverpool have the highest ever gap in history and damn it sounded sooo good.
The ole
Watched the united vs wolves game. Don’t get this hype around bruno fernandez. Looks very average to me.
First game with a new team...
Liverpool have not trailed in a Premier League match since 2 November 2019. Three months.
Haaland scored again... I think that's 6 goals in 78 League minutes played.
eta: 7 now..
Really wished we’d gotten him. He’s such a beast
Chelsea are slipping all over the place
Will brexit impact the Premier League? I guess it will be harder to sign players with no international games?
Lower level teams won't be able sign international players, as they won't be eligible for work permits. Top clubs, essentially nothing will change and will be business as usual. Gap between top and bottom will likely increase as lower teams will have to persist with British players rather than bring in better talent from abroad who don't international caps. Will also see less lower standard international players using clubs in the Premier league as a stepping stone in their career.
I think the championship will see a bigger impact than the PL personally.
Reminder of how great a time we are in ... The point difference we have over City is greater than the difference of first and second placed teams in the Spanish, German, French, Italian and Dutch leagues combined!
I reckon Ox might start on the wing today. With Fab coming back into his spot and Hendo more forward. He’s been rusty since coming back but a full 90 mins before the break would do him the world of good.
Good call
Chelsea's kit today, by Nike, is offensive to the eye. What's with the collar??
No “rival” watch?
Our only rivals are the team we are playing on any date
Interesting line up from lampard, benching kepa is a big move.
Don't care who wins this one tbh, would like to see Leicester finish above city, but at the same time I want the biggest gap possible between us and the rest. Not bothered as long as it's a good game to watch
If Chelsea and Spurs win this weekend and we do the usual business with three points... I might have to go see a doctor for an erection that will last for more than four hours with that result.
Leicester v Chelsea
Liverpool v Saints
Culture Crew v Wolves
Ireland v Scotland
Cold Beer
Happy days.
Anyone know where in Liverpool we can watch the game? Just did a stadium tour and want to catch the game but obviously the Saturday arvo blackout makes it hard.
(You didn't hear it from me...)
McCartneys Bar on Hanover street. It'll be PACKED to the fucking BRIM so prepare yourself for that. It's a hotel as well so ale isn't exactly cheap but sometimes some of the Irish bars on great Charlotte street have the match on, so you could always try there if push comes to shove
Does anyone have the link to the Bobby Firmino song version of the (
Anyone know a good bar in malaga to watch the match??my hotel is next to Camden Town but they are only showing la liga apparently
It’s crazy that we’ve got City-Spurs and Leicester-Chelsea today and neither of those matters much to us. Remember when we used to argue about which result would be best? I’m much more interested in seeing Wolves go above United.
Can't lie, City-Spurs matters massively to me. I'm still at the point where City dropping points is massive
It does matter a bit, the more they fuck up the sooner Liverpool clinch it. Want to break the record for biggest lead to 2nd that PSG had (31) as well.
Match isn't live today because Finns want to see Pukki vs Newcastle. Bastards, heh.
Geniunely don't get why Can is still hated by certain people in our fanbase. Guy did absolutely nothing wrong and was a great servant for us.
I think there are just some people who can't accept the fact people want to leave the club for whatever reason. I find the hate for Can leaving baffling. Like you said he did nothing wrong by the club and fulfilled his contract and left when it was over. Hardly like he pulled the same nonsense Coutinho was pulling to try to get his move to Barca in the summer of '17.
Is it just me or has Alisson stepped it up another level this season?
You can see him being miffed in Inside Training when our players score past him. He's ultra-competitive at this level.
His powers of concentration are incredible. Guy does nothing for 40 minutes then pulls off a 1 in 3 save like it's nothing.
I have a respiratory condition so I'm probably at risk with this coronavirus shit but my partner is being hysterical and won't speak to me for going the match today. Because apparently people being quarantined on the Wirral will somehow increase my risk of getting it at anfield?? Mental
Ironic because I live in China but feel utterly no risk of contracting any diseases 😂
I mean you are right but I still think we should brick up the mersey just in case. Nice username BTW, guess you are from West kirby
You are more likely of dying on your way to the match than catching the virus lmao
I’d certainly not like to come into contact with that bus driver
Holy hell, the ManYoo reddit (viewing only!) is more delusional than i thought was possible. Lauding Ighalo as an incredible signing.
Even in our peak banter-era, we weren't anywhere near as bad as them. Singing horrific songs about their Chief Exec (there are videos), and firebombing the same man's house.
yeah, that's kind of sad.
some of my favorite players have historically turned up at Man United, such as about half of the Busby Babes, and now they're having to count on a guy who bombed at Watford and fucked off to China.
admittedly the best version of Man United was five decades ago, but Matt Busby would be spinning in his grave seeing them now.
I want either Minamino or curtis Jones to start today on the left flank.
Interesting to see Ki-Jana Hoever not being involved as much in the FA Cup. Considering his potential I would have thought he’d be playing these FA Cup games.
Hasn't he just recently came back from injury? Might be a reason.
It seems Neco Williams has passed him for now, in the gaffer's eyes.
Was at a formal and people on the bus started up Si Senor, was a good moment
Edit; fuck Boris Johnson
British and American fans can feel complete embarrassment toward our governments together... feelsbadman
Pretty much the whole Anglosphere, really. Except maybe Canada, although even they had that crazy blackface thing.
Today is the game where Minimino hits the ground running!
More like hits the bench sitting lmao
I think these expectations hurt him more than anything.
He needs time and that‘s okay. We have plenty of examples of players coming in, being shaky and then being world class after 6 months (Robbo, Fabinho, ...)
What are some players who’ve had long names? Off the top of my head I can think of:
Shaun Wright-Phillips (19 letters) Trent Alexander-Arnold (20 letters) Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (21 letters)
Any others for the list?
Juninho Pernambucano
Florent Sinnema-Pongole or however that is spelt
Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (21 letters)
Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham
Shane long
Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira (31)
sokratis papastathopoulos 24 letters
Bradley Wright-Phillips is 21 as well. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is 17. Fernando Morientes is 17. Giovanni van Bronckhorst is 22. Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is 23, can’t think of any more.
Look for Greek players, the forward who played for Bolton a few years back comes to mind but I dunno how you spell his name. Stelios Giannikopolos or something like that.
Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink (23 letters)
Any good and cheap jersey framers in Singapore??
It's probably Origi, and then maybe bring on Takumi if we choose a change in shape second half.
Shaq not fit
Thought klopp said it was cramp