[Match Thread] Leeds United vs Hull City

73': Leeds 1-0 Hull [OG: de Wijs]
82': Leeds 2-0 Hull [Alioski]
Classic Berardi. Absolutely filthy and everyone else is spotless including both keepers.
He is bullying their 197 cm striker, absolutely love it
commentator: "score doesn't reflect it but hull city went stride for stride with leeds tonight"
"Klich and Bamford just passengers this evening"
Massive cunt all night...
He really wants Hull to score.
Sky commentator? At one point he referred to either us or hull as Sheffield United. Absolute fucking idiot. Honestly, I don't know how these cunts get paid. They don't have a clue and are genuinely clueless every time I've watched Leeds when not the live game.
That defending by Berardi should be immortalised. Fouled, falling down, wraps leg round ball and keeps possession. How?
He's got a colossal mistake in him, rarely, but it winds me up when some fans slate Berardi and some even still slate cooper... We've been immense this season, so you barely see it lately, but as soon as we have a tough run, Berardi if he's playing will be slated. Bamford will also. Genuinely think are paddy is top 3 in the team currently.
Fulham a goal down and a man down, Bristol also a goal down. This could potentially be a very good night for us If we can get a win here
It was a straight red. Normally a guaranteed 3 match ban which suits us as we play them after Cardiff. I wouldn’t be surprised if Odoi is banned for longer than that. It would have been a straight red in an Aussies Rules football match.
We have Preston straight after Fulham so I won’t mind another red or two in this game.
Edit. There’s a straight red for Preston now. Keep this up lads.
Could be 11 points clear tonight if things go our way. Oh god, please let that happen.
Lol now Preston got a red one as well. Can't believe it.
I'm starting to think that Bielsa fella knows a bit about footy - super sub!
So for both goals we went from ball in our own 6 yard box to in their net within about 10 seconds. Love it.
Always nice when you score a lot of goals from corners, not often that it's from the opposition's corners.
We’d do that more often if we only let the other team attack more. We always play better against teams that bring the game to us.
Yep our transition play has been outstanding - it's beautiful to watch
MOTHERFUCKING YES! Brilliant pass from Pablo
Refs are evidently drunk, should be a fun evening
35k on a Tuesday night? Can't be many clubs that'd get that in these days.
One team city + winning streak = 35k
Sexy Ken!!!
boro ties up with forest 87th minute... gap now 11 as things stand
Commentator don't know what planet he's on. Twice now called Hull Sheffield Utd.
Sitting here waiting for the replay like a fool! Least know can get through them
I'll take that
I'll take it...
Geeeeeeeet iiiiin
The commentary is almost as bad as the replays.
Not that we'd see anything with a replay anyway. May as well take my contacts out for the quality of these red button broadcasts.
Fucking what a play!
Sexy bastard ken
Aaand this is why we need replays to see what actually happened.
That’s one of the best saves I’ve ever seen by Casilla before the counter. Absolutely superb. The man scares the shit out of me sometimes but the last few games he’s been absolutely superb!
Bugger. Afternoon games (EST) are tough to manage. Rooting for Leeds and all of you fine folks to keep the match thread updated for us American mugs stuck working
Damn commentator now referred to Hull as Sheffield United twice Du-oh
Jesus were all over them. Just need a shot on goal.
As always.... Fuck Sky commentary
Time to bring on Sexy Ken
Nah we’re calling for a goal, I say Eddie!
Called it
No shots on target ffs, get eddie on
Fucking yes!!!
GET IN! Bielsa had that goal planned from the start.
That’s the worst goal I’ve seen in a long time. Loved it so much. Delighted it was Costa, he’s put in some shift today and deserved something from it.
bristol down by 2 now... forest 1-0 boro... would take over 3rd place as things stand
Best bit is with Fulham losing too it means that the gap to third widens even more than if they'd won too.
Genuinely brilliant break
Ohhhhhhhhh babbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Get in!
Holy shit we're dangerous on the counter.
Amazing counter. Got notification and thought 1-1, butvthrn the excitement
Delighted with that second, but if the roles were reversed I’d be absolutely fuming. Bamford knocked him the fuck out and I’d say he would’ve got there otherwise.
I sure hope we win
Ref apparently doesn't know how to play advantage.
I wanna waaaaaaaatchh!! 😭
It's beautiful to watch but also frustrating in that we can't take the lead here. Not even a shot on target?
Poor game really...
Haha! So lucky but We’ll take it!!
Job's a good 'un.
Nketiah on for 2-0 please then shut up shop and goodnight.
I am even more nervous now...
I said sexy Ken should play!
Ahem -
Goal line clearance to goal in 10 seconds!
this commentator is a laugh... he's practically crying over how "cruel" it all is... Hull so "unlucky".
He hasn't had a word of praise for Leeds, including that fantastic counter
Looked away from the scores at 0-0. Came back to 2-0. Lovely stuff. And Preston 2-0 up. Didn't realise Forest were so close with a game in hand!
I think this might be our year...
Do you mind nipping away for the next 10 minutes... just to be sure?
Assist P Bamford - I can at least give him credit for hitting the post
Poor Baz.... been trying to come on for 20 minutes
Seemed quite annoyed when Sturiehkkvffjjjg went on ahead of him
guy just barrel rolled pablo.. no call
Bamford held on to the ball too long, but we're starting to put some moves together.
Costa playing like a man possessed
Lol according Sky we are hogging the ball...
preston has a man sent off now as well but still up 1-0 on fulham... bristol still 0-1 millwall
Now it is 2-0 to Preston.
Come on you fuckers just get one goal in
That was incredible by Ben White
...Are we gonna give them a goal back again?
Bamford ran in to the keepers head after the shot... totally accidental but making a meal of it.
Given that the keeper is on his arse I assume they think he took a knock. Didn't see owt myself, and am watching on the sky red button so no replays!
it's raining goals
That was a wee bit close for my taste.
A D Batty playing for hull?
N10, should be smashing these cunts
Think we should score a goal.
An onside one.
We haven't looked great today. Hull have fought well and I wouldn't be surprised if they nick a late goal.
You take that back.
Edit: Can't spell simple words
... almost
Does this mean we're going to let them score a goal because the keeper was down?
If the keeper decided to play for the foul rather than defend his goal then that’s his own fault.
Well technically that is his job, so fuck em.
Shag me marcelo
Poor Eddie, deserved a run out didn't he?
Milwall v Bristol job done
Leeds v Hull job done
Forest v Borough job done
c'mon Preston
4 clean sheets, 7 wins, and 10 without a loss on the bounce...
Why am I still absolutely bricking it?
Coz Leeds
Un-fun fact: Bamford has 2 goals from open play in 15 games
There are strikers in teams well below us with 8+ goals in that time ... just saying
Bet you’re well fun at parties!
They probably all play the same system, too.
we're gonna get a goal before 30 mins
Huh. Hadn't seen Eric Lichaj's name in a while. How does he look? USA USA and all that
Not Leeds, so he's fucking shit m8
Pablo is poor....
But rich in spirit.
how is bamford playing
I knew before checking your profile you were an arsenal fan.
Few deft touches and nice layoffs but nothing special. Hasn’t had the opportunities to do much in fairness
I know people love JH but we always seem to score whenever he gets subbed off. Would much rather see Sexy Ken start.
Based on the fact he's leading the squad for assists this season and second for goals scored, I'd say we seem to score when he's on as well.