FA Cup 5th Round Draw Thread

FA Cup 5th Round Draw

If we don't win it, I want Shrewsbury to win it. Them getting a million pounds for the Liverpool game and then the chance to play at Stamford Bridge is what the Cup is all about.
Not sure why everyone is so afraid of Chelsea away. They are fighting for a CL spot themselves and have injury issues at the moment. They themselves might play a second string side. At this stage they have very tough fixtures coming up in the month. These include:
Even their "easy" games are against relegation zone teams away at Bournemouth and Villa who will fight for the points.
I don't think anyone's afraid, so much as they are annoyed by how easy the Mancs are getting it.
In the domestic cups this season only two of our draws have been lower league opposition, and even still, they were away fixtures. Someone's got to be taking the piss at this point. This is ridiculous.
well. fuck
If we play the literal U23 team, we'll probably not get to them anyway.
Every single time what the hell is going on. The odds of this happening this often must be ridiculous.
Yeah must been ages since it didn't happen...
People on here really like to play the victim from time to time.
Ffs ofc we get Chelsea and City gets Sheffield
Sheffield Wednesday from Championship, not Sheffield United in EPL
Looks like we’re going back to the Rafa days when we played Chelsea 4 or 5 times a season.
So I guess the most times you could face another English club in a season is 10 times?
1x Charity Shield, 1x Super Cup, 2x EFL SF, 2x FA Cup, 2x Premier League, 2x Champions League.
Fuck that'd be mind numbing. But I'm pretty sure it will probably never happen to any team ever anyway.
Can't wait for the customary three games in April/May then.
Different Chelsea now tho.
Also, anyone feel Agent Johnson was trying to signal how rigged the pulls are with his Chelsea comments prior to the draw?
Ffs so we play a big club if we win meaning we would be playing our seniors an extra game during UCL and EPL games. shit is rigged
Why are people mad, it would be a miracle if our u23 team beat Shrewsbury
Don't know why you are getting downvoted, you are absolutely right
Why is this downvoted? “Miracle” is hyperbole but Shrewsbury will certainly be favourites in that game.
It's not that but now we will be forced to play our starting 11 against Chelsea and we can't risk injuries
Can we loan Harry Wilson back to Derby real quick? He needs to update his celebration against ~~them.~~the scum.
Honestly don’t feel much about this. Klopp has clearly shown that he doesn’t care about this cup at all (he’s never made it past this round in his time at Liverpool, surprisingly), and I’d much rather the team focus on PL and CL. Don’t want injuries and fatigue
The FA Cup feels vacuous these days. It's just not a big deal to the top clubs anymore. For Sheffield United, for instance, who may just miss a top 6 position, it's a very big deal.
Once again Man City get the easiest possible draw. Fucking joke, there needs to be a corruption investigation already. These draws are a joke, a child could rig it.
We had Shrewsbury and still ended up in a replay. That was supposed to be an easy draw.
Well it’s not the easiest possible is it mate.
Cheers lads, Treble’s gone.
How exactly do you wanna win the treble without playing against the fourth (arguably 5th or 6th) best team in the competition?
Dont care
Why are people so mad at this lol
Put out the kids and lets fuck off out of this shit competition
Here this whole shaking hands thing is the cringiest thing I’ve ever watched
Yeah fuck this one off. Play the kids.
Chelsea are pretty shit tbh so I’ll take it.
Yeah, but we don't why Kante play so well against us, like HE'S EVERYWHERE
fucking hell
We get chelsea away haha fuck this competition
city are taking the piss. We go to the bridge wtf
City get and EASY team AGAIN! Fuck sake.
you fucked it Agent Johnson
Yes ofc v difficult draw for City as well
Hahaha fuck off
city with yet another rock hard draw.... 🐟
How awkward is the one show, who watches this shite.
I find it kind of funny having them shaking hands, especially when someone needs to go to a replay and they have to shake hands anyway
EDIT: do they do that every year? Seems kind of cringy now
Was thinking exactly the same
I'm gonna be stuck watching mamma Mia with my family once the draw is on so let me know if we get man city lads
We got Chelsea away
Well, it wasn't Man City at least...
Can’t do that I’m afraid, can guarantee that they’ll get Northampton/Derby at home.
Hoping that we keep advancing and that the Palace match gets moved. I’ve waited on buying a ticket to the match (coming over from the US) and I’d guess an FA Cup quarterfinal would be easier (and cheaper) to get a ticket.
I forget the format for the FA Cup. How many games between the 5th round and the final?
6th round = quarterfinal.
After the 5th it’s then the QF, then SF
It’s 6 rounds in total for a PL team to win the cup.
Praying for a smaller team so Klopp comes around just to play Milner, Lovren, Matip, Mina, Shaq, Keita who ALL need minutes
We can still throw out a weakened squad against Chelsea if we advance. You named 6 players that could use minutes, add adrian and lallana and it's still a strong side. Besides, we have changed from doubters to believers
How's Chelsea at The Bridge sound?
PSA: The team that Liverpool/Shrewsbury is drawn to play against will not, and should not, change the stance of not playing senior team at the replay.
It won't change Klopp's stance, that's for sure. He's made his decision and he's going to stick to it. Whether you agree with it or not.
But if we draw Northampton town at Anfield, for example, we're basically throwing away an easy route to the quarter finals of a major domestic trophy and a possible domestic 'double' or 'treble' winning season if we also retain the CL.
Say what you will about the importance of the FA cup, but this sub was filled with gloating posts of the 'honors wall' at melwood with the numbers of super cups and world club cups going up by one.
IMO a league and cup double is far more impressive than going undefeated in a season. We should be aiming to win everything.
I understand why Klopp is doing what he's doing but throwing a cup competition leaves a sour taste.
a home draw against one of the top 6/Leicester and opinions will change.
Yes it should